22nd May 2015

yellow and green green and yellow blair waldorf style look of the day blogger style kate spade blogger kate spade fashion blog kate spade blog kate spade crop top yellow skirt yellow crop top summer style spring style new york style fashion bloggers to follow fashion blogger new york new york fashion blogger When I was little someone once told me that yellow didn’t look great on my skin tone… and that stuck with me for a long time, well until now.color me courtney blogger fashion blogger yellow wearing yellow yellow and green how to wear yellow how to wear a crop top crop top midi skirt how to wear a midi skirt wear a midi skirt what to wear for summer summer style summer favorites summer finds

I used to be really self conscious of how I looked in yellow, and somewhere along the line, I kind of got over it. This color is the opposite of self conscious – it’s bright, bold and totally draws attention –  awesome ;)

yellow and green green and yellow blair waldorf style look of the day blogger style kate spade blogger kate spade fashion blog kate spade blog kate spade crop top yellow skirt yellow crop top summer style spring style new york style fashion bloggers to follow fashion blogger new york new york fashion blogger

Lately I’ve been wearing a whole lot of this bright hue and exploring other colors to couple it with. I tried blue & yellow earlier this week, but am also obsessed with it when paired with my favorite color – Kelly Green! It also happens to be a color fav of one of my all-time style icons – say it with me now, Blair Waldorf.

Ed and Leighton's colorful kisscolor me courtney blogger fashion blogger yellow wearing yellow yellow and green how to wear yellow how to wear a crop top crop top midi skirt how to wear a midi skirt wear a midi skirt what to wear for summer summer style summer favorites summer finds

One thing that Blair did better than anyone is experiment with color – she could create a killer combo like it was nobody’s business and pair colors together that you never would have ever thought to wear in one look. I think we could all dare to be Blair, because she’s kind of awesome. I know its lame, but whenever I feel a little self conscious about stuff like that, I like to ask myself what she would do in the same situation and try to embody her… that always works for me! :)

color me courtney color me courtney color me courtney courtney quinn courtney quinn color me courtney blog courtney blog courtney fashion blogger color me courtney fashion blog gal meets glam blog pink peonies blog fashion blog style blog with love from kat blog color me courtney color me courtney blogger fashion blogger fashion blog

CROP TOP Get It Here
YELLOW SKIRT (my new fav) – Get it Here
WHITE BAG (the perfect size) Get it here or here
BROWN BELT (a great basic) – Get it here / similar here
BROWN WEDGES (so comfy! The make me look so tall) Get them here

color me courtney color me courtney color me courtney courtney quinn courtney quinn color me courtney blog courtney blog courtney fashion blogger color me courtney fashion blog gal meets glam blog pink peonies blog fashion blog style blog with love from kat blog color me courtney color me courtney blogger fashion blogger fashion blogWhat are you favorite color combos? I am always looking for new ones to try!

Surprise Sale !

20th May 2015

kate-spade-italia-collection-4What’s better than an good sale? Oh I know –  a surprise one!
Now if only all the damage I was about to do to my wallet was going to come with a complimentary cake, now that would be per-fection.
ks-sale-viewallKate Spade is having one of their killer surprise sales, so I had to share my current favs that can help take you from Spring to Summa without breaking the banks, woo!  I mean seriously, who can say no to Kate Spade under $100? Oh and to make this more of a shopping-party, I created a super sparkly playlist for your to jam to via spotify – so plug in (click here) and let’s hop to it!Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 1.36.02 AM

I know, you get it, I have a serious stripe problem… but I simply cannot stop until all of you open your closet in the morning to see a sea full of stripes starring back at you. SO if you’re looking to add some more stripes to your wardrobe which you totally always should be  look no further. You can’t go wrong with navy & white or black & white stripes, they both look amazing with bright colors for summer (like yellow) or pair well with other fun prints like floral or even lemon! 

