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Happy Leap Day

29th February 2012

Casual Courtney wants to wish you a very happy leap day!

Casual Courtney rarely makes an appreence in real life, let alone in blog world. But seeing as I will be in class from 9am to 9pm today (leap day) and my fibromyalgia has been acting up, I decided to leap into something comfortable and make an exception. I think it is still pretty cute, despite the casualness, would you agree?

Please note these wee taken at 730 this morning, to prove that it is never ever too early for a red lip :) 
Oh and incase you were wondering, the answer is yes… this is a seven bangle day! woo!
Top: Wildfox Couture. Scarf: China Town, SF. Jeans: 1969 boyfriend, GAP. Cardigan: Forever 21. Blazer: Amanda Smith. 7 Idom Bangles: Kate Spade. Sunnies: Vintage. Earrings: Black Gumdrops, Kate Spade. Flats: Coach. Necklace: Kate Spade.

Leap only happens ever four years… so we might as well celebrate it with the most obnoxiously hilarious leap year blooper pictures. I obviously had too much fun attempting to photograph myself this morning….

So the cats out of the bag… jumping in photographs is not one of my strengths. But, I hope you liked these bloopers and the over-all look anyways, and that you continue to follow despite my lack of grace :)
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Parisian Chic

29th February 2012

“Totes Les Filles Sont Folles”
Translation: All The Girls Are Mad!
This fall (2012) I will be spending the season in a Parisian paradise… jealous? well dry those green eyes and join me by indulging in Kate Spades fall 2012 collection.

Although we wont be able to buy these goodies until september (boo, where is time travel when you need it most!) we can drool over some of these perfect paris inspired products…

I am obsessed with pretty much all of it, from the bold bangs to the polka dot nails… but for my budgets sake, lets pick out a few things that will simply have to make the journey to my closet…  
In order of appearance: The people print dress, blue bow jacket (soo major… it has to happen!), red flats (basically all the shoes…) that polka dot jacket (gasp!), polka dot gloves (double gasp!), black and white polka dot cardigan (there seems to be a pattern emerging…), the pardon my french tee and feather fringe skirt that its shown with (seriously… is it september yet?), the polka dot pumps and those amazing yellow pants. (in the image above) The gold dot flats and the glittery ballroom esque shoes!
well pretty products, I look forward to making your acquaintance in the near future, until then thanks for the preview!
Spill it!
Now that I have share all my fall clothing desires, its time for you spill! What KS goodies are you dying to add to your wardrobe?
Props to Sandee at KateSpade-Aholic and Popsugar for posting this video first! Pictures courtesy of

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Peach Punch

27th February 2012

If you haven”t been to a Kate Spade store or the website in february, you really should stop by, it will brighten your day… literally! The store is covered with bold pops of florescent coral and patent peaches! I drew inspiration from this powerful pallet for today’s look and challenged myself by wearings pants (ghasp!).

Top: Purchased at a boutique in New York, Pants: American Apparel via Consignment (Similar herehere and more options here), Shoes: Karolina Pump in Spearmint, Kate Spade. Necklace: Double Exposure (On Sale), Kate Spade. Rings: Turquoise Ring: Electric lady land. Gold Ring: consignment. Vintage (similar here or here). Flower Ring: Forever 21 (Similar here or here). Bracelet: Gold Chain Link, My Mother’s from the 80’s. Bag: Vintage. Bangles: In the Spotlight Idom Bangle, Kate Spade. This is the Year to Idom Bangle: Kate Spade. Lipstick: Morange, Mac, mixed with Supercalafragalistick in Fuchsia Fete, Kate Spade. Iphone case: Le Pavillion in Flo Coral.

 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png
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fashion recap: the oscars

27th February 2012

Its finally here… Hollywoods biggest night out, The 84th Academy Awards!
Lets not waste any more time, and get right into seeing some of the stars that shined on the red carpet this evening….

Of course I am beyond obsessed with Natalie Portman’s vintage 1954 polkadot Haute Couture Christian Dior gown.
Although I am not an Angelina fan, she always wows on the red carpet, and this velvet Atelier Versace number was no exception!
George Clooney brought his own oscar to the awards, the golden dipped beauty: Stacy Keibler in Marchesa. Kate Mara from American Horror story also stunned in Jack Guisso.

