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wednesday trends-day: spot on

29th August 2012

so yes, i believe in trends, but i also believe in personal style. so when one of my favorite patterns (no matter what’s trending) becomes suddenly stylish, i have to celebrate with a wednesday trends-day post!
polka dots have been spotted all over the fall collections, but two collections were simply spot on && have to be celebrated: the yayoi kusama inspired louis vuitton collection.

i’m simply dying for those bangles, I might just have to splurge on one… or two. another splurge worthy collection is the slightly more affordable kate spade fall collection that features classic spots && dots to die for.
if you heart is yearning for these perfect polka dots but you budget isn’t quite on board, (I feel your pain. I am planning on moving to new york in 2013 so I am in full on save mode, boo) check out these spotted steals for under $100!

get these steals.

stylish spots && polka dots are no strangers to color me courtney, here’s how I step out in spots… hopefully these looks might inspire you to do so as well!

one // two // three // four // five // six

let the games begin!

28th August 2012

The hopeless hostess always follows trending topics && events to use for party themes! Since the hunger games movie has just been released on dvd, the hopeless hostess won’t be able to help herself. She’ll throw a celebratory hunger games dinner sworrie && screaming party, or save her ideas for a premier party for when the sequel debuts next summer.
The hopeless hostess decides to plan a “tribute feast” as depicted towards the end of the first movie, and uses easy e-vites to set the scene for potential attendees! To make e-vites even easier, use this custom invite option I created.

the hopeless hostess wants her guests to immediately feel in theme when they enter her own personal hunger games, so she decorates her table with a dark table cloth && fake foliage. she then hangs && frames hunger games posters (this hopeless hostess just bought the entertainment weekly hunger games magazine, but now a frugal hostess could find similar images online).
the hostess finishes the look by embellishing her table with custom character name tags && district pins. she is always in the know, && finds out what character her guests will be attending as so she can print adoringly. to take a little of the heat off of you as a hostess, I provided you with some free party printable. download district buttons && download name tags
Don’t let the name fool you, although the hopeless hostess may toast to the hunger games, there will be no short supply of food at her party! She starts will on-theme appetizers (peeta bread && spinach dip, goat cheese && sliced apple tarts) && then serves a district 11 agricultural salad (your favorite fruity salad), beef && veggie stew (try this one) && store bought rolls from the boy with the bread.   
the hopeless hostess won’t let her guests leave hungry, so she continues to wow with delicious desserts! she draws inspiration from characters like fox face (who’s demise came from poison berries) && cinna (katniss’s sensitive stylist) to create a poison berry perfection (1/3 of store bought mini short cake, berries, served with whipped cream) && mini cinna-buns.
the hopeless hostess has to have guests who leave feeling full && fabulous, so uses her final treat to serve as the grand finale! she ends the night with “girl on fire, flaming desserts” in honor of katniss everdeen, the girl on fire. she starts with peaches, adds vanilla ice cream (pre scoop && freeze in a cupcake tin), drizzles raspberry sauce && tops with a lemon juice soaked sugar cube (the juice allows it to burn). Then she set’s it all on fire as she serves && watches the jaws drop!
although the invites, food && decor are all important, the real fun comes from coming in character! so the hopeless hostess only invites guests who will dress the part for an epic party! the hopeless hostess herself, of course comes as the most outrageous && over-the-top character.
or go for a less extravagant, but probably more important like katniss everdeen or any other tribute by wearing arena ready gear!
so in summary … happy hunger games!

tutu .. twenty two

24th August 2012

cue the confetti, it’s time for another hopeless hostess celebratory post! && this post is long over-due, for it reflects my twenty second (tutu) ballet birthday breakfast
the hopeless hostess knows no occasion is too small to celebrate, so of course when her special day comes around she starts the day of right… with a tutu inspired ballet birthday breakfast. she also doesn’t like to break the bank so she whips up a quick pdf invite, and includes it in an email to her ballerina’s to be.

the hopeless hostess knows invitations are only half of the party’s first impression, and the table decor serves as the second. she hangs a few balloons at various heights to create a colorful backdrop and uses pretty pleated tissue paper for tutu trays.
the hopeless hostess lets drinks serve as decor, by choosing colorful options like orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice and pretty pink champagne!
drinks are just the beginning, the real stars of the table are the fabulous food, the hopeless hostess uses fun sized food for a fancy feel. she picks up small pastries, donuts and cinnamon rolls from the store, serves strawberries and raspberries with cool whip for dipping and whips up ity bitty pretty pancakes (just like normal pancakes, but use 1/3 the amount of batter, if you are a perfectionist planner, use a cookie cutter for perfect circles. pile on three, secure with a toothpick and garnish with raspberries, before serving with syrup, butter & jams).
and the hopeless hostess attends her extravagant events in style, wearing ballet-esque birthday attire with a little bit of sparkle!
i hope you enjoyed my second hopeless hostess post, be sure to check out all of my party planning posts. until next time, stay fabulous!

wednesday trends-day: trills&frills

22nd August 2012

it’s wednesday, so lets talk trends!
today were tackling two twirl worthy trends: peplums & trumpet hems!

peplums were big big big for spring but are still hot for fall too! they give the illusion of a small waist or girlie curves. you can layer under them or over & wear them with almost anything!

we are all familiar with the popular peplum, but the trumpet hem is a less familiar trend that you may have not seen for a while…
trumpet hems are a bit trickier, they work best on tall or boy-ish figures, if you are too curvy or pear shaped, they can be unflattering so you might want to avoid this trend. I am a bit too bottom heavy for a trumpet hem skirt, or shirt. If you are bottom heavy or pear shaped & like to show off your ass-ets, try a fitted trumpet hem dress in a solid color, it will give you that booty-licious wow factor, without going over board.
one of my favorite trumpet hem pieces is this spurge worthy jacket from kate spade new york (are you surprised?) the trumpet is big enough to meet the trend requirement but small enough to be versatile. this tiny trumpet will work for almost every body type because the size allows it to stay flattering. this jacket also has statement details like a fun lining and bold buttons, plus the red color makes it perfect for this fall & for so many years to come. 

since my body type is more peplum friendly, here’s how I pump up my looks with a patterned peplum top. I actually don’t own any trumpet pieces yet, but i’ll keep an eye out and send any ideas your way!
one // two // three // four Photobucket 

Game Day Glam: Skol Vikings

21st August 2012

skol vikings, let’s go! 
football season is just around the corner, so it’s time for the girls to suit up in game day glam! get game day glam

last friday night (well a few fridays ago) I watched my team (the vikings) take on the 49ers at candlestick park in san francisco! 
football outfits are always fun (and sometimes difficult) to put together, they need to be a little bit more functional and casual but still trendy and fashionable!
when supporting the away team, I always try to be respectful while spirited. I go for neutrals with pops of my teams colors, to keep from going too over the top! my yellow chevron clutch (diy tutorial here) was the perfect piece! 
just because you’re dressing for a football game, doesn’t mean you can’t go glam! I like to pump up my look with sparkly surprises like glitter heels or a pavé arm party! One tip, if you are going to do pumps, try thick heels for a game like this! They are more sturdy and comfortable for managing the bleachers and won’t sink if you are lucky enough to get field-side! (If your heart is set on thin heels, walk on the balls of your feet in the grass to avoid sinking!).
shirt: h&m //  jacket: classiques entier (nordies) // denim: kate spade // clutch: color me courtney // belt: white house black market // shoes: kate spade (check out the blue too) // necklace: vintage // earrings: kate spade // arm party: kate spade// j.crew // kate spade // nordies //kate spade (similar styles) // kate spade ring // domino ring
 my boyfriend, paris also accompanied me to the game! men: consider your seats! if you are in a box, be sure to dress the part! You want to keep it classy & sophisticated.
&&& if you liked this post, check out eight other fashionable football looks for giants and patriots fans!

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Life’s a Picnic.

20th August 2012

Today I’m crushing on another outrageous color combo.
… and channeling my passion for picnics into a perfect little outfit for all of your outdoor eating needs.

I la-la-love picnics! Unfortunately, being the busy bee I am, I rarely get to stop and smell the roses, let alone enjoy a fabulous little picnic, but that doesn’t stop me for dressing like I can!when I think picnic, my mind goes straight to gingham, but checks are not necessarily necessary for a picnic inspired summer look! Try other patterns two like perfect polka-dots to give you that dash of afternoon whimsy. Did I mention I absolutely adore this spotted skirt? It’s comes custom sized from KTR designs & I couldn’t be more smitten, take a peek!
 When creating a look based on a color crush, get creative! If you need a red/orange shirt but your closet isn’t providing one, look to your dresses for the solution! Here I turned my dress into a shirt by tucking it into my spotted skirt before layering up with the cardie.
Dress: Single (worn as a shirt) // Cardie: Nordies. Skirt: KTR. Pumps: Fluevog. Hangbag: Kate Spade. Lipstick: NARS Dragon Girl // Earrings: Kate Spade // Arm Party: Kate Spade // Nordies // J.crew // Kate Spade // Nordies // Kate Spade Ring // Domino RingPhotobucket

Shocking Pink

16th August 2012

Make jaws drop, when you strut your stuff in shocking pink!