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 1.35.22 AM

Have I made a pattern mixer out of you yet? If not maybe these crazy cute prints that look crazy cute together will! Every gal needs a floral cross body or a Italia insipired travel tote… and hey, some need both ;) hands up if you’re with me. Try pairing a patterned purse with (yes, sorry here we go again) stripes or polka dots (HA see I can step outside of my box) for a fresh Spring/Summer vibe.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 1.36.30 AMMAKE LEMONADE
I’m kind of sort of obsessed with fruit inspired fashion, it’s my total fav! Last year I picked up a few pieces from the lemon collection but totally missed out on a lemon printed bag – well fear not, there are so many lemony fresh favs available at a crazy steal and as a mega plus, fruit fashion is still super on trend – score! Try lemon prints with all white, ripped denim, yellow (duh), navy (double duh) or my go-to stripes!


Sale Ends Friday at Midnight Pacific Time

Oh don’t forget to check out this playlist, sure to make your Wednesday a little more bearable – click here

Pencil Skirt Power

18th May 2015

IMG_9199If you got it flaunt it, right? Well no, not so much…IMG_9119

Who are we kidding, south of my waist, there’s a booty bump that I spend most of my time hiding from the rest of the world. Don’t get me wrong, I totally know that some girls are all about that bass and there’s nothing wrong with that, but tight dresses that showed my curves were never really my thing – I always concentrated on showcasing other assets, like my kind-of-creepilly-small waist, hence the over use of the crop top & midi skirt combo. Anyways, whilst (pause, who uses that word any way? what year is this? 1892? sure why not) … whilst chatting with my boyfriend/photographer, Paris about it he kind of called me out – in the nicest way possible and suggested that by always “hiding” my curvy bits I was kind of giving girls the wrong idea…IMG_9205IMG_9160

So this totally blew my mind because I never thought I was doing such a thing. I totally realize that having a blog is not something I do just for fun, and parties and free clothes and whatever. Yes, that’s part of the package deal but it wasn’t when I started out; back when only my Mom and Grandma read my blog (lol thanks guys) and I took really bad self timer photos (LOLs the struggle). Anyways, I started Color Me Courtney so I could start sharing my side of style with everyone else and above all inspiring others to dress outside the lines and have as much fun as fashion as I do… but I didn’t realize that because my idea of fun fashion was mostly full skirts and print on print, and that I could be giving people the wrong idea about body image.IMG_9190IMG_9259

Last week I sounded off about negative comments made about my body type, and I was totally blown away by your love and support – seriously, bullies are lame and you guys rock so hard. But that can’t be the end of it, I can’t stand up and say “hi haters” only to return to my full-skirt, booty-concelling ways… so I won’t (well I will, duh, but not all the time :) ) I’m not only learning new ways to embrace what my momma gave me (thanks mom) but also (hopefully) encouraging you to do the same. So Hey, hows this for ground breaking, that thing you hate most about yourself- you’re short legs, your crooked nose, your big butt, what if they are only the things you hate most about yourself because you let them… I have a few, I mean we all do, but don’t give them that power! If I can embrace mine maybe you can too, and hey, maybe it can become you’re new signature thing… I mean it worked for Barbra freaking Streisand, so what’s stopping the rest of us?IMG_9191IMG_9233 - Version 2

I showed the world my budunka-dunk without revealing too much with this pencil-skirt look. Instead of toning it down with a dark color, I made it the life of the party in bright yellow. I balanced this out my showcasing my smallest point with a tied top at the waist! I honestly think if you look crazy confident (even if you aren’t quite there yet) that’s half the battle! Dressing the part, will bring all eyes on you in a positive way and draw them away from any no-so-favorite parts of your body! Honestly, flaws don’t have to hurt you. Take control of them, make them your own, make a statement, and make them work ;) 


: 5th And Mercer – so crazy comfortable & stretchy, I love + more colors 
: Forever 21 - similar/darker/bigger stripes at J.crew
CLUTCH: Clare Viver Leopard Folderover Clutch // similar
Bracelet: Gold Link Bracelet c/o Accessory Jane
SHOES: Zara Blue Court Pumps – Oldies but love these

IMG_9128Honestly give it a whirl, and please share so I can try and be half as supportive and inspiring as you have all been to me. Once again, you guys rock!!!

Wild Card

13th May 2015

IMG_8500 - Version 3There’s been some not so nice comments floating around out there about my body…IMG_8663

So today I’m fighting back with this dress and sharing a few really important messages about embracing your body type and overcoming all that negativity!

