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31st March 2015

IMG_4554    Braids are all the buzz right now, but usually us short haired girls can’t participate – boo. Well today, we’re changing all of that and giving short haired girls a fun chance to play with this trend – hooray!IMG_4424Last weekend I attended an awesome event hosted by Fave 4, Instabraid and Blohaute, where I gained major long hair envy but also learned that Short Girls can be braided – woo. I love my short hair, I’ve had long hair before and it just doesn’t suit me – plus who doesn’t love a fun & flirty ombre bob? I know I do!IMG_4468 Long haired girls seam to get all the cool hair styles, like a viking braid, dutch fishtail and lace fishtail, to achieve these crazy cool styles you have to have #longhairdontcare so i couldn’t help but get a little envious when I saw these amazing styles.IMG_4355IMG_4550Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 2.54.08 PMIMG_4487IMG_4540Because of my short hair, I never really wore it braided or in any cool style because I didn’t think I could. But this event changed everything! I learned two super cute ways to get rock a crazy cool braid with my seriously short locks.IMG_4585IMG_4577To achieve this crown braid, start from one side and dutch braid it over to the other side. Once complete, pull the braid apart – here’s a similar tutorial video. The biggest key to achieving this braid with short hair is using texture takeover spray, to hold those little fly aways in place but give you enough flexibility to make it move!IMG_4542IMG_4397The side dutch braid uses the same method, but a totally different look. For this look, keep your part as is and start your dutch braid from one side before pulling the braid out and pinning it back under the rest of your hair.IMG_4429IMG_4649If you plan on trying out some of these braided do’s make sure you give the textured takeover, it really changes everything! Oh and if you’re in LA and want to attend a similar event in the coming weeks – tickets will be available here in the next few days.

Color Me Curly

30th March 2015

IMG_2718           The secret’s out, I’m a Curly Q! I actually have natural, crazy, curly hair and I’m not afraid who knows it! I’m biracial, half Caucasian and half African-American, so my hair has always walked to the beat of its own drum.IMG_2805Over the years, it’s changed from crazy curly to wavy and everywhere in between. The one thing it’s never, ever been is straight & average. I used to be totally jealous of my friends with perfect straight hair—they could just step out of the shower and onto the street to let it air dry – not fair! But despite my ups & downs with these curly locks of mine, I have learned to not only love my curls but also embrace them. How? With a little product, a lot of practice and years of playing around with it.IMG_2698Wearing a red midi skirt, striped sweater & leopard clutch 

Practice Makes Perfect –

For a long time I hid my curls, relaxing my hair or straightening my locks with chemical treatments (boo). But the truth is that even then my “straight hair” wasn’t really me. I always felt more confident in curls, waves or something with a little kink. Once I found a look that worked for me, I put in crazy practice to perfect it! Now I apply a bit of Quench Absolute Crème Serum before bed, wrap my hair in a headband and head to sleep to make up to a good hair-day.

IMG_2796Wearing Marc By Marc Jacobs Sweater & Wildfox Sunnies 

Curl Play – Don’t get me wrong, some hair days are not so good. But I’ve learned to work what I’ve got. When I wake up to an untamable mane, I often toss my locks into a top knot and go. Or in the summer, I’ll even add a little conditioner to my dry hair (I really love Dove Quench Absolute Conditioner because it gives the right amount of moisture.) Since my hair is extremely dry, I can do this, but be weary if your hair is kind of oily and save it for the shower. Either way, this condishh is bomb – yeah, “condishhh” … it’s what all the cool kids are calling it these days! 😉IMG_2736IMG_2762IMG_2719Product, Product, Product – For me, product is key. You have to find a hair care line that moisturizes without “gunking” up your hair and keeps your curls touchable & soft, but still defined. Sometimes I do straighten parts of my hair (when my hair is wet, I brush it as straight as I can and lay it flat so parts of it dry straight… like the top near the roots, which gives me more curl & volume on the bottom.) Then I often add some “perfect” curls with an iron to round it all out, then I brush it all it make it mesh. I need products that work wet or dry, with air or heat! I’ve tried it all, product & household remedies. After years, I found my hair works best with a mix of both – a little olive oil has been my go-to for years and lately I’ve been loving the Dove Quench collection (especially the Quench Absolute Restoration Maskthat is amazing, and soothes my guilt when I end up turning to heat).IMG_2702What about you, are you a Curly Q too? If so, I would love if you shared some of your hair secrets!!
Using: Quench Absolute Shampoo || Quench Absolute Conditioner
Quench Absolute Restoration Mask || Quench Absolute Creme SerumIMG_2792IMG_2688

