DIY Disney // Easy Halloween Costumes

23rd October 2016

costumesIt’s almost halloween, which is my favorite holiday of the year!img_5355img_9188img_7062img_9134img_5595_1img_2558

Every Year I do fun disney inspired halloween costumes, so today I’m sharing 10 more to get you in the holiday spirit, these are all outfits that you can create with items you have in your closet or at your favorite fashion retailer – just pick up a crown, gloves or ears from party city to complete the look! Most importantly, you can rewear the pieces after halloween!

WHITE RABBIT (Alice in Wonderland)img_5427

Shop the look by clicking on the images below
(they’ll open in new tabs for you)

Don’t forget to add ears from Party City!
& while you’re there, buy some disney outfits inspired by the new Alice in Wonderland through the looking glass movie for your less crafty crew!untitled-2

ARIEL (The Little Mermaid)img_5503_1

Shop the look by clicking on the images below
(they’ll open in new tabs for you)

TINKERBELLE (Peter Pan)img_2557
Shop the look by clicking on the images below

Don’t forget the wings! 
Shop the look by clicking on the images below

SNOW WHITEimg_9189
Shop the look by clicking on the images below

ESMERELDA (The Hunch Back of Notre Dame)img_5597_1
Shop the look by clicking on the images below

Shop the look by clicking on the images below

BELLE (Beauty and the Beast)img_5568_1
Shop the look by clicking on the images below

JASMINE (Aladdin)img_5689_1
Shop the look by clicking on the images below

TIANA (Princess & the Frog)

Shop the look by clicking the images below

Ready for some more halloween magic? Press play to see these outfits in action!

Want more halloween fun? Buy complete costumes at Party City or check out my previous halloween posts:
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DIY Disney Princess costumes

Making Strides

21st October 2016

fullsizerender-4As you probably know this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! img_6830fullsizerender-2

Almost everyone I know has been affected by cancer in someway, so I’m excited to partner with the American Cancer Society and their Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk this month to promote awareness and share a few ways to get involved!


Wondering how you can help?

Walk it out

Join a walk! Raise money, donate yourself or get out there and participate! I loved the Making Strides walk because it was such an easy way to participate. You could work to build a big team, walk with your family or group of friends or keep it small. Paris and I put away money each month for savings, but this month, we donated that to the walk, woke up early and got our walk on! I’ve done walks in the past but this one was such a great and easy way to participate – it didn’t take as much planning or fundraising as others and is just a great way to get on board, so don’t be intimidated! Find out how to build your own team here!


Wear pink!

This is an easy one, wear pink this month to show your support for the cause. Instead of buying something new, shop resale and use the savings to donate to the American Cancer Society or buy something from their shop so you know your money is going somewhere that matters!


Act normal

If you have someone going through cancer in your life, the best thing you can do is treat them normally! They’re already going through something abnormal, so you’re support and love can do wonders for them. I struggle with a chronic illness (nothing as severe as cancer) and whenever I’m sick the best thing my friends and family is treat me normal, I hate being “handled with care” or pitied.

Chemo kit!

If you know someone going through chemo and want to help, attending their sessions and bringing a chemo kit can help lift their spirits! More about that in this video here:

I know cancer can be such a devastating thing to think about, go through or take on. Sometimes you just feel so helpless, and don’t know how to help those affected. Hopefully this post helped a bit to lift your spirits so you can do the same to someone else. Just know, if you’re going through this I’m thinking of you!

Lots of love xo Courtney

Me Time!

20th October 2016

img_6773You deserve some me time! So sit back, relax and let’s unwind! Today, I’m going to show you how to destress with my new secret (and current obsession) from Origins and Macy’s.  img_6775

Although I really hate to say it (because I love it so much) let’s face it my job can be stressful. I love blogging full time, and thought after leaving my full time role at Coach I would have so much free time … hah not. On average my day starts at 5 and if I’m lucky it ends at 1am, but sometimes (right now included) it goes on into the next day, so I’m up at 4 writing emails, drafting blog posts (it’s currently 4:03) or editing photos. On average I pull at least one all nighter a week, and usually closer to 2 and a half. This is really because I’m a one man band, I receive on average 500 emails a day and aside from shooting photography, I do everything from editing, writing, invoicing, content creation, pitching, social media and more! Once again, not complaining, but the real stress doesn’t come from the never ending amount of work but rather from the weight on my shoulders. Since it’s just me running the show, if I fail it’s really my fault, but this works both ways because I’m also responsible for my success. I’ve learning that stress is my number one contributing factor to failure – the more I stress, the less productive I am. As a result, I’ve tried and tested a few ways to defuse my stress level, while keeping me on course and I’m sharing them today!