Okay, this post is very uncensored (well, aren’t I always? but you know what i mean). No, you won’t find any curse words or anything like that in here (I don’t use much of those, I’m not quite cool enough) but you will find some really raw and unedited opinions (and un-retouched photos, yikes), so brace yourself!IMG_8559

Remember how I told you I was determined to showcase a different side of my style this year with outfits that might surprize you and not in the normal “omg she’s wearing 47 colors and 32 prints” sort of way? Well today is another one of those days were I step so far outside of my comfort zone, make good on that promise and channel my inner Kardashian in this body-con figure-flaunting look, where’s that dang eye-covering monkey emoji… I really need that little guy right about now.IMG_8535

So back to those not so nice comments... Maybe I’m over reacting (yeah, probably) they’re nothing too bad, just things like “that’s really unflattering” or “uhhh she doesn’t have the right body type for this look” and they never come from anyone I know… It’s not like I even care… lol okay I try not to, but of course I care a little, but either way I can’t just ignore them, that’s so not the Courtney Way, but I can help you conquer something similar if you ever find yourself in a comparable situation.IMG_8672

Having a blog is this weird thing – you share your style with strangers and put yourself out there everyday. 99% of the time the feedback is amazing or constructive and is what helps you power through those long nights or time when you really don’t want to smile for a photo (I’m drafting this post at 2:16 AM and pulling my second all nighter of the week [yep.. It’s only Tuesday] … so I’m using all the fuel I can get right now, SO THANKS!).

As a result, the negative ones shouldn’t ever bother you, you shouldn’t take it personally or even dwell on them… but that it’s not always that easy. Another weird thing that happens is you become this “not real person” to people out there, so they say things objectively without thinking about how they would affect people – I’m even guilty of it, I make assumptions about celebrities I know nothing about like “omg Kristin Stewart is so annoying….” which I totally believe with every fiber of my being even thought I couldn’t tell you one real thing about her, besides she makes idiotic decisions like choosing sparkling vampires over super cute werwolves that will love you forever no matter what, or wait, is that just Bella? Either way, these comments that we all make aren’t really targeted at you, or me or Kstew on a personal level, but we (well at least I) totally took them that way – hence why I hear the “she’s too short for that outfit” comment as “Oh My God Becky that Courtney Girl is is a hawt mess, we should totally go TP her house or toss a slushy in her face” in my head… makes sense, right? wrong but it’s the truth, oh and If you didn’t gather, I watch a lot of TV.IMG_8602

No matter what I think of the comments they are out there …
they happened, they exist so I figured I had 3 options (the same three options you have when anyone says anything awful about you like ever, FYI these also totally apply to a break up!)
OPTION 1 – The Drake
Cry in the shower, binge watch gossip girl and eat your weight in cookie dough and forget about it. P.S. Drake, why are you so emotional? P.P.S did I just Kstew Drake? whoops! (inspired by Chris Deliah)
OPTION 2 – The Mr. Wonderful
tell yourself they know nothing, ignore them and never think of it again… at the risk of sounding dramatic, They’re dead to you. (If you got that shark tank reference, you’re my spirit animal)
OPTION 3 – The Transformer
change yourself, become something better and make what they said insignificant, but be careful that you don’t just surprise what you’re feeling, becoming a robot in disguise.
None of the Above >> WILD CARD
Or if none of the above apply, do what I did and play your wild card.
Prove them wrong in the brightest and boldest way you can – in my case, a neon body con dress did quite nicely.  On a side note, this is totally how Blair Waldorf would handle this, or maybe with a headband, a smile and a hint of sabotage but whatever, basically the same thing.

IMG_8517Let’s set the record straight, I have no real issues with my body. I could care less about a thigh gap and have no desire to weigh 100 pounds or be 5’9 (I’m 5’1). Sure there are parts that aren’t my favorite or that I might swap if given the change (Hey Kerry Washington, can I borrow those cheak bones?), like my gymnast-esuqe arms that didn’t come with a gold metal #lame, but for the most part I’m content. And honestly, if I had that much of a problem with my bod, I would work hard to change it… but I would much rather work hard to eat my weight (which last time I check was 130, not 99lbs) in pizza cookie (its a real thing); but I was a little offended when there were comments made about my outfits being a “inappropriate for that body type”, or “unflattering for her figure”.IMG_8756

I’m not gonna lie, after reading a few negative comments I became obsessed for a good 15 min, I got a little defensive, and wanted to respond, but then I decided to absorb it and play my wild card, actually show that I am confident in my own skin and help anyone else overcome a similar situation.

