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Best Coffee Table Books

31st July 2014

Calling all book worms and decor-obsessed four eyes, this post is for you! Today we’re talking the best coffee table books to add some pizzaz to your humble abode. Plus Waffles and I will give you a little taste of our living room (more to come soon).

Mug /// Vase
Growing up with a awesome interior designer for a mom, decor was always important to me. My mom had the coolest ways of incorporating super modern pieces (contemporary sculptures, minimalistic lamps and lots of stainless steal) with kitschy vintage touches (displaying her collection of vintage typewriters in the living room), so I quickly learned to follow her lead.

Bag /// Bracelet /// Notebook /// Lips
In high school I fell in love with the Hollywood regency style perfected by the goddess herself Kelly Wrestler and began to die for her designs. Soon after, whimsical nature of Jonathan Adler and Kate Spade also found a place in my heart. When I lived in Arizona I had the luxury of incorporating my vintage couch (that I scored for $75 dollars at Goodwill before repainting and kept in my closet, yes, closet) into these design styles for a glamor-meets-thrift-feel (yes, that’s a thing). But now, in my tiny, tiny, train style apt the vintage pieces are few an far between because functionality has to rule above all. 

When I first moved in last year, I channeled the old Kate Spade stores as my decor inspiration for a vintage vibe with pops of color and pattern see it here. Ironically, my apartment got a make over just as the Kate Spade stores did too (have you been to this one, it’s ba-nanans), what was once rustic & charming is now clean, crisp and b&w (but hopefully still pretty charming) – I can’t wait to share it with you! Although I was cranking up the glam factor, I still wanted to keep the over-accesorized, vintage-vibe that reminded me of so many important things of the past (Living with my mom, Kate Spade and my beloved closet couch . tear) and I do that through coffee table books, and lots of them!
{ 10 points if you know what the Q stands for }
So you may be wondering, “But Courtney, you don’t have a coffee table” – true, and I probably won’t for a while. Everything in NYC has to be bi-functional. So my table serves as a breakfast nook, flower lined jewelry box, a procrastinators favorite desk, i-have-a-shopping-problem-but-it-counts-as-cardio-right? window displace, the place where donuts come to diepre-party planning place and the closest thing I will ever get to a coffee table, and I’m okay with that. But that doesn’t mean I have to miss out on the wonder that is coffee table books. In fact I have become a collector of sorts resulting in too many to displace, hence why they are covering every surface in my apt.

The best Coffee Table books for a B&W apartment:
I usually go treasure hunting for my coffee table books, I have seriously scored at Housing Works giving a second home to a few gems, but also like to mix it up with a few new books (plus you will never find a Chanel book at a thrift store, and if you do, go buy a lotto ticket and seriously shame on you to the delusional lunatic who threw out anything with the word “Chanel”). Pairing old with new, thrifted with books hot off the press will create an interesting arrangement!

Big Book Of Chic

edited by Fabien Baron /// $85 (also available here)

By Daniel Bolt /// $40 (also here
{I also have (and love) The Gospel According to Chanel for a small read & finishing touch for any book shelf}

& just for fun I love the Great American Pinup book, it’s big & white perfect for the finishing touch on a B&W room plus it’s crazy cheap. If you are looking to spend a bit more, I suggest the Big Book Of Chic!
Also featuring : Girl Boss, Bando Planner, Alice in Wonderland & lots of Vogue
P.S. can we talk about these Pajamas – I can’t take them off, especially since it is currently 1:36AM and both Waffles and Paris are passed out (snuggling) on the rug, lucky ducks! Anyways, they are super soft & crazy cute, after wearing PJ Salvage pajamas I never want to wear another set of PJs but somehow force myself to switch off with this romper. I have even worn the shorts out of the house with a T-shirt while walking waffles, no shame here #unfabulous. Plus check out how I rocked their sleep to street wear romper in real-life. Who says you can’t wear your Pajamas all day?

