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Fashion Week Favs

28th February 2014

I would love to go to Paris Fashion Week or jet set off to Milan for shows, and can’t say I haven’t been enviously eying flights from NYC but I was honored & privileged to attend NYFW right here in my own backyard.
Plus, I love American Designers! Aside from Moschino, all my favorite designers were made in the usa: DVF, Coach, Alice + Olivia, Tory Burch and Tibi! So I guess it’s only natural that my favorite collection and fashion take aways came from NYFW. So buckle up, cause today’s post is half show recap and half trend tracker as I break down some of my favorite trends from NYFW.

The Purple Spectrum 
So if you haven’t heard, radiant orchid is the color of the year, and apparently one of the colors of NYFW! Orchid’s darker cousin Oxblood is also having a major moment right now, and was my go-to lip color for fall! DVF and Nina Richi proved you can’t have too much of a good thing by pairing these pretty purples together, genius!
Oxblood/Orchid the Street Style Way…
Pinkish purples and pops of plum were not just for the runway, they also came out in all shapes & sizes for NYFW
Orchid the Courtney Way…
my hue is more pink than purple, but so what! It’s all in the pairing and putting pink next to a cousin color like red & a stark contrast like green can play tricks on the eye convincing you it’s a darker hue!
shop oxblood / orchid:

Baby it’s Blue!
Although radiant orchid is the color of the year,
powder blue had a big moment at NYFW especially at Tibi and
Cynthia Rowley. I guess great minds think alike? I wore powder blue pumps all week long – (seriously, all week long) so it was nice to know that I was on trend with what’s to come this fall.
Above, Tibi and below PB (Powder Blue) the Cynthia Rowley Way…
PB the street style way…
Some serious fashionistas were already ahead of this trend, sporting a case of the blues while attending 
photos by claire eliza
PB the Courtney Way…
I had a powder blue moment south of my ankles all week long, and not just because my feet were freezing!
photo by claire eliza
Ferocious Fur
All hail Diane, queen of pattern! There is never a dull moment with my personal favorite, DVF who shook things up with fun furs for fall! I’ll take one of each, and I’m not just saying that because it was eighteen degrees out today….
Fab Fur the Street Style Way…
This just in, New York Is Cold! But building up doesn’t have to be a bore with over-the-top furs
Fun Fur the Courtney Way…
I suggest saving the printed fur for fall, but a leopard coat is a perfect end-of-season pick me up… and most of them are on sale, puurfect!
Tell me, tell me! What fun trend takeaways did you get from fashion week? Are you planning on holding out until fall or testing them out now!?

XO Courtney

AZ >> The Farm

26th February 2014

I’m so exited to welcome back Katrina 
for another Arizona-esque post, take it away Katrina…
The Farm at South Mountain is by far my favorite place in the Valley. The ten acre farm is ensconced in the middle of all the urban clamor of Phoenix. It is a wonderful place to smugly wear spring dresses and sandals in February while most of the country is dealing with the fallout of having actual seasons.

As the name indicates, there is indeed a farm here, Maya’s Farm. Here you will find evolving crops and have the opportunity to gardening classes or learn to grow your own produce.

The Farm has three different resturants: Morning Glory Café for breakfast, The Farm Kitchen for lunch and Quiescence for dinner. My favorite is The Farm Kitchen for a lunch in the pecan groves.

The sprawling facility has an artist studio, a healing spa and boutique in addition to being an event venue.

If the place couldn’t get any more charming, the offer an array of activities like open air markets, yoga in the groves and a host of classes.

The Farm really is a perfect refuge from the noise and energy of the city. Being there harkens a sense of connectivity with name. The best part is it always makes me keenly aware the importance of being conscientious of our food sources.

 photo Untitled283_zpsad938803.png
While Kartina was getting in touch with mother nature, I’m living in a concrete jungle: 30 block walks to work and eating takeout every night – I literally haven’t ben to the super market in months, and now I just said supermarket, what year is this, 1964? – Although I would rather be poor & miserable living in NYC than rich & happy anywhere else (where are my priorities) posts like today fill me with nostalgia for my former home. Cheers to you AZ and all your outdoor space … you stay classy Arizona!

