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The Classics

28th October 2013

Sometimes you have to go back to basics, as I did here with black, white and a little bit of leopard. 

blouse: asos (get the bow here) // skirt: modcloth // bag: kate spade (similar) // trench: h&m (similar) // sunnies: karen walker // boots: kate spade // bracelet: jcrew // tights: capezio // belt: express (similar) //

Just black and white is a little bit boring, so red lips and red nails serve as the perfect pop of color! Gold accents like the logo on my karen walkers, gold rings and gold buttons on my blouse and boots also give the look an extra point of contrast. Anyone can replicate this look with closet staples: a black skirt, white blouse, black boots, black tights and a trench coat. You can even create your own black bow with ribbon or your boyfriends tie!

 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png

Apartment 6-6

21st October 2013

Today I’ve very excited to finally share my NY Apartment, a charming little place tucked away in the West Village! It’s still very much a work in progress and continual labor of love but I am still pretty happy with it so far, and cannot wait to see what you guys think. Plus as a extra treat, these pictures were taken by one of the most talented photographers that I am lucky enough to call my friend, Miss Claire Eliza! First up, the living room. 
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza1_zpse1a3cb9f.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza17_zps9596e05a.jpg photo Apartment_ClaireEliza20_zps5f805359.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza19_zps452fc53e.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza16_zps28a81258.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza18_zps926dacfe.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza15_zps8b48cbe9.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza14_zpsc27aca2f.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza12_zpsc6930fd3.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza10_zpscd010818.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza34_zpsa165e473.jpg photo Apartment_ClaireEliza13_zps50e051f9.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza6_zpsde2c33dc.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza9_zps5d90d051.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza3_zps115eeec0.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza7_zps8fe2acf1.jpg photo Apartment_ClaireEliza4_zps8c1dbf7e.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza8_zps37ce2760.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza5_zpsaf7eb82a.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza11_zpscc648159.jpg
I don’t have much space in my living room, well actually in my entire one bedrooom apt, so I resorted to using the walls as decor, but also storage; hence why you will see bags and shoes displayed instead of nick-nacks and vases. My place is a pre-war train-style apt, meaning you have to walk through each room to get to the next, however I do have a bathroom door that disconnects from the hallway and a sliding door that closes off the bedroom. I don’t mind my train-style apt, I actually think it’s kind of quaint but having a train-style two or three bedroom with roommates where you have to walk through each room to get to your own, would drive me insane. After you pass through the living room, the bathroom appears on your right hand side, with the original renovated door from when the building was built.
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza21_zpsdb78ffc7.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza25_zpse2e00e79.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza24_zps722dc8d3.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza23_zps99467057.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza22_zpsda280af3.jpg
If you keep walking past the bedroom, you come into a long, narrow, hallway that serves as my kitchen. I don’t cook much so the size doesn’t bother me, there’s actually too much cabinet storage in my kitchen that I store my shoes and jewelry on one side of the kitchen and my bangles and rings on the countertop. The kitchen also serves as the dining room for Sir Waffles, as well as his closet (a reupholstered old suit case that holds his vibrant wardrobe … yes, I realize I am ridiculous).
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza28_zpsb16f842c.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza27_zpsb0da9a7e.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza26_zps919c8712.jpg
After you take two steps through the kitchen (it’s really that small, it’s just a hop from the bathroom) you pass the sliding door and into the bedroom, where the chevron and abundant wall decor continues. The bedroom holds my bed, a lot of my clothing storage (the rest is in 3 sliding closets that expands the length of my hallway) and another suitcase turned sleeping quarters for Waff. 
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza33_zpsd780a802.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza29_zpsbc10f3a9.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza32_zps16d3a00a.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza31_zpsae065fd8.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza30_zps9d2d7325.jpg
And that’s about it! My place is small, but it’s charming and just enough for me (and Waff!)! I love the original features that carry throughout, like the original hard-wood floors and the original bathroom door. I tried to enhance these, with a vintage inspired whimsical decor: including crystal door nobs, wood accent furniture and records on the wall. I also played with color, pattern and texture while mixing my matches and experimenting with decor. Finally, I have been decorating in layers, adding pieces month by month before creating a cohesive look. The decor is different from my usual hollywood-regency-high-gloss-Kelly Wearstler inspired style that’s all black, white a glam with a bright accent color, but did so in order to pay homage to the natural essence of my historic little place.
Most of my furniture was ordered online via Target and Urban Outfitters, with accessories from Modcloth, and I picked up a lot of things at local thrift stores, flea markets and just on the street! As odd as it may sound, people in the City (especially in the West Village) always toss furniture and buy new!