Would love to hear about some of your favorite coffee table books. Leave a comment below with your pick so I can follow your lead and continue to hoard, I mean add to the collection XO

Win it >> Summer It Bag

30th July 2014

Today we’re talking bucket bags as I team up with two other blogger beauts to share six ways to wear this trend. And since talk is cheap, we’re also giving away our bucket bag fav at the bottom of this post, filled with awesome accessories!
This Summer it was all about the bucket bag. From designer to discount, everyone was creating their own version of this trend! I fell in love with Old Navy’s bucket bag because of it’s soft pebbled leather, oversized tassel detail and perfect proportion, and I wasn’t the only one. Many of my blogger favs joined the ON bucket bag party including Marissa of Style Cusp and Ashley of SideSmile Style

At the Beach with a Wrap Dress /// by Style Cusp
Travel style for a day of exploring /// by SideSmile Style
Weekend Wear in a tropical romper /// Color Me Courtney (oh hey, that’s me)
Day to night glam /// by SideSmile Style
For rooftop drinks in Geometirc prints /// by Color Me Courtney
Summer Casual in stripes & chambray /// by Style Cusp
Win this bucket bag in the color of your choice filled with some surprise accessories (including a necklace, two sets of earrings, iphone 5 case, nail polish and more)

To enter:

1) Follow us on instagram:
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Best of luck babes XX

More Issues Than Vogue

29th July 2014

Today we’re getting a little graphic … in graphic tees of course! Oh and I say we because Waffles is blog crashing yet again … but he’s not the only furry friend making an appearance! 

Graphic tee’s are totally having a moment right now (But I mean, when are they not). I have long been a fan of these wordy wearables but sometimes find it hard to incorporate them into my wardrobe without looking too casual, especially come summer! For any of the other seasons, a bold blazer can be the perfect way to dress up a graphic. Finish the look up with some layered necklaces and viola instant glam, but in the Summer, a blazer is the last thing I want to wear (although the weather has been surprisingly nice lately … knock on wood) – my summer solution to adding some edge to a graphic tee? a sleeveless tuxedo vest! 
I fell in love with this graphic tank from Dentz Denim via etsy (she has super cute sweatshirts & harry potter inspired tees in her shop too – jackpot). When I first put it on Paris shook his head and said, “you know that’s not a compliment right?” … right.

This isn’t my first (and won’t be my last) dabble with a vogue-inspired tee. Remember this post that waffles also crashed? Speaking of Waffles, the cutest thing EVER happened during this shoot with The Jane Street (instagram account), he met a horse right outside of the classic Jane Street Hotel … Waffles met a horse.
So about this giddy-up meet & greet that you are witnessing. First of all Waffles was obsessed, he literally loved this horse! I guess it helps that Waffles thinks he himself is about the size of the horse and is too fearless for his own good. Anyways, him & his larger four-legged-friend quickly became besties, filling Waffle’s little heart with joy only to be ripped out when he had to say goodbye. Literally I have never seen something that depressing or ridiculous happen before my eyes. It was like that scene in The Fox and The Hound when Todd and Copper part ways at the end and you don’t know if they are still friends or just going to forget about each other forever, if you aren’t tearing up right now you have no soul. Side note, why is Disney so dang depressing? Anyways, Waffles wailed for a good eight minutes trying to run off after his new BFF. Even once the horse was out of sight, Waff continued to cry in hopes that he would return. It was down right heart wrenching. I only hope waffles and the horse will meet again someday for some epic reunion…. and who knows maybe his awesome mom will take him to Central Park in search of horse drawn carriages sometime soon – anyone care to join?!
/// Via instagram ///
P.S. I’m so impressed with Paris for capturing this moment, way to go BF! You can follow him on instagram here 