Spa Time:img_6780
I’ll be honest, nothing would relax me more than a massage or a facial, but I don’t really have much time (or unlimited funds) for that on a regular basis! So I was really excited to try (and love) the new RitualiTea collection from Origins available at Macy’s. It’s an easy way to DIY your way to great skin, and (most importantly) less stress.img_6778

DIY Vibes:img_6779
The best part about the RitualiTea collection and their DIY masks is that they let you do something with your hands – which always helps me destress. I’ve learned that if I take 10 min to do something somewhat creative, productive or just plain offline, I’ll have a more productive day! This collection is Origins’ first ever tea based collection, and draws inspiration from tea rituals around the world and ingredients with rich benefits. It comes in a powder, which you blend together and apply to your face (or body, the line consists of four of each) – my favorites include Mind over Maté (a citrus infused flavor) and Matcha Madness.img_6777

Making a mask is SO easy, all you have to do is mix and apply, then sit back and enjoy the transformation!

Retail Therapy:
I shop all the time for the blog, but as fun as that sounds it’s more work then play so I love spending time shopping for other people! Visiting places like the mega Macy’s in Herald Square on my “lunch break” or surfing their site while I snack is an easy way to break up my day – with affordable prices and an amazing selection I love picking out something small like an origins gift set to send to my mom, or something cozy (like my cardigan) for a friend so we can twin! Giving someone else something makes me truly happy, and since I spend most of my day writing about myself, reading emails addressed to me, pitching myself, styling myself  

A Change of Scenery:img_6776
I’m moving soon (which just ads to my stress) so I’ll have to say goodbye to my garden that I’ve come to love so much. Until that day comes, and while the weather permits it, I’ve been trying to spend at least one day working from outside. The best part about my apartment, is no one is here in the day – so I’ll kick back in the garden with a cup of Tea and mask up without fear of looking stupid! The mask feels great from the comfort of your own home, but there is something so freeing about being able to use it outdoor and connect with nature along with all the natural ingredients in this product! I won’t like, I was caught out door masking once by my neighbor’s dog walker, but he just laughed a little and totally understood #oops.

Keep It Comfy:img_6781
If I’m kicking it out doors, or running errands I need to walk the line between comfy and chic – even when I’m just hanging out in my apt or garden, I might have to snap chat or pick something up, so I always try to dress up a little – without losing that comfort level. Also, if I’m hanging in the garden I have to keep warm, so on most Fall days, I’ll reach for the coziest of cardigans in my current favorite color. This one from Macy’s comes in a few colors, and has been on replay more than I would like to admit. It pairs great with a silk cami and jeans or over a  floral dress (shown here), like this one.img_6774

Origins Rituali Tea products // All Origins Products
Free People Sweater (on sale)

Thanks to Macy’s & ShopStyle for partnering on this post, as always opinions are my own!

Kiss & Tell

15th October 2016

img_0308As I’m sure you know, I’m a lipstick-aholic, and love love love to wear color on my lips.fullsizerender-3
(wearing always Red Cream Lip Stain)

fullsizerender-5(wearing petal in Luster Matte Long-wear)

Lipstick can be the easiest way to switch up your look, but wearing it can be tough and messy if it’s not done the right way. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect lipstick thats reliable, colorful and affordable, so today I’m sharing my favorite new finds from the surprisingly affordable SEPHORA COLLECTION that I can’t get enough of!


With over 80 eye shadows, 90 lipsticks, 100 eyeliners, and 75 makeup brushes, SEPHORA COLLECTION is designed for you to experiment, express, and explore… all without breaking the bank! It’s full of high-performance skincare, killer tools, must have hues and everything you need to build a killer collection. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, SEPHORA COLLECTION is your invitation to play, sooo let’s do this!img_2309

I like to keep it light in the make up department, a little bit of light around the eyes (Try Colorful Eyeshadow in Sandcastle – Warm beige matte), a flush of color on the cheeks (Try the blushing for you palette to create a color for any lip ), and mascara (try Lashcraft for length and volume). I really like to draw attention to two places – my browns using a combo of Tinted Borw Freeze in Dark and of course, bold lips!.

