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Craving Crustaceans

27th August 2013

Words cannot describe how excited i am to share today’s lobster-ific post (hence why I have resorted to making up words)!

Much like my lemon print dress, the lobster dress came to me in a dream! One morning I woke up craving a dress covered in coral colored crustaceans, perfect for twirling through clam bakes, fish shacks or beach parties. Now all I had to do was find one, but that ended up being easier said than done. I searched every store I could think of (modcloth, j.crew) and even resorted to simply googling “lobster dress” out of desperation, the two I found were either shift or baby doll dresses, and we know I do better in a fit and flare. About to give up, I resorted to etsy, where I found the most adorable Aussie by the name of Rikki B, who made all my lobster dress dreams come true. 
This dress from Kissy Face via etsy was exactly what I imagined, and fulfilled all my lobster dress dreams! It’s the perfect fit and flair shape and fits my waist like a glove. The length was pure perfection and the skirt was just full enough to be twirl-worthy without being over the top. The construction is to die for, hands-down one of the most well-made dresses I am lucky enough to own! And It has pockets!!!! Big, giant pockets that remain hidden and secret to the un-trained eye. After wearing this darling dress by Kissy Face, I never want to wear another dress. Truthfully, If i could live out my days in the stylings of miss Rikki B I would be the happiest and potentially best dress gal around. Thanks to Rikki, lobster is now not only my favorite food, but also my favorite dress, that I will continue to cherish for years to come. 

So when the time came to capture this crustacean creation, I had to turn to my fabulous photographer friend claire eliza. She is just beyond words. If you have any event worth documenting, you should turn to Claire, honestly, no one else can even compare! Thanks again, Claire!

dress: thanks to Kissy Face // Belt: taken off this Crew Cuts dress // Shoes: Nine west // Rings: Wire wrap // Arm Party: J.crew // Vintage // Idioms // Lips: Nars, Dragon Girl // Bag: Kate Spade
 photo Untitled75d_zps90d41f54.png
taken via by @claireezillla iphone using the most amazing app, landcam
so it’s no secret that i’m head over heels for the lob dress, but the french man in my life also approves!
the cherry blossom dress will definitely be my next investment, but until then i’ll just continue to fall more in love with my lobster dress. If you choose to pick one up for yourself (it will be the best decision you’ve made in a while), I hope it makes you as happy as it does me!
what do you think, are you lala loving my lobster dress? tell me, tell me! 

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26th August 2013

i love starting my day with a big glass of oj, it’s so refreshing so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to wear something fresh & fruity all day long!

you’ll never guess where I got this dress … it’s crewcuts as in baby j.crew! don’t judge me, i’m small-ish and my fashion has a child like sense of whimsy so i love to shop crewcuts!
jacket: h&m (only $30!) // dress w/ belt: crewcuts (love this lemon one on sale at cwonder) // shoes: nine west (also wearing these from target lately, only $30) // bag: kate spade // sunnies: karen walker (similar for $17) // arm party: idiom bangles // jcrew (cheaper version here) // vintage 
orange crush …
and i’ve been wearing fruit fashions all summer long! i’m sad that it’s coming to an end, but enjoyed it while it lasted. take a peek!
// zest //

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I love paris in the rain

23rd August 2013

a little summer shower calls for bold stripes, a pop of color and spending the day with a hansom frenchman. 

 bubble umbrellas are perfect for nyc! i first fell in love with them on an episode of gossip girl and have been obsessed ever since! you can cover your head completely while still being able to see where you’re going! and there are closer and therefore less obnoxious for sharing the sidewalk. 
peter pan collars were all the rage last fall, and even this spring! If you picked up one of these darling blouses, try layering it under your favorite dress for a pretty Parisian look!
dress: bcbg (love this one, this one on sale and this summery one for only $24) // top: kate spade (worn under dress) //  trench: h&m // belt: kate spade // shoes: tory burch // poppy // sunnies: karen walker // umbrella: kate spade  (love this one) // bag: moschino // ring: vintage // kate spade  // arm party: idiom bangles //kate spade  // j.crew 
incase you didn’t know, i took this post title from the lyrics in this long. beware, it’s very catchy and i sing it all day everyday every time it even sprinkles!

