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Vogue Made Me Do It

30th June 2014

Today’s post will be short and sweet, like my little chub of a french bulldog, Waffles who was too busy spazzing out to be captured in this photo (I blame his Mother, who had the genius idea of taking these pre-dog park).

Lately I’ve been obsessed with graphic tee’s, and who can say no to a vogue inspired fashion one? Not this girl, that’s who!

 Ever since I fell in love with this T boutique Vogue Made Me Do It tee I have been wearing it non-stop – around the house with sweats, paired with a mini and heels, with boyfriend jeans while walking Waffles or tucked into a midi skirt with pumps at the office. My favorite way to wear it plays on the current sporty trend by pairing this must-have tee with a 80’s-inspired side pony and nike’s. 

I’ve been wearing sporty styles on repeat (here, here and here) and even wrote a little article for Jet Magazine about them. They are just so practical for NYC wanderings, that it’s no wonder (and about time) stylish sneakers came into style.

To tackle this trend I actually just knotted my tee over this dress to transform this pretty pink number into a skirt (one of my favorite tricks). Adding my Zara chockerpolka dotted hair tie and nike’s helped round out this sporty style – perfect for a post-work trip to the dog park with Waffles.
I’ve talked about our walks before and how this pamper pooch always ends up getting carried which is basically my weight lifting work out for the week…. Okay, month. He is 25 pounds of pure muscle and stubborn as a mule. I love him to pieces but when he decides to suddenly quit walking when we are still 3 avenues away from my apt, I have to pick up the royal heinous and double as his Taxi ride home – rough life Waffles, rough life.
Don’t worry, Paris captured the moment via instagram, for your enjoyment
Tee Boutique Vogue Made Me Do It Tee c/o || Zara Pink Tulip Dress (old)

Holy Sale

27th June 2014

Holy Sale Alert…
Happy Friday! C.wonder and Shop Bop are both having their annual gianourmous sales, so big that I have resulted to making up words! I just wanted to take a second to share some of my favorites.

If you haven’t been shopping C.wonder you are seriously missing out.
The perfect mix of pop & preppy are portrayed in bright colors with nautical nods. Some of my all-time closet favorites including this dress and the matching shorts all came from the perfection that is C.wonder store.

C.wonder also had a great event last weekend, C.wonder by the see where some of my favorite bloggers headed to the hamptons to Chris Burch’s summer home while I sweated it out in the city with Waffles, don’t worry, I’m not at all bitter. I did cool did a bit when I saw some of their amazing pictures, must-follow bloggers like Jessica of Bows & Sequins and Hallie of Corals & Cognacs were there celebrating in style and I also loved lemon stripes little recap post here — too cute.
Shop Bop
The shop bop sale can be a little overwhelming, so many clothes, so little time … and if you’re like me, so little money. But don’t stress – get the most out of by following these three simple rules to shop by

1 – Filter, Filter, Filter:
you have to refine your search, filter by your sizes and favorite designers but throw in a few wild cards, some of my must haves include DVF, Alice + Olivia, Party Skirts and Joie but I mixed things up by throwing in Mara Hoffman and DKNY.

2 – Add now, Refine later:
I follow my instincts, if I like something I add it to my cart and continue shopping, then when you are finished go back through and re-look at your finds. If you aren’t getting the same emotional reaction you did the first time, save that sucker for later and move on to the flocks that make your heart skip a beat.

3 – Say yes to a Splurge:
I believe in splurging in moderation (is that an oxymoron?) – I grant myself one splurge per sale but it has to be a good one. Before saying yes to the splurge, I make sure to develop three ways to wear the piece I a dropping a pretty penny on. For example, I think this egg shell leather jacket is timeless, cool and seriously splurge worthy, I could wear it with pastel hues in the Spring (or the fall this year since they will be on trend), have a Winter White moment with a lbd and fancy shoes, over a bright, girly look to add some edge or with jeans and sneakers come Fall, Spring or for colder summer nights. This sparkly striped party dress is another splurge contender to pair with fun flats or sky high heels for a birthday dinner, wedding, bridal shower, new years eve, holiday party or swanky night out!

I wasn’t too bad but of course I indulged. I picked up this darling dress — perfect for beach trips or summer days, I am also envisioning it with white converse and a denim jacket, these must have sandals in white for only $145 $40 (they come in black & saddle too) and these classic tuxedo pants. I also said yes to this yellow striped number (can’t wait to wear it with white jeans), the perfect weekend bag (i’m now regretting my choice to pass on the matching tote), a little monogrammed dog polo for Waffles (yes, I’m ridiculous) and another set of these gold glasses that I already have and love all from C.wonder.