Okay, now I’m gonna get a little fired up - I kind of sort of refuse to believe you have to be stick thin to try certain trends and I will never ever agree that certain looks were just made for models… like ever. That’s kind of the whole point of blogging right? real people, making real trends work for real, non airbrushed bodies so they can share their success (and failures) with other really people… If you wanted to see Karlee Kloss wear something and look AMAZE in it, you could open any dang magazine, but my hope is that if you want to see how someone awkward, average and not-so-cool wear it, you would turn to someone like me ;)

So here it is, my body: back fat and all. No thigh gap, no rock hard abs and no lack of junk in the trunk (monkey emoji, we need it right here!) It isn’t always the most flattering in every trend I try and sometalthough this post started as way to show as much of my body as I could in the most tasteful way possible to really stick it to those comments that obviously rubbed me the wrong way (lol) it turned into so much more than that. Next time you find yourself in a similar situation, feeling down from something someone said or heart broken from a recent break up,I think it’s okay to dwell a bit (pull a Drake and cry in the shower if you want) but then Blair-on-up and play your wild card. Remember you are seriously awesome… why? because I said so ;) and anyone who doesn’t see that deserves to be proven wrong by wearing a killer neon dress (that probably could have used a pair of spanx haha oops), doing what they said couldn’t be done or making such a big splash that they won’t have any choice but to nottice. However you do it and whatever you conquer, don’t do it for them, don’t do it for me, just do it for you, because like I said you’re awesome and nothing else really matter ;)IMG_8518

DRESS: 5th & Mercer Dress (available in PINK, white, red, lime (worn here), black & blue)
SHOES: Calvin Klein Leopard Vivian Sandals
BAG: Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mab Tote (also in pink, white and more)
BRACELET: Accessory Jane Gold Bracelet c/o

IMG_8562Thanks to Liv of Corporate Catwalk and my supportive Girl Group of besties, I shared these photos with them before posting and she gave me that extra confidence boost I needed to actually say and share all I needed to share <3  Oh and my awesome Boyfriend Paris for being my awesome, supportive, amazing boyfriend, Paris. 

Eyelash Obsessed + Giveaway

12th May 2015

IMG_9209 Hey NYC I’m so excited tell you all about my recent obsession eyelash extensions  today and to give away a few gift cards to my readers today so you can get your own externs at JJ Eyelashes in New York!IMG_6193

Alright, so I’ve been keeping a secret! Have you noticed something lengthy going on near my lashes? if so, it’s because these beauties are externs and I can’t wait to tell you alllllll about them, so today I’m sharing “everything you need to know about eyelash extensions” and answering some of the questions you had about them!IMG_8698

For as long as I can remember I have been color me crazy for long lashes. I’ve tried it all, falsies, crazy amounts of mascara and even growth serums like Latise. Don’t get me wrong, they all worked in their own way but I never got the results I wanted … until I learned about JJ eyelashes and their amazing lash extensions.IMG_8007

About two months ago, I went to JJ to get my first set of lashes – a ruby set in the shortest length and I instantly fell in love! The process was super easy, I just arrived for my appointment, laid down and popped my headphones in. They have to tape your eyes a bit to attach the lashes (don’t freak out it’s totally painless) and the whole process takes about an hour, maybe less but it goes by in a flash. After you open up to have perfect lashes, literally perfect, you won’t have to wear mascara and probably even eyeliner for the next three to four weeks. IMG_7834

How long do they last? I’ve tried JJ lashes twice now, and been crazy impressed both times. Each time my set lasted at least four week – once again that’s four weeks without mascara and I never had any irritation issues or anything like that.IMG_8096

What are they exactly? Eyelash extensions are basically synthetic lash replicas attached with a gentle yet strong glue, so you can’t really rub your eyes or pile on the mascara because it can cause them to fall out earlier than expected. The technician will customize them to your face as need be and work to create your perfect set!IMG_8608

