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twenty twelve

31st December 2012

for the last day of the year, i thought it was appropriate to reminisce a bit about 2012, starting with the top twelve looks of twenty twelve! (including the most popular, as well as some of my favorite outfits)

// vanilla //
 // blair flair // 
 // shine on //
// ysl //
&& since i couldn’t pick just twelve, here’s a quick peek at some of my other favorites! 
now, let us reflect…
well, another year has come and gone (can you believe it?). && for me, 2012 was one of the hardest! you guys may night know it (because i am always so happy && bright on the blog) but this was a tough one. i kept getting hit while i was down && faced some of the biggest challenges, heartbreaks, health issues, hardships && obstacles I have ever come across.
moving to a city by myself without knowing anyone was really scary (technically that was 2011/2012, but still) but i grew up a lot && got to know myself even better. my best friend (whitney) began serving a mission in portugal, so we went from texting 50 times a day to being bi-monthly pen pals, so that’s been really really tough! i miss her everyday but will see her this summer && know she is off doing good, so i try not to be too selfish about it. some of you know about the sicknesses i battle && they grew to an all time high in twenty twelve so that was really fun, but didn’t kill me and i like to think it made (will make.. since i’m still facing it) me stronger.
i finished my mba and my 2nd and final semester doing so was crazy challenging. i would study ten hours a day seven days a week and didn’t sleep for about six months. i crammed two and a half semesters worth of classes into one semester and was really tired after it, even just thinking about it now makes me want to take a nap… and i’m not a nap person. oh && not to mention they cancelled gossip girl… not sure how i’ll ever recover from that ;] … but really.
all these things in combination with a few big personal struggles && road bumps made it one tough year, but i can’t complain too much. i had the time of my life exploring the city and i met so many amazing people including: 1) an amazing role model, mother && mentor who supports and believes in me more than i thought anyone ever could, 2) my twin, other half && fabulous friend, emily, who is so like me (but better) that it kind of creeps me out… but in a good way. she is an amazing person && friend who i aspire to be more like everyday and 3) the fran-tastic francis, my gbf && future nyc roomie who added so much, dare i say sparkle to my world by enhancing it in ever way, things are just so much brighter with francis in my world && i can’t wait to spend this year with him!
I also returned home to arizona where i was reunited with my friends, family && my three favorite children (the ones i nanny)! I met some amazing new girls at the kate spade scottsdale store && have loved getting to work in a different environment as the shop stylist! && most importantly, i gave birth to a furry four-legged little son: waffles, who is the apple of my eye && my whole entire world!

thanks so much for following along throughout 2012 && i can’t wait to see you all in the new year!

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all about audrey

31st December 2012

welcome back to the third && final holiday style stalking post! today i’m taking on the queen of class, audrey hepburn && shaking up her b&w style with my own takes on the a timeless look.

for my look i got inspired by audrey’s timeless stripes, whether wearing them on a dress or a little basic tee, no-one wore stripes quite like audrey!
I started by piling on the pattern (surprise, surprise) by mixing polka dots && stripes!
this dress is perfect for a holiday party or summer soiree, but not quite right for a brisk day. to make it work for december, i layered a turtleneck underneath && paired with thick tights to keep me toast!
 Since I couldn’t do a homage to audrey without pearls on pearls on pearls, I layered three of my favorite necklaces && bedazzled with a bow brooch. 
need your own statement pearl necklace? check out this tutorial here!
&& I couldn’t be audrey without a little bit of leopard…
oh, && of course a red lip is required…
before you go…
bree of uptown tulips will also be posting an audrey-esque on her blog, so be sure to stop by uptown tulips to see how she channels audrey.
&& remember…

friday feature w// uptown tulips

29th December 2012

today’s is another team-up post with the fabulous bree of uptown tulips && for our second collaboration, we’re style stalking zooey deschanel!

it’s no secret i am beyond obsessed with zooey d, we are style soul mates in so many ways and even share a few pieces of clothing! so today, i dusted off some of my favorite zooey inspired pieces to channel my inner zd.
i went a little bit color crazy && piled on the patterns, but added my book clutch for a dash of whimsy.

