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City Gal Swim

29th August 2014

This summer sped by quicker than the last (they seem to go faster every year) but that is nothing to be sad about. I am welcoming Fall with open arms, but have to say goodbye to Summer in style… triangl swimwear style.

I discovered this aussie swimwear brand and blogger fav this summer and loved wearing my leopard bikini all season long. Although I occasionally enjoy the beach, it is hard for me to get out of the city. Plus there are no dog beaches relatively near, and if I have a day off I want to spend it with Waffles! As a result, when I am looking for a wet and wild weekend, I turn to Central Park.
The boat house and lake at central park is small and beautiful. For $15 dollars (cash only) and a $20 deposit that you get back, you can row along the water for as long as your little heart desires. A few weeks back, Paris and I spend a warm day roaming the park, and getting our oar on at the lake. If you’re looking to get a little color or just enjoy some sun, take your boat out to the middle of the lake and lay out, it’s sun bathing experience with a city view that you simply cannot beat!
Let’s be honest, I started out completely awful and rowing, it was really hard for me to get the rhythm! But once I wasn’t that bad, I am night joining the olympic team anytime soon, but I quickly got the hang of it! If you choose to head to the lake in central park in your suit, I would bring big sunnies, a scarf to tie your hair back, a denim jacket (it gets cold on the lake) a scarf, and a high waisted skirt!
Well guys, this will be one of my my last summery-post I have some awesome fall things coming your way starting next week, so get ready! I will also be recreating this post this weekend for fall, if you have any suggestions or requests, please comment them below! 
See ya Summer, Hello Fall.

Bright Stride

28th August 2014

Today, let’s take a walk on the bright side with some seriously saturated styles!

Summer has pretty much come and gone (tear) but that doesn’t mean you have to put away your crazy color combos! I am seriously in love with color blocking, so I never say no to the opportunity to double up on solid brights; plus it’s one way to stand out in a city full of fashionistas (usually in head to toe black)!

Blue & yellow are basically besties, the two are complimentary colors located on opposite ends of the color wheel so they pair together perfectly! If you’re looking to add a third color to the mix try a red lip, or a pop of pink!
Love my top… er shell? here’s a secret, it’s actually a dress (gasp)! I love layering some of my more expensive dresses under skirts to create the illusion of a top – it helps justify a splurge and add new layers to my wardrobe. You can also turn a dress into a skirt, double gasp, check out how I did it here & here!
Kate Spade Dress (worn as a top) similar in pink here, yellow here or rent it for $10 here!
Top Shop yellow midi skirt  || Dolce Vita Leopard/Nude Pumps || Shoe Dazzle X Cuff
Kate Spade Summer House Robbie Bag (old) || Vintage Bangles || Style This Life 
P.S. wondering what your philosophy is on seasonal brights? Do you hang up these happy hues for fall or keep the color coming all year long? I’m sure you can guess what my answer is… 😉 Tell me, tell me!!  looking forward to hearing from you. And if I don’t see you again before Tuesday (I hope not, there is a new post coming your way tomorrow) have a great weekend !! XO

Florals & Frenchies

25th August 2014

Today I’m proving that sometimes the best accesories are semi-colorblocked, covered in fur, have four legs (despite their desire to use them) and come when you call them… well sometimes. Of course I am talking about the best/worst French Bulldog around… Waffles!

Is there a French Bulldog out there cuter than Waffles? Of course not … and no, I’m not biased at all ;). I do have an unhealthy obsession with my french bulldog, comparable only to my extreme love of shoes and mint chocolate chip ice cream (okay, I love Waffles way more than either of those) so are we surprised that I have started to wear outfits that he compliments well too? Well today’s looks is no exception.
I gushed about my love affair with this ted baker floral frock earlier this month, but my fondness is still alive and kicking. I thought I would celebrate the last few days of summer by wearing it with an off the shoulder crop top, bright accessories, bow pumps & the most darling doggie in the West Village.
A good floral skirt is a must have for every wardrobe! I love that mine has black undertones to make it wearable all year around. With pastel/spring colors having a moment this fall (gasp) I highly suggest investing in something floral to pair with some of your fall staples and new trendsl. Try a skirt like mine (I share similar options below) with a snug sweater and contrasting belt, black tights and booties, a blouse and blazer or a statement necklace and a turtleneck! I’m going to try mine with leopard booties and a black coat and again with a pattered sweater and a leather jacket!
One of my favorite parts of this outfit (and these pictures) is the super cute illustration that the fabulous Sandy M put together of me & waffie, I’m head over heels obsessed (wheres the hands up “hallelujah” emoji when you need it).  Would it be totally creepy if I blew it up and put it on my wall? I’m not sure Paris would like it, but come on!!! it’s just that cute it needs to be framed!
Follow Sandy M: Insta // Blog (under construction)  // Pinterest
or email her for illustration inquires at 
Ted Baker Floral Skirt (similar) || Kate Spade red bow shoes (similar – LOVE!)
Off the shoulder Asos crop top (my summer fav) – similar herehere & more here
Style This Life bracelet c/o || Green Vintage Clutch (similar)

