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30th October 2012

“fashions fade, style is eternal” — Yves Saint Laurent 
for today’s post i’m showcasing my ysl tee with some spotted style && a pop of baby pink

a designer tee can be a more affordable way to feel lavish in labels, plus it is a little bit more wearable for real life. this ysl tee is comfy && casual, while still looking polished. i paired it with my favorite new baby pink jeans && a tuxedo blazer for something a bit unexpected, && used a pop of polka dots for that dash of whimsy that all outfits need.
tee: ysl // vest: hallogen // pumps: kate spade // pants: h&m // purse: kate spade // necklace: francescas // rings: kate spade // wire wrap (design your own!) // francescas // arm party: sequin // kate spade (similar) // sequin // kate spade idioms x4 (old) // michael kors // kate spade // vintage // pearls // j.crew

diy friday: glitter boots

26th October 2012

we’re over due for another diy friday post & this one is just in time for fall!
since boot season is upon us, this post will help you give your busted boots a glamours makeover so they can see another season!

cap toe boots are always big for fall, and sparkle is always special for holiday so it was about time to combine these two trends into one easy diy project!
here’s what you’ll need: your old boots, the finest black glitter you can find (try martha stewart’s brand at  michaels), spray mount, blue painters tape, and aerosol hairspray.
this project is quick && easy, here’s how to turn your boots from worn to wow in four easy steps:
1. tape off your cap toe or side panel leaving the part you want glittered exposed. 2. spray where you want it to shine. 3. sprinkle the glitter over the spray mount, and shake off the excess glitter (you may have to repeat steps 2-3 for more coats). 4. use hair spray to seal in your glitter && let your boots dry before wearing. you might want to continue to spritz a lithe hair spray before && after each wear, that’s what i do with all of my glitter pieces to ensure they don’t rub with wear.
then, wear && enjoy!
best of luck to all that attempt! && be sure to check out my other diy friday post for my craft-spiration!


24th October 2012

it’s october (almost november) so it’s about time to bust the booties, a bit of mustard && all things fabulous for fall!

it’s still a wee bit hot here in the great state of arizona (who are we kidding, its still 90 degrees… i’m melting) but i still wanted to get the fall feeling by wearing a very appropriate color for the season: mustard. i actually only own a few mustard pieces, so i paired this bubble sleeve blouse under my sleeveless dress to get a no sweat, fall fab look. 
top: ny&co // booties: kate spade (mine are suede, these are leather) // dress: boohoo //  belt: saks 5th ave // purse: kate spade outlet find (check out this leopard lady on sale) // earrings: vintage // necklace: kenneth jay lane // tights: kate spade // rings: kate spade // wire wrap //  arm party: sequin // kate spade (similar) // sequin // kate spade (old) // michael kors // kate spade
fall finds:
feeling like fall yet? well you too can get the look with this amazing mustard steals all for under $50! check them out!
get the look:: dress // sweater // scarf // denim // bangle // purse // peplum dress // wedges // earrings (check out her shop, its to die for!!!!!) or if you don’t feel like dressing the part, maybe give your home a budget friendly mustard makeover:
my fall-esuqe outfit was actual what i wore to a fabulous welcome to fall byop (bring your own pumpkin) party, take a peak…

 waffles was also in attendance. i apologize for the poor quality instagram photo (be sure to follow)

the party included a pumpkin carving contest which i actually won (i’m not sure how!) i tried to carve a french bulldog pumpkin && failed miserably, but at least it’s entertaining…
^^ another instagram photo ^^
be sure to follow me via instagram && twitter! i post sneak peaks of blog posts, outfit // makeup pic && so many glamor shots of my favorite little man, waffles! 
until next time, stay fabulous!

sparkle party

22nd October 2012

 today, we’re spicing it up with a little bit of sparkle

you don’t need a special occasion to add a little bit of sparkle to your style… any day can be a sparkle day.
this look let’s you be the life of the party, anytime, by making a statement in sparkle. it works for day or night, work or weekend && is sure to be a show stopper.
top: jcrew (check out this polka dot one) // tux vest: hallogen // skirt: xi // pumps: kate spade (only in stores) // brooch: from a vintage shop in venice (special thanks to my bestie sheree) // purse: kate spade // necklace: kenneth jay lane // rings: kate spade // wire wrap //  arm party: sequin // kate spade (similar) // sequin // kate spade (old) // michael kors // kate spade // vintage // pearls

little bit of leopard

19th October 2012

let’s talk leopard… && pair this puurrfect print with a cute contrasting color combo

reds && blues make a great color combo && any shade will work. here i went for a deeper teal blue with a bright candy apple red, but turquoise && red orange also work really well together!
when you are working with a contrasting color combo, just try to keep the rest of the outfit neutral with golds, nudes or black && white. but don’t be afraid to spice it all up with a little bit of leopard 
sweater: kate spade (i scored this little lady for a steal at the ksny palm springs outlet earlier this week) (here’s this year’s version) //  skirt: h&m // pumps: kate spade (only in stores) // purse: kate spade (another outlet steal) // necklace: francescas // belt: kate spade (similar) // rings: kate spade // forever 21 (old) //  arm party: sequin // kate spade (similar) // sequin // kate spade (old) // michael kors // kate spade