Vogue Tank c/o Dentz Denim || Denim via WetSeal (older than old) 
Asos Black & White Leather Espadrilles || ILY Couture Ring Set c/o
Halogen Black Tuxedo Vest || Nila Anthony b&w lego Clutch  c/o
Yoko Sunnies c/o Fantas-Eyes also love these pretties
Lips Ruby Woo by Mac || Hashtag necklace c/o Style This Life
This post is part 2 of a 2 part collab with The Jane Street swing by their instagram for sweet snaps of the West, I mean best village, and check out part one of the collab here

Zoo Day

25th July 2014

This post is jam-packed so let me apologize in advance.
TGIF right?! Last weekend blew by, and some how this week was one of the slowest ones ever? I woke up on Tuesday thinking it was Thursday, even told a co worker “hang in there tomorrow’s Friday, and they gave me the craziest look.. oops! Then woke up again on Wednesday convinced it was Thursday. Anyways back to last weekend, Saturday was busy busy but started with a Zoo day with one of my favorite people (and her awesome husband) Taylor Morgan!

So Incase you didn’t know, Taylor and I go way back. I grew up dancing at her Mom’s studio but we really became close when I moved to NYC. Moving across the country can be a scary thing, I moved with a roommate who only stayed 2 weeks before moving back home and only knew a handful of people in the city. I am SO THANKFUL I had her and her amazing husband James to lean on when I moved here and am still so lucky to have such great city friends. It’s even better now that Paris is here, because he and James get along swimmingly, #besties.
Taylor designs for Tommy Hilfiger and always gets great deals through her company, so her and James got free passes to the Queens Zoo Paris and I tagged along for the day! I had been to the Bronx Zoo but never the Queens one so we were excited to see what it had to offer. Naturally, I wore a zebra peplum top, leopard espadrilles and a snake purse; and Paris wore a bucket hat…. no comment.

Top Shop Koala Leopard Espadrille (+ solid colors here)
Kate Spade (old) Peplum (similar) || Wet Seal Black high-waist Shorts
Poppy Clips c/o gold studs – these snap onto to any shorts or pants
 Honestly, the Zoo itself was just okay. The biggest highlight was the Sea Lions (I seriously love Sea Lions so I was really excited about seeing them), but the lack of elephants and monkeys kind of got me down.  But I always have such a blast with Taylor & James that they make even a monkey-free zoo such a blast. On the plus side, the Queens Zoo is small enough for a quick 2 hour trip or good for little kids because it’s a short walk & there’s a petting zoo.

And hey guess what, Taylor is positing about her Zoo day too (I don’t know why we don’t blog collab more, we really need to get our acts together) so swing by her blog & check. it. out.


Weekend Highlights
Before I let you go I wanted to share what I was reading this week. Last Sunday I made a list of all my favorite weekly reads and assigned days to check in on them, some have to be checked daily, and others twice a week but no matter the frequency, my type-A side made a schedule for it and I am planning on sticking to it! Thanks to my daily reading list I was able to keep up on all of my favorite blogs/sites this week (this never happens) so I had to share the highlights.
// Mackenzie Horan shares the sweetest class in NYC in her recap of a Macaron Workshop // I’m obsessed with how Blaire Edie rocked all white (my summer uniform) in this self portrait pretty // My good friend Melanie shares three things that make life easier – she’s one of the sweetest gals around with an infectiously positive personality so I have to try some of her tricks // Kelly in the City rocked this Jonathan Adler hat & now I’m jonesing for a beach day // A Lacey perspective is giving away a super cute summer outfit & her darling pug makes an appearance in the post //
What are your weekend plans?
Although there will be no parrots or alligators filling my days, it should still be a wild one! I’ll be turning another year older (and probably none the wiser) on Saturday so I will be celebrating with a polka dot picnic in the park. Be sure to follow along via instagram!

The Striped Crop Top

24th July 2014

I know I have been over dosing on stripes lately, and that you are probably so sick of it! I went to an event earlier this week and met a PR pro that I had been corresponding with for a few weeks now via email … the first thing she said to me was “you’re not wearing stripes?!”. Then I knew the obsession had maybe gotten a wee bit out of control. I promise I’ll try and scale back the stripes, especially this striped crop top, but I can’t say goodbye to them entirely since they are quickly become one of my signatures (in addition to my red lip of course).

