10 pieces >> 100 outfits!

18th September 2012

this post is for the budget-ista && sets out to prove that you don’t have to have a big closet to create countless outfits!
 So in today’s post, let me show you how to make 100 outfits by investing in 10 new trendy pieces && working with the basics! Let’s get started by looking at the 10 investment pieces you’ll need to get the look!

these pieces are great because of their versatility! overall, these pieces are mostly season-less && can basically become some of your new basics! most importantly, they are trendy && hip while being classic && timeless, so you can get the most out of them!
every woman needs a strong string of basic’s hanging in their closet! these simple pieces become wardrobe workhorses && help form a foundation for any outfit. here are the basic’s I pulled for the 100 looks.
now that we have the 10 new investment pieces && your 15 basic’s we’re all set to style. I broke up the looks by each investment piece && starred the investment pieces throughout to help you keep track!
woo, that was 100! but if you weren’t into some of those utilized pieces, here are some alternatives that you could easily substitute (get the look, here)!
now that I have completely overwhelmed you, here is one last look at all 100 outfits!
I hope everyone liked this post && that it inspired you to get shopping && work with your basics to create unique looks! tell me, tell me, what new investment piece are you looking to add to your wardrobe!
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16 thoughts on “10 pieces >> 100 outfits!

  1. Lori El

    there are tons of knockoffs of that jcrew bubble necklace on ebay around 20!, also
    check out the merona wedge at target (they have fun colors online) almost identical to the kate spade for 40 bucks
    — Lori El

    1. Courtney

      wow, great thanks!!!! i’ve seen the jcrew knock offs on ebay! i actually scored three of the bubble necklaces at the j.crew outlet for $22 each && they were having a 30% off week so it was a great deal! i have no idea about the target wedges, i will have to check it out! thanks for sharing these budget-ista tips ;] <33

  2. Ann Hayes

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog. I got some great ideas even tho I am probably above your target audience (late 40’s), I love wearing colored denim but still try to be age appropriate. Thank you so much for the great ideas.

  3. Kristen

    I just found this on pinterest! I’m so excited that a few years later this is still relevant! Planning my shopping trip now!! Thanks for the great insight!

  4. Nicola

    Thank you so much for this post. I just had the only successful shopping day of my life. Decluttered my wardrobe and started again with a structured list. I went for a peacock colour theme.

  5. Nikkip

    Mixing this and Joan Watsons style from elementary. I got several pieces already. For those who are budget minded maybe try treandsgal.com instead. Moving on as far as I can see you take one brightly colored piece (the stripe dress) and draw all the colors from there. I’m excited, I’ve never had but, always wanted a cohesive style. Thank you so much.

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