Today we’re thinking pink by pairing the happy hue with neutrals to make it pop, lets take a peek…

I love to wear pink, it makes me feel pretty & girlie! But pale pink can be so predictable, so it’s nice to add some edge by trying on a shocking pink color! 
I love to wear pink, it makes me feel pretty & girlie! But pale pink can be so predictable, so it’s nice to add some edge by trying on a shocking pink color! 
To make this color even more shocking, try pairing it with blush, creme or champaign (as shown). I choose to go for a mostly monochromatic look with pops of pink for a harsh contrast! The color combo even carried over to my tights with nude fishnets. Nude fishnets that can be a great transitional tight, for when the weather is still too warm for traditional tights. 
Top: J. Crew // Skirt: Thrifted // Shoes: Kate Spade (On Sale @ Kate Stores) // Earrings: Kate Spade // Handbag: Kate Spade (similar) // Lipstick: Mac Girl About Town // Fishnets: Zara // Necklaces: Vintage Pearls // Forever 21 Pearls // Arm Party: Vintage Pearls // J.crew // Nordies // Kate Spade // Nordies // Juicy Couture Forever 21 // Kate Spade Ring // 
…until next time, smooches!

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We’re all a bit mad here…

14th August 2012

“You’re entirely bonkers, but let me tell you a secret: all the best people are.” 
Today the hopeless hostess takes on a most peculiar tea party, inspired by mad hatter’s “un-birthday” tea extravaganza as featured in Alice in Wonderland! 

The hopeless hostess knows that invitations serve as a party’s first impression and have to be taken seriously. With just a an image & a color scheme, she’ll whip up her custom evites online to wow her invitees without dropping a penny. 
This hostess also uses an entree way display for maximum impact. Cover a table in cards, add on-theme hat boxes & front door signage for easy & affordable details.  
The details don’t stop at the door, let a thin, long, over-the-top table serve as the decor focus. Mix your matches with piles of patterned napkins and endless amounts of tea cups. Forget about perfect pairs, the wild and carefree aspect of the table adds a level of whimsy that every mad tea party requires.
The hopeless hostess is in no short supply of sweet treats for her tea party. She whips up her favorite pound or coffee cake (or picks one up from the store), frosts cupcake or mini brownies and surprises guests with mini fruit pizzas (Sugar cookies, frosting & fruit). Finger sandwiches are a tea party must! Try crustless cucumber & fancy cheese spread (or mix whipping creme with italian dressing), their fun & filling! 
The hopeless hostess sweetens the deal with candy that doubles as decor. She drops fresh fruit in her water for refreshing citrus water that tastes as good as it looks.

What’s a party without games? The hopeless hostess plans bingo with buttons, charades and the plate game for her most peculiar tea party.

The hopeless hostess has fabulous & fashionable friends who always dress the party part by coming in character or over-the-top, yet absolutely necessary, tea attire.
Oh, did I forget to mention that once upon a time this un-birthday tea celebration occurred on this hopeless hostess’s actual birthday? Imagine that. In that case, candles and cupcakes are a must, not just for the birthday girl and hostess herself, but also for all of the guest’s celebrating their un-birthdays. Make a wish… 
I hope you enjoyed the first of many hopeless hostess post! Want to keep the party going? Well stay tuned, there is much more to celebrate on the way… 


Cue the Confetti

14th August 2012

Cue the confetti…

I’m (re)introducing hopeless hostess: a new segment on my blog!

Being the party animal that I am, I love to have and host extreme dinner parties for my fabulous friends!  I used to share these over the top events on my party planning blog, hopeless hostess, but not anymore, I’m consolidating!
From now on, I will be celebrating on Color Me Courtney by featuring some of my past and present parties on this blog! Continue to tune in to CMC regularly or click the top “hopeless hostess” button for hostess how to’s, party planning tips & tricks and all things celebratory!
So be sure stay tuned in for some serious party planning posts, I hope you enjoy! Cheers!

hello yellow.

13th August 2012

yay for yellow! today we’re saying hello to neon yellow, the perfect pop of color for any outfit.

neon yellow was hot for spring & summer but can pair well with fall basics.

try this bright hue with a black & white pattern (like polka dots) or even a little bit of leopard for a fun, fabulous & florescent look.
Dress it up, dress it down: Dress up your favorite sweater while dressing down a fabulous skirt by pairing these pieces together, and knotting your sweater over the top.
Sweater: J. Crew // Shoes: Kate Spade (Only in stores) // Skirt: KTR // Earrings: Kate Spade // Handbag: Moschino // Necklace: Kate Spade (Old) // Arm Party: Kate Spade // J.crew // Kate Spade // Nordies // Kate Spade // Juicy Couture // Kate Spade Ring // Domino Ring

 photo Untitled137_zpsff8c8db1.png