At shopbop I stuck to the basics with this crop top that I will be wearing all summer long and this easy skirt to dress up with wedges or down with sneakers. I also picked up this darling Mara Hoffman dress (love how Bows & Sequins wore it here), which will be my first MH number – see it pays to add in those wild cards! Finally when I saw this little red DVF dress I knew it had to be mine, I didn’t even feel an ounce of spending shame when adding it to cart – I’ll be wearing it all summer long with sporty kicks or dressing it up with a sassy sandal!

I somehow resisted (and will probably go back for) this bright plate and matching cup from C.wonder as well as this must-have dress. And am also giving myself mad willpower props for fighting the urge to semi-splurge on this striped dress, which would be my 8th one… but it’s different, I promise! I don’t know how I was able to remove this red, bow jump suit from my cart but I did and was also able to turn down this crazy cute swim suit only because I have already purchased three this season and have yet to step foot near a body of water.

Hope you clean up big this weekend!
Happy Shopping!


His & Hers – Bucketfeet

26th June 2014

So today’s post is kind of fun and cheesy all at the same time because my boyfriend/photographer/best friend, Paris is crashing this post! Plus I’m introducing a new section of my blog (I’m not sure if Paris knows this is going to be a thing now… Surprise!): His & Hers. 

Paris and I have been together for an embarrassingly long time – let’s just say since high school. And before we were going “steady” we were besties so we have always been big parts of each others lives. Since we spend so much time together, our style has always somewhat complimented each other — which is not always a good thing (we both have made our fair share of fashion no-nos), but funny to think back on none the less. Honestly, I think my fashion don’ts are way more embarrassing than any of his, but there are a few high school dance couple costumes that should never see the light of day again — oh high school…
Despite our previous and perhaps questionable choices, today we made the right one with BucketFeet – a cool, art inspired shoe brand that we can’t stop wearing. Not only are their shoes so dang comfortable (they have these awesome massaging polka dots in them that I’m obsessed with) but they are also crazy cute. I love the paint splatter pattern of my shoes and the simple yet statement print on Paris’s that look great with almost everything.

Top: H&M Graphic Crop Top, it says “that’s awesome”
Overalls: Tinseltown Overalls via Macys (see me in a Urban one’s here)
Paris is wearing: Bucketfeet Shplinton Canvas Shoes, Tommy Hilfiger Shirt – a gift from the most amazing girlfriend ever … oh wait, that’s me :], and Gap Jeans
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24th June 2014

This summer I want to wear white and only white …
all day, everyday, non-stop white! 
Oh and when I say white, you know I mean white, with a whole mess of bright colors and geometric patterns, right?
Summer in the city brings out a different side of me in all elements, including my style. I don’t usually get tanner (I’m addicted to SPF and terrified of skin cancer) but my sunglasses get bigger, shorts get shorter (hopefully not too short) and my legs actually stay shaved — well most days, so of course my color palette needs a complimentary makeover and my sights are set on bright white.

When I found this skirt I instantly fell in love with all of the bright colors and bold pattern — it reminded me of a piñata, PAR-TAY! I knew I had to have the matching patterned top as well so I could double it up as a dress or wear them as separates. The top is perfect with jeans & flats, tailored white shorts and sandals or tucked into a bright midi while the skirt is just screaming for a solid crop top, knotted chambray button-up or simple white tee. 
Since I allotted for a print on print look, I had to tone things down with my go-to shoe. I thought these powder-blue babies might be stuck on the shelf this summer (they’re suede) but after bracing the snow during Fashion Week, I thought they deserved some fun in the sun!
Oh and incase you’ve been living under a rock, the Zara sale is alive and kicking — and these Court Bow Pump are just one of the amazingly discounted must-haves.
Top: Geometric Print Top c/o Lulus
Skirt: Geometric Print Skirt c/o Lulus – I also wear it with this
Shoes: Zara Bow Pump – my favorites & currently on Sale!
Bag: White Old Navy Bucket Bag – Also comes in black and saddle
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Macarons & Mimosas

23rd June 2014

This weekend I decided to host a little blogger gathering for some NYC gals ! It was a great chance for me to meet some of my favorites that I stalk from afar (creepy) and to catch up with some of  my blogger bffs while stuffing our faces!
I honestly had far too many macarons, I am only slightly ashamed (and strangley proud) to say my count hit the double digits. Macarons are such perfect dessert because they aren’t too too sweet and are perfectly portioned so you can stuff your face without feeling too guilty.