Right now, I love that matte lips are having a major moment! Even before they popped up on the map, I was a primarily matte girl for a few reasons I can’t wait to share


All of the reasons why I love a matte lip
Long Wear –
I love a matte lip because you can wear it all day without fail. I’m always wearing lipstick, so I get constant questions about long wear and no fail options that can keep you vibrant from sun up to sun down. Believe me, I’m not some enigma that magically prevents lipstick from collecting on her teeth, face and everywhere in between – I just use matte lips that stay in place and last all day, that’s the secret!
Photogenic – Matte lips are bold and strong, so they show up better on a face, make a bigger statement and look best in a photo. Ultimately I also think they look better in person, but that might just be a personal preference.
No Icky Sticky – I hardly ever wear shiny lipstick and I don’t dare to do gloss because I hate that icky, sticky situation that occurs when your hair sticks to your gloss, yuck! It drives me crazy, so a matte lip can keep your lips stick free!
A Real Kiss – If you’re wearing a neutral color, a matte lip it looks more natural then a bright shiny gloss or lusty kisser, so it just makes a bold yet seamless look really come to life.

But nothings perfect, there are a few downsides to a matte lip.
The Con – Although I love a matte lip, it does usually come with some downsides. Most mattes are drying and often stale they can leave your lips crusty and cracking. Ready for the upside? Not only are the SEPHORA COLLECTION matte’s here to stay, they’re not as drying as your average matte and don’t crack or crust. If you layer vaseline or chapstick under before you apply and use vaseline again followed by a lip scrub before washing with make up remover or face wash.


I’m breaking down my favorite lip colors and why!


A Red Lip is my go-to for almost every day. I know it’s kind of bold, but I like that it makes a statement. I dress it up or down and wear it with pretty much everything. I used to be a frequent wearer of Ruby Woo by Mac but it’s just so dang drying I couldn’t take it anymore – I tried Cream Lip Stain in Always Red from SEPHORA COLLECTION on a whim and now I’m hooked, lined or unlined, this crimson cutie does the jobimg_3972
Try SEPHORA COLLECTION Always Red Cream Lip Stain for an easy apply red lip (pictured), or combine SEPHORA COLLECTION rouge gel liner in “it’s cherry” before adding long wear lip color in “ruby luster”

A Pinky Pout can also make a statement. Although red is my jam, I have been recently trying a soft pink pout with a mauve hue, it’s my twist on the currently trendy nude lip that’s a little less sultry and a bit more me. Since I’m all about wearing bits of blush this season, a pink pout is becoming almost as common as my signature red.
Try SEPHORA COLLECTION Cream Lip Stain in Pink Souffle, Cherry Blossom, Marvelous Mauve or Infinite Rose depending on your skin color – with mine, I can wear all of them, but Mauve and Souffle are my favs! Petal in Luster Matte Long-wear is also a goodie!

img_0298Orange Crush is a win-win and another go-to of mine, especially in the summer. Sometimes red is just too red, or you want a lip to match your orange look so a red/orange lip can make an unexpected pop with a bold twist.

Try SEPHORA COLLECTION Rouge Matte Lipstick in Rock Queen (pictured with blue background) or SEPHORA COLLECTION Lip Last Lipstick in Orange Matte. You can also mix thinks up by layerinng Cream Lip Stain in Madarin Muse under Luster Long-wear lip in Coral Luster (pictured, seflie)

A Pink Pop is youthful yet edgy. A color I wear a little less, but that’s still in my rotation is a bright pink! This is perfect for a fuchsia dress or even an all black look. While red can glam up a basic ensemble or give it retro flair, a hot pink pout can give an electric statement to a white tee and jean combo or add a girly edge to a black motto jacket. You can also just give full on legally blonde realness (sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of drag race lately!) with a pink on pink look.IMG_8312

Try SEPHORA COLLECTION Cream Lip Stain in Whipped Blush (pictured)


Vampire Vibes are in this season! With fall in full swing, I can’t help but paint on a dark, burgundy lip. This look brings the drama to an all oxblood outfit, pairs perfectly with a fall floral print, looks great with navy or black stripes and can also make an all black look totally rock! I’m not an edgy gal, but I love that this dark color gives some unexpected ferocity to my usually style, which is usually on the the sweeter side.img_3974

Try SEPHORA COLLECTION Cream Lip Stain in Blackberry Sorbet (pictured) or Rouge Matte Lipstick in Rebel Chic

img_0303MWAH!img_3975Thanks to Sephora for partnering on this post XO

Wrap Me Up!