What am I wearing? I am wearing either a ruby or a diamond set (diamond is a bit thicker, I got these my second time) in 7mm round lashes. They also offer more of a cat eye shape, and you could go thicker or thinner than me with longer lashes if you preferred. I have tiny little baby eyes, so I kept it kind of short to keep them looking natural.IMG_6147

Does it Hurt? Not all all! It is kind of weird to be taped up for a bit as they apply the lashes but you adjust quickly and the whole process doesn’t take long at all, and plus it’s all worth it!IMG_6254

  Would you recommend it to a friend? Uhm YES! Literally eyelash extensions totally changed my life and my routine, I honestly think I will keep using them for the foreseeable future, I’m so obsessed and addicted and cannot rave about them enough.IMG_7493

Want Some?  If you’re in NYC and you want to try some lashes risk free, you can at JJ eyelashes in Herald Square! I’ve teamed up with JJ to give away a few $50 gift cards to lucky readers!!!! To enter, all you have to do is follow me on twitter (@colormecourtney) and enter via the raffle copter! I’ll contact all of the winners to give them their gift cards! Plus everyone (even if you win a gift card) can get 15% off your first and second visit at JJ eyelashes, just use the code COLORMEJJ and mention me when you go to the herald square location!!!!IMG_6647

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Elsa Moment

11th May 2015

IMG_8096 When in doubt, let it go…. And when humidity strikes, pretend your Elsa and braid your frizzy hair into a princess crown braid.IMG_8150

If you’re following me on instagram (or snap chat: xocourtneyquinn) you’ll notice that I am kind of obsessed  with braids lately and that’s for two reasons – 1) because they look super cool but are actually really easy once you get the hang of it and 2) because summer is coming and that means my hair is going to turn into a straight up fro real quick.IMG_8043IMG_8101

This will be my third summer in New York, but I still don’t think I’m ready for what’s coming – humidity and crazy heat. I may be from Arizona where 115 degree days are the norm, but that AZ dry heat has nothing on a New York Summer… humidity is just not fun, like at all. My first summer in NYC I wore my hair curly most of the year (fun fact my hair is naturally crazy curly, but I straighten it) and last year I had a blow out treatment to help me fight the humidity. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do this year to fight the fro, but I know it will involve lots of braids!IMG_8020IMG_8131

I woke up this weekend wanting to be else, but since I currently rock (and love) a lob, I turned to luxy hair extensions to really “let it go” –  if you haven’t watched frozen you’re kind of dead to me… jk, well no, not really – and used them to create this faux braid. The hair on the crown of my head is real, but the long braid hanging over my shoulder is all extensions. Confession – I hate how I look with long hair. I’ve had sewn in extensions before and I feel like I look so crazy with long hair when its worn down, I just totally drown in it! I just feel like short girls always look better with short hair, hence why I lob it up, but I do totally love the look of a long braid so I use clip in hair to get the look without having to give up my short do!IMG_8007

I completed the perfect “it’s almost summer look” with a white may dress, studded sandals and my go-to leopard clutch! Plus I had a little arm party by wearing a stack from the shine project – who employs inner city youth to give them a chance to go to college  so cool! Plus I went to high school with the founder, which is also kind of fun! I used my stack to tell a story for where I’ve been and where I’m going – I was born and raised in Arizona where I earned my undergraduate degrees in business, tourism and marketing, I moved to San Francisco, California shortly after where I started my career in fashion with Kate Spade and earned my MBA at the age of 21 and I now live in New York city where I work in the corporate fashion world by day developing hand bags for Coach and blog by night here at Color Me Courtney! You too can create a story with your stack via the shine project or shop pre-made stacks!IMG_8091IMG_8040

DRESS: White Midi Dress (also love this one)
SHOES: Studded Brown Sandals (also love these) (and here)
BELT: Thick brown belt (another option here)
ARM PARTY: c/o the shine projectMy Thread Gold (customizable) || Jet Setter || Cali Bangle
HAIR: Ombre Chestnut clip in hair extensions c/o Luxy Hair
CLUTCH: Clare V Leopard Haircalf Foldover Clutch (also here)IMG_8026


