Central Park Snackage

4th September 2015

IMG_0475So I’ve been a very bad new yorker, well until now!IMG_0533       IMG_0375 Although Central Park is only two quick subway stops away  (I could literally get there from the West Village in maybe 20 min max – it’s awesome) I don’t get up there as much as I should and It’s really really sad!!! BUT this summer I have spent more time in central park than ever, and I couldn’t be more excited about it!IMG_0464IMG_0565

These photos were snapped when we escaped up to central park for a day of wandering and well, eating. We picked up sandwiches along the way for the perfect impromptu picnic on a well placed rock – this gave us a great view of the park and the city while allowing us the perfect perk for our little picnic!IMG_0307IMG_0385

What to wear on a perfect summer (almost Fall) day? Oh stripes, denim and converse of course! But I made a basic look fun with this crazy cute emoji bag and bright sunnies – DUH!IMG_0519

Emoji Bag || Striped Top || Skirt || Sneakers || SunniesIMG_0481

Bubble Trouble

2nd September 2015

IMG_1741On Wednesdays we wear PINK! IMG_0806IMG_2039

Years ago, before we were blessed with the Magic that is Mean Girls, Pink was just a color and Wednesday was just a boring day of the week. But NOW we have something to celebrate, this and every Wednesday… wearing Pink, Duh!IMG_2020

Today I am sharing another fun themed lookbook (yay) I hope you are enjoying these as much as I love making them (not possible). Today’s theme is Bubble Gum, because what’s more fun than that?IMG_0785

I hate to burst your bubble (sorry I had to) but I’m not really the best bubble blower, none the less I was totally thrilled Paris randomly brought home bubble gum one day, it instantly brought me back to the good old days and inspired this look! I had obviously peen thinking pink because I had accumulated a pink duffle, pink tumbler a pink off the shoulder top and a pink stripe skirt, so naturally I decided to put all of my pinks together and go overboard with this fun bubble gum look because afterall – more is more!IMG_1609IMG_0608

Overalls  (only $34)|| Pink Stripe Top || Keds
Tumbler || Duffle  (love this one via Dormify)|| Skirt (similar) || TeeIMG_2042


1st September 2015

IMG_3906SO excited for todays post because I have a big, giant, colossal announcement about something EPIC coming to the USA, soooo GET PUMPED!IMG_3910

I’ve been all about the 70s trend this summer and wearing off the shoulder shirts like its nobody’s business! But I’m also really excited to take this trend into Fall! I’ll be saying YES to off to jewel tones, suede skirts, floppy hats and denim on denim… and probably singing the theme song to that’s 70’s song all season long!IMG_3909IMG_3889

Okay, enough stalling, here comes the news! Have you heard of the european retailer Primark? They are known for crazy affordable trendy fashion styles, seriously their prices are RIDICULOUS! If live in the USA and have visited Europe (and shopped) in the past five years, you’re probably jumping out of your seat right now because you’re realize that your wildest dreams have come true ….  Primark is coming to the USA!!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 12.41.37 AMRed White & Blue inspired outfits from Primark Pieces!IMG_3931

Next week, Primark will be opening their first USA location in Boston (eeek) and I’ll be there with Refinery 29 to celebrate this momentous moment!  Store opens 9/10 at the Downtown Crossing, and If you’re located near the Boston area be sure to come out the day before, on 9/9 for the opening party… be sure to say hi!!!! It’s going to be a BLAST!IMG_3875

Wearing Primark Top, Hat & Cloggs available at the new Boston and Philly Stores in September.

This post was in partnership with Refinery 29 and Primark USA, all opinions are my own :) Keep up with Primark in the US by following @Primark on social and checking the tags #primarkusa and #primaniausa … and see you in Boston!!!