14th October 2016

img_6642 I love me a good wrap dress, so I invest in one every season and Fall is no exception.img_6639 img_6641

I just recently picked up the cutest wrap dress from Nordstrom, and I can’t stop wearing it. It’s come with me to LA and San Francisco, plus I’ve worn it a few ways in NYC!img_6640 img_6637

Since a wrap dress is a timeless piece, I like to invest in a high quality one in a fun color – like the teal one from Alice and Olivia. Nordstrom has a serious collection of wrap dress pretties to choose from at every price – but I like to pick out bold, solid ones with flirty details. I love that this one has a flowy hem detail, and that this teal color can work year around. For Fall, you can brighten it up with pink or red, pair it with fun patterns like leopard, or off set it with neutrals! It’s also something that you can dress up or down, wear for day or night or style for work or play! To prove it to you, here are 10 ways to rock this wrap dress. Or if you already have one in your closet, you can stock up on some new favorites from Nordstrom to pair with your dress!img_6638Think Pink (like me)
I’m all about blush right now, so I’ve been stocking up on pink & wearing it with almost everything!

Wild Child
A little bit of leopard can go a long way! Pair it with bold pops of color & cool neutrals for an unexpectedly chic look

Fall Favs
Fall is all about rich neutrals, chestnut hues and golden brown bits. Pair them with a bright solid wrap dress for a new take on fall favorites.

Bootie Style
Booties are a fall go to that everyone should have in their closet! You can dress down a wrap dress for a downtown feel with your favorite pair!

Color Blocked
I love unexpected color combos, like bright red and bold blue! Pairing the two together in a serious way can breathe new life into this look.

To The Office
Take a new twist on the classic blazer look, but pairing it with your bright wrap dress & dark accessories, perfect for the office

Weekend Chic
Take your wrap dress for a weekend twirl with sneakers & cold weather accessories! I love how cool grey pieces can dress down this perfect wrap dress

With Neutrals
You can take a wrap dress from statement to chic by pairing it with the perfect neutrals. They’ll help elevate a colorful look in an effortlessly elegant way!

Playful twist
Leopard and pink and blue, oh my! Mixing all the matches & colors & everything else for a playful look.

With OTK Boots
Over the knee boots are a Fall must have – they are a great way to wear a dress while keeping warm! Pairing them with this wrap dress is an easy way to look cool without catching cold this season.

A Night Out
Add even more color to your look with a multi-hue clutch and a playful pastel coat.


Sold on the trend? Shop my favs below:
thanks to nordstrom for partnering on this post 

Mad About Plaid

11th October 2016

Black, white & bold! Fall style by Color Me Courtney (@colormecourtney) // Black & white that's not borring for fall #plaid #overthekneeboots #otkboot #patternmixing #blackandwhite
This just in – Plaid is my favorite fall color!Plaid on Plaid! Fall style by Color Me Courtney (@colormecourtney) // How to wear plaid for fall #plaid #overthekneeboots #otkboot #patternmixing #blackandwhite
When it comes to pattern, my theory is always more is more. I double or even triple up on prints, mix my matches and just go crazy with pattern play!

Over The Boots with plaid! Fall style by Color Me Courtney (@colormecourtney) // How to wear plaid for fall #plaid #overthekneeboots #otkboot #patternmixing #blackandwhiteOver The Knee Boots! Fall style by Color Me Courtney (@colormecourtney) // Black & white that's not borring for fall #plaid #overthekneeboots #otkboot #patternmixing #blackandwhite

Fall is the easiest time to get creative with your patterns because you can work with layers. If you’re pattern-shy, you can downplay a printed blouse with a solid cardie or scarf (or both), paired with jeans and booties. But if you’re a bit bolder (like me) you can layer on the prints for some serious Fall fun!
Blanket Scarf Styling! Fall style by Color Me Courtney (@colormecourtney) // How to wear plaid for fall #plaid #overthekneeboots #otkboot #patternmixing #blackandwhite Mad about Plaid ! Fall stying by Color Me Courtney (@colormecourtney) // How to wear plaid for fall #plaid #overthekneeboots #otkboot #patternmixing #blackandwhite

