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29th April 2014

Today I’m seeing Red… and wearing red, and standing in front of red, basically there’s just a whole lot of redness going on in this very bright post! Plus I’m sharing some amazing iPhone app action, so don’t toss tomatoes at me just yet :] … 

Skort: Zara Skort (love this one)
Top: Red Francesca’s Blouse (Similar)
Shoes: Converse (love this pair!)
Jacket: Nordies Leather Jacket (old)
Necklace: Zara Pearl Choker (similar here)
Ring: Vintage Lipstick Ring
 I fell in love the last years Zara skort, so when I saw this year’s new version I had to pick it up in not one but two colors, including this tomato red! And when I searched my closet for something to pair with it, I found this Francesca’s blouse… A perfect mash, they must separated at birth!

Where was I going in this red on red ensemble you may ask? Sunday brunch at Macando with The Claire Eliza and some of her perfect Parisian friends. Speaking of Claire, I feel like you guys basically know my talented friend and photo queen Claire Eliza because I brag about her so much! She takes a lot of my blog photos and travels the world photographing fabulous french weddings & fashion shows. If that wasn’t enough she also created the most amazing iPhone app, LandCam. The proof is in the pictures, all these photos were taken by Claire via iPhone 5 using LandCam!
The last one is just for fun, Claire edited it using an awesome Japanese App to create Courtney, the tomato-technicolor goldfish!
Photos by Claire Eliza via Landcam
 photo Untitled3d_zps3cf1c479.png

Spring Picnic

28th April 2014

 The weather has been up and down lately, mother nature just doesn’t want to commit to Spring! Anyways a few weeks ago we had our first warm weekend, so a few friends and I celebrated with a picnic in central park! Sorry for this delayed post, I had some computer issues, and thought these pictures were lost but the good old apple genius bar (and my boyfriend Paris) came to the rescue, so today I’m presenting the first picnic of the season… eek!
What’s a Picnic without Levain…

Shirt: Black and White Striped Zara Crop Top
Jacket: Nordstrom Black & Gold Leather Jacket (oldie)
Pants: Jolt High Waisted Black Skinny Jeans via Nordies (only $26!)
Picnic Basket: Super cool vintage find (love this white one on super sale)
(similar styles here and I LOVE converse sneaker wedge here)
Hat: Vintage Bonnie Beret Green Beret Hat
Picnics come in all shapes in sizes, but my favorites are kept simple. Sparkling pink lemonade, goat cheese, a big baguette, fresh flowers, grapes (see, I am a little healthy….) and Levain cookies (okay, maybe not) made for the perfect park picnic! If you aren’t familiar with Levain, shame on you! Just kidding, it is this charming little bakery on the Upper West Side that serves the most amazing monster cookies, that are larger than life in both size and taste! Since I live in the west village (Downtown) and my best friend Sheree resides on the Upper East Side, we often meet in the middle at upper west for our Saturday “bestie days”. Sometime we go to a movie at our favorite theatre with reclining seats, and other times we have picnics in the park … but Levain cookies are pretty much always present! 
XO Courtney Quinn

Getting Graphic

23rd April 2014

Polka dots, stripes & edgepaint, Oh my! I wen’t graphic in todays look by pairing black & white prints with a novelty blouse and a little bit of lucite! Surprisingly, there’s no color in sight, but I did brighten things up with my signature red lip!

Coat: Forever 21 Striped Trench coat (obsessed with this one, or in navy here)
Shoes: Kate Spade Polka Dot Karolina Pumps (old, love these)
Skort: Black Zara Skort (similar here & here, plus fun colors here)
Bag: Kate Spade Summer House Robby Bag (old, but available via ebay)
I am so obsessed with Joe Fresh right now! I completely fell in love with this top when I spotted it in stores a few weeks ago. They also had a trench version which I adored… but couldn’t afford (I maxed out my clothing budget for the month, oops!). Anyways I have been loosing sleep over it ever since and  of course it’s sold out now, boo! Oh well, I still love Joe Fresh – great prices and great quality, but they always have something fun in store and their employees (at least at my lower 5th location) are amazing! 
Photos by the Amazing Claire Eliza
New Yorkers, Claire is heading off to Paris for the Summer to shoot Weddings and other amazing things, make sure to book with her before she’s gone! 
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 photo followviainstagram_zps49e1d2ef.png

The Conductor

21st April 2014

Overalls are a big, yet somewhat of controversial trend for Spring. Some love it, and some hate it but I had to give it a try!