top: kate spade (also in black && white) // coat: kate spade (last season) necklace: francescas // book clutch: kate spade // shoes: kate spade // rings: wire wrap // betsey johnson // kate spade // tights: kate spade // arm party: sequin // j.crew // vintage x2 //  sequin // kate spade idioms // kate spade // j.crew //
and now i’ll pass things off to bree who was also inspired by zooey d:
&& stop by uptown tulips to see bree’s post && her product info :]
. . .
well that’s all for today’s holiday collab! make sure to tune in on sunday for another holiday team up featuring audrey hepburn && make sure to follow the fabulous bree at uptown tulips to stay keep up with her fantastic style. until next time…

holiday highlights

27th December 2012

although christmas has come && gone i wanted to give you a little peak into what went on in the colorful world of courtney during the past few days

// in kate spade && valentino //
// in h&m //
// in niemin marcus for target //
// in ted baker //
// in kate spade && vintage velvet //
i hope your holidays were merry && bright, xoxo


25th December 2012

i love love love the holidays && really enjoyed celebrating with friends, family && my favorite little man!

 some holiday highlights…
plaid pajamas // snow man costume // santa in disguise // my boy in a bow // letters to santa 
some of you received our first christmas card in the mail! if not, here is a peek! the card read “we woof you a merry christmas && a yappy new year”
we wanted to take this time to give a big big big thank you to my best friends mom, stephanie who was amazing enough to take our first ever christmas pic!
however && what ever you celebrate this season, i hope you celebrated in style! stay tuned for more holiday posts coming your way in the next few days! cheers!

spots && sparkle

20th December 2012

i finally have my blog back && i’m celebrating with a few of my favorite things: spots, sparkles && my main man waffles.

by now you all know that i’m a wee bit polka dot obsessed, so i couldn’t pass up an opportunity to pair spots with some sparkle by featuring my newest j.crew purchase!
can you ever have too many polka dots? i really don’t think so! but when daring to dip yourself in so many polka dots, try to stick tame it down by sticking to a basic color pallet (like my black && cremé). to keep it from feeling to muted, i added a red lip && bow belt for a pop of color!
believe it or not waffles doesn’t own a polka dot sweater (gasp) … well not yet! so he paired his black && white french themed collar with his classic b&w sweater (a gift from momma deuce! thanks lady we love you). while i kept the polka dot theme going with my domino ring && chunky pearls.
 top: j.crew (on sale! also comes in white)// skirt: h&m // belt: kate spade // necklace: francescas (diy statement pearls// shoes: kate spade // sunnies: kate spade // bag: kate spade // rings: domino // wire wrap // betsey johnson // arm party: j.crew // sequin // kate spade idioms // forever 21 // kate spade // j.crew

&&waffles is wearing a black && white contrast sweater
As some of your may know, my blog was recently stolen (hence my unplanned absence) but after a fight I was able to gain it back! Many of you reached out to me and were so kind && supportive of my situation, so I wanted to take a chance to express my gratitude! 

mad about plaid

12th December 2012

waffles && and i are embracing the season in today’s post where we strut our stuff in a plaid pairing

at this time of the year, it’s a shame not to wear a little bit of plaid && flannel! so waffles && i paired our plaids with a bit of polka dot before stepping out on this crisp day.
if you are shaped like me, you may know a shift dress (or shirt) is not your friend. I am curvy with a small waist so a shift dress usually does nothing for me! so to make this look work, i cinched my top at the waist with a bold contrasting belt && slimmed my center with a tailored tux vest.
everyone has a flannel shirt somewhere in their closet (i like mine cause the ruffles make it more courtney-esque) so next time you dust it off try pairing it with polka dot denim, a scarf or even a bag for that fun touch of pattern mixing.

 top: ralph lauren (vintage) // leggings: h&m (the best leggings! they are high waisted & thick) // vest: halogen // boots: coach // rings: kate spade // domino ring (i made it!) //  earrings: vintage (they came from some lady’s south carolina estate!) // bag: kate spade (sale) // arm party: sequin // kate spade (similar) // sequin // j.crew // kate spade idioms // kate spade // j.crew 

blair flair w// uptown tulips

11th December 2012

today’s post is a special treat: i’m teaming up with the fabulous bree of uptown tulips for a crazy amazing collaboration! together we’re delivering three seasonal style spotlight post style stalking some of our favorite fashionistas to create hot holiday looks, starting with Queen B!