Leather & Denim

22nd August 2014

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not much of a jeans wearer. Actually pants in general tend not to be my friend, but today we’re becoming besties!
So my hatred of pants, where does it come from? First of all, I’m a bit on the curvy side and my waist is by far my smallest point – so crop tops and high waisted skirts quickly became my bffs who help hide the curvy bits. Second of all, I am short, well fun-sized, so skirts and dresses help me create the illusion of height which I desperately need. Despite my general pantal-avoidance, I figured out a way to solve both of my pant-related issues while still wearing pants (well, jeggings) I know, bananas. I’ll give you a second to pick you jaw up off the floor before I share my secret. 
As I mentioned, my problems with pants stem from the inability to slim my hips and show off my smallest point and the fact that they aren’t usually short girl friendly. I was able to use these crazy comfortable high-rise jeggings to solve the problem lickety-split. Jeans/jeggings can help make you look taller, but it’s all about the perfect pair. A soft stretch pair, in either a bootcut or skinny shape in a dark blue or black wash usually fits the bill. Look for some with minimal fading or bleaching on the denim, too much can distract the eye, chop you up and actually make you look shorter – not what we signed up for, and a solid denim pair is stiff and boring. But a pair like mine with just a little bit of lightening around the knee/thigh area creates a great denim color without loosing my height. I also don’t usually hem my jeans/jeggings although they rarely fit. I keep the length and wear heels, keeping them long with a pair of pumps gives me an extra few inches. Plus my jeggings are also high-waisted, so I could pair them with a side tucked blouse or sweater while keeping the illusion of height
Now onto the waist issue, this is an easy fix: peplum party! Although peplums tend to be on their way out of style (no don’t go) I will keep rocking this trend until you begin commenting in protest (just kidding, well kind of…)! A peplum pairs perfectly with these jeggings and a skinny belt to show off my smallest point and pull your eye up, away from the curvy parts I am not so keen on. Truthfully, you can achieve this illusion with any top and a skinny belt, but the peplum really exaggerates the waist for an even smaller appearance!

Maurice High-Rise Jeggings c/o || Vintage Leather peplum (similar here & here)
Club Monaco skinny leopard calf hair belt || Vintage green clutch (last seen here)
Christian Louboutins resale via Crossroads || Jewels c/o Armed & Readi

Oh and if you’re into this whole, make me look skinnier than I am thing, swing by this post. I share some pretty sweet tips and tricks for doing so in a pencil skirt, gasp!

Thanks to Maurices and Refinery 29 for sponsoring this post.
And thank you for supporting brands that support this blog!

Poppy Vintage

20th August 2014

Red has somehow become my signature color. It started with my go-to red lipstick and spread like wildfire throughout my wardrobe… but I can’t say I am mad about it.

