Bubble Gum Blues!

23rd June 2016

FullSizeRender 17When I travel, comfort is key – so a shirt dress and sneakers was in serious rotation all throughout Europe. I actually wore this exact outfit with a different dress the day before #sorrynotsorry  FullSizeRender 13
I fell in serious love with the color of this dress when I saw it online, I was equally pleased to see that the real life version lived up to my expectations.

FullSizeRender 12

Although this baby blue could be enough of an outfit show stopper on its own, I thought why not spice it up with pops of red. The red on my shoes, this bright red bag and my signature red lip! To be honest, this is one of my favorite looks from my trip and one of my favorite dresses, like ever.

Cute dress break – shop blue wrap dresses for every budget!

FullSizeRender 14

Color Me Cliffnotes

You can’t go wrong with a DVF wrap dress, I love the eyelets on this one! I’m wearing a size 4, because her wrap dresses run quite small.

You know I love these sneakers, see them styled agin here and here plus look out for the look for less option I found for you below!

I’m wearing this bag … again! I have it in every color and can’t stop wearing it! It’s the perfect size for a vacay!

FullSizeRender 15


Dress – Diane von Furstenberg Kaley Two Wrap Dress • $398  // Sale Here • $278.60
Kiss Sneakers – Kiss Me Sneakers • $525  // Also here (on sale) but only a few sizes • $315.38  //
Similar Look for Less Version • $59
Bag – Furla – Metropolis Mini Top-Handle • $298 // Look for Less • $15.90
Hat – Hinge Straw Boater Hat • $28
Sunnies – Fendi Ivory Cat-Eye Sunglasses • $350FullSizeRender 16

Just Like Riding a Bike // Learning to Ride – VOL 1

22nd June 2016

IMG_7487Guys I love you, but I have to confess, I’ve been keeping a BIG secret from you… and now that’s all about to change. IMG_7488 IMG_7491    As a kid I had many talents, I could dance I could (not) sing, I could play soccer and I could pretend to be Belle (and not answer to Courtney) for weeks on end, to name a few. I loved animals, and art, and (what I thought was) fashion; and was totally convinced that when I few up I would become a Spice Girl, or an Astronaut or a Princess … I couldn’t quite decide. I was pretty freakin’ cool, and I could do almost everything …. except ride a bike.IMG_7490

I know what you’re thinking, and this wasn’t some epic trial and failure situation that left me with a broken leg and forever fearing the beast with two wheels… Nothing somer traumatic happened that prevented me from putting my pedal to the medal, I just never learned. I guess I had other priorities, you know, like trying to figure out if I should be the Yellow or the Pink power ranger and what color bands to get on my braces (a very important decision that requires all of your attention) so I couldn’t be bothered.IMG_7496

Fast forward to now: I live in New York city, without a car and I walk almost everywhere. When I’m not walking I’m in an Uber, in a cab or on the subway – but sometimes when its too long to walk but too short for a car, you want options! Enter the bike! Paris (who learned to ride like a normal kid and LOVE to bike) brought up the idea of us getting bikes and starting to ride around the city this summer. When I reminded him I don’t know how to ride, we decided it was finally time to change that.IMG_7492

So only about twenty years later, we started this journey of me, learning to ride and will be documenting it here for you! Since a ride isn’t complete with some seriously cool gear, we got the best of the best bikes from Public Bikes (seriously, I did a lot of research on this and they are the BEST place to purchase from). IMG_7493

Alright bike (and helmet) check, what else does a girl need to ride in style? Why, a super cute dress and outfit from Modcloth of course! I found this darling scallop dress at Modcloth and thought, YES this is the dress I learn to ride in! The optimist in me wore heels (LOL – literally laughing about this now) but the realist in me (eh, Paris) brought keds in his backpack and we ventured deep into the West Village to ride…. or try.IMG_7495

All I can tell you for now about our first ride is that I fell (a lot) and that I’m covered in bruises – but more information will come soon, I promise. Oh and it will be totally worth the wait! :) Excited for you to take this ride with me!


Scalloped Dress – Modcloth
White Keds via Modcloth
Bike – Public M7 Mixtie from Public Bikes in Creme
Helmet – PUBLIC Helmet by Nutcase
Sunglasses via Modcloth

Going Tribal

20th June 2016

FullSizeRender 10Happy FIRST official summer! FullSizeRender 6A few weeks ago, I tried culottes for the first time – I have been avoiding them like the plague ever since they started trending but on a whim decided to give them a whirl (full story here).

