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Girl Crush: Jess!

31st March 2012

I’m starting a new segment: Girl Crush!
Where I share the star’s style which I am crushing on the most!

I thought it was only fitting that my first girl crush post be dedicated to one of my style icons (and style twins) zooey deschanel or New Girl’s Jess!

I was a little behind on this weeks new girl episode, but my mom texted me earlier this week asking if I had seen it because she thought Jess was wearing Kate Spade and wanted my confirmation!
Well way to go mom! Jess is wearing the Kate Spade Adette dress! Take a peak…

I hope everyone is enjoying Zooey Deschanel on New Girl as much as I am!

Carried Away

30th March 2012

Get Ready to Meet the New Carrie Bradshaw!
After speed reading through the Hunger Games last summer, I was in need of a good read and nothing could compare, until I got hooked on Candace Bushels: The Carrie Diaries. It may not be as intense and gripping at THG but it was just what I needed after hunga’s emotional roller coster!

Quickly after reading the Carrie Diaries and its sequel Summer In the City (both books tell the story of Carrie Bradshaw before the Girls, Big and NYC) I crossed my fingers for a TV pick up! To my surprise, my dreams came true sooner than expected when in Fall 2012, the CW and the makers of Gossip Girl announced they would be picking up the series (yay).
But then came the big question… who will be young CB? Well the wait is over… as our young girl before she was an it girl is revealed…
Meet AnnasSophia Robb … the new Carrie Bradshaw!
Look familiar? you may remember her as a bouncing-bubble-gum-brat turned blue in Tim Burton’s Willie Wonka or more recently aside the Rock in Race to Witch Mountain.
But it no longer matter what she character she played before, she will have big Manolo’s to fill now as she takes on the It Girl herself, Carrie Bradshaw… let’s see how she stacks up.
I’m not gonna lie, at first glance of AnnaSophia without her Carrie Styling I was slightly skeptical, but after seeing her on the set as young CB I think she will actually make a great little Carrie!
One of my favorite parts of the books is The Carrie Bag: CB was heartbroken after someone spilled nail polish on a vintage bag she inherited from her late mother, but instead of crying over spilled polished, she made it a work of art … take a peak!
Although the Carrie Diaries takes place in the 80’s when Carrie is only a Senior in Highschool, I wanted to update her look to something with present day flair by exploring what young CB would wear in 2012.
Since there are many sides to the older put together carrie, we know that young CB has to have many different sides and styles as she begins to find herself. I wanted to explore all these sides through carrie’s closet!
No news yet on who will play Miranda, Samantha and my favorite… Charlotte but based on the books, they won’t be introduced until later on in the story. But as soon as I hear anything, I will share it with you!
Speak Up!
What do you think of this new Carrie Bradshaw? Are you excited for this series or would you rather stick to the classics?
I would love to hear from you!


30th March 2012

I really love reinventing color combinations for spring! One Perfect Pair I have found myself using a lot this season, is coral (or peach) and turquoise (or seafoam)! So this post is dedicated to taking on this spring ready color combo.

The best way to master this color combination is to pair it with gold, tan and champaign neutrals to allow these colors to really pop.
You don’t need big colorful pieces to make this combination work, invest in something small like the kate spade coral gumdrops (I basically live in mine) or some turquoise jewelry!
Pearls, another good investment piece and wardrobe workhorse, also pair perfectly with this color combination!
Top: Coral Crop Top, XXI. Skirt: Conscious Collection Skirt, H&M (Spring ’11). Shoes: Shoes: Medgorje Pumps, John Fluevog. Pearl Bracelet: Vintage. Ring: All Wrapped Up Bow, Kate Spade. Earrings: Gum Drops in Flo Coral, Kate Spade. Clutch: Recital Farrah Piano Clutch, Kate Spade.

Pop Your Collar

28th March 2012

Don’t let the name fool you, I will not be wearing a collared popped polo for this post, but featuring a bedazzled collar instead!

I was eager to wear my new sleeveless Kate Spade francoise top, but the weather has prohibited from doing so. Instead I layered this one-of-a-kind top under a basic long sleeve!

I altered the look a little bit to go bowling that night buy changing the belt and adding a headband.
Top: Francoise, Kate Spade. Skirt: Pleated Pleather Skirt: H&M Spring 2012. Bracelets: Idiom Bangles, Kate Spade. Basics: Black Tights & Black Long Sleeve.Shoes: Medgorje Pumps, John Fluevog. Ring: All Wrapped Up Bow, Kate Spade. Earrings: Gum Drops in Black, Kate Spade. Bag: New Bond Street Florence in Shocking Pink, Kate Spade.

Spring Stripes

27th March 2012

The Secrets out: I’m a sucker for stripes!
 Spring into this season in stunning stripes, paired with bright spring basics!

This look is all about working with spring basics: colored pumps, bright studs, a bold bag (it makes the perfect color pop piece), fun bangles and a simple cardigan or jacket.
Saturday, I ventured to the fabulous french market for a relaxing brunch date with my sassy grandmother, amazing mother and bestfriend Dené.
 So I thought this look was perfect for this fabulously french affair.
When I think Spring I see bright colors, flirty prints and having fun with fashion!
By pairing stripes on stripes with some spring basics, you too can be stunning for spring.
Dress: Silverscreen Dress, Kate Spade. Jacket: J.Crew, No Longer Available. Shoes: Shoes: Medgorje Pumps, John Fluevog. Idom Bangles, Specific Styles NLA, Similar, Kate Spade. Ring: All Wrapped Up Bow, Kate Spade. Earrings: Gum Drops in Flo Coral, Kate Spade. Bag: New Bond Street Florence in Shocking Pink, Kate Spade. Lipstick: Supercalafragalipstick in Fuchsia Fete, Poppy King for Kate Spade.