I am not too into Gweneth Paltrone either, but she also always delivers on the red carpet and looked stunning as usual in this simply chic white Tom Ford gown with cape detail 
Fashion Police Correspondent, Guliana Rancic was flawless in her intricate beaded gown, while The Help star, Jessica Chastin has been playing it simple on the red carpet lately, but she stepped it up tonight in Alexander McQueen.
 Beautiful Bridesmaids:
Kristin Wigg in J. Mendel, Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph in Johanna Johnson, and Rose Byrne in Vivienne Westwood
 Nearly Nude:
Champaign, creme and tan colored gowns sparkled on the red carpet. Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad, Cameron Diaz in Gucci, Louis Roe, and Rooney Mara in Givenchy
 Show Some Skin:
Some stars opted for unique silhouettes that showed bits of skin in unexpected ways. Michelle Williams in backless Louis Vuitton, Kelly Rippa showed off shoulders, Sandra Bullock went backless in Marchesa.
 Man Candy:
The men also dressed to impress: Joana Hill, Pharell Williams, Bret Mckenzie and Michel Hazanavicius.
Party Crashers!
Although these starlets did not walk the red carpet, they still dazzled at the Vanity Fair and Elton John Oscar Parties.
Olivia Wild, Katie Perry in Bluemarine, Amy Adams in Vivienne Westwood and Claire Danes in Valentino
 Liam Hensworth and Miley Cyrus at the Elton John Oscar Party
And the Award Goes Too….
Most Improved: the amazing Meryl Streep finally looked like the star she is in Lavin.
Best Hair: Penelope Cruz’s vintage inspired do, while wearing custom Armani.
Best Dressed: As always, the best goes to Emma Stone in a Giambattista Valli Haute Couture dress with Brian Atwood Heels and a Louis Vuttion bag. I think she can do no wrong!
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bubbly boho

26th February 2012

I was inspired by Nichole Richi cira 2009ish and her boho glam style today (up top), and a bit by Gaga (look south of my ankles), but I had to add some over-the-top accessories and a girly twist to make it my own.

Top: Nichole, JCP. Skirt: Twelve By Twelve (similar). Tights: Black Argyle, Kate Spade. Shoes: purchased at a boutique in London. Earrings: Red/Gold Circle Drops, Hand-Me-Downs from Mom. Rings: Turquoise Ring: Electric Lady Land. Flower Ring: Forever 21 (Similar here or here). Gold Ring: Consignment. Gold Snake Ring: Vintage (similar here or here). Bracelet: Gold Chain Link, My Mother’s from the 80’s. Bag: Vintage. Lipstick: Supercalafragalipstick in Adventurous Red, Kate Spade.

 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png
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project peacoat

23rd February 2012

I love my lady readers (girl power!), but this one’s for the guys!
The reader request above serves as the inspiration this man candy post…
 Since I wear pea-coats in a different, less masculine way, I started by getting inspired by some stylish men! (and don’t worry ladies, they aren’t too shabby to look at either!)
Post inspiration, I was able to come up with a few different ways to wear the classic peacoat!
Pop in Plaid:
This first look spices up the winter weather with the perfect pops of colorful pattern.

Casual Cool:

This second look is all about layering! Pull a peacoat on over an open jacket thats layered over another cardigan! The key is to keep this layered look simple by using a monochromatic color pallet like grey on grey on grey and let the contrasting peacoat make the statement.
 East Coast Easy:
Pair a sweater vest that matches your peacoat over a contrasting neutral button up for an timeless look. This options combines brown with light blue and khaki to keep the look easy yet interesting.
 Boys in Basics:
Take a lesson from these movie hearth-throbs (edward? ew… team jacob! who am I kidding, twilight blows…) and play with the basics. Pull your peacoat on over your simplest tee and jeans but add some edge by slightly popping your coat collar as shown below. 
Want more? well your in luck! Since these man posts are a rare occasion, here are six more ways to wear the peacoat!
Prints & Patterns:
Colorful & Contrasting:
Dressy & Dangerous:
Man Up!
So guys, what do you think!? Which ones are your favorites? and should I continue posting for men? I would love to hear some feedback!