FullSizeRender 9Trying and liking them opened up a whole new world for me, since I was already walking on the wild side, I took things to another level by testing out this fun tribal jumpsuit!FullSizeRender 4

Palm prints and tribal patterns are so totally cool for the summer, so I stocked up at Old Navy on a few printed pretties. Although I was hesitant to take it home, this jumpsuit has quickly become my favorite!

Any piece with pockets is a real winner in my book, and if it feels like pajamas, even better! With a comfy and light weight jumpsuit like this one, I can wear it all day long while looking both chic and extremely comfortable, despite the summer heat!FullSizeRender

Color Me Cliffnotes

If I couldn’t rave more about this jumpsuit, it’s the comfiest thing I own and I know I’ll end up sleeping in it before the Summer is over! I also love that it has a waist tie like this one from a few posts back, so I can make it more fitted or more relax depending on my mood. Old Navy runs a bit big, so size down! I’m wearing an XS.

These heels are crazy comfortable, I can wear them all day even when I’m running around the city! I used them as a fun color pop for this look, but they also come in neutral colors. I’m a true 7.5, but sized up on these to an 8 and they fit perfectly.

I found this little green crossbody bag at a thrift store five years ago, the strap has since broken but I use it as a clutch or to brighten up a look! Giving you a few shoppable options below.

This hat is super light weight! You don’t even feel like you’re wearing one, but it helps to protect you from the sun all while looking cute, haaayyy.FullSizeRender 5


Wide-Brim Straw Panama Hat  • Old Navy • $12
Printed Wide-Leg Jumpsuit  • Old Navy • $37  // Plus Size Here • $45
Sueded Double-Strap Clogs • Old Navy • $34 // (+ More Colors)
Similar Clutches: Nancy Gonzalez • $1,750  // A.F.Vandevorst • $142.51  // Valextra • $325FullSizeRender 8

Big Red Door, Little Black Dress

18th June 2016

Who’s reddy to take a trip with me to colorful Gibraltar?! If you’re waving your arm in the arm like that crazy pink shirt cute emoji we all know and love, then today is your lucky day!

While trotting through Europe with Princess Cruises, I packed a bunch of shirt dresses because they’re easy to wear, light to pack and the perfect look for twirling through Gibraltar.

Shopping Break – Say YES to the Shirt Dress

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect red door, eating your feelings at the local hot spots or packing your day FULL of sight seeing a perfect LBD, not-so-basic white sneakers, a boater hat, bold sunnies and a cute little crossbody can take you where you want to go! I wore this look twice on my trip, once with this LBD and again with baby blue eyelet one that I’ll share it here on Color Me Courtney, so soon!

Color Me Cliffnotes
Let’s cut to the cliff notes, where I share everything you need to know about this look. Consider it your Color Me Cheatsheet to this #ootd!

This shirt dress was a serious steal! It’s designer (DVF) but I got it resale! Linking a few similar items at every price point for you under SHOP THIS LOOK. FYI I wear a size 2 or 4 in DVF, where I’m a size 0 in other designers like Kate Spade so size up!

Big Bold Sunnies are perfect for travel, especially if you want a no-make-up-just-lipstick day! I got this pair in red and they go so great with a statement red kisser and these darling sneakers. Mine are Kate Spade but I found a designer dupe for only $12 that I wish I had seen ahead of time!

If these shoes could talk … When you’re traveling, you’re totally allowed to live in sneakers, especially when you dress them up with a cute shirt dress! These lipstick ones were one of my big summer splurges but I don’t regret it one bit, they fit TTS but take a bit of breaking in on the back end.

As you guys know, I love this little red crossbody! It’s perfect for carrying all of my must have goodies on the go! Giving you a seriously save look for option below!

Humidity Hair? no problem! This $28 dollar bad hair day cure was my mane chick all trip long! With unexpected weather and humidity putting the odds so not in my favor, me and this affordable cutie became instant BFFs – but I don’t have to tell you that, if you follow me on instagram you know we were conjoined at the hip – errr head.