costume craze

17th October 2012

the countdown to the spookiest day of the year continues with more easy diy costume options! && today we take on a request, plus 3 disney princesses

everyone loves the little mermaid, but few take on this costume because they fear the fin or don’t know how to make it believable. i say, skip it entirely, costumes don’t have to always be so literal && everyone will get the idea with a flawy maxi or high low skirt! wear your skirt low, or high waisted for a little more coverage.
updated september 2013:
if you have skin as white as snow and lips and red as blood, then maybe disney’s very first princess is a costume for you.
Updated September 2013:
after my first costume craze post, i received a request for a diy belle costume (yay) take a peak.
my reader asked for the yellow belle dress with conservative touch (not off the shoulder and longer sleeve), but i also wanted to give everyone else a less covered option.
Updated September 2013:
another belle option is her blue dress, it’s a little easier to do, especially with the conservative request restraints and will be unique.
updated september 2013
so tell me tell me, what did you think of these diy halloween costumes? well if you didn’t find quite what you are looking for, don’t turn away yet!
that’s right, for this month I will be taking requests! so please leave me comments or send me messages with costume ideas you have && i would love to show you easy ways to make it happen! i look forward to hearing from you!
 photo Untitled148_zps61860259.png
 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png
    photo adb21650-800e-47ce-afef-1aa1420e977f_zpsc6235b89.jpg


15th October 2012

for today’s look, i dressed down my favorite polka dot peplum with denim…
&& no that was not a typo, i’m actually wearing jeans!
nothing pop like a polka dot peplum! this top is red hot && lots of fun, so i cooled it down && gave it a casual touch with some slouchy boyfriend jeans.
heres a tip – to keep from looking too sweet, use a little bit of leopard in your look for that extra edge! leopard print is a great neural and looks great with almost everything! i used a little bit of leopard south of my ankles for that unexpected edge.
peplum: asos (on sale!) // denim: gap // belt: white house black market (red) // bag: moschino // shoes: kate spade (not online but in stores; the perfect leopard pump) // vintage aviators // necklace: francescas // rings: kate spade // wire wrap x2 (my new obsession) // francescas // earrings: kate spade // wire wrap // arm party: sequin // kate spade (similar) // sequin // vintage // pearls // kate spade (old)

 photo Untitled137_zpsff8c8db1.png

denim && dots

10th October 2012

I apologize for all the polka dot’s lately… actually, no, i rock a lot of polka dots && do so with pride!  so no, i am not at all sorry about it!
 it’s finally beginning to feel a bit like fall, well an arizona fall, where if we’re lucky we’ll get an 80 degree october day (please, please, please). so I wanted to get into the swing of fall fashion while beating the heat, and this dots && denim outfit let me do it!
by wearing a black boyfriend tuxedo vest over a denim shirt, i got a taste of fall layering without breaking a sweat. also, pairing these two menswear tops, one casual (denim) && one dressy (vest) gave the look an interesting contrast especially when paired with a girly skirt && whimsical accessories. the unexpected leopard print belt, bold pearls && dot over-dose were the outfit’s final finishing touches.
i’m loving the doubling up on dots look lately, especially with my newest handbag purchase, it matches perfectly with my favorite polka dot heels! my new wire wrap rings && earrings are also making their blogs debut: look for the “xo” && the ampersand! 
denim: banana republic // tuxedo vest: hallogen // skirt: self-made // handbag: kate spade (the perfect bag, i love it!) // belt: express (similar) // necklace: francescas // pumps: kate spade (classic && comfortable) // rings: forever 21 // wire wrap x2 (my new obsession) // francescas // earrings: kate spade // wire wrap // arm party: kate spade (similar) // sequin // vintage // kate spade (similar)

for the love of dots

8th October 2012

today’s pots is dedicated to one of my favorite new pieces

i recently stumbled upon the fabulous blog ktr style, and her fantastic collection for sale, where i fell in love with the most amazing skirt! check her out!
at only $56, the construction is superb, the design is perfection && the dots are to die for! 
this skirt is a mini && hits above the knee but flairs out into a fun bubble shape! it’s high waisted, so you can tuck a top in or wear something over the top! to get you inspired, here are some ways to wear it…
this skirt has become my new go-to piece && here’s how i wear it..
one // two // three

dot dot dot

4th October 2012

today, i’m stepping out in spots … on spots on spots on spots
 && my great gatsby book clutch is making its color me courtney debut! 
its no secret that i’m a sucker for spots, so this post is just another way to go dizzy with a double, no triple dose of dots!

spots are big for fall, so don’t be afraid to make a statement by connecting the dots into a spotted little number. feel free to mix your spotted styles, but stick to a color pallet (i choose black&&white) to keep from over-doing it. but then pump up your polka with a color pop or fun accessories!
skirt: ktr (i’m ob-sessed!!!!) // shoes: kate spade //  top: michael kors // clutch: kate spade // 
 earrings: kate spade // arm party: j.crew // sequin // kate spade  // pearls // sequin // vintage // sequin
p.s. if dots make your soul sing, check out these other ways to get spotted…

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight