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Pink Panache

31st July 2012

Panache: (Noun) person’s flamboyant spirit
It’s back… this outfit features one of my favorite tops once again, the fabulous kate spade francoise top from the 2012 ksny spring collection.

I always end up feeling too casual when I am just wearing something simple and sleeveless, but this sparkly number brings the bling to an otherwise borderline boring silhouette.  

Because I am so crazy for color, I try to stay away from all black outfits year around, especially in the summer where I try to celebrate the weather with bare legs and bright hues. Nevertheless, I broke my own rules today (and really, isn’t that what fashion is all about?) by being bold in all black!
Despite my disobedience, I kept it colorful with my current color crush: bright pink.
if you like this look, hype it!

top: kate spade // skirt: boutique’d (@ modcloth) // shoes: j.crew // handbag: kate spade // glasses: tomford // earrings: vintage // rings: kate spade // diy domino ring // arm party: forever 21 // j.crew // juicy couture // kate spade

as always, I would love to hear your feedback? was I successful in my attempt to take this top from spring to summer without fail? what about all the black? how did I do in making this dark & daring outfit summer appropriate?

Mkt Monday: Kenneth Carnevale

30th July 2012

While visiting the great state of Arizona last week, I had the honor of shooting with one of my good friends Kenny Carnevale (with help from Kevin Benton)! So for today’s marketing monday I am advertising him & all of his hard work by showcasing some of the photos!

Just Taylor Bow Dress // Vintage 1960’s LBD // Calvin Klein Cigarette Pants // Asos Polkadot Peplum Top // Christian Louboutin Pumps // Kate Spade Red Bow Pumps // Vintage Pearls // J.Crew Pave Link Bracelet // Moschino Bag // Kate Spade Piano Clutch // Vintage Little Hat // Tom Ford Sunnies // Saks 5th Avenue Belt // Kate Spade Bow Ring
A big big big, giant, fabulous, over-the-top thank you to Kenny and Kevin! I had a ball shooting with you two and cannot wait to do it again!

dots & spots

27th July 2012

Remember last diy friday where I shared my tips & tricks for creating a polka dot chambray shirt? Well for todays post I’m putting that top to the test by pairing it with my favorite dress.

I’ve layered the jillian dress with denim before, but the polka dots give it an extra dose of whimsy.
some are weary about pairing red & green together, but they are one of my favorite color combiniations. Just make sure you pick unexpected shades of the colors such as a kelly green worn with a red orange (as shown) or a ruby red with lime!
Dress: Kate Spade // Shirt: DIY (Learn How) // Shoes: Kate Spade // Bag: Vintage // Neckalce: Kenneth Jay Lane // Necklace: Vintage // Arm Party: Kate Spade // J.crew // Kate Spade

fluorescent flow

25th July 2012

has the summer heat got you down? well don’t run from the sun, pull on your shades & face the weather head on. Today’s outfit will beat the heat by wearing hot pink!
neon & neutrals are always a good idea, especially for summer! These vibrant hues are the perfect way to spice up a hot summer day. 

As I have mentioned before, neons are huge for spring/summer. They pair perfectly with neutrals to breathe some bright light into otherwise basic outits. Here I really used a basic to make a statement by pairing the basic white tee with neon pieces.

high low skirts are also really big right now, they take the sophistication of a maxi & pair it with the whimsy of a mini. They are also perfect for summer, because they keep it nice and breezy! I switched mine up by turning it sideways. These skirts are usually worn high in the front & low and the back but with a quarter shift I was able to wear it a new way.
Shirt: basic white tee // skirt: thrifted (similar here, or here also in pink) // shoes: kate spade // belt: vintage // statement pearls // handbag: kate spade // glasses: tom ford (here’s a steal) // earrings: vintage // arm party: j.crew // forever 21 // juicy couture // kate spade // scrabble ring // kate spade ring
can’t get enough? enjoy some more neon-ness…
from left to right, up to down: one // two&three // four&five

Summer Sizzle

25th July 2012

Today’s look is a bold & spicy take on a summer look
I’m in la la love with my zebra peplum top, it pairs perfectly with pencil skirts and ciggy pants, but today I switched it up by pairing it with bright colors & summery pieces.

peplums are so on trend now & can be a great way to fake a tiny waist! pair your peplum with a skinny belt and something hip hugging like a pencil skirt or high waisted shorts. To pump this peplum up for summer, I added a flower pin to keep it fun and flirty.

by the way, did you notice what’s new and hanging on my hip? it’s a teeny tiny vintage moschino… yes moschino bag! A fabulous find that I picked up this weekend and I’m ob-sessed.
top: kate spade (also available in leopard) // shorts: j.crew // belt: vintage // shoes: kate spade // handbag: moschino // earrings: kate spade // arm party: juicy couture // kate spade // j.crew // scrabble ring

Marketing Monday: Catwoman Couture

23rd July 2012

Don’t judge me, but I’ve totally joined the bat-wagon…
 After seeing the newest batman movie, the dark knight rises, I am totally obsessed with all things cat woman. Therefore had to dedicated this marketing monday to this pretty kitty & purrrfect outfits.
I like Anne Hathaway as a person and an actress, she is cool & confident with a style all her own, but I was skeptical when I heard she was to play this fabulous feline. Although I was not completely blown away by her portrayal, I was rather impressed and pleasantly surprised.