Similar Black Shirt Dress Options: Diane von Furstenberg Long Sleeve Wrap Dress • $368 Cynthia Steffe • $178  // Look for Less • $45  // Look For Less 3/4 Sleeve Shirtdress • $29.99
Look for Less Trench Shirtdress • $44.99  // Alexander Wang (Worth the Splurge) • $375

Kiss Sneakers – Kiss Me Sneakers • $525  // Also here (on sale) but only a few sizes • $315.38  //
Similar Look for Less • $59
Bag – Furla – Metropolis Mini Top-Handle • $298 // Look for Less • $15.90
Hat – Hinge Straw Boater Hat • $28
Sunnies – kate spade Red Cat Eye Sunglasses • $100.75  // BP Look for Less • $12

Have you ever traveled in a shirt dress? If so you, tell me all about it and if not, you HAVE to give it a try!

Concrete Jungle

16th June 2016

FullSizeRender 6Summer is upon us and as the weather gets warm, I like to step into tribal prints, bold graphic and fun florals for an exotic twist.IMG_6736FullSizeRender 2

When your wardrobe is bold, it helps push yourself outside of your boundaries, taking you out of your element and on to new places. While most New Yorkers flee the city for summer seeking beaches or nature, Paris and I keep exploring this concrete Jungle all summer long with our “adventure jar”.FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 5

At the beginning of the summer, we made a list of all of the things we want to experience in the summer, including everything from restaurants to weekend get aways. We rip up those ideas and pop them in a mason jar – so whenever we’re feeling stumped for something fun, we turn to the magical mason and see where our exploring will take us next – will it be a day in brooklyn heights, ice cream for breakfast or giant bubbles in central park?! There is so much to do and see right here in our city, we just have to push ourselves to get out there and explore!IMG_6728FullSizeRender 3IMG_6734

Since we’re taking on bold new adventures in this concrete jungle, naturally I dress the part in this Old Navy Palm Print that I’ll be wearing until September. A easy romper or jumpsuit is the best outfit for a summer in the city – its light weight and breathable to keep you cool when the weather is not, but also fashion forward and noticeable in a chic “look at me” way. Although came was designed to help you blend in, this colorful twist on a classic palm from Old Navy is a sure fire way to make you stand out from the crowd in the best way possible.IMG_6729FullSizeRender

Since summer days are long and the opportunities are endless, the jumpsuit can take me from day to night with the quick addition of a light denim jacket over the shoulders and a dressier shoe. You can also dress things up with a bold bag, tassel earring or a brighter lip to really make this look roar!!!


Shoes – Wide-Strap Espadrilles • Old Navy • $34 // also in Black • $34  (TTS)
Jumpsuit – Printed Cami Jumpsuit • Old Navy • $34 // also in Plus Size • $30 (Love the dress version here Here • $23, I bought both in size XS)
Bag: Double-Zip Crossbody • Old Navy • $16

Thanks to Old Navy for Partnering on this post!

I left my heart (and my stomach) in Portofino

15th June 2016

FullSizeRender 9 Of all the places I have traveled as of late (with the exception of Japan) I think Portofino was my favorite.FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 6

This little picturesque part of Tuscany totally stole my heart. It’s a colorful wonderland, filled with gelato, thick accents, cobblestone streets, tiny little shops and gelato … did I mention that already?!FullSizeRender 8FullSizeRender 10

Although I know Quasimodo was in France, I thought I would channel Esmerelda vibes for this Italia look! So here I am, belly full of gelato and this off the shoulder top for the third or forth time on my trip with through the Mediterranean with Princess cruises, this time with a colorful midi skirt and some flat sandals.FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 7

Color Me Cliff Notes

This skirt is the cutest! I love the candy stripes and that it has pockets, score! Its pretty light weight and extremely comfortable, great for twirling your way through Portofino. I’m wearing a size 0, my waist is pretty small but I should have gone up to a 2, or maybe just ate a little less gelato.

I don’t think I can rave about this top anymore … just trust me when I say you need it in your wardrobe! Plus, see me style it again in Portofino here

As you know, these haircalf flats are the comfiest and super chic, I love that they’re a basic but with a bold twist in color and texture. Oh and did you notice the black and white stripe soles? obsessed! PS – They fit TTS.

Every girl needs a good cat eye sunny! These make me feel like I’m a old movie star! Worth the splurge, but giving you a look for less version below, obvi :)

I lived in this hat in Europe because my hair was so not hashtag hair goal in the humidity! I actually destroyed this hat when we got rained out on our last day and left it behind :( but I loved it so much (and it’s only $28) so I already ordered a new one!