Anyways before I start switching out my stripes for other patterns, I’m determined to get you all abroad the striped crop top train by sharing
10 ways to wear a striped crop top!

The obsession started with my long sleeve cropped top, but I shortly switched to a more summer-friendly version as the season changed… either where way you slice it there’s a whole lot of stripes going on.

1) With a floral skirt

Full look here >> Stripes & Stuff
2) With some color blocking

Full post here >> Stripey 
3) With a pencil skirt

see the full post >> Bright Striped
4) With a mini skirt & a moto

See the full look >> Strawberry Bubblegum 
5) With a time traveling twist (90’s style)

Full look here >> That 90’s Chick
6) Under Overalls 
Complete post here >> The Conductor 
7) The Carrie Bradshaw way, with a Tulle Midi

Full post here >> A Carrie Moment
8) With contrasting colors

Full look here >> NYFW // Michael Kors
9) With more stripes (duh) and Waffles on the side

Full look here >> Stripey Stroll
10) With a bright midi

See the full post >> Bumble Bee 

I am all about wardrobe versatility and love remixing my pieces to create new looks. Remember this post? I share how to make 100 outfits by investing in 10 pieces (including this striped crop top). Pop by for some wardrobe inspiration & 10 more ways to wear the striped crop top. Don’t worry I will be bringing back this post for Fall + a special back to school style guide!
Until then, stay stripey 😉 …. & cue toddler smile


Summer Vintage

23rd July 2014

I have an on again off again love affair with vintage. Sometimes I want something shiny & new, but other times I find joy in teaching old clothes new tricks! Today is one of those days — I’m wearing a look that’s nearly all vintage from head to toe.

Some of my favorite pieces in my collection are vintage like this Moschino bag I wear nonstop, my kelly Courtney green clutch (in this post), this little black dress and my trusty cross body picnic basket. When I lived in AZ I would go treasure hunting in the Melrose district with my mom and Waffles almost every weekend. The coolest thing we ever found were giant, metal letters from an old store, we mixed & matched to make them spell “Lounge” then added a coat of paint before hanging them in our living room — I wish I had a picture to show you (what’s wrong with me) because I’m still really proud of it!
This straw bowler was another vintage win from AZ. I can’t really pull off hats, especially really round ones like this guy, but I loved it so much that I made an exception. Side note — If you too have a crazy round face and chubby hamster-esuqe cheeks (sexy) like me, you might generally fear round hats like this one. My trick? it’s all in the hair! Swoop your locks into a side bun with loose pieces or try two messy buns like mine, which was inspired by Kaley Cuoco in the Big Bang Theory (also love her hair here) it will distract from the general round-ness going on in the facial region. Anyways with the Panama Hat having such a big moment this year, I have been dusting off this straw bowler more and more, I love touching upon a trend but making it my own, and vintage gems like this hat help me do that!
This romper is also Vintage (surprise, surprise) from an awesome new online find, Thriftwares !! All the fun of vintage shopping right from your computer … yay! Sometimes I like to make a day of vintage shopping, but there are those days when I want to shop from the comfort of my couch with Waffles nesting his way into my nook (currently happening) and thriftwares is the answer. I also snagged a super cute poppy skirt (don’t worry, I’ll share it soon) and love this floral pencil skirt!
Speaking of rompers, aren’t they the perfect summer piece?! But I bet you didn’t know they can even work for fall (I know guys, it’s right around the corner … ba-nanas!). You can pair some romps with tights, booties & a boyfriend cardie or turn it into a top by wearing a full skirt over the shorts! However you rock it, here are some of my hand picked favorites:
Thanks to thriftwares, and Keiko Lynn (I got lost in her archives over the weekend, she’s just so stinking cool) my love of vintage / thrifted pieces have been revived! I’m now inspired to pick up some more treasured items…. nothing makes a girl feel special like having something that none else really does. 