Shop my Apt here:

Like I said, my place is still a work in progress so I always have an ongoing mental list of things I want to eventually add to the apartment family! So here is the infamous wish list that haunts my decor dreams:

A big, giant thank you to Claire Eliza
for snapping these pics! See more of her pics on my
 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png

    photo adb21650-800e-47ce-afef-1aa1420e977f_zpsc6235b89.jpg

Bryant Park

19th October 2013

When it finally starts to feel like fall, I pair tights and a slouchy sweater with hot drinks and fun friends for a do-nothing-day to remember.

Sweater: (great options here)// Dress (worn as a skirt): Forever 21 (old, similar here) // Booties: Bacio 61, also love these // Necklace: Marc Jacobs (Similar) // Lips: Nars (my favorite) // Bag: Zara (Similar) // Glasses: Urban Outfitters // Sunnies: Karen Walker // Rings: Tiffany & Co // Thrifted 
A good day can quickly turn into a great one with the right company; and my Bryant-Park-playdate wouldn’t have been complete without my personal photographer and boyfriend, Paris and my hilarious  bestie, Sheree. 

Bryant Park is one of my favorites, it’s the perfect place for an outdoor summer movies or an afternoon of boardgames with my favorite people. I say boardgames, because there is a a designated board games area at the park where you can take a seat and beat your best friend and boyfriend at scrabble as I did on this glorious day :]
The day continued in this same “no plan” fashion as we walked from Bryant Park (42nd and 5th) in a round about way to uptown to 70-something and Central Park West. The 2+ mile took us about 45 minutes in all but felt fairly quick with the good company! To sweeten the deal, we ended our walk about with an amazing Levain cookie, one of my favorites and a must try if you’re ever in the city!
 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png


14th October 2013

This weekend, we camped out for SNL tickets are we able to attend the live show with host Bruce Willis and Performances by Katy Perry! It was such a great and interesting experience that I had to share my story today.

Jacket: thrifted (similar) // Top: J.crew (similar herehere) // Bag: Moschino // Skort: Zara (similar) // Black Tights // Sunnies: Karen Walker (also here) // Necklace: Marc Jacobs (similar) // Shoes: Kate Spade (love these!) // Lips: Nars 
So SNL tickets are reserved for guests of cast members, VIP’s and other network related big-wigs, but there are always stand by tickets available for the “commoners” like me! They give these “tickets” out Saturday morning at 7AM, but people line up hours and even days in advance to get these “tickets”. We (My boyfriend Paris, my life-long friend Taylor [check out her awesome blog] and her amazing husband James) showed up around 2am and got comfy for our all-nighter.
Here’s how it works:
When 7 AM Saturday morning rolls around, NBC employees eqquiped with clipboards make their way down the line collecting your information (you need a photo ID with a birthday) asking what show you want to attend and administering numbered tickets. You have the choice of picking the 7:30 dress rehearsal show or the 10:30 live performance (what you see on your TV at home); we went with the live show received tickets number 41-44. Then we went home, caught-up on sleep, and reported back to the studio with our ID’s and tickets at 10:30 and hopped in line based on numerical order. When 11 rolled around, they started letting people into the studio, about 30 at a time: through a metal detector, up an elevator, down a hallway and into the double decker studio for the live taping. This was the moment of truth, cause although we camped out all night and received a “stand by ticket”, you are never guaranteed admission until you are actually in a seat. Paris and I were actually one of the last few people in, although people behind us who didn’t make the cut thought they were going to get it! 
via instagram, follow along: @courtney_fowler @tayhartley 
My Recommendation – Go!
If you’re even a little SNL fan, and like the musical guest and/or host, I would absolutely recommend camping out the night before and trying to get tickets. For the camp out, I would get there no later than 1AM to increase your chances of getting in. Also, I suggest that you have an idea of what show to choose before hand (the live show or the dress rehearsal), but also try asking the clipboard employees the numeric status of each show prior to picking. And Finally, make sure you go with good people! Taylor and James are some of our favorite people so camping out with them was less of a chore and more of an all-night-party. We had a blast and plan on doing this again sometime soon! 
P.S. Was anyone else dying during the Boy Dance Party Skit?
It’s now one of my new favorites!
 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png