This bag won’t fit my phone, mostly just my tiny wallet and a compact but it’s cute and on sale and not to mention CUTE so I bought it, oops! Comes in red too!

SHOP THE LOOK:FullSizeRender 3

This skirt is selling out quickly so here are a few places to buy it:
alice + olivia Nikola Full Skirt  • $440  // Also here • $440  // On sale here  • $294  // also Here • $264

kate spade Go Fly a Kite Mini Luggage • $218.99  // (or here for $196)
Fendi Ivory Cat-Eye Sunglasses • $350  // (look for less Vivian • $28 )
Women’s Hinge Straw Boater Hat – Brown • $28  // (splurge version • $375)
Off-The-Shoulder Flutter-Sleeve Crop Top • $66.99  // (plus size here • $99 )
Ingrid Sandal • $108 (comes in more colors)

P.S. if you ever make it to Italy, have some gelato for me!  (Incase you didn’t gather, I love gelato)


13th June 2016

OMG GUYS! I’m so excited about todays post because I’m sharing a super awesome FRUIT SKIRT from Mindy Mae’s Market and three ways to wear it!

I love a good novelty item – a statement bag, printed shoes or a graphic tee can be a total outfit game changer! SO when I saw this super fun FRUIT SKIRT (and no, I will not stop shouting, “FRUIT SKIRT”, these are celebratory words that should be screamed, not said) I had to have it, and style it three ways for you – press play, and take a peek!

Classic with a Twist – Black & White stripes go with everything right? Right! And FRUIT SKIRTS are no exception! I rocked this skirt with the world’s best black & white striped skirt
Retro Chic – Pairing your punchy skirt with a red lip, red shoes and a fun retro top will give your look a fun and flirty fifties twist!
Pattern Play – I love to mix my matches, so when I saw this FRUIT SKIRT, I thought it would be really fun to pair with polka dots, no Dalmatian spots!!

I knew that some of you would see this FRUIT SKIRT and be as excited as was about it, but that others would see it and be totally overwhelmed about how to style such a thing. Purchasing a statement piece like this fruity friend can be a challenge in that way, because you might find yourself feeling like you can only wear it once or twice for fear of looking like a repeat offender. Well, don’t fret!  Here’s even More ways to rock this skirt:
Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 8.50.09 AM

With a baseball tee (shop here) // With a bralette (shop here) // With a denim jacket (shop here) With a classic white tee (shop here) // With a graphic tee (shop here)
With something striped (shop here) // With Gingham (shop here)x
With a scalloped hem top (shop here) // With a Boyfriend Blazer (shop here)

Okay, now on to the – Color Me Cliff notes! Where I share sizing info and exclusive details about this look! If you don’t read anything else on here (tear) read this!!

Incase you haven’t gathered, I LOVE THIS FRUIT SKIRT! It’s crazy comfortable, has an awesomely thick waist band and fits like a dream, I’m wearing a Medium but honestly could have gotten away with a small, and it probably would have been a little more fitter/flattering. So if you’re shaped like me, I suggest the size small! Also the length is great! it’s a true midi if you’re fun sized (remember I’m 5’1″) or a pencil length skirt if you’re a little taller (5’4″ and up!)

The Red Polka Dot top I’m wearing is made of the softest fabric, it’s so comfortable & ties really well – I’m wearing a size small!

This Dalmatian Printed Tunic is to die for! It’s actually long enough to be a dress on me, but I tucked it into the skirt for some fun pattern play, yay! I can’t wait to rock this all summer long with wedges or sandals, in the Fall with tights and for Winter with over the knee boots!

If I can’t convince you that you NEED this fruit skirt (and you really, really do) at least believe me that you also need this striped tee. TBH I got this striped tee for this post specifically, and thought “hey another striped tee” – uhm, wrong! This tee is a total game changer, It’s made from the softest cotton candy unicorn material that totally rocks my world, and its long and stretchy enough to be worn with almost anything. The material is light weight, but not too thin so you can tuck it into EVERYTHING, knot it or wear it loose! Mine has been on a world tour since it’s arrival in my closet, making appearances with everything from dressy midi skirts, jeans & sneakers, lounge wear and more. Honestly, get this shirt, it will change your world (okay, maybe not, but it will totally change your wardrobe!).


Fruit Salad Skirt from Mindy Mae’s Market
The perfect black & white striped tee // The softest red polka dot shirt
The cutest Dalmatian print tunic (worn as a top)

So would you wear a Fruit Skirt!? Of course you would, you’re awesome! Tell me how you would rock this look!