Lemons, Lemons

30th August 2015

IMG_4139When life gives you lemons, make them into a dress – obviously.IMG_4127IMG_1741                 I actually don’t like normal lemonade, or even lemons in general – but I do love me some lemon print, especially in a darling retro-esque dress.IMG_1673IMG_1725IMG_1747IMG_1722IMG_1687

A little bit of lemons can go a long way, so like this dress is sprinkled with lemons, I like my lemon bites with just a bit of zest – like the lemon, blueberry and ricotta pancakes from The Spotted Pig in the West Village that basically taste like a blueberry/poppy seed muffin with a little zest and topped with ricotta – uhm, YUM!IMG_1690IMG_1739IMG_1714

Oddly enough (or maybe awesomely enough)this is not the first or only lemon dress in my closet – I own a lemon pencil dress and lemon shorts from C.wonder (rest in peace), lemon keds and two printed lemon skirts from Maison Jules, haha whoops! But Hey, lemon prints (and fruit prints in general) are so awesome so I kind of, have to own forty seven lemon printed pieces – it’s not my fault, it’s kind of mandatory. 


I shot these pretty pictures on a crazy sticky day, so humid (as proven by my hair) and just hot – basically a New York summer in a nutshell. Brittani – a awesome & loyal follower, mom to her darling daughter Pepper, and now friend  <3 who runs this amazing wedding and fashion photography company with her equally awesome husband the Hons Photo, was in town so we decided to shoot together! We wandered around the west village for maybe 20 min max and shot in some darling locations… so they basically serve as a highlight reel of some of the best places in the My Neighborhood, The West Village – the bench outside Cafe Cluny, a blogger favorite brunch spot; the magazine shop next to Paris’s favorite breakfast spot La Bonbonniere and in Hamilton’s soda and luncheonette – the cutest little soda shop (see more here).IMG_4065IMG_4148

Lemon Dress || Lips || Mason Jar Mug (also here) || Paper Straws || Nude Heels


Photos by The Hons Photo
They’re located in Orlando but they’re relocating to NYC soon – check them out here & brittani’s blog here!IMG_1731

So Long Sweet Summer

29th August 2015

IMG_2858 Beach don’t kill my vibes.IMG_3540IMG_2942

I can’t believe summer is almost over!! I’ve been soaking up the last few days of Summer in crop tops & swim suits and spending every second at the Beach! I usually hit up Coney Island because it’s the easiest location for me, and always has a killer cotton candy sunset.IMG_2875IMG_3419

I stumbled upon Kortni and her crazy cute swim wear line a few weeks back and new I needed to add her cute collection to my life – bright colors, fun patterns and BOWS – color me obsessed. Today’ I’m wearing two looks for her collection that I mixed and matched for some serious summer fun. I love pairing stripes with floral for something fun and unexpected and matching together two sweet colors (yellow and pink) for maximum impact!IMG_3459IMG_2950

I’m wearing two suits by Kortni Jeane – Shop Kortni Jeane here
also Wearing: Cat Eye Sunnies || Water Melon Bag || Bright Beach Towel



Weekend Daze

28th August 2015

IMG_9501For me, weekends are all about spending time with your favorite people, exploring new places and honestly – just eating… everything!IMG_9484IMG_9825IMG_9522

     Living in new york is so cool because there are so many different neighborhoods with a different vibe, so you can switch things on in a snap! Spending the day uptown or down in battery park (where these photos were taken) can give you a totally different look at your own city and almost feel like a fun day trip!IMG_9509IMG_9894

Lately, I’ve been doing that wearing sneakers and denim cut off plus some kind of striped top. And since the weather has been slightly shifting, I recently wore a long sleeve blue striped tee paired with my go to denim shorts & trust white converse for the easiest weekend look … like, ever!IMG_9929IMG_9867

Finishing touch for this effortless weekend vibe was a baseball hat I stole from my boyfriend (sorry Paris) and a red lip to make me feel like a girl! Baseball hats aren’t usually my thing, up I made it more fun & whimsical by pairing with messy pig tales – I probably look like a child but WHO CARES 😉 . Also I’m obsessed with this big giant tote – It literally fits EVERYTHING in it and is perfect for traveling.IMG_9528IMG_9832

Similar Items:


Shop the Look: Vineyard Vines Tote || Vineyard Vines Heather Stripe Top || Bangles
Denim Cut Offs (also love these) || White Converse || Hat (NYC) ||Ruby Woo Lips