Happy Hunger Games!

24th March 2012

Last night (march 23rd) marked the premiere of the highly anticipated Hunger Games book turned movie, so of course I had to celebrate with an over-the-top capitol couture costume and dinner party (read all about it)! I did so by embodying Effie Trinket.

No… I am not Nikki Minaj. But with pink hair, bold prints and an over-the-top outfit I tried to channel my inner Effie!

Dress: Japanese Floral Cameo Dress, Florence Broadhurst for Kate Spade. Shirt: Silk Polka Dot Cowl Neck (worn under), Vintage. Tights: Swiss Dots in Prim Pink (how fitting for the hunger games!), Kate Spade. Shoes: Medugorje pumps, John Fluevog. Bangles: Idom Bangles, Kate Spade. Earrings: Gum Drops in Black and Flo Coral, Kate Spade. Clutch, Recital Farrah Piano Clutch, Kate Spade. Bracelet: Pearl Pile, Vintage. Hat: Vintage. Pink Wig.

Friends in Theme
Of course, all my amazing party guests came in costume! We even had two Katniss’s (Katniss and Catnip)

 and rue/district 11 representative…

 Clove and Katniss…

 Katniss in Action…

Effie and Catnip…
I hope you had a happy hunger games! and that the odds were ever in your favor! &Be sure to read all about my Hunger Games Dinner Party via my hostess blog!

Hunger Games is a Hit!
Read all about the movie’s big success on my besties blog: cinemaddict.

be buzzworthy

22nd March 2012

Lets discuss a creepy crawling trend that took flight last spring but is still buzzworthy for spring 2012, that I will be incorporating into this next look.

Top: Honeycomb One Piece, Modcloth. Skirt: purchased at a small boutique in New York. Belt: Gathered Bow Belt in Black Patent, Kate Spade (no longer available). Cardigan: Black Cropped Cardie, H&M. Shoes: Medugorje pumps in turquoise, John Fluevog. Clutch: Recital Farrah Piano Clutch, Kate Spade (nla). Tights: Sheer Polka Dots, Kate Spade (similar). Earrings: Gum Drops in Black, kate spade. Idom Bangles, kate spade. Ring: All Wrapped Up Bow Ring: Kate Spade.
Did you know…
That my top is actually a swim suit!?
 I buy a ton of swim suits, not because I swim (since I don’t swim… or go to the beach, sand… ew!) but because they make great tops! So this Spring, use what you have: If you have a cute tankini or one piece, pair it with a flirty skirt or high waisted shorts to reveal just a bit of skin and make the most of your wardrobe.
&& Did you also know…
I’ve done this before!? In a previous “obsessed” post featuring bralettes from about a year ago where I wore a swim suit top from asos.
A Do or a Don’t?
How do you feel about swim suits doubling as shirts? Is it a do or a don’t? and why or why not!?

hats off

21st March 2012

Well I’m back in the great state of Arizona for the time being & happy to bust out my spring attire & big summer hats!

I broke up my b&w ensemble with bold pops of nearly neon pink! I feel like a retro barbie doll!

Shirt: Striped Crop Top, Forever 21. Skirt: City Lights, Kate Spade. Black Tights. Shoes: Shelly in Lipstick Pink, Kate Spade. Clutch: Recital Farrah, Kate Spade. Idiom Bangles, Kate Spade. All Wrapped Up Bow Ring, Kate Spade (still in stores, or similar on sale). Hat, Vintage. Lipstick: Girl about Town, Mac.

and it was all yellow.

20th March 2012

My cure for a rainy days is always a little bit of yellow!

Jacket: Vintage. Belt: Leather “Magic Belt” The Limited. Black Skirt. Shirt: Basic Black Long Sleeve: H&M. Boots: Nicole. Bag: New Bond Street Florence, Kate Spade. Glasses: Tom Ford*. Earrings: Gum Drops Studs in Black, Kate Spade.

Special thanks to my supportive boyfriend Paris whom I spent this wonderful rainy day with and who took the pictures above. He also got his model on (hah)… work!
Jacket: H&M. T-shirt: Calvin Klein. Cargo Pants: The Gap. Dog Tag: Custom. Shoes: Nike.

I’m Lovin’ It

20th March 2012

Ba Dah Bah Bah Bah
Okay I’m weird. I love to wear red and yellow together, and then people say I look like McDonalds…. Oh well, I’m lovin’ it. 

Top: Polka Dot Bow Blouse, H&M. Skirt: White Tulip, Zara. Blazer: Donna Karen, Vintage (Similar here or here). Bag: Pan Am for Marc Jacobs, Vintage. Shoes: Vince Camuto, Spring 2011 (2012 version). Sunglasses: Sweethearts, Fred Flare. Lipstick: Dragon Girl NARS.

Have I converted you? Would you dare to try Red and Yellow together or is it just too McDonalds for you?