Top: Zara Long Sleeve Black White Stripe Crop Top (old, similar here)
Shoes: Kate Spade Red Bow Marie Heels (old, similar here under $100)
Jewels: Tiffany Rings // Gold Pavé Link chain bracelet 
Everyone is wearing the Current Elliot Ranch Hand Overalls (lighter wash here and here) which look AMAZING on tall-skinny-modelesque types… which I am not – short girls rule! They are also $350 dollars, which is a little steep for me to try a trend – I like to try to stick to under $75 when trig out a trend that may not translate into other seasons! With overalls it’s really important to dress for your body type. I love a good boyfriend Jean, but since I walk the line between curvy and petite all while being five foot nothing, BF jeans do NOTHING for my body! I can still get away with carefully wearing them (last seen here), but when It came to overalls, I had to go with a skinny jean! The skinny shape helped actually give me a figure and kept me from looking like a toddler (well, I hope!)
I have a fun announcement (drum roll please) I am now a fashion contributor for Jet Magazine Online – hoorayI talk all about overalls and other spring trends in my latest article: 9 Spring Trends You Should TryYou can check it out here, I would love to know what you think! Oh and what about overalls in general? Is this a trend to love or to leave? Style sound off, ready – GO!
XO Courtney Quinn 

The Inbetween

18th April 2014

Last weekend was a big fat tease! It was 75 and sunny in the city, so I twirled my way through Soho in shorts, did some serious shopping and double dipped on brunch with some equally serious babes… And then came the cold. It snowed, yes snowed on tuesday night. New York, why must you be so fickle?! And what’s a girl to do wear this weirdo weather? My spring instincts say skirts but the forecast says Buurrr! I’m forever stuck in the winter/spring limbo, I’m living in-between!

Pants: Old Navy Black White Side Stripe Tuxedo Pants – only $18 !!
Coat: Zara, but no coat shopping allowed, Spring is coming!
Handbag: Green Vintage Clutch
My cure for the Inbetween? Patterns & a Pop of color. Wearing black can be boring so I pumped it up with a little pattern play. I am loving these tuxedo pants –  they feel like leggings! so they are super easy to wear but off set the stripey top! I added not one, but two color pops by pairing my go-to zara pumps with a little Kelly, I mean Courtney green. It’s also kind of Ironic that I was gabbing on and on about Spring finally being here in Monday’s post, where I am wearing B&W stripes and the same Zara pumps in a very spring way, ha! Let’s hope this cold front passes so we can finally say hello to Spring!
If you don’t know the story of Courtney Green you should, It’s a goodie! Kelly Green is my favorite color and since I am positive that no Kelly loves Green as much as I do, I decided to rename it (Can I do that? – Not sure, but I did!). Our love affair started six years ago! I remember my boyfriend telling me it was a phase and it wouldn’t last… eat those words Paris! :]

Stripes & Stuff

14th April 2014

We are in the full swing of Spring (finally) and NYC is just beautiful! I want to wear crop tops & floral every single day, and today I did just that!