AZ thrifting spots:
My Sisters Closet – When I’m in AZ I shop the melrose district for vintage finds and my sisters closet for resale goodies and designer finds (like my Moschino and the Saks 5th  avenue black belt in today’s post). They have a few locations in AZ (the chandler one is the best for frugal finds, but go to Scottsdale for designer pieces) and can also shop online here
Merchant Square – If you have a few hours to kill, spend it getting lost in merchant square, full of little “boutiques” each with their own theme and flair!
Modern Manor – We snagged a few letters for the Lounge wall from Modern Manor and waffles made a new best friend, their shop frenchie, Remy! They also have some of the most amazing furniture finds.
Sweet Salvage – every 3rd Thursday of the month this warehouse space turns into a boutique filled paradise all in theme! My favorite was the Alice in Wonderland theme, full of tea cups, playing cards and red roses. It reminded me of this birthday bash
NYC treasure hunting:
I strongly recommend a little after-brunch treasure hunting to clear the mind and clutter the closet, it’s something you can easily work into your Sunday routine. There are SO MANY amazing vintage destinations in the city, but I like to keep it in the village so I can walk off my brunch before indulging:
Starstruck village – Your classic, little vintage shop! I did some Christmas shopping damaging here last weekend (it’s dangerously close to my apt). The haul included a Burberry scarf for $30 and a cashmere Lascoste sweater for $15!
Metropolis Vintage – great prices & great finds! I love this gem of a shop!
Liza Sherman – usually out of my price range but still fun to look, I treat it like a free museum.
Club Monaco – random, I know, but Club Monaco on 5th ave has a cabinet full of perfectly curated vintage finds including Channel, Hermes and more drool-worthy designers. I always have to check out their little vintage sections because it’s forever changing and always drool-worthy. Plus they plan on continuing the hand-picked boutique feel come fall when they introduce their line of accessories from small designers around the world. I chat more about it here.
Thriftwares Romper c/o (obsessed with this one + similar on sale here)
Top Shop Koala Leopard Espadrille (+ solid colors here) || ILY Couture Ring Set c/o
Green Vintage Clutch (similar) || Black Saks belt via My Sisters Closet
Yoko Sunnies c/o Fantas-Eyes also love these pretties

Bumble Bee

22nd July 2014

I’ve been wearing black & white stripes non-stop lately, seriously, non-stop. There are all these rules about black & white stripes: horizontal ones make you look chubs, don’t wear them with orange or yellow, blah, blah blah — well today I’m breaking those rules, because life is so much better when you dress outside the lines. 

Instead of fearing the color combo, I’m embracing it and going full on bumble bee! Picking up this Topshop midi skirt from Nordies was a no-brainer, but when I had to find something to pair it with I was stumped. Everything I own is black & white or another crazy bright color, two choices to generally avoid when pairing with another bold piece… typical. But since two statements are always better than one, and rules are meant to be broken (I live for white after labor day, it’s my favorite rule to break) I decided to pair the two for a double-whammy of an outfit … Boo yah!! 
Can the Midi trend never end? pretty puh-lease! I thought I would loathe this length on me because of my legs, or lack there of (short girl problems) but have completely fallen in love! A midi is so flattering, classic and fun – plus it looks killer with a crop top. Let’s be honest people, I look exactly like Betty Draper (ha!). Midi’s also saved me last winter, when I was determined to wear full red midi to fashion week despite the freezing temperatures… Always reasonable. Don’t worry, I wore my sweat pants under the skirt and no one even noticed (who are we kidding, it’s me … all I do is twirl, literally everyone noticed.) see it here!
I gotta love a crop top + midi combo! It allows me to indulge in the cropped trend without showing too much skin or forcing me to stop eating macrons… and ice cream… and cake, and pistachios (okay that one is kind of healthy unless you eat the whole bag … guilty) … and more ice cream … ice cream and ice cream… hungry yet? Anyways, It helps hide the pooch (which is making an appearance in the image above) and since I can’t stop eating and my only source of cardio (shopping) has been done on line as of late, you will probably only see me in the high-waist-crop-top situation.
I’ve been on a bit of a yellow kick lately — I blame it on my lemon obsession, so this skirt fit the bill (I promise it’s more yellow in real life than it photographs). I have also been craving this citrus kate spade number all season long (despite already owning last year’s version in blue… whoops!). Speaking of blue, I can’t wait to wear my new midi with bright colors (yes I’m a rule breaker) like neon pink, kelly green and all sorts of blues: baby blue, royal and maybe even some mint! 
P.S. This post is part of a two part collab with one of my favorite west village based instagrams @thejanestreet — we had such a blast shooting & meeting up with her (she’s such a sweetheart!!!). We snapped these outside The Spotted Pig, but be sure to follow along for pretty village snaps and more images from our collaboration! Also swing by my insta & follow along to join the party! See you there! XX
Oh and I’m wearing….
Yellow TopShop Midi from Nordies || H&M Stripe crop top (similar)
ILY Couture Rainbow Link Bracelet || ILY Couture Regency Pave Midi Ring Set