Compensation for this post was provided by Dove Hair via AOL Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Dove Hair or AOL.
See more Curly Girls || Learn how to Love Your Curls here

Float On

27th March 2015

IMG_1287Just like salt needs pepper (or peppa), Lucy needs Ethel and every Blair needs a Serena… I’m needy too – mine’s just less scandalous, has better taste in men (like not dating her step brothers & stuff…yuck) has way prettier hair (brunettes do it better 😉 … even though I’m totally obsessed with blonde hair but that’s not the point) and is named Whitney… oh and she’s pretty freaking awesome too.
IMG_1940IMG_1624                  Today’s blog post is more bestie-ness, everyone has that special person who gets them through everything (and I’m actually lucky enough to have a few #winning) but miss Whit has been my bestie since we were like eight? I don’t know, for a long time so let’s just say birth.IMG_1401IMG_1687IMG_1619This week was kind of rough for me, I don’t know juggling work and events and blogging and oh yeah, actually having a real life can be kind of overwhelming sometime and watching my inbox pile up with email that I can’t get to because I have to sleep more than four hours that night doesn’t help, but do you know what does? Having a happy place – or person. Whit is totally my person, but she lives in Utah (sad face) so little things like face timing with her, talking to Waffles and pretending its her(I don’t do that… yes I do), watching/crying to  or sending her silly snap chats (add me xocourtneyquinn) totally get me through the droughts.IMG_1730IMG_1683Aside from bestie time, another thing that totally cheers me up and keeps me going is you guys, I am so honored to have the best blog followers that leave the most amazing comments (really you guys rock so hard) and your comments can cheer me up even when I’m kind of cranky and haven’t slept in like every.IMG_1886thanks!IMG_1845Time out – I totally want to apologize, because this post has turned out to be really rambley… oops. But I am looking for new ways to get to know more of you (hence why I have started to ask you so many questions on instagram and try to respond to ever personal snap chat you guys send) so I also wanted to share a few fun fact today, because it’s friday and that’s what friday’s are for yo (?) anyways, in return for me spilling my guts and sharing some awesome/embarrassing facts, I hope you’ll share a little about yourself in the comments below so we can work towards being blogger besties… it’s happening whether you like it or not 😉IMG_1744I’m naturally really muscular and I used to be really self-conciousabout it cause I felt like I had a man body, but I just kind of got over it – I think a lot of it came from growing up, being donut obsessed and just experience. I worked out like crazy for a while and my body changed but my attitude didn’t so what was the point? Now I just enjoy my macho bod and eat just about everything… oops (did someone say nachos?)IMG_1354I also have a bubble but that doesn’t usually make its way to the blog, even when I was crazy skinny It’s always been there – following me around like some kind of creepy shadow that prevents me from wearing 90% of the jeans I want, awesome, thanks!IMG_1956My Caboose is the main reason I dont wear pants much – usually just skirts & dresses. But if I do, they have to be high waisted otherwise they never quite fit rightIMG_1284We blew these floaties up our selves, we thought it would take 20 min but it look like an hour and we were so out of breath – but it was hilarious, i wish we saved the snap chats hahIMG_1737Whit and I grew up dancing about 30 hours a week starting at age 8 until high school. She was always way better than me and is an amazing ballerina, I’m just kind of a spaz but always made really interesting facial expressions haha so I’ll take that as a win. Some of the girls we used to dance with or against have gone on to have a major careers, one danced with Lady Gaga and is now her personal trainer, countless people made it on So You Think You Can Dance and one won and another made it on Glee as a dancer, who was so popular with fans she became a written role – the blonde cheerio, Brittany!IMG_1718 - Version 2Okay, I promise I’m not as creepy and obsessed with my bestie as I sound right now (okay, yes I am) I’ve just been kind of home sick/friend sick/fam sick lately and I think it is kind of starting to get to me. I am one lucky girl through cause another one of my bestie’s Sheree is a super awesome aspiring actress who lives right in NYC (score) and we’re spending the weekend together #soromantic, plus Whit along with the rest of my crazy amazing girl group are coming to the city next month so we can party on! We’re now starting to make sure we plan one girl trip every year so we can all get together because  besties are the best and my life would be real lame and less hilarious without them.IMG_1706