 photo Untitled134_zps4360aba1.png

Hollywood Halloween

9th October 2013

Happy October! 
Halloween is just around the corner, so today I’m sharing 10 easy DIY costumes based on 5 leading ladies. First up, the dame who snoozes in style and dines with diamonds, Miss Holly Golightly from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
DIY tassel ear plugs: Make your own plugs by securing
a set of thread tassels (available at any craft or sewing store) to a colorful pair of earplugs with hot glue

Think Pink! If you’re a bouncing blonde or just want to wig out and see if blondes really do have more fun dress as Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods! Just add a pint sized pup and you’re ready to go.
Complete the look with natural makeup and a pink lip!
If pink isn’t your thing, consider taking center stage while channeling your
dark side in a Black Swan Ballet costume. 
Complete the look with a smoky eye, black tights and maroon lip.
DIY “Point Shoe” Pumps: To create the illusion of point shoes without sacrificing the heigh of pumps, use ribbon to get the look! Simply lay satin black ribbon under the arch of your foot, leaving about a foot and a half of ribbon on each side, then cross the ribbon so it makes an X over the arch of your foot, again across your achilles, and a third time above your ankle before tying a bow at the back of your foot.
If you have long dark locks or just want to bring our your inner “girl on fire”, try volunteering as tribute and suiting up for the 74th annual hunger games as Katniss Everdeen!
Complete the look with dark makeup, a nude lip and a messy katniss side braid! And pop by my hunger games posts to get inspired
I couldn’t create costumes for the leading ladies without featuring one of my favorites to grace both the big and small screen: little miss mouse!
Complete the look with a boldly lined cat-eye, bright blush cheeks and a bold red lipstick! more minnie inspired looks here.
I hope you enjoyed these costumes ideas, but if not I am taking requests for other DIY outfit options. Just send me a message or leave a comment with the costume you would like, and I will do my best to create some easy DIY options for you! 
 photo Untitled148_zps61860259.png
Until then, make pop by my other costume craze posts 
for more diy outfit ideas

 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png

                                                           photo adb21650-800e-47ce-afef-1aa1420e977f_zpsc6235b89.jpg

Nerdy Neon

6th October 2013

I have awful eyesight, practice my time tables at the gym and wore headgear as a teenager. I’m beyond excited to attend San Diego comic con next year, completed my MBA at 21 and would rather stay in and read then go out and party. Needless to say, I’m a nerd … and proud! 

Dress (worn as a skirt): Kate Spade (Similar) // Glasses: Urban Outfitters // Sweater: J.Crew (Love this one) // Bag: Cooperative (purchased via Modcloth) // Pink Bracelet: Tomorrow’s Unknown // Booties: Shoegasm (Love these, and these) // Socks: Kate Spade (Similar) // Necklace: Marc Jacobs ( Similar here // with a twist) // Lipstick: Mac
I’m a firm believer in brights for fall, so I paired my neons with socks and booties to help me step into the season. I also love a full skirts, but my lack of them in my closet forced me to get creative with this look. The skirt you see here is actually a dress (seen as a dress here) – I pulled the bodice inside the skirt, zipping it as much as possible to lay flat (technique last seen here). If you aren’t into tucking your dress in, simple just tie a sweater over your dress like I did here.
 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png
    photo adb21650-800e-47ce-afef-1aa1420e977f_zpsc6235b89.jpg

Character Costumes

5th October 2013

Today we take on seven different fictional characters that will make fabulous diy costumes for halloween.
First up the one, the only, Carrie Bradshaw
If you choose Carrie Costume number one, wear your hair curly and wild like she did in the opening credits, but if you opt for the second choice try a top knot and write “Manolo Blahnik” on any shopping bag and piling on the pearls! 
 You might also like a costume based on a book from your childhood: Eloise at the Plaza and Miss Madeline.

