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30th April 2013

today we step out in seafoam!
seafoam side note: mint is the it color this season! but my bestie Whitney has been smitten with seafoam for as long as I an remember. So this ones for you whit…
if you choose to try the mint trend, pair it with deep pink or even Kelly green! These contrasting hues will make your seafoam standout while still feeling spring!
top: modcloth // skirt: sandee royalty // shoes: kate spade // statement pearls // sunnies: miu miu // handbag: kate spade (on sale!) // rings: kate spade // wire wrap // arm party: idioms // sequin // kate spade
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weekend explorer

18th April 2013

 spring time in nyc calls for creamy cashmere, casual denim && strutting around the city accompanied by the cutest frenchmen.
 keep your look casual yet girlie by pairing sneakers with your favorite flirty skirt for a twirl-worthy look for your weekend exlporation.
 finish with a girlie bag && piling on the pearls!
hoodie: banana republic (it’s cashmere!) // skirt: h&m // belt: kate spade // shoes: converse // denim jacket: h&m // statement pearls // sunnies: miu miu // handbag: kate spade (on sale!) // rings: kate spade // wire wrap // arm party: idioms // sequin // kate spade
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stripes on stripes

7th April 2013

one set of stripes is never enough, so today i doubled up by pairing stripes on stripes with other b&w patterns. plus i reveal the winner of our wire wrap giveaway!
we’re at the weird time between winter && spring where we’re all itching to step out in color but the weather isn’t taking the hint. so a color pop serves as the perfect cure, because it gives you just a little touch of spring to get your fix!

bold black && white prints are what’s trending for spring 2013! try mixing your matches, doubling up on one pattern or both to make a graphic && trendy look!
dress: zara // top: kate spade (try white for spring) // belt: kate spade (more colors!) // tuxedo vest: halogen // shoes: shoegasm // handbag: kate spade // arm party: idioms // sequin // necklace: statement pearls // kate spade // socks: kate spade // rings: kate spade // wire wrap // sunnies: kate spade 
&& the winner is…
congrats to our wire wrap give away winner!
congrats martha! you have 48 hours to contact me at with your choice of a ring && ring size to claim your prize!
thanks to everyone else for playing && a big giant thank you to wire wrap! if you didn’t win, stay tuned a different giveaway will be posted soon!
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grey days

5th April 2013

i’m normally dripping in color, but today i paired pattern to dress up a day of grey!
i’ve been itching to step out in shorts but the lack-of-spring nyc weather has forbidden me to do so. to say warm (or just hide your legs) pair a cozy pair of plaid shorts with tights, you’ll look slimmer while staying toasty
dots on dots & plaid on plaid: to keep this outfit from looking boring on account of the lack of color, i paired patterns in the same color scheme to keep things interesting! 
sweater: forever 21 // top: kate spade (try white for spring) // shorts: vintage // shoes: shoegasm // handbag: kate spade (outlet find) // arm party: idioms // sequin // forever 21 // rings: kate spade // wire wrap // sunnies: miu miu 
now you can view all my past outfits in one location:
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2nd April 2013

check and mate:
window pane prints and black&white are both killer
trends this season, and today i take on both!

remember when the peplums hit it big last spring? well they are so flattering that i think they’re here to stay! so today, i mixed some of last years trends to keep with this spring’s it people pleasing prints: stripes & window panes! 
no pane no gain! move over menswear, this print is no longer just for the boys! this spring is all about stepping out in bold black & white patterns like the show stopping window pane print. the key is to go graphic (think contrast colors or a shocking hue) to keep your look current & hip! Also try breaking up your print with a pop of color!
&& get the most out of a trend, invest in one trendy piece && play to its versatility! this pencil skirt is actually a straight up & down shirtsleeve dress! pair a peplum over it or a slouchy sweater to make a peplum, or try the dress tucked into a skirt to make a top! looking for something less daring? layer a blouse underneath or a cardigan over the top so you can rewear your trendy piece in new ways!
coat: forever 21 (i’m obsessing over this one) // top: h&m // dress worn as skirt: kate spade (its on sale!)  shoes: john fluevog (my all time favorite heel) // belt: kate spade (sale!) // handbag: kate spade // arm party: idioms // rings: kate spade // wire wrap (currently giving one of these away on the blog) // necklace: kate spade // statement pealrs // sunnies: miu miu 
now you can view all my past outfits in one location:

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