Today’s look is all about my favorite Fall print, plaid! Plaid is a seasonal fail-safe, so you know you’ll wear these checkered favorites year after year. It can be dressed up or down and gives you a great “outdoor” feel, even if you’re just wearing it to the office. A plaid button-down is a Fall must have for every single wardrobe, and with affordable finds at Old Navy (like mine), you can afford to double, triple or even quadruple up on this forever-Fall trend. Since I’m a little pattern crazy, I sifted through Old for all of the printed pretties to give my plaid wardrobe a serious refresher!Mad about Plaid ! Fall stying by Color Me Courtney (@colormecourtney) // How to wear plaid for fall #plaid #overthekneeboots #otkboot #patternmixing #blackandwhite

color me courtney courtney quinn color me courtney blog color me courtney instagram colormecourtney @colormecourtney plaid on plaid print on print flannel check buffalo plaid red plaid B&W black white plaid black and white print on print blanket scarf otk boot over the knee boots crown braid plaid blanket scarf window pain plaid black and white plaid old navy style old navy plaid old navy look for less affordable affordable fall style old navy fall style affordable fall plaid plaid how to wear plaid plaid outfit fall outfit plaid style fall style fall fashion fall inspo style blogger fashion blogger gal meets glam hello fashion blog the blonde salad song of style fashion blogger style blogger black fashion blogger fashion style blog new york style blog new york blog fashion instagram fashion tumblr

Mad about Plaid yet? If so, here are SIX fun ways to wear it this month:

Just a little bit – Unsure about wearing pattern? Take a Fall flannel and tie it around the waist of a black bodycon dress. This will give you just a pinch of print without driving you mad.
Pattern Shy – Pair it solids for a silent statement. Layer your plaid popover under a solid sweater or cozy cardigan and sprinkle with neutrals.
Easy Outfit Maker – Pick one plaid accessory or outerwear piece and plan everything else around it. Try a plaid blanket scarf if you’re still a little scared of the print, or a statement plaid coat if you’re full on mad for plaid!
Star of the Show – Let your plaid do the talking as the featured outfit piece against dark jeans, black or brown boots, or even a leather jacket.
Print Mixer – A print that pairs great with other patterns. Try stripes or polka dots in black and white for something safe, or a fun floral for a big splash.
Go Mad – Can’t get enough of this print? Double up or triple up with a plaid skirt and scarf combo, plaid scarf and shirt combo or all of the above if you want to triple dip!

color me courtney courtney quinn color me courtney blog color me courtney instagram colormecourtney @colormecourtney plaid on plaid print on print flannel check buffalo plaid red plaid B&W black white plaid black and white print on print blanket scarf otk boot over the knee boots crown braid plaid blanket scarf window pain plaid black and white plaid old navy style old navy plaid old navy look for less affordable affordable fall style old navy fall style affordable fall plaid plaid how to wear plaid plaid outfit fall outfit plaid style fall style fall fashion fall inspo style blogger fashion blogger gal meets glam hello fashion blog the blonde salad song of style fashion blogger style blogger black fashion blogger fashion style blog new york style blog new york blog fashion instagram fashion tumblr

These wardrobe basics will pair perfect with your new flannel pieces.Plaid Mixing! Fall style by Color Me Courtney (@colormecourtney) // How to wear plaid for fall #plaid #overthekneeboots #otkboot #patternmixing #blackandwhite

Pssst – Click on the product photos below to shop my outfit (links will open in a new tab). You’ll also find links, prices and size info in the links below.

If you’ve never shopped Old Navy before, please note they run a big bit, I’m a XS in almost everything here, see sizing info below!
Marled Everyday Coat for Women • $69.94
Wearing S, but should have gotten XS. Also comes in plus sizes here
Boyfriend Flannel Shirt for Women • $15  – Runs big, I’m wearing XS in Black/White
Oversized Flannel Scarf • $22.94  –  in Black/White + more colors here
Fit & Flare Skirt for Women • $26.94  Wearing XS in Black/White + more colors here
Sueded Over-the-Knee Boots for Women • $52.94  (think calf friendly!)
Mini-Saddle Bag for Women • $24.94

Thanks to Old Navy for sponsoring this post. As always all opinions are my own. 

Oh and P.S this is how I feel about fall, yall 😉Plaid Party! Fall style by Color Me Courtney (@colormecourtney) // How to wear plaid for fall #plaid #overthekneeboots #otkboot #patternmixing #blackandwhite

The tale of Two Mornings

7th October 2016

fullsizerender-3Although are only seven days in the week, I probably have about ten different “morning routines” that are forever in play, because, you know, I’m a mess! fullsizerender-8

I’ll forever be envious of those people who have a strict morning routine. I’ve never really been one to have a specific wake up time every morning, and continuous plan for getting things done in a certain order. Maybe one day, I’ll grow up and get on board, but my life has just always been so varied that I have yet to find this consistency.