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IMG_1800If this made you think of your person, please call them and tell them how crazy awesome they are, share this post on their Facebook wall (who does that anymore), send them a really ugly snap chat, plan a girls weekend or better yet just show up at their house with a cake (or two) whatever you do this weekend I hope a bestie bonding sesh is in the cards

Out of The Box

25th March 2015

IMG_4873They say big things come in small packages, but sometimes big things come in big packages … like a mini room make over perfectly packaged in a beautiful big boxes. Untitled 27IMG_4784As some of you know, i moved into a brand new apartment about a month ago, and ever since I’ve been slowly yet surly redecorating the place. I’m basically starting from scratch, new bed, new couch, new everything – but trying to find the perfect pieces that work together to create a space can be really tough, time consuming and expensive – so when I found out about Remodo – a cool site that sells a “bedroom in a box” that are both crazy cute and reasonably price, I couldn’t wait to try it out… oh and Waffles was pretty pumped too (Speaking of Waffles, fun fact – he loves to photobomb! So It was really hard to get any photos for this post without him… eventually I just stopped trying. Are you happy now Waffles? You win!)Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 1.05.52 AMIMG_4869IMG_4775My blog (and life) motto is to “Dress Outside the Lines” so decorating my room with a boxed room set from Remodo, who’s motto is to “live outside the lines” was a no brainer. Despite my affinity for color, I selected a black & white refine Queen Set, which makes the perfect base for any room decor to add colors or prints to, or is cute enough to stand on it’s own.IMG_4822IMG_4858Psssst my Queen boxed room  is also available in a twin size (perfect for that dorm-life, tiny bed struggle)Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 1.06.33 AM1 copyIMG_4698Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 1.06.41 AMConfession, I do 90% of my blogging from my bed, while watching dance moms or something equally as awful #Ilovetrashytv, so my bedroom is basically my office – yeah, I know, that’s totally a stretch but it does give me incentive to make it ca-uuutte! My remodo boxed room set helped me achieve my desired look & comfort level, and came with all the bed necessities (the softest white sheet set, pillow covers & duvet cover, two seriously darling pillows and a throw blanket, that Waffles called dibs on) plus my box included some of my new favorite room accessories (a chevron picture frame, agate coasters that I’m OBSESSED with, striped lucite tray and some seriously spacious storage bins…. that now belong to Waffles).IMG_4760Notice the “mine” paw in action, that’s how he claims his territoryIMG_4818IMG_4849IMG_4836

Wearing: Top Shop Pajamas || The Trendy Sparrow Tee || Very Honey Heart Studs
Shop more crazy cute Pajamas at ShopBop – I’m kind of obsessed with PJs

Grey Tufted Bed (Also here) || Queen boxed room (available in a set or sold separatelyBedding || pillows || throw blanket || Frame || Agate coasters || storage bins

IMG_4843Big fat monster thanks to Remodo for for partnering on this post, all opinions are my own

Fashion PR Con

23rd March 2015

IMG_4314     One of the best parts about blogging is when I come across fun opportunities to share everything I have a learned along the way, and this weekend was full of them.IMG_4310IMG_4276Yesterday I was crazy honored to speak at Fashion PR Con to some young PR pros who will soon be taking the world by storm – so look out! In doing so I learned two things: 1) I have no filter and 2) I look really ugly when I speak haha – but it’s okay, I still had a blast sharing my blogger tips & tricks, industry secrets and a few stories I probably shouldn’t have with these crazy amazing PR peeps!IMG_4323IMG_4279IMG_4317It was kind cold, but I still braved peep toes & bare legs because after all it s now officially Spring! I needed the perfect top to pair with my all time favorite floral skirt (from last year but shop similar floral skirts here), so I’m actually rocking a peplum I wore last week on the blog, tucked into my skirt as a normal tank – it’s one way to get multiple uses out of an easy investment piece!IMG_4331IMG_4318