I hope you enjoyed Katrina 2nd CMC contribution, I’m sure you’re all as obsessed with her now as I have been for years… Anyways, Katrina be back next month for another AZ post, stay tuned. Until then, learn more about Katrina here & see her other here
XO Courtney

 photo Untitled134_zps4360aba1.png

Boyfriend + Bow

24th February 2014

I’m continually amazed that I actually wear jeans now, who am I!? To give you some context, until recently I would hardly ever wear jeans and only owned three pairs: A polka dot pair, a pink pair and a slouchy boyfriend pair I would wear instead of sweats. Since, I’ve added a coated pair and these ripped boyfriend-y jeans I snagged for seven dollars on sale at Wetseal to the collection. I don’t usually shop Wet Seal, but was lured in by the promise of a superhero graphic tee in the window (everyone needs a superhero graphic tee), but left with distressed denim instead!

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans (Similar here + 25% off or here for under $30) // Control Sector Sweatshirt c/o // Blue Zara Shoes (Similar under $50Similar) // Coach Hair Scarf (Spring patterns here or leopard here) // Karen Walker Sunnies (similar/cheaper here) // Wet&Wild Lipstick // Gold Link Taylor Morgan Bracelet (also in silver) // H&M Rings // C.wonder Bracelet (similar for only $11) // Radiant Orchid Crossbody c/o Francescas (love this one)

My sweatshirt is actually a men’s style from one of my new favorite menswear lines, Control Sector. I teamed up with them for NYFW to attend their closing show & after party. I’m now a firm believer that your guy’s slouchy sweatshirt can be a girl’s bestfriend! But with every boyfriend-y I suggest pairing it with girlie accessories to keep it feminine – so basically, just add bows. I went with a gold tassel bracelet, leopard ponytail scarf & my bow-tie Zara pumps! Oh, and in honor of man-crush-monday, here’s some more Boyfriend-worthy Wants :]

Images by Claire Eliza
see more from her here // full story on Control Sector here

MBFW // Closing Show

21st February 2014

Was fashion week really only seven days ago? It feels like a lifetime but left me feeling so inspired! I even ended up cleaning out my closet and getting rid of HALF of my clothes – more on that later. Last Thursday, I attended the closing show for Mercedes Benz fashion Week, FTL Moda + Art Loves Fashion featuring some of my new favs, Control Sector Altaf Maaneshia with my favorite photographer Claire Eliza.
The First (and sweetest) Pakistani designer to show at MBFW
Tailored street-style (menswear) with a twist – every piece makes a statement! Plus the Control Sector designers are so cool and the models aren’t too bad to look at, I always say yes to man candy!
Images by Claire Eliza // Full Control Sector story here

Call me selfish, but I love buying my boyfriend things that I can steal – Where do you think the “boyfriend” Jean trend started, some girl wised up… and stole them from her man! – So when I’m looking for man-gifts I think of him first, but wouldn’t completely hate the idea of potentially stealing his new goodies!
For today’s look, I borrowed from the boys and channeled my masculine side in a Control Sector sweatshirt & hat. They would make a great gift for any guy, and a great “boyfriend” piece for you to steal! I’ve been manning up lots lately, and wearing my guy’s (Paris) sweaters all season (here and again here), but I always add my own girlie touch! This was no exception, I dressed it up in true Courtney fashion with lady-like powder blue pumps (last seen here) & a bold vampire lip!  

