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maiden lane mademoiselle

10th August 2012

Pardon my french-ness, but I am in full-blow Persian chic mode as inspired by garance dore & kate spade new york. I have been galavanting around the city, imagining I’m in Parie, if only….

get the look: laura top // french tee
This month’s collection at kate spade is french & fabulous (hm, maybe this calls for a marketing monday post…) so I am beyond excited to feature some of these fantastic pieces in this outfit…
 To add an touch of unexpected-ness & pump up my outfits, I like to use leopard print as a neutral! Normally, a red shoe or even a black heel would be the go to sole for this look, but try stepping outside the box and into the wild with a pop of leopard like I did with my newest haircalf pumps.
 If you love it, buy three! This is a saying we use at kate & some words to wear by. I love my karolina pumps, they are crazy comfortable & always adorable so I now own them in kelly green, black & white polka dot (to be featured soon), black with a sparkle heel & now leopard!
 I try really hard not to be limited by my wardrobe. A basic tee can have so many uses, layer it with a peter pan collar or a fun necklace to add an unexpected level of whimsy & sophistication!
Top: Kate Spade (worn under) // Tee: Kate Spade // Skirt: BCBG // Shoes: Kate Spade (The Karolina. Not online, but in stores) // Handbag: Kate Spade (similar style) // Necklace (Ribbon): Vintage Ribbon Pearls worn under collar // Earrings: Kate Spade // Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane (Vintage-esque) // E-reader: Barnes & Noble Nook // Case: Kate Spade // Arm Party: Kate Spade // J.crew // Kate Spade // Nordies // Kate Spade Ring // Domino RingPhotobucket

Little Miss Mouse

9th August 2012

Hey minnie, may I steal your style?!

Today’s outfit was formed by equal parts fantasy & flattery with a smidge of envy & a dash of bitterness. A few weeks ago my fabulous friend Katrina (her blog is fab too) hosted an equally fabulous soirée for her incredibly fabulous minnie mouse-obsessed little lady: Estelle! Since I love minnie just as much as little miss Estelle (let’s face it Stella, I probably love her more…) I was beyond bummed when I missed out on this perfect party! I would have loved to celebrate Stell’s 3rd & had an on themed outfit planned out for the occasion!
To make it up to myself, I dared to dress up as a miss minnie while visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum!
By the way, check out my new leather jacket! A birthday present from the boyfriend…  Sleek lines, gold zippers & a girlie vibe… I’m smitten! Thank you, thank you, Paris! I’m beyond obsessed with it!
Sleevless peplums are all the rage, but some of us aren’t too keen on showing off the shoulders (& arms). If you fall into this category, fear not! A short sleeve top layered under your peplum, is a quick bicept baring fix to put the pep back in your peplum!
This post also marks the blogger debut of my new kate spade broom street denim! As you may have noticed, I am not much of a denim-wearer (they never fit right & are always too casual), but I have fallen in la-la-LOVE with my ksny black denim! They fit like a dream & have details to die for like pink stitching & a gold spade accent!
Top: Kate Spade (worn under) (sale!) // Peplum: Asos // Denim: Kate Spade // Shoes: Tory Burch // Handbag: Kate Spade (similar style) // Jacket: Classiques Entier (Nordies) // Belt: Kate Spade (w. dress purchase) // Earrings: Kate Spade // Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane (Vintage-esque) // Arm Party: Kate Spade // J.crew // Kate Spade // Nordies // Kate Spade (old) // Kate Spade (Sale!) // Kate Spade Ring // Domino Ring

earn your stripes

8th August 2012

I’ve been a little bit wild lately with all the animal prints … and I’m so not sorry about it.

If that wasn’t enough, I’m pairing these prints with a perfect peplum, lets take a peek…
If you want to dabble in animal print mixing, you don’t have to go over the top. Start by playing it safe with just a hint of mixing, I just used a little bit of leopard to get the look without going overboard. 