I’ve gabbed about my affinity for a vintage find before (remember this post) and am doing it again today. I can’t help it, I just love vintage goodies so dang much #sorrynotsorry Adding something vintage to your wardrobe can be the perfect way to add a special splash to your closet – who doesn’t love having something that no one else does?!
When I saw this poppy printed vintage skirt I was instantly smitten. I love the silky printed fabric and the shape is so unique and different – all great qualities for a vintage find. It’s from thrftwares (just like my go-to summer romper) which is quickly becoming my go-to for online vintage shopping – I’m just crazy about everything they have to offer! At first sight I thought I might be too curvy for the shape, a teared pencil skirt with scalloped pleats is not usually my friend, but I gave it a whirl anyways and actually learned a little something – don’t worry, of course I will share.
If you too fear a pencil skirt and dread making your hips look bigger with slim fit scallops here’s how to  fight off your fright:
1) It’s all about the length:
make sure you pick a pencil that hits right at or below the knee. As a girl with no legs I generally avoid this length, but it actually elongates your body creating the illusion of a slimmer tummy and hips, buh-bye trouble spots! I added another layer of proportion play by pairing it with a sassy off the shoulder crop top where the off-the-shoulder-ness and smidge of midriff trick your eye into giving you an even tinnier tummy – yes please!
2) high waisted, hayyy:
a hight waisted skirt is your new bff, pulling you in at your tiniest point before hugging your hips draws the eye to your little waist without emphasizing your less tiny places 😉
3) Say yes to pattern:
Pattern and color don’t hurt your hips, they actually help hide them! We usually stray away from bright colors and patterns in trouble areas because we are afraid they make us look bigger — sooo false. Wearing a printed piece helps distracts from any minor belly, hip or trouble areas on your body. The playful pattern will be all they see, and you of course, looking fab!
Wearing mostly vintage:
Vintage poppy skirt c/o thriftwares (my new online vintage fav)
Off the shoulder Asos crop top (not vintage) – similar here, here & more here
Moschino red lip clutch (vintage) (similar here, here and here)
Christian Louboutins resale via Crossroads
Jewels c/o Armed & Readi
P.S. Don’t you love my jewels? I am wearing all pieces from Armed & Readi’s new collection, shh! I’m also working on a super fun collab with them that I cannot wait to share with you! Until then, stock up on your favs here.

/// shop stellar vintage finds at thriftwares ///


Park Avenue Skate

19th August 2014

So last weekend, I went roller skating … down Park Avenue! The fact that I was able to do so without breaking a bone or (more impressively) without hurting my pride was pretty astonishing, and to top things off, Paris was able to capture the whole thing on camera… well this is going to be entertaining…

Sorry I have been a bit MIA lately, things have been a bit crazy … but in a good way! I have so many exciting things in the work and I can’t wait to share with you, so be sure to stay tuned and follow along on instagram (where a lot of the magic will be happening). Anyways, I promise I will be back to cluing you in to my every move from here on out :]
This past weekend was jam packed, on Sunday we went boating in central park and on Saturday we went to summer street – where they close down Park Avenue from down town all the way up to 77nd street. People choose to bike, run and jog through the city – and since I don’t do either (Shopping is my Only Cardio and I don’t know how to ride a bike … whoops) I opted to roller skate – how retro of me, right?
So what does one wear to a day of roller skating through the city? A full red midi skirt of course. I’ve been fully obsessed with Midi Skirts lately (this yellow one is was my summer fav, and I wore a different red one throughout last winter). I tied a basic white tee at the waist for a fun twist on the skirt – it was an easy way to update an otherwise dressy skirt to wear for the weekend.
I’m really impressed Paris managed to capture this craziness, did I mention he was wearing skates!
Basic White Tee || Coach Bag || Pearl Earrings || Shoe Dazzle Bangle
Ruby Woo Lipstick || Armed and Readi Rings || Madewell Rings

Hope your weekend was killer! I would love to hear what you got into, leave a comment below!

Transform your Tee

12th August 2014

A graphic tee is a closet must have (Even Waffles agrees, remember this post?). It has limitless potential when it comes styling and is pretty much seasonless! Although my style (and perhaps my personality?) totally changes as the seasons do, a graphic tee almost always makes an appearence. This summer, my statement tees met my ripped denim, full skirts, sporty styles and even a mini skirt or two. 

Me and Miss Daisy O both love our Vogue Made Me Do It tee (almost as much as we love taking selfies #dontjudgeus) but wear them in very different ways. I pair mine with a bright mini and a little heel, while she mixed things up with a boyfriend blazer and destroyed denim.
Ready to join the TeeParty (okay, that was pretty awful, I apologize) … here’s six ways to wear a neutral graphic tee. The best part? You can create these looks with any graphic tee, from something you have in your closet, a fun DIY or even a cheap (there are some awesome ones currently at old navy)

Pink + Yellow

7th August 2014

Let’s play with colors, because, why the heck not? For today’s color combo I’ll mix a little yellow with florescent pink for a neon on neon look that is sure to get noticed, or at the very least blind the people passing by, hayyy!