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22nd August 2013

today we’re doing a bit of time traveling
the 80’s are often described as either awful, or awesome and I usually think of them as the latter. so I chose to channel my inner madonna in this look for an 80’s esque look!

jacket: h&m // vintage pearls // skirt: ktr (i’m obsessed!!!! also love the dress version, and be sure to check out her blog here) bag: moschino // heels: coach // arm party: rings: francescas (check me out at their blogger event here) // wire wrap // vintage 
I’m also loving the 1980’s carrie bradshaw on the cw’s the carrie diaries: a prequel to sex and the city that follows cb as she takes on the trials and tribulations of high school.
four ways to get carried away…


21st August 2013

it’s starting to cool down a bit, but I’m still not quite ready to say goodbye to summer, so I’ve been pairing some of my summer shorts & skirts with long sleeve tops to help me bridge the gap between the seasons

top: banana republic (last seen here) // shorts: ted baker (on sale) // shoes: nine west // bag: kate spade (last seen here) // arm party: j crew // vintage // kate spade // j crew // michael kors // necklace: vintage // earrings: kate spade // sunnies: miu mii


16th August 2013

today we’re brightening up the basics
today with a bit of yellow!

create an easy outfit out of basics by pairing them with a bold lip and a bright pop of color!
top: kate spade, last seen here (similar) // skirt: zara (old) // shoes: breckelles // necklace: penelope ann (also love this one) arm party: idiom bangles // anchor bracelet (only $6 + more colors!) // sunnies: karen walker // lips: nars dragon girls
get your sunflower fix…
hat // bag (sale!) // top // sandals (sale!)

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Just my type

14th August 2013

todays post features vintage typewriters, retro ready to wear and an adorable movie trailer that I cannot stop watching!
I don’t have cable, but I do have apple tv! so i’ll occasionally spend an afternoon catching up on movie trailers, and was doing just that went I stumbled across this darling one… 

I fell so in love with it, that I had to share! It also inspired me to show some of my favorite type-tastic items for sale…
laptop case (I bought this one for my mom for christmas, she collects vintage typewriters so I thought it was a perfect fit!)
ring // audrey hepburn art (love this one!) // bowls
bracelet (my mom has this one too, i’ve tried to steal it many of times without any success!) mug // ipad case

did you notice the outfits in the trailer? how could you not, they were practically the best part! well, incase you were interested  in getting the look, here’s thirteen flirty frocks from my favorite brand: modcloth!

one // two // three // four // five // six

seven // eight // nine // ten (on sale!)

eleven (on sale!) // twelve // thirteen (sale!)
it’s no secret I am a bit obsessed with all things vintage, so before you go, here’s some of my favroiet retro-esque looks!

when life gives you lemons

a double dose of dots

make waves 

four eyes
coney island adventure

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never ending summer

12th August 2013

can you believe it’s august?
i feel like summer always goes by in the blink of an eye!

this look combined some of my seasonal favorites that i have been wearing all summer long: a basic white blouse, easy summer shorts, colored converse, simple rings from wire wrap, white “tomorrow’s unknown” anchor bracelet , a straw bowler and a summer satchel. 
 i’ve never considered myself much of a hat person. i just don’t look that great in them, i think it’s because my head is too round, but i found this bowler at a vintage store and fell in’s been my solution to humidity hair and i’ve been wearing it all summer long!
hat: vintage (similar) // blouse: necessary clothing // shorts: necessary clothing // sunnies: miu miu // shoes: converse // handbag: kate spade // arm part: j.crew // kate spade x2 // vintage // wire wrap // tomorrow’s unknown // necklace: marc jacobs 
with two necessary clothing pieces, my look is fairly affordable
(aside from the handbag) but just to give you more bang for your buck, here’s a second similar look for under $155
shop this look:
h&m blouse $30 // tomorrow’s unknown bracelet (just like j.crew) $28

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fran on broadway

10th August 2013

one of my favorite shops is coming to nyc and I had the honor of attending their preview blogger event to take a sneak peek at the store … and do a little shopping!
my favorite find was a pair of xo earrings, only $6!

francesca’s is the cutest little chain boutique, complete with affordable clothes, amazing jewels and great gifts! I was so glad to welcome them to to NYC with their first official store front located uptown at 86th and broadway. 
 francesca’s is also my go-to location for statement jewels! take a peak at some of my greatest hits

statement pearls and stack rings by francesca’s in “spotted” >> full post

sparkly stack rings by francesca in denim && dots >> full post here

pearls by francesca’s in “ysl” >> full post

stack rings by francesca’s in “purple people eater” >> full post here
&& I’m loving these surprisingly affordable statement necklaces, they work for all seasons!

one // two // three
if you’re in nyc be sure to stop by the newest francescas store on broadway && if not, find a francesca’s store near you or shop online! they offer free returns and free shipping so the shopping is guilt free! I would love to see some of your fabulous finds!

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