Hat & Sweatshirt – c/o Control Sector
Bag: Coach // Pants: Current/Elliot (also here) // Shoes: Zara // Rings: H&M
Rings: H&M // Lips: Wet&Wild // Sunnies: Karen Walker (similar here)
More of my MBFW Moments:
or see more from Claire Eliza Photography

Little Boy Blue

19th February 2014

I’ve been borrowing from the boys more than I would care to admit lately. This act of rebellion is a bit out of character for me, seeing as I’ve been twirling since age two – well despite my tragic tom-boy phase, read all about my youthful lapse of judgement here. So for today’s inspiration, I paired boyish charm with menswear silhouette and the essence of Queen B (Blaire Waldorf) for a classic look that straddles gender lines.
Booties: C.wonder (similar here or splurge on these) // Skort: Zara (similar under $25) // Top&Bow: Asos (similar top here or just the bow here) Bag: Coach (with silver hardware here) // Coat: Zara // Sunnies: Karen Walker (similar here) // Lips: Ruby Woo by Mac // Rings: H&M
I don’t know what I did before the Zara skort. I thought this obsession would die when summer ended, but I have just found myself wearing it more and more… and more. It’s the middle of February, yet I still wore my white one over black tights this weekend…. what’s wrong with me? The only reasonable explanation is love, I am head-over-heels for the sassy skort – in black, white or blue. But since I was sick of feeling sporty, (my boyfriend does a cheer & makes fun of me when I wear it) I married my skirt-obsession with tailored pieces and a tuxedo vest to dress it up! What do you think, menswear-chic? Images by Claire Eliza
We also teamed up for NYFW, See all of the NYFW X Claire Eliza posts

Loving the location? These photos were taken next door to my “sitcom hangout”, Tea & Sympathy! Read all about it here.

XO Courtney

NYFW // Michael Kors

17th February 2014

I’m still recovering from my first fashion week experience.
Luckily, I had most of the week off – I don’t know how bloggers do it with full time jobs #FWcoma. So today I’m sharing my outfits & the highlights from Michael Kors Fall 2014! Plus I’ll clue you in on my secret for keeping warm(er) in a midi skirt … when it’s 18 degrees out, burr!

Skirt: Choices only $25 (love how this one brings the drama & this pink version for spring) // Faux-Fur Snood: Michael Kors (Old, Similar: onetwo (cashmere on sale, yes please!), three) // Top: Zara // Coat: Zara (see it here) // Bag: Kate Spade (love this lucite one) // Shoes: Zara // Lips: Ruby Woo by Mac // Rings: Vintage (my moms from the 80’s) // H&M

Oh, and look who we ran into outside the show (drum roll please) Karlie! She was so amazingly stunning I couldn’t even take it. I still cannot believe someone can be that beautiful in real life. Good thing Claire Eliza was there to capture the moment, I was too busy scrapping my jaw off the floor…
If my Karlie endued girl-crush wasn’t enough,
we were then graced with the presence of this gorgeous creature: half model half greek god. Once again, Claire & her camera too the rescue – by now I had melted into a useless puddle of stripes & sparkle on the floor, only identifiable by my red lipstick… But can you blame me? look at him! 
More models, and the mogul of the moment himself: Michael Kors
(Man, that’s a lot of M’s!)
 Over all, the collection was very No-Cal-Chic, in a crisp, cool way.
Here are my two favorites from this fur-for-all presentation:
Runway Recap // see the show for yourself!

Wan’t even more Michael? I’m also loving Blonde Episodes’ coverage and review of the show, Kori always tells it like it is // See her full post here
oh, and as far as keeping warm while baring your ankles in a midi skirt?
I cheat & keep my sweat pants on underneath. I know, I know – so unfabulous of me -but can you blame a girl? It was 18 degrees!!!! #sorrynotsorry
Photos courtesy of Claire Eliza
check out her other NYFW street style pics here

Runway photos via VOGUE
XO Courtney

I’m donuts over you

14th February 2014

Happy Valentines Day, Dolls!
I hope you’re celebrating somehow and your day is filled with lots of love!
Skirt: H&M (love this one, or similar here with pockets) // Tee: Old Navy // Sunnies: Urban (similar) // Heels: J.crew // Bangles: Kate Spade // Ring: Vintage // Lips: Ruby Woo
As you may know, I am 95 percent gluten free since learning about my allergy (boo) but I had to poke fun of my current situation by sending out card-friendly valentines via snail mail!

 And for your entertainment: some donut bloopers:

More to love – Check out yesterdays “Be Mine” post!