Sun Sun Sun!!!!

9th June 2016

Hellllooo Summer!

This season, shorts get shorter, skin gets darker and in terms of style, anything goes! I’ll be living in statement sunnies, off the shoulder shirts and pom pom everything until September, so I wanted to share a fun way to combine some of these trends plus a round up of all of my favorites for you today!

I wore this look on a cruise to Bermuda about a month ago, but it’s also a perfect dressy/casual look for a sassy summer date night or dinner with your girlfriends! If you live in the city or near the coast, you know that it can get a little chilly when the sun goes down, so trying a summer trend (like the off the shoulder shirt) with some jeans is a great way to keep warm while looking hot!

I feel like if Chiquita Banana & Sandy from Grease had a baby, this is the outfit she would wear, and I’m not at all bad about it! I really went for a “more is more” theme by piling on poms, tassels and stripes to an otherwise simple look. If you look past all the excess, this look is quite bland to begin with (white top, jeans, neutral wedges) – showing that with a few statement pieces, you can really turn a look around!

Color Me Cliff Notes

This pom pom clutch JUST came back in stock, but it won’t last long so move quickly! I’ve carried it with me on two cruises this year and still can’t stop wearing it! Shop it here

Tassel earrings go perfectly with anything off the shoulder, dress up your summery look by adding a little tassel twirl to any look with one of these similar pieces (here & here). Don’t forget to pair them with some fun bangles, they’ll go with like everything!!

IF by some miracle you haven’t bought an off the shoulder shirt yet, you really need to get it together and get on board lol. SERIOUSLY You won’t want to wear anything else this summer. In these photos I’m wearing one on it’s last leg from last year (theres even a hole in the back from over wearing it so much, #fail) so I’ve since thrown it out and picked up this one for this year and I LOVVVVE it.

Ever girl need a pair of comfortable wedges you could wear all day everyday, I got these ones from a project with Zappos and they’ve become my favorite pair. They fit TTS and have “comfort support” which actually really works, I even wore them on a rocking boat without falling, so I’ll be living in them all summer long!

These high waisted jeans are my BFF (sorry they sold out but found you similar shorts here) and I just got the shorts version too! I’m wearing a size 3 (I’m usually a 26/27) but they stretch a bit in the tummy so I wish I got the 1, I got the size 1 in shorts and they fit a lot better!


Bracelets – BaubleBar ‘Antiqua’ Beaded Stretch Bracelets (Set of 4) • $58
Shirt – RACHEL Rachel Roy Off-The-Shoulder Flutter-Sleeve Crop Top • $52.99
Jeans – Refuge Hight Waist Jeans • $32.99  // Shorts – High Rise Denim Shorts • $44
(Splurge Version: James Jeans ‘Twiggy’ High Rise Skinny Jeans • $180 )
Shoes – Timberland Women’s Danforth Woven Wedges • $98.99
Similar Tassel Earrings –  Adriatic Drops • $34  // Artemis Tassel Drops • $34
Sunnies – Striped cat-eye sunglasses • $171  // Look for Less Cat-Eye Sunglasses • $99

As promised, here’s a FUN summer round up of everything you need this season to look AWESOME!

Neutral Wedges
You’ll want to wear these all day, every day, with every outfit! Save or splurge, you can’t go wrong with a nude wedge! If you’re caramel complected like me, go with a brown color – it will read as nude on your tan skin and make your legs look longer, score!

Off the Shoulder Shirt!
Show some skin!!! That’s what summer is all about right?! You absolutely need one of these in white, but why don’t you pick up a fun color or print too while you’re at it!

Pom Pom Pizzaz!
The time has come to POM POM everything! I’m not sure how long this trend will last (please say forever) but I’ll be taking full advantage of poms on poms on poms until it ends!

Tassel Earrings!
Another trend I’m so glad has decided to stay – yay! Tassel earrings are just SO FUN, whether you’re dancing the night away or trying to keep someone’s “eyes up here” on your next hot date, some dancing danglings will do the trick!

Statement Sunnies
Sun sun sun! Needles to say, sunglasses are a serious must for summer – especially when they’ll make a serious statement! I love my striped pair, but a red pair or serious cat eye will also do the trick! 

I hope you liked the post! If so, tell me what’s your must have piece for the summer?

Pajama Jam

9th June 2016

Who doesn’t love a good pair of PJs?! I know I sure do!