Leo & Proud

27th August 2015

IMG_3641Fun Fact – I love being a Leo!!!IMG_3693

    I’m kind of sort of obsessed with my astrological sign! I was born July 26th, making me a Leo, baby, 😉 and I couldn’t be prouder…. ironically, in true Leo fashion! Leo’s are known for being bold, bright and sometimes even bossy (whoops); they always make an entrance and like to be the center of attention (double whoops) and often times have big, larger than life personalities. If you had a mean girl in highschool, she was probably a leo (yikes) but it’s also pretty likely that your student council president or head cheerleader was also in that leo category too (guilty!) – so some leo’s use their power for good too, I promise!IMG_3742IMG_3728

Today I’m rocking a totally cute Leo tote bag designed by the Saturn Sisters as part of their new collaboration with LOFT! The Saturn Sisters have written all your favorite horoscopes as seen in Cosmo, Teen Vogue and more awesome fashion bible sources – so of course I was so totally PYSCED about this collab.IMG_3745

I’m not really into horoscopes or astrololgy in general… just really into being a Leo (so leo of me) lol. But I do try to be a bright light in people’s lives and lift people up through positivity and super fun outfits that make you smile – like this cute and casual look from LOFT does just that. It walks the line between corporate and casual, with a denim skirt dressy enough to wear to work with a white blazer and pups or cute enough to rock on a weekend with stripes and a denim jacket. I think denim on denim always makes a bold statement in a classic way, just like being a Leo and is totally on trend right now. I also had to stick with my signature stripes, because their timeless, fun and a little bit playful – just like a Leo should be 😉IMG_3701

Horoscope Tote || Denim Pencil Skirt || Denim Jacket (obsessed with this one for fall)
Striped Tee – Under $30! (also love this one) || Black Sandals
Everything I’m wearing is under $100 – Score!!!IMG_3659

Hey Girl What’s your sign? 😉 Are you as OBSESSED with it as I am? If so – let me know! I can’t wait to hear from you! OH AND HEY, you can pick up a tote bag like mine at LOFT so soon, click here to see your horoscope and find out more!IMG_3798

This post with in partnership with LOFT & Reward Style. All opinions are my own! Thanks for supporting brands that support this blog

Park Vibes

26th August 2015

IMG_2129 Between work, blogging and life in NYC I don’t always have all the time to do those fun, recreational activities I used to. One of the biggest things I’ve missed out on is reading! I used to be a big book worm, reading every night before bed and always with my nose in a book – but sadly when free time goes out the window, so does some of those favorite things you no longer find the time for.IMG_2085IMG_2052

Over the weekend, we took a much needed stay-cation uptown and spent most of our days in Central Park! I took advantage of the time to catch up on a little light reading and crack open Everybody Rise – a new novel I’ve been eyeing every since I was invited to attend an event for it a while back with the author, Stephanie Clifford. It’s about an “outsider” Evelyn and her desperate and comical climb up the social ladder. Basically, a grown up gossip girl with a relatable twist and hilarious undertones… so yeah, I’m into it! I’ve just started but it’s so far it’s turning out to be the perfect end of summer read full of smiles and wit – you’ll like it, I swear!


Dressing like the social outsider I can sometimes be, I wore my current obsession – overalls for our second day of park fun! It was kind of cool over the weekend (78ish and slightly cloudy) so an over all & button down crop top combo was the perfect pair! To dress things up a bit I carried my leopard clutch, which is somewhat out of place (kind of like Evelyn) but also somehow works. I kept things comfy with white sneakers and a Boater hat … again.IMG_2082

Overalls (only $34!) || Button Down Crop top || White Sneakers || Leopard Clutch
Boater Hat || Everybody Rise – A Novel by Stephanie Clifford

So what are you reading right now? I kind of sort of need to know everything about you like allll of the time

Set Sail

25th August 2015

IMG_1483 Everything I needed to know I learned in kindergarten, treat others the way you want to be treated, always share, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all and most importantly – when it comes to getting dressed, look cute & feeling comfortable go hand in hand… Oh and that all boys (except waffles) have cooties so keep your distance!IMG_1437