i love this blair outfit, it just screams timeless glamour: her elegant accessories are classic princess pieces while the bold color choice keep the look young && fresh.
For my take, I attempted to channel blair’s regal whimsy while keeping it courtney.
nothing screams holiday like pink sparkles, except maybe a big giant bow! and luckily, this look has both! i used a bit of layering to bring the sparkle to this bow-tastic dress.

 I finished with sea foam shoes && girlie pearls! the shoe’s pop of pastel is very blair, plus it gives me a double dose of bows!

top: j.crew (try this one) // dress: vintage // necklace: francescas // shoes: kate spade // ring: kate spade // earrings: kate spade // fishnets: zara // arm party: sequin // j.crew (outlet) // kate spade // sequin // kate spade idioms // kate spade // j.crew // michael kors
As a guest blogger for Courtney today (eek!), I’ll start by introducing myself! I am Bree and am the founder and blogger behing Uptown Tulips. After obsessing over Courtney’s Style Spotlight feature, I was inspired to work with her on a few look inspired by our favorite icons. The first one, representing possibly my style icon and the envy of New York, Blair Waldorf, ladies and gents. As the “it girl” of the Upper East Side, Blair knows a thing or two about Christmas balls and fancy parties. I found this little number in a vintage store a few years ago. The cut defies everything that is traditional, straying from Blair’s classic side. Besides from the festive shade of green, this dress also A little glitter goes a long way. A lot of glitter goes way farther! The peacoat is a recent purchase and as soon as I got it, I knew it would end up in this post! After all, outerwear is Blair’s favorite accessory.
14 days until Christmas! Happy Holidays!
xoxo Bree
. . .

well that’s all for today’s holiday collab! make sure to tune in next week for another tuesday holiday team up featuring zooey deschanel && make sure to follow the fabulous bree at uptown tulips to stay keep up with her fantastic style. until next time…

tulle for two

10th December 2012

today’s post features twirl worthy tulle for two as waffles joins me in a sparkle statement look.

I pair a tiny bit of tulle with sparkly steps && basic black for girlie glam! 
fun fact: my belt is my mom’s from the eighties!!! she wore it over leotards while jazzercizing! (seriously! i couldn’t make this stuff up! but let’s hope she accessorized with leg warmers && a side pony). i love raiding her old closet for past treasures! that’s probably why i’m a secret hoarder (well not so secret anymore), because i’m afraid my future child may want to wear whatever i get rid of!
This season, try layering a statement necklace over your turtle neck! It can be an easy way to slim you down while adding some unexpected sparkle! I also like to layer my arm parties over long sleeve shirts!
 Oh && before you go, don’t forget the bow…
 turtle neck: j.crew // skirt: h&m // belt: vintags (thanks mom) necklace: j.crew // shoes: kate spade // sunnies: miu miu // earrings: kate spade // bag: kate spade // arm party: j.crew // sequin // kate spade idioms // forever 21 // kate spade // j.crew // necklace: francescas (diy statement pearls) // key chain: j.crew

&&waffles velvet holiday bow-tie is from petsmart. 

stand out

7th December 2012

today we’re saying hello to holiday with a dash of green, a little bit of leopard and stand out sparkle.

one easy way to stand out is to be bold in black, but also dare to adorn a statement necklace for that extra pop of color.
you don’t have to say goodbye your short sleeve shirts just because the temperature has dropped, simply slip a long sleeve shirt with the same color as your tee underneath, to keep you warm while looking wonderful. 


 top: j.crew // shirt: h&m // denim: kate spade // necklace: j.crew // shoes: kate spade // rings: kate spade // wire wrap  // betsey johnson // sunnies: miu miu // earrings: kate spade // bag: moschino // arm party: sequin // kate spade (similar) // sequin // kate spade idioms // kate spade // j.crew // michael kors