Fruit by the Fashion

18th July 2014

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of the fruity fashion trend (I wear my lemon keds almost everyday) so it was only a matter of time before I doubled, no tripled up on the trend! Oh, and I hope you don’t mind but I am going to toot my own horn for a second here (toot toot) because I boarded the fruity trend train last year (remember my season search for the perfect lemon dress?), first with a lemon obsession resulting in a dress, shoes and shorts but it happened once again when I stumbled into J.crew only to find the cutest orange dress in CrewCuts… yes, that’s Jcrew Kids — don’t judge me.

I wore this dress to work a few weeks ago (and again this week … oops) and someone asked me where my dress was from. When I replied crew cuts, they asked “what’s that” – I somehow fought the temptation to say “it’s a hip, new line out of Europe” and confessed to my child-wearing ways despite the judgy looks to follow. But hey, I’m happy I can wear crewcuts – how else would I have landed this Orangy dress or one of my favorite red skirts?! If you too are a shorty like me (I’m about five one) and have freakishly short legs & and disproportionate body you too can shop where the kiddies do … I’m not sure if that’s something to celebrate or not but I will!
 One fruity fashion statement is never enough, so I double up with my lemon printed kate spade keds & my pointless banana phone case. I say pointless because it is just that, the worlds most useless iPhone case! Not only does it prevent you from charging your phone or inserting ear buds (no plugs for either of this) but you can’t even really hear on it! I end up taking the case off to charge, listen to music and talk on the phone…But Hey, It’s a banana phone, so I guess it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make!? But keep in mind it’s fun for decor, texting or gramming, but otherwise, not very functional!

Okay one more fun story about this toddler outfit of mine — I was wearing the dress in the middle of Spring, walking home from work when I walked by little girl, maybe age 5 wearing the same dress! The best part was she gave me the dirtiest of looks, she was obviously really offended that I stop her look — sorry little fashionista in training, I just couldn’t resist! #shortgirlproblems
Before you go here’s some fruit-inspired fashion that won’t have you twinning with toddlers…

In the world of fruit fashion, Pineapple prints are having the most major moment (I’m kind of obsessed with this pineapple purse!) And  although I have yet to really try this trend (I’m still looking for my perfect pineapple dress) I did dabble a bit with my pineapple bucket feet shoes! Shop them here & get 10% off with the code COLORME10

 && My cherry Dress, last seen here, is still for
 sale — shop it here

P.S. I’m Wearing …
Crew Cuts Orange Dress (similar) || Kate Spade x Keds Lemon Keds
H&M denim jacket (recently upgraded) ||  Karen Walker Super Duper Sunglasses
Style this Life Bracelet c/o || (the worlds least functional) Banana iPhone 5 case
Green vintage clutch (similar) || hexagon ring c/o Nikibi 

White on White

16th July 2014

If you have been following along you know the CMC forecast calls for white on white looks that are expected to last all summer long. Until no I have been mostly all talk, a white, colored & patterned look in Lulus, a LWD there, not to mention getting all goggly-eyed over a club monaco white feathered skirt, but today I’m putting my style where my mouth is with a white on white ensemble … Oh and Waffles is blog crashing, so he’ll be pretty offended (and grumpy… well grumpier) if you don’t read on!