 Although two out of ten is a very small fraction, today I’ll be sharing the two “healthier” morning routines of mine that both include OLLY Smoothies, in hopes to inspire you to implement these changes to perk up your morning. Selfishly, I also hope it will help me make these more of a constant in my AM’s for a happier, healthier and more productive start to the day.


AM Routine 1 – The Cozy Sweater Morning
Clocking in at about 3-ish days a week, the “cozy sweater” routine is probably the most used morning routine of mine, especially if I have a big day ahead. I tend to be an early riser, not by choice, but by necessity for my career. Getting up at 4 or 5 every morning helps me get everything done (emails, blog reading, instagram captions) early so I can free up my day – this is extremely necessary if I have meetings, events and photoshoots.fullsizerender-5

Since waking up is hard for me, my morning starts with three or four alarms and a sluggish stumble across the room (I have to put my phone far away so physically get up and wake up), then I hope in the shower. It’s usually cold but that helps wake me up (and it will keep your hair healthier too), when I get out, I’m refreshed but freezing so I slip into a cozy sweater and head to the kitchen. There I’ll grab fruit, almonds and my blender. I’ll snack on the nuts while I whip up something sweet using OLLY.


Why OLLY? – Well I was introduced to OLLY after trying their vitamins, but I’m now a sucker for their smoothies too. They’re made from natural, whole food sources full of vitamins and nutrients for balanced nutrition, but TBH I really love the connivence and ease of the product – the built in scoop sits comfortably in the lid and the water mixing ability gives you the option to be really creative or really lazy with your creations, but still get a great breakfast!

Here are a few tried and tested recipe ideas to get you inspired:

After my smoothie is ready, I take care of Waffles (my french bulldog), put on lipstick (makes me feel like me, and also bc #snapchat) and start the day with inspiring things like surfing pinterest or reading some of my favorite blogs before tackling emails or the first few things on my todo list. I’ll also put on a good Spotify playlist (I like “have a good day”, Frank Sinatra or mouton to set a mood. Once the sun is up, I start to get ready and wake Paris 9if he isn’t already up) so we can go shoot around 8 before he heads to the office. Mornings like this are pretty productive and also relaxing, so best of both worlds.

The Most Important Meal of the Day
I’ve also never been a breakfast eater – I literally wake up craving lunch foods like a burger and fries or even steak, to prevent myself from eating stir fry before noon or having a donut every single day (once a week isn’t that bad right?)



AM Routine 2 – The Move It Morning
It’s rare, but some mornings I’ll get up and go straight to the gym, this takes a lot of inspiration from me and some planning the night before, so this routine actually starts around 1-2 am when I usually get to sleep.


The night before, I lay out my outfit, charge my iPad (and download a TV show for the treadmill) and set double the amount of alarms – knowing me, I’ll fight the gym as much as I can, so sometimes I’ll even hide my phone in a bag in the other room, tricky, tricky.

What’s in my Gym Bag:screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-8-08-34-am

Once i’m up, I check in on Waffles, grab my bag and I’m out the door. After my work out, I make a mix smoothie (water and mix) at the gym and take the long way home, it’s sometimes nice to get out while the city is still kind of quiet, especially if I’m going to be working from home the rest of the day. These are non shoot days, because once I’m back at the apartment I shower, finish my smoothie and get to work. Sometimes I won’t get ready until later on so I can be makeup free and feel fresh like my smoothie, for most of the day.


This mix is also great for those donut-craving days. I’m a creature of habit, so if I eat one on Monday, I want it Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. So to break the bad habit I’ll have something chocolate-y without the sprinkles like this OLLY Smoothie.


Well, hope these routines we’re helpful! I say this not only to you, but also (mostly) to myself – it’s so so so important to build strong morning habits, to set the tone for a good, productive day! I’m still very much a work in progress, but so far, this is what has been working for me – hopefully it can do the same.


Oh and if you took nothing else away from this post take this, if you aren’t having a post work out chocolate OLLY smoothie in a disco ball cup, you’re doing something wrong 😉 #besthabitever.

Thanks to OLLY for partnering on this post! As always, all opinions are my own.
Feeling lucky? OLLY is giving away some seriously good goodies here. Good luck babes!

Playfull Basics

4th October 2016

img_5609Most “normal” people feel their most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, but not me! You all know I’m far from the norm!img_5613img_5603I’m my most comfortable and confident self when I’m all dressed up, and actually only feel insecure about my outfits when I’m dressed down. I think it’s easy to feel pretty when you’re wearing something that stands out, but when you’re in your basic clothes, your sparkle has to come from within. When you’re wearing the right things underneath your clothes, it’s easy to exude your true essence and really shine.