Skirt: Ted Baker Full Floral Skirt – also here
Top: Striped Zara Crop Top (similar) – last seen here
Bag: Francescas Harper Mini Crossbody c/o – Also in black (under $25)
Sunnies: Karen Walker Super Duper Sunnies – also love these Tory Burch ones
Heels: Zara Powder Blue Court Shoe Bow Tie Pumps 
Jewels: Taylor Morgan Bracelet // Jennifer Rex Initial Necklace
Jewels: Vintage Elephant Earrings – similar here
Although I was crazy enough to wear my crop tops during the frigid NYC Winter (remember when I paired with a midi skirt for NYFW? hey, at least it was a long sleeved one!), showing some skin is one of my favorite spring things! I have been dying to wear this full floral skirt since I picked it up in February, but couldn’t bring myself to pair it with black tights – I thought it desired better. But with this glorious spring weather, I thought it was only fitting to twirl through the tree-lined streets of the West Village in this Ted Baker floral number.
What do you love most about Spring?
XO Courtney

Just Peachy

9th April 2014

 Happy Wednesday! Spring is in the air, and pastel colors are all the range! So today I decided to double up on a pinky hue by pairing peach with coral for a look that screams SPRING!

// American Apparel Peach Pants // Old Navy Peach Top //
// Clear Kate Spade Bag (old) // Gold H&M Bobby Pins //
Who says you can’t have too much of a good thing? Peach can be a fun color to wear, but sometimes pastels read as too pretty and girly for me. To counteract this, I paired peach with a contrasting color for a cool monochrome look with a little pop!
Shop Peachy // Coral finds:
What do you think about all my monochrome madness? Would love to hear from you!
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 photo followviainstagram_zps49e1d2ef.png

Club Monaco Must-haves

7th April 2014

Last week I got invited to join the club as a snuck a preview of Club Monaco’s fall 2014 collection that hit stores this July. Spoiler alert, it’s to die for!
The collection was inspired by the 70’s, but not the pastiacio green carpet, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha” seventies, but rather the glamorous Angelica HoustonBianca Jagger, Party all night in Six-inch-heels-seventies. 

The shoes (above) were amazing, the black and white colorblocked ones MUST be mine. I also fell in love with this little white dress with a big back bow (below)!
 This skort was another one of my favorites. Last year, the Zara skort changed my life, so I’m loving this Club Monaco one as a dressy-chic update!

The Club Mon press preview got me so inspired that I wanted to shop right that second! Sadly, we have to wait until July to purchase these pretties, for those of you who are impatient like me, here’s a few looks you can shop & wear right now!
Say yes to neutrals & metallics in a nude leather jacket with shiny stilettos. Leather trim gives this classic top an edgy twist and pairing it with boyfriend jeans makes the look downtown cool!
Shop the Look:
Scalloped Leather Shorts? UHM, yes please! And why not pair them with an eyelet on eyelet look (top & shoes)! Plus this look also touches on the sporty & espadrille trend for spring, so it’s a win, win!
Shop the Look:
Club Monaco never disappoints. I first started shopping club monaco last year, when i fell in love with this freckled spring suit. But I became a fan for life when I visited their epic new store on Lower 5th, be sure to check it out... and prepare for your jaw will drop! 
XO Courtney

All Bowed Up

2nd April 2014

Today I’m all smiles & bows! I tend to turn into a slightly edgier version of myself come fall – oopsies. But when we step back into spring, I start to get girly all over again! 

// Valentino Red Bow Shoulder Dress worn as a Top (similar) //
// Kate Spade Black White Bow Dress worn as a Skirt (seen here) //
// Francesca’s XO earrings (similar here) // Vintage Lipstick Ring //
// Zara Coat // Louboutin Heels // Kate Spade Bag // BCBG Bracelet //
// Kate Spade Belt // C Wonder Bracelet // KSNY Bracelet //
// Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick // H&M Rings //

Shop this look & similar styles:

I apologize, this post is full of pieces that are oldies but goodies so most of them are vintage or no longer available! I picked up this red dress at resale store, I loved the oversized bows and getting a designer piece for a steal – shop the most amazing mock off version here, might as well be the original!
My skirt is actually a dress as well (so yes, I am wearing two dresses … don’t judge me!), it’s from last spring when I was working at Kate Spade. By tucking the top inside of a dress with a full bottom and adding a thick belt, your favorite dresses can double as skirts! I discovered this last spring and it changed everything! 
XO Courtney