Let’s take a second to talk about this tassel necklace, sign… I know I over-use the word obsessed so it tends to loose it’s impact but I have honestly been obsessing over a tassel necklace for quite sometime now, so finding this Armed & Readi Tassel necklace was such a pleasant surpize! 

I first met Armed & Readi when they sponsored my Macarons & Mimosas event (see it here) but that is certainly not the last you will see of my love for their product! Okay back to this tassel necklace and how it changed my life — it’s the perfect way to dress up a basic white tee, but would also look amazing over a solid shift dress or with a v-neck blouse and jeans! Try to pair it with something looser or flowy and stick to solids or large patterns to really let this necklace shine! I have one dress with a high neck and a low back that I can’t wait to wear this necklace backwards with a low back dress.

This is not the first (and won’t be the last) I dusted off my Zara skort for a all white look, see how I wore it last year here (Waffles was in that post as well, he’s such a blog-hog… literally, he snorts!)
 Nordies White Side Split Tee (similar) || Zara Skort (similar here or here)
Shoe Dazzle X Cuff (similar) || Vintage Bowler (try the panama hat
Kate Spade Summer House Robbie Bag (similar)

Club Monaco Sneak Peek

15th July 2014

Who’s ready for Winter? Not me, but last week’s Club Monaco Holiday Press Preview had me wanting to fast forward to the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. But until then, we can melt away in this Summer heat while looking forward to this killer collection. 

I quickly fell in love with the fringe accents and mix of materials that the collection had to offer and was instantly obsessed with the feather skirt & satin bomber combo shown above. I have to have that skirt come Holiday!
One of the most interesting parts of the preview was chatting with the accessories team about the revamp of their jewelry, shoes and bags come Holiday. The team has spent the past year scouring the globe for the best Jewelry finds, taking them from New York to Italy and evenPortland by way of Paris (I know, I know, Best. Job. Ever.). This search left them with a perfectly curated collection of unique Jewelry and Bag designs, some of which you won’t find anywhere besides Club Monaco.
All this Holiday product has be craving some seriously cute dress Summer-esque styles that I can wear right now
/// BRB – Cute dress break ///
Great, you’re back! I also went to the Club Monaco fall press preview and fell in love with this Davie bow dress which is now available for sale in both black & white! It’s actually really similar to the dress I wore in Monday’s LWD dress post, only I love that this Club Monaco  ersion comes in black too! This bow back dress is just too darling for words and sure to be a summer showstopper! But that’s not all, it  could even transition to fall with black tights, booties and a leather jacket … there is no end to it’s cuteness or versatility!
I also fell for this amazing little black Tara Cut out dress with the sweetest scalloped strap detail – talk about the perfect LBD! I can hardly resist I will have to add this one to my wardrobe! Until then I’ll be style-dreaming and am overwhelmed with the potential outfit options … all black & white with a red lip, with sporty slides or contrasting espadrilles, with a colored blazer for the office, with leopard booties come Fall, with a cobalt pump for cocktail hour, and a stripy pink sandal and turquoise earring for a summer wedding … shall I go on? Don’t tempt me because I totally can! Needless to say the Tara Cut Out dress is a must have. Well if that wasn’t enough for you, here are two more ways to wear this piece of perfection
Fringe or Feathers? What are looking forward to most for fall / holiday fashion? I love how so many brands (Club Monaco included) are mixing pastels into the holiday hues and can’t wait to get my hands on that white feathered skirt!