Nude Sneakers

22nd February 2012

Check out this reader request from the always fabulous Jackie!
I too love the idea of tan converse Jackie, and we aren’t the only ones…

Get The Look:
Here are a few ways, places and styles so you can get the look!
From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
I hope this helps Jackie :) Enjoy your new shoes!

 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png
    photo adb21650-800e-47ce-afef-1aa1420e977f_zpsc6235b89.jpg

Spade Steals: Belts $$$

22nd February 2012

Back by popular demand, is another Spade Worthy Steals look!
This time, I’m showing you two ways to get the kate spade look for less in beautiful belts!
Let me begin by stating that Kate Spade belts are not that pricey and are better quality than the imitator products, so I recommend investing in one of these belted beauties. However, for you fashionistas on a budget, I found some ways to get the look for less.

Kiss Me:
 Kate Spade began producing the cutest kissing animal belts last spring and has continued with their newest love-sick crocodiles. However, you can get the look for less with these asos kissing critter mock offs!
All Wrapped Up!
Last year Kate Spade made the cutest All Wrapped Up Bow Belts and I fell in love, so much so I bought three of them in different colors (they are featured in almost all of my outfits!). But this year, Kate switched it up by creating skinny bow belts in a head turning neon and a basic black. Asos also creates a similar belt in less fun colors for the cheap chic gal.
Sound Off!
What do you think of the latest spade worthy steals? Do you think $80 – $130 is to much to pay for a high quality but semi novelty belt? As always, I would love to hear from you :)
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print, please

20th February 2012

When its done right, mixing prints can give you an unexpectedly chic look that pushes your own personal style boundaries. This blair-inspired look aims to do just that by pairing subtle prints for a head turning look.  

Blouse: Vintage. Top: Basics, H&M. Cape: Anne Taylor via Consignment. Skirt: Zara. Tights: Argyle, Kate Spade. Headband: Black Satin Bow, Sally’s. Bracelet: Idom Bangles, Kate Spade. Bag: Kate Spade.

 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png
    photo adb21650-800e-47ce-afef-1aa1420e977f_zpsc6235b89.jpg

Case Of The Stripes

18th February 2012

I’m afraid I have fallen ill…
They have yet to find a cure for my current condition … and I hope they never do!
These next few looks will be all about stripes and feature three striped inspired styles. Our first look features one of my favorite dresses, what I like to call “My Barbie Dress”. Lets take a peak!
 I remixed my “barbie dress” by layering it over a black and white long sleeve to shield me from the cold weather. 
 I also added a leopard belt to mix patterns and add some edge to a very girlie look.
Shirt: B&W striped long sleeve, H&M. Dress: Pink tulip dress, Zara spring 2011. Belt: Calf-hair leopard skinny belt, Express. Tights: Black, Capezio. Shoes: Mary Janes, Jessica Simpson. Jewelry: Idom Bangles, Kate Spade & All Wrapped Up ring/earrings, Kate Spade. 
This second Case Of The Stripes look is just peachy, with bold punches of some of my favorite colors for spring: cute corals and pretty pops of peach!

This fresh color was all over the spring runway and is being featured this month in Kate Spade products!
Its amazing when two pieces from different designers, different seasons and different years can come together to make a complete look! Thats what happened up top with this self-created peach stripe on stripe.
Top: Long Sleeve striped shirt: H&M, Spring’12. Jacket: Stripe Cropped 3/4 Jacket, J.Crew Spring’08. Skirt: White Tulip Skirt, Zara. Shoes: Brown Oxford Booties, Vince Camuto. Jewerly: Idom Bangles, All Wrapped Up Ring and Gumdrop Earrings in Flo Coral, Kate Spade.
I have still yet to recover from my current case of the stripes… This final striped look is a little bit girlie, flirty and retro.
I paired classically bold B&W stripes with bright pops of red and big bows for a vintage vibe.
Look familiar? you may remember this mock-off dress from my Spade Worthy Steals post! 
Dress: Falling In Line dress, Modcloth. Shoulder Shrug: Black Cap Sleeve, H&M. Tights: Red, Express. Shoes: Tilda Oxford Pump, Miz Mooz. Belt: Gathered Bow, Kate Spade. Headband: Red & Black Polkadot Wrap, Forever 21. Jewelry: All Wrapped Up Ring & Idom Bangles, Kate Spade.