Paris and I recently shot a fun “in home” session (not in my home lol) with our friends & photographer Ninjas, the Hons! They’re an awesome digital dream team for wedding, couple, fashion & engagement photos; and the best part is they’ve just relocated (with their darling daughter, Pepper — cutest. name. EVER!!!) to NYC!

In home sessions are the apparently the latest thing, people are ordering them for their engagement photos or save the dates for something fun and different! When the Hons, wanted to give it a whirl, Paris and I signed up as #models… LOL! I loved the photos so much so I thought I would share some today, along with an awesome round up of some pretty perfect PJ’s!Mug by loyal follower turned friend, Joanna – shop her here: PhiloSophies

As promised, here’s a fun PJ round up of my current favorite styles!

Color Me Cartagena

7th June 2016

FullSizeRender 28Cartagena had me color me captivated by the bright spots we found in this charming little city.FullSizeRender 19FullSizeRender 25

Like a kid in a candy store, I couldn’t stop staring at some of the saturated corners in this Spanish town. We spent the morning learning about Spanish horses on a family farm, but had a few hours to explore before setting sail for our next destination on our Mediterranean tour with Princess Cruises!FullSizeRender 17FullSizeRender 27IMG_6010

One of the first things we found downtown was this fun carousel! It made my think of my bestie who’s currently sailing the seven seas on a disney cruise as minnie mouse (I don’t think I was supposed to tell you that… oops!) so I got a little emotional, cause I miss my minnie (come back Kris!). After a twirl or two on the carousel, I lost Olivia when I stumbled into this crazy colorful candy story! if you’re wondering if Willy Wonka is really … he is! He’s just held up in Cartagena, cavities and all!IMG_5197IMG_5038FullSizeRender 21

On our way back to the boat (to floss of course, what else would we do with our evenings?! 😉 ), we discovered another colorful alley way with bold blues, orange hues and lots of what I’ll call “Cartagena Pink!” because it was everywhere! The town wasn’t huge, and didn’t have too much to offer, but was just enough for an hour or so of wandering and to fulfill a few cotton candy day dreams!

FullSizeRender 26IMG_6009FullSizeRender 22

Color Me Cliff Notes!

The dress is the cutest! The fabric is a little heavy so it helps keep it shape, but not in an uncomfortable way! The heaviness also helps to keep those pleats perfect and prevent wrinkles, yay!

FullSizeRender 23

I’m OBSESSED with my chloe flats, and wore them almost daily on my trip! They’re a splurge, but the look for less versions didn’t have that super soft leather – so I treated myself to the real deal. Don’t worry, I’m linking the looks for less versions down below! Also they fit TTS, most designer shoes don’t and I usually go down a size in non-designer flats because they stretch but not this time – I’m a true 7.5 in 90% of shoes and that includes these cuties! I’ll share more about these scalloped flats in my next color me cliff notes because you’ll be seeing them a lot!

FullSizeRender 20

If you read yesterdays cliff notes, you already know how this bag has customizable and interchangeable flap options! If not, check it out here!

My sunnies are super fun in a sixties kind of way! I love that they’re a retro twist on every bloggers favorite shade (I also have them in the classic tortoise).


Shop The Look (& the look for less)

Taylor Dress (prices vary based on size,) Size 4/6/8 are under $100!
Karen Walker “Super Duper Strength” Sunglasses-White • $280  // (look for less • $24 )
Tory Burch Rosemary Cashmere Cardigan • $295  // (Look for less Crew Cardi • $45 )
Metropolis Mini Crossbody • $298  // (Look for less DVF • $128 ) // Look for less Cati • $30.87
Scallops: Scalloped Flats-Nude • $475  // (same shoe for a little less, only some sizes available Chloé • $351.48 ) // (same shoe, in white on sale, most sizes available, Chloé • $276.54 ) // (Same shoe in black full priced, most sizes available Chloé • $475 )
Look for less scallop flats: ‘Audrey’ Flat •  $79.95 //  Footzyfolds Gwen • $62.30  // Athena Alexander • $42.95

FullSizeRender 29

Sound Off!

Are you sweet on this look? If so, tell me – what’s your favorite candy in the comments below! I’ll start! Mine are sour patch (only the red & blue ones), starburst (but only the pink ones), red vines and gummy bears (only the red & clear ones!)… because come one, you really didn’t think I could just pick one?!