Since it’s not a party until you play the plate game, we did! All you need is paper plates, pens and a sense of humor. Just place the plates over your head and draw an agreed upon object. It’s one of my favorite ice breaker games, plus you always discover someone’s hidden plate drawing talents #SecretPicasso 
The winners took home great gifts from some of my favorite new jewelry brands: Armed and Readi – one of my favorite new jewelry brands, Gina Cueto Jewelry (check out her awesome ear cuffs and I need this crisscross ring in my life), Style This Life (adorable tassel bracelets) and the darling J’adore Gems!
Hartland Tattoos // Armed and Readi

Hallie of Corals and Cognacs matched perfectly with our sweet treats
And of course Waffles AKA the Ham, had to make an appearance. Jessica Sturdy, one of my all time blogger favorites was smitten! Hoping she gets a french bully soon – Waffie desperately needs a new frenchie bestie!

It felt so good to get back to hostessing, for those of you who have been following along for a while you might remember parties such as my Harry Potter Dinner Parties, Kentucky Derby Themed Grad Party, Hunger Games Dinner Party, and my favorite, my Alice in Wonderland tea party; but ever since moving to NYC my parties have been few and far between. This is partially because of my lack of apartment space and also because my lack of city friends #loneralert. But now being here for a little more than a year now, I have befriended enough party-worthy pals to to help fill my dinner table (hopefully I made a few more at this event), and with this great garden space in my apartment building, I definitely see more diner parties in my future.

This mimosas and macarons event was an great baby step into hostessing again – especially for a gal on a budget (and in NYC, who isn’t!?) I picked up champagne, orange juice and macarons from Trader Joes — they were amazing, bite sized and only $5 for 12! I popped by Party City for cute plates, printed napkins and plastic champagne glasses which I decorated with gold polka dot stickers! The rest I pulled from my apartment decor, including a gold tray from my Kate Spade days, polka dot plates, golden chargers, striped J.crew jewelry trays (they are on sale for $12!!!) a Jonathan Adler dish and more! Plus Studio Mucci was kind enough to send me this darling garland that served as the perfect finishing touch and a must have for any pretty party — shop it here!

be sure to follow all my fabulous guests:
(not pictured) Taylor Morgan Designs
Big thanks to all of our event Sponsors:

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To the Gym & Beyond

21st June 2014

I think there is absolutely no reason not to look cute at the gym! Back in my dancing days (did you know I was a competitive dancer? friends/colleagues of mine have even gone on to dance and star on glee, compete and win SYTYCD and even dance on tour with Beyonce and Lady Gaga!) I always had to get ready for class, even if I was just going to sweat it up! I am a firm believe that if I do not look my best, I can’t do my best! When I used to do Yoga the girls I would take with would always make fun of me because I would always show up in no makeup except for my red lipstick, wearing a headband or bow in my hair without fail … so yes, looking your best at the Gym or wherever you work out is a must!

Top: Audrey Hepburn Tie Tank Top (also love this one)
Leggings: Forever 21, I also wear and love these revisable ones 
Shoes: Reebok Skyscape – I’m obsessed read why here
Okay, I’m going to be really honest here – I have never been a big gym rat. With work and blogging I don’t have much free time and like to spend it shopping (that counts as cardio right), enjoying NYC or with Paris / Waffles. As a result, my “work out” is walking to and from work everyday (20 blocks and 3 avenues… that counts right?), walking Waffles and our occasional “sprints” – and by sprints I mean we run for about thirty seconds before Waff lays down and I have to carry him home… gotta love our “fit-fam” quality time ;]
My Hand-picked Workout Must haves:
P.S. these violet love headbands are perfect for the gym, or beyond – cute with loungewear, a sporty look or even a colored maxi! To sweeten the deal VLH is offering 20% off to CMC readers now through the 28th!
use code ColorMeVL20
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As Good As Gold

19th June 2014

A little gold can go a long way, but what about a lot of gold? Well today I am pushing the limits of this metallic color by piling it on! You can’t ever have too much gold right?

Oh and because I’m dripping in gold and going to share an embarrassing confession from my past at the end of this post (stay tuned) I request that you read this post while playing the Goldfinger theme song from Austin Powers in your head. Cue music and Beyonce voice,“Solid Gold”

Dress: Ted Baker (this was my first Ted baker dress! an oldie but a goodie)
Belt: Saks 5th Avenue basic gold black belt via My Sisters Closet in AZ
Jacket: Nordies Black & Gold Moto Leather Jacket
Confession time – I have a bit of a gold obsession. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing like it used to be – There was a time when I was so obsessed I wanted my skin to have a golden gleam… I even looked into the specific spray tans that would help me get there – don’t worry, I never went full Oscar – But when I saw these Gold Oxfords I fell in love. Once I discovered the are only $25 I quickly ordered myself a pair! Oxfords are often so stiff and awful – and whats the point of uncomfortable flats? These loosen up enough and somewhat mold to your feet – plus the perforation make them perfect for a summer shoe!