Today I’m wearing a simpler look than you’re used to seeing here – no crop tops, no feathers, no polka dots, just me! I found the cutest twist on a white button up, where these fun patches give it a “courtney” twist. Underneath, I’m wearing the world’s best bra – a Hanes ComfortFlex fit Bra that’s both breathable and comfortable for long term wear. This black bra has become my absolute favorite bra, like ever and I even find myself wearing it around the house when I would usually go bra-less ! It has great coverage, making me feel so comfortable that I left my top somewhat unbuttoned for an effortlessly cool look.


Speaking of cool, I’m also wearing Hanes Cool Comfort Underwear that have the same comfydent results as it’s BBF (best bra friend). They’re the perfect pair under your favorite denim shorts! With fall around the corner, I find myself wanting to wear warmer things before the weather is ready, so cool comfort undergarments are a must for keeping me cool when I’m jumping the gun!


I love that this look can be dressed up with a statement shoe or dressed down with converse – either way it’s the perfect representation of Courtney “off duty” – comfortable, confident with a dash of chic. I love that my Hanes pieces made me confident enough to bring a little bit of unexpected sex appeal with the exposed bra, something that you usually wouldn’t see from me. The playful accessories, bold lip, and patchwork top help you remember who I really am – colorful yet classic with a sense of whimsy! I hope this look inspired you to dress outside the lines a bit and switch up your routine


Thanks to Hanes and for partnering on this post, as always – all opinions are my own!

Sneaker Twirl

1st October 2016

img_5219I LOVVEEE a good dress & heel combo, but sometimes a girl’s gotta wear sneakers – and that doesn’t mean you have to dress things down!  img_5225A few years ago sneaker trend started popping up everywhere in the fashion world, making it not only okay to wear sneaks with your favorite skirt, but praise-worthy. When a trend like this comes around, I take full advantage and wear it till it ties – which will hopefully not be any time soon.img_5230img_5227Since athletisure has transcended the fad stage and moved into a fully acceptable style section, the kick & dress combo has in turn followed. Investing in a chic pair of sneaks can do wonders for your wardrobe, and your toes!img_5221img_5224

Swapping out your stilettos for a sick pair of sneakers can be easy:
1 – Start with a statement piece (like this twirl worthy skirt)
2 – Dress it down with a cool basic, like a white body suit or tucked in tee. A crop top and leather jacket would also work if the weather permits.
3 – Bring the drama with a bold lip, quirky accessory or both! I opted for the duo by pairing my signature ruby woo with a red leather backpack with DIY details. I took my favorite red backpack up a notch by adding leather stickers and a pom pom key chain –  the stickers are relatively inexpensive and can be an easy way to revamp an old favorite!
4 – After you look is complete, just add sneakers and viola, an effortlessly chic look fit for the streets.img_5222If you haven’t given this trend a twirl, what are you waiting for! I suggest you invest in some cool kicks ASAP, give your toes a break and start your twirling!

img_5228Shop some of my favorites here:I’m not usually a street style kind of gal, but sometimes your feet need a break. Plus with lipstick sneakers as cute as these, I find myself wanting to wear them more often then not!img_5223

GET THE LOOK:img_5229

Skirt: Zac Posen Zac Zac Posen Annabelle Skirt • $575
look for less Tulle Skirt • $45
ShoesCharlotte Olympia Kiss Me Sneakers • $525 || More sizes here & here || In black here || high tops here || look for less here $59
Backpack: Red from last year, same style in more colors here • $238.80
similar styles:  Rucksack • $395 || Studded Backpack • $950
Stickers: Lips • $12  || Heart • $12  || Oh La La • $12
Bodysuit: ace Crew SS Bodysuit • $140  || Rib T-Shirt Bodysuit • $73


Wedding Ready

28th September 2016

As you guys know (because I can’t stop telling you), I’m heading to my best friend’s wedding at the end of the month and I’m just so excited!