I have always been surprised by my love for neon pink.
If you asked me to name my favorite colors it probably wouldn’t crack the top 15 (there’s kelly, I mean Courtney Green, Banana Yellow, Ruby Woo Red and even my current obsession with powder blue to name a few) but that hasn’t stopped me from wearing it in all sorts of ways (even to work). You guys seem to love it too, I remember being overwhelmed by your response to this post last year. 
I am also kind of crazy about this yellow midi skirt and have been wearing it non-stop (it’s like the striped crop top all over again). But midi skirts are my new obsession, so of course I am wearing it in more ways than one: with cropped tops, color blocked with brights (like today) and with baby blues. I can’t wait to dust this baby off for fall by pairing it with booties & a leather jacket, or having a cozy winter moment with a cashmere sweater – long story short, this skirt is here to stay!
Top Shop Midi Skirt || Nordies Top (similar) ||
Capwell & Co Necklace (similar here, here and just flat out obsessed with this turquoise one
 Sam Edleman Heels (similar… and cuter here) || Kate Spade Bag ||  Fantas Eyes Aviators
&& please don’t make me tell you that the belt is from the children’s section at target. Oh wait, I just did (where the monkey covering his eyes emoji when you need it!?)

His & Hers .BK

6th August 2014

Pop quiz, what is of the most plain and basic piece in your closet? What’s the most versatile? Every considered combining these two must haves into one? Am I totally blowing your mind right now?

Although I have been known to splurge on the occasional floral skirt, I also talk a lot about investment pieces, and about working with the basics. (Remember these posts? Don’t worry a new one is coming for Fall, which is right around the corner by the way… Bananas!). Anyways, some quality basics are crucial to building a killer wardrobe – for both men and women. Today Paris & I teamed up for our second His & Hers post in our twinning tops, although technically this is a his, his & hers post since Waffles, the other man in my life, is crashing. 

 What’s mine is yo– whoa there, just kidding we’re not at that stage yet! But Paris and I do occasionally share clothes (It pays to have a slender boyfriend, even if it does make you feel a bit self conscious that he can wear your clothes, but not self conscious enough to put down the Mint Chocolate Chip. Awesome, now I’m hungry). The sharing usually benefits me, I steal his sweaters in the winter or wrap his cardigans around my waist in the Spring, and sometimes completely borrow from the boys with total menswear inspired looks, but sometimes P gets something from it too. Today we’re wearing the same .BK shirt (mines a size small, his a medium, but he can wear mine too) but in two different ways. While Paris took a pattern play by pairing with Camo Pants (according to him “Camo pants go with everything I wanna wear”), I kept things classic by pairing with other closet basics: denim and nude pumps!
 His: .BK shirt || Old Navy Camo Pants || Timberland Boots
Hers: .BK shirt || Dolce Vita Heels || Wet Seal Jeans || Kate Spade Bag
(insert corny one liner here — Paris, lives for these and thinks he’s so dang witty… and he kind of is… kind of)
 Be sure to check out our first His & Hers here and tell me what you think of this new segment — I can’t wait to here from you! XX

Peachy Petals

4th August 2014

I try not to play favorites with my clothes, but sometimes a few pieces carve a special place in my heart … and closet. I first fest for this Ted Baker skirt back in January, but our love affair really started in February when I purchased the beaut for NYFW. Last Feb was my first real NY Fashion week (eek) so I had to show up in style, but didn’t want to splurge on something I wouldn’t wear again – I tend to stick to pretty affordable pieces (shopping at asos, modcloth & lulus on the reg + bauble bar both online & via nordies for killer jewels). For this splurge I had to pick up my first Ted Baker skirt, something I knew I could wear countless ways.

So back to the versatility of this skirt – I’ve dressed it down with a graphic tee & flats or a tank & a denim jacket. It also looks cute with a moto jacket or a simple blouse & heels. Today I played on the petals by adding a old top to the mix & classic louboutins, but have also worn it with a black crop top & colorful pumps. I love this skirt with black tights & booties for fall or winter, or with a sequin tee or sparkly pumps for a holiday party! But my favorite look had to be dressing outside the lines with a little pattern mixing when I paired it with (you guessed it) a striped crop top — see it here!
Ted Baker skirt || Vintage Silk Blouse
Erickson Beamon Rocks Ring c/o || Shoe Dazzle X Cuff (similar)
Sadly this skirt is sold out, but the good news is Ted Baker is a creature of habit, producing killer floral skirts every season. Plus you could wear most of them in all the ways I chatted about earlier! Here are some of my favs:
P.S. I don’t know if you noticed but I got a keratin (thanks mom)
and now my hair is super straight! What do you think?
And P.P.S Thanks to one of my blogger besties for crashing this post, miss Daisy O (yeah, that’s her real last name, how cool is that!!!). She has a killer intsagram feed so check that ish out!