Oh and if you’re not a gold gal (shame on you) they come in three colors, black, gold and a pewter/silver color – shop them all here!

 photo Untitled3d_zps3cf1c479.png

Stripey Stroll

16th June 2014

Okay, so there might be a chance that my stripe obsession is a wee bit out of control … and maybe this post is the proof. Today Waffles and I stole 5th avenue in non-stop stripes

Top: Zara Stripe Crop Top (similar here or here for under $10) (another version here)
Shoes: Keds Rally Cork Sneakers c/o (also in whiteorange or fun version here)
Bag: Moschino via My Sisters Closet – shop online for discounted designer resale
Sunnies: Karen Walker Super Duper Giant Tortoise Sunglasses
Headband: Coach Ponytail Scarf // love this stripe one (surprise, surprise)
Bracelet: Style This Life gold tassel bracelet c/o I’m obsessed
Bangle: Kate Spade Play Hooky Bangle

Normally, this is the part of the post where I would create some clever explanation for why I am wearing stripes for the thousandth time … but I’m refusing to apologize and instead blaming in all on my sever case of the stripes!

I think doubling up on your favorite pattern like I did here is a super fun and playful way to make an outfit-impact! The crop top & high-waist skirt combo show just enough skin to break up the pattern without ruining the print play. I added even more prints in neutral tones by adding a leopard ponytail scarf and my new favorite Keds Rally Cork Sneakers in polka dot! The use of tan blends with my skin tone to make these printed pops really neutral and help prevent the look from getting to pattern-crazed… I also love that they match my little french man as well, after all, he is the best friend and accessory a girl could have :]

Speaking of Keds their Brave Life Project will award up to fifty girls between the ages of 18 -24 a $1,000 grant to attend Keds’ Brave Life Summit in NYC this August!!! If you haven’t heard of the Brave Life Project, you are seriously missing out, its a great organization that helps girls be brave enough to follow their dreams! Enter here for your chance tor attend the Brave Life Summit – good luck!!!
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Seersucker Safari

13th June 2014

Today we’re going on a little style safari by pairing two different prints together, with a twist! I’m wearing Safari prints & seersucker – two contrasting patterns, but keeping it monochromatic in summer blues!

Pants: Rachel Roy Seersucker Boyfriend Jeans (old) shop these darling pants
Shoes: Zara Court Heel Pump Bow Tie Heel in powder Blue
Hat: Vintage Straw Summer Bowler (try it with the panama hat!)
Shop my favorite seersucker safari styles:
If you haven’t tried pattern mixing yet, shame on you! This fun trend came no the scene maybe five years ago, but has hung around becoming almost a basic! It’s especially fun for spring & summer where you can give a striped skirt a flirty twist by wearing it with a floral blouse! If you’re scared to try pattern mixing, ease yourself in with something simple – like I did in today’s look! Keep in monochromatic by sticking to a color pallet (try black and white) and use small, simple patterns (like seersucker) … after you dabble in this toned-down version of the trend I know you will want to give the more advanced versions a try!
What do you think about pattern mixing? Are you already a printed pro or is it something you are dying to try?!
photos by claire eliza
She’s off in Parie for the summer, photographing weddings and being fancy- I miss you, come back to the USA – Until she decides to grace our great nation with her presence, follow her instagram to find yourself in a constant state of jealousy! I think my summer Parisian vacay is vastly over due … Claire, next time you’re packing me with you, I promise I will fit in your carry-on!
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A Carrie Moment

12th June 2014

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw – she will always be one of my favorite TV fashionistas (along with Blair Waldorf). Carrie changed fashion for everyone and I look to her style almost everyday for inspiration. Every time I twirl through NYC in tulle I think of CB! Today was no different, so I had to share this very, Carrie moment filled with stripes, tulle and of course, stilettos.

Top: Zara Stripe Crop Top (similar here or here for under $10) (another version here)
Shoes: Dolce Vita Pamona Pump with Leopard – get 20% off use SAVE
Skirt: H&M Tulle Skirt (old) – I love this BCBG one for $88 + 25% use, FRIENDS
I am also really loving this Top Shop Tulle Midi skirt for $100
Earrings: XO Earrings Urban Outfitters (silver here) – dying for this No. 5 earring here
Necklace: Jennifer Rex Leo Necklace c/o
I think a tulle skirt is a closet must have for any stylish city gal – it’s so functional and works year around! I pair mine with booties and cashmere in the fall, tights and turtlenecks for winter and crop tops for those warmer months! Skirts with a thick waist band like this one, help your tummy look super tiny and the midi length looks great on everyone… even shorties like me :]
P.S. Did I mention that Lord & Taylor is having their friends & family sale? 25% off almost everything including this darling tulle skirt with a bow! Be sure to check it out

photos by Pratik Doshi 
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