This is not only the first time I get to be a bridesmaid in general, but also one of the first times someone really close to me is getting married, so I’m pretty pumped. I’ve been planning out the details for what feels like forever, from my dress to my shoes to my hair to my makeup … and now, since we’re in the home stretch, it’s time to talk gifts!My friend Emily and I met back when I lived in SF – we became fast friends after we started working together at Kate Spade about 5 years ago. She’s a girly girl with a style very similar to my own. Both she and her future husband live in San Francisco, where they LOVE to cook, eat and entertain, so wedding shopping has been super fun. Naturally, I went to Macy’s! Most people are registered there and truthfully, even if they aren’t they have such an amazing selection (and always have great promotions) that you can’t lose.Whether you stop by or have a chance to visit the giant, magical storefront in Herald Square (aka my happy place), shopping at Macy’s is always an awesome experience for me. For Em, I picked up this polka dot vase along with a few more must have pieces for entertaining and cooking. Although her future hubby might not flip for the vase the way she will, he’ll enjoy the cooking essentials I picked up from their registry.

I’m not the best at following directions, so although I like to reference the registry and maybe pick up something small from there, I also like to go rogue and pick out something on my own. When I’m shopping for wedding gifts, my rule is to pick out something practical with personality. Things like a brightly colored blender, a patterned vase, cool coasters, and a unique cutting board set are always sure to wow. Think of something that everyone needs (and maybe already has) and upgrade the order by going above and beyond – if you splurge on that red crockpot instead of the basic black one, or that retro-inspired toaster that matches their kitchen aesthetic, you provide the couple with an instant upgrade all while proving that you really know them.For me, shopping for these wedding gifts at Macy’s and online was a fun and emotional experience that didn’t break the bank! Right now at Macy’s, you can save an extra 15% off a registry with code WEDDING during the entire month of September. I usually like to over gift, by selecting two things under $25 and then maybe one splurge option around $100 – but if you’re looking to spend a little more, or a little less, Macy’s has you covered! Check out all of the awesome gifts you can get at different price points; these are just a few things I found on the registry gift idea selection at, there are so many more pretties waiting for you online and in store!


macysLet’s face it, an appliance isn’t always the most personal present, but when you explore some of the hidden gems found at a mega store like Macy’s, you can raise the wedding bar and get your bride and groom something they not only need, but will also love!


Fiesta Cheese Board and Tool Set • Fiesta • $44.99
KitchenAid KSB1575 Diamond 5-Speed Blender • KitchenAid • $129.99
kate spade new york Multi Stripe Melamine Dinner Plate • Kate Spade • $16.50
Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker • Nespresso • $149.99
Joseph Joseph Set of 4 Index Chopping Boards • Joseph Joseph • $69.99
kate spade new york Pearl Place Platinum Rose Bowl Vase • Kate Spade • $75
The Cellar Acacia Wood 5 Piece Salad Set • The Cellar • $47.39
Martha Stewart Collection Stockholm Collection 3-Pc. Tea For One • $21.99
Martha Stewart Collection 16-Cup Vintage-Inspired Food Storage Canister • $16.99
kate spade new york all in good taste 6-Pc. Serving Bowl Set • Kate Spade • $50
Rachael Ray Cucina 10-pc. Nonstick Bakeware Set • Rachael Ray • $139.99
kate spade new york Grace Avenue Double Invitation Frame • Kate Spade • $100
The Cellar Acacia Wood 3 Piece Salad Set • The Cellar • $55.79
kate spade new york all in good taste Set of 2 Deco Dot Food Prep Boards • Kate Spade • $25
kate spade new york Raise a Glass Collection 2-Pc. Here’s To You Salut!/Cheers! Tumblers Set • Kate Spade • $24
Rachael Ray Cucina 10 Piece Bakeware Set • Rachael Ray • $99.99
kate spade new york all in good taste Deco Dot Tea Kettle • Kate Spade • $50
Le Creuset Enameled Steel 10 Qt. Covered Stockpot • Le Creuset • $109.99
kate spade new york Pearl Place Collection Flute • Kate Spade • $40
Heritage Collection by Fabio Viviani Oil, Vinegar, & Mix Set • Picnic Time • $42.99
kate spade new york Malmo Rose Gold 5-Piece Place Setting • Kate Spade • $90
kate spade new york all in good taste Striped 6-Pc. Serving Bowl Set • Kate Spade • $50
kate spade new york Rosy Glow Toasting Flute Pair • Kate Spade • $85
The Cellar Acacia Wood Curve Individual Bowl • The Cellar • $15.59
Heritage Collection by Fabio Viviani Acacia Wood Pizza Stone and Cutter • Picnic Time • $64.99
kate spade new york Set of 4 Larabee Dot Flutes • Kate Spade • $50
Le Creuset Enameled Steel 8 Qt. Covered Stockpot • Le Creuset • $99.99
Belgique Stainless Steel 11-Pc. Cookware Set with Nonstick Sauté Pan & Fry Pan • $149.99img_4888

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