I am and have always been a big Christina Richi fan, and I especially loved her as Wednesday in the Adams family. If you have long dark hair, put it in braids and invest in some pail makeup and dark eyeliner to be Wednesday Adams

These next costumes are also book inspired: The man in the yellow hat from Curious George and Paddington Bear
The final costume is miss Olive Oil, the dame who stole Popeyes heart.
I hope you enjoyed these costumes ideas, but if not I am taking requests for other DIY outfit options. Just send me a message or leave a comment with the costume you would like, and I will do my best to create some easy DIY options for you! 
 photo Untitled148_zps61860259.png
Until then, make pop by my other costume craze posts 
for more diy outfit ideas

 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png

 photo Untitled134_zps4360aba1.png

Oh, the Irony

5th October 2013

It’s the last week of october, can you believe it!? So that means halloween is finally here! I have been bringing you easy DIY costumes all month long (check them out here), but wanted to end with some easy irony costumes that you can probably create from closet pieces. 
Dust off your prom dress, a gown you may own or put together a tuxedo look with a blazer and tuxedo pants to make a “formal apology” costume. For your final accessory, just hold a card or sign that says “I’m sorry”.
 Mix black and white stripes with feathered accessories to be the cutest little Jail Bird halloween ever did see. Use black winged make up and even try feathered lashes to finish the look.
If you have cold feet, become a runaway bride with a white corset and jogging shorts or a white dress and tennies! Take your look up a notch with sweat bands or a work out ipod armband. 
Operation Occupation: These may lack irony, but I wanted to share three more easy occupation inspired costumes, one of which I actually got to wear at a recent halloween party
Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego? This was my favorite computer game as a kid can make an awesome costume! Or turn it into a couple costume and have your boy go as where’s waldo!
Get progressive and channel the one and only Flo for an easy look. All white, a blue headband, converse, red lipstick and buttons paired with a diy progressive apron will make a quick costume!
Ballerina for a day: When Paris and I went to a church halloween party with my friend Taylor, I had to come up with a costume and quick! So I found it only fitting that I come as a ballerina, since I grew up dancing with Taylor at her mom’s studio in Arizona. Tulle skirts are a flirty trend that so many people have in their closet, if you don’t already own one this might be a good excuse to pick one up …. you wont regret it! Pair the tulle skirt with simple ballet flats, a tucked in top to resemble a leotard and a top knot and you’re ready to dance your way into any halloween party. 

 photo Untitled148_zps61860259.png
If ironic costumes aren’t your thing, try these other easy and fashionable options:
Plus I brought you 5 ways to nail a Catwoman or Poison Ivy Costume in a Good VS Evil costume craze post. 
A few more easy and fun customs include: Sandy from Grease, Rosie the Riveter and Where’s Waldo.
And Finally, If you would rather go as the fairest of them all, pop by my Princess Post for four ways to go as disney royalty 
 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png
    photo adb21650-800e-47ce-afef-1aa1420e977f_zpsc6235b89.jpg

See You Next Summer

4th October 2013

 photo 1_zps4928ebe2.png photo 2_zpsfe027851.png photo 3_zpsde4ba46d.png
 photo 4_zpsa383e173.png photo 5_zps9cbca60a.png photo 6_zps157c5a71.png
 photo 7_zps9fc26bcf.png photo 8_zps5124647a.png photo 9_zps64b2a081.png
Before we move on to the next season, I wanted to give summer a proper send off and look back at all of my favorite looks along the way.

it took all summer long but I finally found the perfect lobster dress!

I also found the perfect cross body picnic basket this year, and took it on a very special sunday picnic

In addition to my lobster dress, I also found a lemon dress – something I have been searching for since February! 

I couldn’t have a summer in new york without stopping by coney island

I also got to see my favorite band live … and got caught in the rain

and I toned down my style for summer, with simple silhouettes, flat sandals and bright colors

Can you believe it’s October? I am sad to say goodbye to summer, but I am so ready for fall! I love halloween and the holiday season that follows. I am also a big fan of a pumpkin steamer (I don’t like coffee, so a steamer is the pumpkin-ness without the coffee) and chai tea lattes. Also, all my favorite TV shows will be back by the end of the month and the good movies start to hit theaters again! I can’t wait to pile on the layers this season, I’ve missed my boyfriend cardigans and high-knee socks. And above all, I am most excited to have one of my first official “real falls”. Growing up in Arizona, we never saw the seasons change, and my time in San Francisco felt like fall all year around, so the yellowing leaves will be a welcome surprise!
What are you looking forward to for fall?