8th May 2015

IMG_7744Guys I have a problem….IMG_7770

Please don’t hate me for posting nothing but black and white stripes lately, I promise I wear other things (no I don’t) and I actually do own some color (okay, that one is totally true)…IMG_7851IMG_7798

Confession – I have an addictive personality. A few years ago (2006 to be exact) I stopped drinking soda, soon after I stated to loathe carbonation, anything with bubbles (champs included) was off the table for almost a decade. Then not too long ago (maybe six months ago?) I got a weird stomach bug, after it passed I was nauseous for a week straight (TMI? Yeah probably) anyways, I bonded with Ginger ale to help get me through and BAM now we’re besties. Everyday at work (true life – I have a desk job outside of CMC) sometime between 11 and 1:30 pm I down a ginger ale, it has to be in a can and it has to be through a straw. Anyways, there’s a point to this story aside from convincing you that I have poor eating habits … I have an addictive personality.IMG_7796IMG_7780

I’m not sure if an addictive personality is actually a real thing, but if it is I totally have it (wait – does that make me a hypochondriac too? “I have that”). Whatever, this AP situation is the reason I’m the biggest contribute to the vending machine on my floor at work, I’ve eaten chipotle everyday for up to 8 day in a row on multiple occasions (I’m totally not ashamed of that, I consider it an accomplishment!) and why I CAN’T STOP WEARING STRIPES…. Oh and I really, really don’t want to.

IMG_7754Sorry, that got realllly rambly, but stripes are an important part of my wardrobe and I kind of don’t want to apologize for wearing them on replay anymore (and hopefully I eared an little sympathy for my very dramatic ginger ale tale). They are my key pattern for all of my print mixing needs (especially with leopard) they are the perfect piece for work or weekend wear and can even be the star of their own show and really make an outfit the way they did today!IMG_7834

I’m not only all smiles in these photos because I’m wearing my favorite print, I’m also pretty pumped that summers almost here. And not for the usual reasons like serious sun and my diet consisting of mostly Mr Softee, but because two of my three best friends are moving to NYC for the summer so for the first time since 2009 all four members of my girl group will be living in the same place and I am so freaking excited!!!!!! Check out my mega babe of a Bestie whitney (and her killer bag that I’m so crazy jealous of) I honestly can’t wait for June!IMG_7864

A black & white stripe midi skirt can be a total game changer for your closet. Wear it with a black or patterned crop top, tuck in or tie a chambray shirt to pair with sandals for something casual chic or pair it with a cool graphic tee and converse for any weekend adventure. I paired mine with a basic black sweetheart crop top – It gives the illusion of a Midi Dress but gives you so much more versatility, plus it’s a crazy steal at under $20. I love that the sweetheart neck gives a nod to the off the shoulder top trend without sacrificing fit and it looks amazeeee with the contrasting full midi striped skirt! Honestly, you kind of can’t go wrong, whether you’re a fashion goddess or just trying to build your wardrobe you need this skirt it will change your life.IMG_7745

SKIRT: T&J Design Black & White Stripe Midi Skirt (only $88)
TOP: Black Sweetheart Off The Shoulder Crop Top (Only $11)
SHOESThe perfect black scrappy sandals (also love these)
SUNGLASSES: Folding Wayfarer 50mm Sunglasses
LIPSTICKLady Danger Matte Lipstick by Mac
CLUTCH: Clare V Leopard Haircalf Foldover Clutch (also here)

Stripes & Tulips

6th May 2015

IMG_6037If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – a saying that can totally apply to the good ole’ classic combo of ribbed jeans & a perfect tee.IMG_5981

There are a few things in life that you just can’t screw up, no matter how hard you try: Sprinkles will always be good no matter what you put them on (I swear), Red lipstick will always look awesome no matter what year it is and a tee shirt and jeans will never, ever, ever go out of style… like ever. Today’s look is as classic as it gets – striped tee, ripped jeans, black lace up sandals, a quilted bag and … my frenchie Waffles, AKA the fattest photobomber around.IMG_5971IMG_6015IMG_6002