 If you have a sleeveless or short sleeve peplum top, try giving it sassy twist by layering a collared blouse underneath! Oh, and fyi, A basic short sleeve blouse is a good basic to have for all your layering needs!
All black & white can be chic, but also borderline boring! So if you find yourself in a b&w outfit, pump up your look with a pop of color! A bright shoe or bold bag can be your perfect little pop to help take a look from drab to fab.
Top: Forever 21 (worn under) // Peplum: Kate Spade (Sale!) // Skirt: Boutique’d (now @ modcloth) // Shoes: Kate Spade // Handbag: Moschino (vintage) // Belt: J.crew // Sunglasses: Tom Ford // Earrings: Kate Spade // Arm Party: Kate Spade // J.crew // Juicy Couture // Kate Spade (old) // Kate Spade Ring // Domino Ring

Color Crush – Green & Coral

7th August 2012

I’m total crushing on this color combo… kelly green and flo coral.

Coral was a hot color for spring and neons were a really big trend, so it’s no surprise that a florescent coral is perfect for a trendy look.

Flo coral & green are one of my favorite color combinations, wear them with white and other bright colors for summer or pair them with dark neutrals for fall!
Sweater: H&M // Denim: Kate Spade // Shoes: John Fluevog (Sale!) // Handbag: Kate Spade // Scarf: Top Shop // Necklace: J. Crew // Earrings: Coach // Arm Party: Kate Spade // Nordies // Kate Spade // J.crew // Kate Spade // Nordies // Kate Spade Ring // Scrabble Ring

Marketing Monday: Game On

6th August 2012

Please excuse me, for today’s marketing monday I’m going to toot my own horn a little bit, toot toot, as I hype some of my favorite rings now available for sale on etsy!

It is no secret that I love my scrabble & domino rings (I only wear them everyday…) but now you too can get the look by purchasing these custom cuties at my etsy store.

Get these rings as a gift for a friend or splurge on a gift to yourself (after all, isn’t that the best kind?) But before you buy, get inspired by seeing how I wear them…

diy friday: girls who wear pearls

3rd August 2012

welcome back to another diy friday!
i am really excited to share today’s diy tutorial for creating something that every girl should own: a statement pearl necklace!  you can create this look in about five minutes with only a few materials, i even created a quick how to video so you to follow along! first lets look at what you’ll need
utilize three or four strands of pearls and pick out any ribbon you would like, then you can start to create
for more detailed instructions, check out this video…
once you’ve created your look, you won’t be able to stop wearing it! to get you started here are four ways to wear your new statement necklace
to give you a little extra inspiration, here’s how I wear my statement pearls…

one // two // three // four // five
I would love to hear feedback on the video, cheers!

wednesday trends-day: prints of prey

1st August 2012

It’s wednesday and you know what that means…
so today, we’re taking on the always trendy animal prints in prints of prey.

Animal prints are always wildly popular for fall, we saw it last year and we will probably see it again in 2012. This year, its leopard vs zebra, where some prints will be battling for reign of the runway!

before you go wild, make sure you learn the rules of the jungle with my tips and tricks for wearing animal prints and really any big or bold pattern.
one: prints like to be the star of an outfit, so pair them with complimentary neutral hues & basic pieces to let them shine // two: prints can go cheap in a hurry, be sure to invest in quality printed pieces that will last you a lifetime while looking lush // brighten up your animalistic look with fun pops of color try green or pink for leopard and yellow or red for zebra // pile on the prints! animal patterns can be the perfect pattern mixing piece // since animal prints can go trashy fast, above all, stay classy. use classic silhouettes and timeless shapes to keep from going too wild // here’s how I do it…
one // two // three // four // five // six
and if you are torn between these perfect prints? pair predator with prey in a zebra meets leopard look!
Put your best print forward:
something to consider before picking your print: skin tone! Good news for you tan ladies (whether you got it from a salon, the sun or your momma) who can really get away with leopard or zebra (with my carmel complexion, the black and white contrast looks best on me)! But if you are on the fairer side, a darker leopard may suit you best but beware of those lighter leopards with a pale base that will wash you out!
while I love me some leopard (and I love being a leo), I am really into zebra right no, so that’s the pattern I pick.. for the moment. nevertheless, my wardrobe may beg to differ since leopard is my current king of my closet.
so where does your allegiance lie? spots or stripes leopard or zebra? predator or prey?