 While the acting is always an important component, I am no critic, so I like to focus on the fashion, which left me inspired. After (and during) the movie, I became obsessed with embodying the edge & elegance of this ferocious feline into fashionable looks, take a peek…
a flirty/girlie catwoman combines bold whimsy with statement pieces.
the edgy catwoman pairs sleek lines with lots of leather and finishes with a red lip.
perception is one of her best weapons, everyone underestimates her. This catwoman keeps everyone on their toes by straddling the line between naughty & nice.
 the classic catwoman (inspired by a party scene in the movie) slips on a simple lbd and sky high pumps. She attends with a bare neck, but never misses a chance to accessories and leaves the party draped in a new pair of purrfect pearls. 
my favorite catwoman is a walking contradiction and so is her outfit. she is sneaky but stands out, classic yet crazy, edgy yet elegant, fierce yet flirty and everything else in-between. 
Speak Up:
what did you think of the movie? what about anne hathaway and her performance? and most importantly… which fierce feline look is your favorite?

 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png
    photo adb21650-800e-47ce-afef-1aa1420e977f_zpsc6235b89.jpg

diy friday: dotted denim

20th July 2012

It’s friday, so you know what that means…
I’m beyond excited to share today’s diy friday project with you.

denim, jean and chambray are classic timeless pieces that got a revival for spring and will still be super trendy this fall. I invested in a fabulous denim shirt from banana republic (take a peek) thats become a wardrobe workhorse, but I really wanted something fun, and whimsical.
 I had been on the hunt for a polka dot chambray shirt and after discovering ones outside my price range or not to my liking, I just decided to make my own!
To create your own spotted shirt, you will need a few things: A chambray or denim shirt will work, but a lighter weight chambray shirt will give you the least amount of work. I wanted a cheap one that fit, so I turned to H&M and invested $15 in mine. They have a bunch of colors, weights & shades. For spot-on spots, you will also need to pick up a scrappers hole punch to make the large polka dots, I used a 13/16 of an inch (I wouldn’t go any bigger, but you could go smaller!). As for iron on paper (or adhesive fabric, I used iron on printable paper) make sure you get the kind that is 1) for dark fabrics, 2) stretchable, 3) washable & 4) good quality. I paid $10 for 3 sheets, but if you purchase poor quality paper your shirt won’t last!
 Start out by ironing your denim shirt, it needs to be wrinkle-free otherwise your polka dots will wrinkle & crinkle. While your shirt cools, punch out your dots with iron on paper using your scrapper punch. Then peel off the paper backing & place your polka dots in accordance to the iron on paper instructions. For polka dots, I started by placing mine in a diagonal pattern, then adjust some of the dots slightly to make it a little less perfect.
Do each panel separately. For example, I dotted & ironed one front side, then the other, then the collar, sleeves & back. You iron on paper should come with a cover sheet, use the cover sheet to slowly iron on the polka dots with medium to high heat and no steam. After you are finished, let the shirt sit and cool for about a half hour and then try it on. When you try it on you may see places where the dots are peeling due to wear, make a mental note of these before taking it off. Now quickly re-iron without the cover sheet with minimal pressure to even out some of the peeling parts. After you let it cool, you will be ready to wear!  
Insta-update: I tracked my progress via instagram
… and the end result …
Best of luck to all who attempt! I would love to see photos!!!

 photo Untitled137_zpsff8c8db1.png

predator & prey

19th July 2012

let take a walk on the wild side

today, we are taking pattern mixing to a whole new level by pairing prints with prints in a wild animal inspired look.
Pattern mixing is a great way to make the most of your wardrobe. By pairing patterns together you can breathe new light into your looks while getting extra use out of pieces that you wouldn’t normally wear together.When mixing patterns, remember to keep it classy! Stick to simple silhouettes and classic shapes like a-line dresses and cardigans to keep the look under control. Also look for complimentary colors, using black & white is always a great way to help you achieve print pairing perfection. 
dress: kate spade (& check out this awesome zebra peplum top) // caridgan: h&m (old) // bag: kate spade // necklaces: kenneth jay lane // shoes: kate spade // arm party: j.crew, kate spade, forever 21 // earrings: kate spade.
if you like this look, check out this other pattern mixing outfit featuring the same cardie. It happens to be one of my favorite to ever be featured on cmc.

Wednesday Trends-day: Arm Party

18th July 2012

Wednesday is now Trends-day were we discuss all that is new and now!
& you are invited to celebrate today’s trends-day: arm parties.

Arm Party, Arm Candy, whatever you call this beautiful body bling, it is a show-stopping and easy to implement trend that you should take notice of!
You’re Invited to deck your arms with bling & bangles! No matter what your style, everyone can & should layer on the arm candy for a yummy look.
Here’s my personal party tool kit, the bangles & bracelets I use to bling it up.
one // two // three // four
Want to join the party? well you can! Here are two easy and affordable ways to get the look!
With arm parties three is the magic number, start with three bracelets and then add on as your candy collection grows. Try investing in a set of two brinke bracelets, then add a fabulous taylor morgan bracelet.
party on! 

 photo Untitled137_zpsff8c8db1.png