Sometimes I wish I could dress like my 8 year old self, but like in a better, older, more “mature” (well kind of) way … you know? Like If I could take all the awesome style I had before I hit double digits (haha) and make it cool, modern and still crazy comfortable that would probably be THE BEST THING EVER. I’m talking about wearing something that I could spend the day on the playground in or wear to brunch with my girlfriends (and by girlfriends I mean my Frenchie, Waffles) … come on, is that too much to ask?IMG_1449IMG_1460

Nope, it’s so totally not! And today I have the solution to all your kindergarten nap dreams – Mox shoes! It’s no secret I kind of sort of still act like a kid (did you see the bubble I blew in central park this weekend?) and I live a pretty active lifestyle, I mean I spend most of the day having my own dance party wherever I go and often documenting it on camera, so when it comes to my everyday outfits comfort, functionality and of course, style are key. So when Mox reached out and introduced me to these darling ballerina flats with twist, basically the “big girl” Jellies my twenty something year old self had been dreaming about, I slipping into a crazy cute navy pair and skipped off into the central park sunset. IMG_1578IMG_1426

My blue boating style consisted of a baby blue gingham crop top that tied at the waist paired with my current favorite denim skirt (perfect for summer and fall) and a boater hat – I’ll be honest, this part was pretty much just for fashion, and not really functional, but hey it looks cute, right? so who cares 😉 The final touch were these crazy cute blueberry mox shoes to add that youthful touch with a current twist – plus they’re rubber, so perfect to wear near water, grass or wherever else your park adventures make take you… including on a bridge, where your weirdo French Bulldog finds the perfect frenchie perch position and decides to turn into a Waffle Taco…. see below and try not to LOL!IMG_1543IMG_1472

Mox shoes in Blueberry – use COLOR10 for 10% off your orders & free shipping
Boater Hat || Denim Skirt (MY FAV & Under $50) || Chambray Crop Top || Mini Tote
Waffles Leash & Collar are from Yark || Lipstick is Wet n Wild Last Lip in “Rose Bud”
PS – Aside from the bag, everything is under $50 – yay!

Courtney Lately!

21st August 2015

HI!!!! Sometimes I forget that I don’t share the details to all my outfits (so rude of me) so to make up for it, I rounding up some recent favs for you RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW… you can thank me later 😉

You can shop pretty much everything you see directly from this post, all you have to do is click the images you see as you go! Okay, LETS DO THIS!

IMG_4462A little red lip and summer hat action never hurt ANYONE! this is my all time favorite shade “ruby woo” the perfect matte and lasts all day! I also love me some “lady danger” so I linked to them both below!

IMG_3338Little red dress with a little spin action! Was red-dy to rock a fun dinner with the Dunkin Donuts team in this spicy little thang! 

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.21.37 PM
I always say YES to sprinkles, in my home decor and dessert decisions so this Ice cream vase was a no brainer! 

IMG_4409I like these shoes almost as much as I like waffles… JK look at that face, but they ARE pretty stinking cute & comfortable. Lately I’ve been yes to espadrille flatforms, and Waffles kisses everyday! 

IMG_3553ALL OF THE COLORS…. and patterns and blooms and smiles and things. Packed everything but the kitchen sink into this look as I skipped off to watch my bestie star in a show!


Standing out is cool and all but sometimes its fun to blend in… Loving the tile print of this darling off he shoulder top paired perfectly with a full blue skirt! Fun fact, the skirt is the same as the orange one in the image above it… but I loved it so much I bought it in two colors!

IMG_6957You’re never fully dressed without a smile… or WAFFLES! Giving a casual look a super fun twist with classic white and black and white stripes … and oh yeah, waffles

IMG_6963When in doubt, dress like a sunset! This dress is seriously the softest thing EVER. I’m currently wearing it around my house… and I’ll probably wear it to bed, and maybe even to work tomorrow because its just SOOO snuggly and because I’m lazy like that! 

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 9.50.19 PMDon’t mind my ears, they came to party! These tassel earrings are a MUST have for every date look, party outfit and average Wednesday wear.

IMG_7074Cotton Candy Skies & Retro Swimwear for the WIN! Obsessed with this floral swimsuit, it brings the coverage & the wow factor that we’re all looking for!

Okay so now I gotta know, what’s your fav??!Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.21.24 PM
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