If you’ve been following along for a while (or even a week) my stripe obsession is real clear. I know, I know, I HAVE A PROBLEM… but I’m not even mad about it. I paired the perfect slouchy striped boyfriend shirt with easy, breezy distressed boyfriend jeans for a comfy-chic look. I literally could probably sleep in this outfit and be totally zen about it…  its just that comfy.IMG_5988IMG_6031

If you’re don’t have that perfect boyfriend shirt that you can wear for three days straight and totally not be ashamed of it, invest in one now it will change EVERYTHING! Shop the Perfect Tee here


TEE: Striped Boyfriend Tee that I want to wear pretty much everyday (similar here)
^^ seriously, you need this shirt! You can thank me later ;) ^^
JEANS: The best distressed boyfriend jeans … like ever (and they’re under $150!!!)
BAG: Black Quilted Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody Bag
SHOESThe perfect black scrappy sandals (also love these)
SUNGLASSES: Folding Wayfarer 50mm Sunglasses
LIPSTICKLady Danger Matte Lipstick by MacIMG_6008

Splatter Paint

5th May 2015

IMG_6124 I’m kind of crazy about the perfect mix of pattern, so much so that I kind of get slightly depressed overtime I start to step into a look without a the slightest hint of pattern play… and since I’m no fun when I’m depressed, I guess I’ll just have to keep mixing patters in pretty much every look – I hope you don’t mind :)IMG_6100


If mixing prints scares the crap out of you, you’re totally not alone! I shared the easiest way to mix pattern in this post here, but am about to drop another layer of print on print knowledge on you, so buckle up! Okay, the key to mastering this trend is soon easy you’re gonna freak – all you have to do is keep it black & white! I know, I know, I’m usually the color queen, but there’s nothing wrong with going all B&W every so often …. but don’t worry, I totally won’t make a habit out of it!IMG_6113IMG_6047Anyways, black & white patterns play together perfectly and you don’t have to worry about clashing colors or looking crazy because B&W always looks so seamless and chic! Today I’m wearing not one, not two but three black & white prints, but the mix of structured stripes and abstract paint totally compliment each other without over-doing it! To really push the envelope, I paired a third splatter painted print in the form of crazy cute keds.IMG_6126IMG_6096I keep the accessories simple since I was already doing a lot with this look, but I couldn’t help making a little bit of a statement with this darling Daniel Wellington watch. I’m not much of a watch gal, but became totally smitten with this classic and timeless (sorry, I had to) piece! Daniel Wellington was nice enough to give me a promo code to share, so if you’re interested in picking one up skip on over to and use the code COLORMECOURTNEY to receive 15% off – promo ends May 15th!IMG_6146IMG_6101

TOP:  Tees by Tina c/o (this top is seamless and seriously SO COMFY!)
SKIRT: Splatter Paint Skirt (a total steal and under $25!!!)
SHOES: Black Splatter Paint Keds c/o // they also come in crazy cute color!
(p.s. with this skirt, top & sneaks you could totally recreate this look for under $150!!!)
WATCH: Daniel Wellington Watch c/o use the code COLORMECOURTNEY for 15% off
BAG: Kate Spade Mini Maise Bag… I’m kind of OBSESSED + it comes in more colors
SUNNIES: Foldable Raybans that are basically my new BFF JillIMG_6077

That Girl

2nd May 2015

IMG_5163Who’s that girl…. Its Jess, well Courtney but whatever you totally get what I was going for there…IMG_5178

IMG_5259I’m basically a weekend warrior, whatever the heck that means, but really, I like live for the weekends, and my style totally changes too! Sporty skirts, graphic sweat shirts, keds and serious sunnies become my BFFs all weekend long… and and Waffles too because he’s kind of also important.IMG_5361IMG_5298

I’ve been obsessed with the whole athletic-chic thing that’s been going on as of late, and love that being comfy is also super on trend right now, especially for weekend wear! I turned this sporty Cynthia Rowley skirt into the perfect weekend look by pairing with a graphic sweatshirt &  denim jacket.IMG_5180

SWEATSHIRT: Joe Fresh That Girl Sweatshirt
SKIRT: Black & White skirt c/o Cynthia Rowley
DENIM JACKET: Similar Jean Jacket
SHOES: Classic White Keds
BAG: Kate Spade Mini Maise Bag in Black
SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker Super Duper SunniesIMG_5281