Wishing you all a very love-filled day & a happy weekend!
XO Courtney

Be Mine

13th February 2014

Love is in the air! And although I’ve been spending this week with my first love, fashion (sorry Paris), I haven’t forgotten about friday!
Dress: Zara (Obsessed with this one) // Clutch: moschino (similar here, here or here + 25% off) // Booties: C.wonder // Sunnies: Karen Walker // Turtleneck: Forever 21 // Coat: Zara // Bracelet: C.wonder (similar here or here +25% off) // Lips: Ruby Woo by Mac // Rings: H&M // Vintage: lipstick ring (love this broach here)

I love pink & red all year but it’s especially fitting for valentines day! What are you doing to celebrate this weekend? anything fun? I’ve never been very V-Day obsessed – I always preferred a slasher movie  to a romantic dinner – but it doesn’t hurt to dress the part! Plus, I sent out fun valentines this year to all my friends back home, tune in tomorrow when I share it on the blog!
XO Courtney

From A to Zara

12th February 2014

While walking home from work last Friday, I popped by Zara to pick up blue suede shoes, but and found myself staring at leopard these pants. I wasn’t sure if I liked them or hated them, so of course I had to buy them…. (because that makes sense). So without even trying them on (I know, I was feeling super daring) I said YES to leopard ciggys and this oversized “chic” shirt!
Oh hey, have you heard about this crazy thing called Fashion Week? of course you have, but you may not know that I’ve teamed up with the amazing Claire Eliza over the weekend and today I’m sharing her amazing images. More to come from us later this week… so stay tuned, cause we’re awesome (well, Claire is, I’m just a wannabe).

Wearing more Zara than most would at once, and refusing to apologize for it:
From Zara: Coat (last seen here) // Tee // Pants // Shoes
Sunnies: Karen Walker // Bracelet: C.wonder // Lips: Wet&Wild
Necklaces: Jennifer Rex – Clover (also love this one) // Zodiac 
Bag: c/o Francescas (love this one, last seen here)
Shop for your own leopard moment:
At the time of purchase, I didn’t realize my tee was as massive as it really is, oops! but I managed to channel my inner Tim Gunn into a make it work moment by tying the top up a bit and adding a tailored coat… which surprise, surprise, also happens to be from Zara. The crazy thing is I only own a few pieces of Zara clothing, and apparently most of them seem to be in this post, birds of a feather? Oh well… Zara, I hope you enjoy your free add campaign starring the shortest girl in the room. #thinkingskinnythoughts
Images by Claire Eliza
(she’s awesome … i’m beyond obsessed with her #girlcrush)
XO Courtney

MBFW // Control Sector

11th February 2014

I’ve never wanted to be a man more than I do today.
Okay, that’s a little bit of a lie … I had a hardcore Tom-Boy phase as a child where I only responded to the name Jet and closely resembled Lil’ Bow Wow – but those are dark days that I have since blocked out.

You can usually find me in twirl worthy skirts and blindingly bright lipstick, but MBFW designers of Control Sector have me contemplating changing my ways … and perhaps even my gender? Okay, I’m being riduclous, but so is this line … riduclous in the most amazing way.
After launching in June 2013, this fashion threesome (Two brothers Luke & Adam plus their design partner Maxwell) have created a unique lifestyle brand with an aggressive mix of influences. Bold prints meet oversized length in a functional yet unconventional collection that is still wearable! How do they do it? They’re awesome, that’s how. Their goal – make every piece a closet staple (well that puts my goal to never leave the house without lipstick to shame, thanks for that Control Sector) and if those aren’t words to live by, I don’t know what is!
Control Sector is shaking things up this year at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week by showcasing their re-invention of traditional menswear. This is not your boyfriend’s boring sweater (which I have come quite fond of wearing lately, maybe my suppressed Jet is trying to escape. Say it isn’t so!) – their lifestyle brand is the re-invented and non-tradiational line my inner Jet has been searching for. Their show will take place Thursday at Lincoln Center and collection will appear in stores across North America this spring. Make sure to follow along via twitter & Instagram to share in my VIP access to this exciting brand. 
 photo cmc_zps9fc2c7b8.png
 photo Untitled137_zpsff8c8db1.png