Me Time!

20th October 2016

img_6773You deserve some me time! So sit back, relax and let’s unwind! Today, I’m going to show you how to destress with my new secret (and current obsession) from Origins and Macy’s.  img_6775

Although I really hate to say it (because I love it so much) let’s face it my job can be stressful. I love blogging full time, and thought after leaving my full time role at Coach I would have so much free time … hah not. On average my day starts at 5 and if I’m lucky it ends at 1am, but sometimes (right now included) it goes on into the next day, so I’m up at 4 writing emails, drafting blog posts (it’s currently 4:03) or editing photos. On average I pull at least one all nighter a week, and usually closer to 2 and a half. This is really because I’m a one man band, I receive on average 500 emails a day and aside from shooting photography, I do everything from editing, writing, invoicing, content creation, pitching, social media and more! Once again, not complaining, but the real stress doesn’t come from the never ending amount of work but rather from the weight on my shoulders. Since it’s just me running the show, if I fail it’s really my fault, but this works both ways because I’m also responsible for my success. I’ve learning that stress is my number one contributing factor to failure – the more I stress, the less productive I am. As a result, I’ve tried and tested a few ways to defuse my stress level, while keeping me on course and I’m sharing them today!

Spa Time:img_6780
I’ll be honest, nothing would relax me more than a massage or a facial, but I don’t really have much time (or unlimited funds) for that on a regular basis! So I was really excited to try (and love) the new RitualiTea collection from Origins available at Macy’s. It’s an easy way to DIY your way to great skin, and (most importantly) less stress.img_6778

DIY Vibes:img_6779
The best part about the RitualiTea collection and their DIY masks is that they let you do something with your hands – which always helps me destress. I’ve learned that if I take 10 min to do something somewhat creative, productive or just plain offline, I’ll have a more productive day! This collection is Origins’ first ever tea based collection, and draws inspiration from tea rituals around the world and ingredients with rich benefits. It comes in a powder, which you blend together and apply to your face (or body, the line consists of four of each) – my favorites include Mind over Maté (a citrus infused flavor) and Matcha Madness.img_6777

Making a mask is SO easy, all you have to do is mix and apply, then sit back and enjoy the transformation!

Retail Therapy:
I shop all the time for the blog, but as fun as that sounds it’s more work then play so I love spending time shopping for other people! Visiting places like the mega Macy’s in Herald Square on my “lunch break” or surfing their site while I snack is an easy way to break up my day – with affordable prices and an amazing selection I love picking out something small like an origins gift set to send to my mom, or something cozy (like my cardigan) for a friend so we can twin! Giving someone else something makes me truly happy, and since I spend most of my day writing about myself, reading emails addressed to me, pitching myself, styling myself  

A Change of Scenery:img_6776
I’m moving soon (which just ads to my stress) so I’ll have to say goodbye to my garden that I’ve come to love so much. Until that day comes, and while the weather permits it, I’ve been trying to spend at least one day working from outside. The best part about my apartment, is no one is here in the day – so I’ll kick back in the garden with a cup of Tea and mask up without fear of looking stupid! The mask feels great from the comfort of your own home, but there is something so freeing about being able to use it outdoor and connect with nature along with all the natural ingredients in this product! I won’t like, I was caught out door masking once by my neighbor’s dog walker, but he just laughed a little and totally understood #oops.

Keep It Comfy:img_6781
If I’m kicking it out doors, or running errands I need to walk the line between comfy and chic – even when I’m just hanging out in my apt or garden, I might have to snap chat or pick something up, so I always try to dress up a little – without losing that comfort level. Also, if I’m hanging in the garden I have to keep warm, so on most Fall days, I’ll reach for the coziest of cardigans in my current favorite color. This one from Macy’s comes in a few colors, and has been on replay more than I would like to admit. It pairs great with a silk cami and jeans or over a  floral dress (shown here), like this one.img_6774

Origins Rituali Tea products // All Origins Products
Free People Sweater (on sale)

Thanks to Macy’s & ShopStyle for partnering on this post, as always opinions are my own!

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