Betsey Johnson Bow Heels here, here & here || Cynthia Rowley Peplum c/o
Rebecca Minkoff Purse || Ted Baker Skirt (old, but similar here) || BaubleBar Slim Cuff || Cone Cuff || Sparkle Cone  Cuff || Orb Cuff  || BaubleBar Cuff || BaubleBar Pearl Ring

See more from Fashion PR con on instagram here
Or see some of the highlights on twitter
& swing by the website here


19th March 2015

IMG_3419 It’s amazing how easily you can create a look with basic pieces in black & white. Today I’m playing with B&W for a fun, flirty and transitional look because spring IS coming and I can’t wait.IMG_3577IMG_3550 (1)IMG_3443
I’ve been kind of on a white jean kick lately (shop some of my favs from shopbop here), I just think they are the perfect way to refresh your wardrobe and get you ready for the new season. They pair perfectly with a sassy black top, floral blouse or cute striped sweater before things warm up for realzz.IMG_3473IMG_3516IMG_3525
I’ve also been really into scuba materials right now and Cynthia Rowley has the best selection. Not only does it look super cool, but if you have an adorable French Bulldog shaped shedding monster that lives in your apartment and go through a lint roller a day – the dog hair brushes right off, score!IMG_3490IMG_3519 (1)So if you need help creating a perfect pre-spring look here’s your formula: white jeans + Cool black top + New sunnies and then you’re good to go! Oh and if you are a color-a-holic, finishing with a red lip doesn’t hurt either 😉IMG_3418 (1)IMG_3476White Jeans || Black Peplum Top c/o Cynthia Rowley || Sunglassess (also loving these)
Bangles: BaubleBar Slim Cuff || Cone Cuff || Sparkle Cone  Cuff || Orb Cuff 
BaubleBar Slim Cuff || BaubleBar Pearl Ring || Black Sandals || Mini Black Bag

Serious Spring Trends

17th March 2015

With Spring just around the corner I wanted to take a second to share some serious spring trends that you can start stalking up on right about now!

Crop Tops & Pattern MixingUntitled 23ddOne trend that I refuse to let die is pattern mixing, pairing print is a fun and fresh way to breathe new life into your old patterned favorites or to mix up some of your new ones. When mixing prints, try to use contrasting prints in complimentary colors and when in doubt, pair with stripes – stripes with floral, stripes with chevron, stripes with spots or stripes with tribal prints is a great place to start. I’m also really into the crop top circle skirt combo, it is dual parts fashion forward and flirty! Shop the top here

Petals & Pastels
dYou don’t have to keep up with trends to know that two things will be in style when the season change – florals and pastels. Pretty pastels are always a good go-to for Spring and floral prints aren’t too far behind, but it’s sometimes fun to switch things up & pair the two together by slipping into a pastel floral dress & some crazy cute pastel accessories to match. Shop the dress.

Fringe & Neutrals
Untitled 23
Fringe & Neutrals are also having a major moment this Spring. Although bright colors can make a crazy good impression, stark white or neutral on neutral looks can have the same serious impact. Plus Fringe gives an easy, cool vibe with a touch of boho flair. Pair a fringe top with cool wedges or boyfriend jeans for an effortless vibe. Shop the top here

Remember when I told you about Nanette Lepore’s awesomely affordable collection for JCP, L’amore by Nanette Lepore? Well fun fact, the featured crop top, floral dress and fringe top are all styles for the crazy cool collab.

Untitled 24jCrop Top || Floral Dress || Fringe top || Shop the complete looks here

Thanks to Chictopia and L’amore by Nanette Leopore for sponsoring this post, and thank you for supporting brands that support this blog. As always, all opinions are my own.

Saint Pattys

17th March 2015

IMG_3709        Happy Saint Patricks Day you luck ducks!IMG_3743IMG_3807In the spirit of going green I’m wearing an all white, weekend look with the tiniest pop of green! Funny story about these sneaks – A coworker and I had been eyeing them for a while and talking about them at work. I literally had them in my cart while shopping on my lunch break but then decided to pass. When I came home, My boyfriend had bought me a pair … not even sure how he knew I wanted them or how he knew what color but he did… he’s the best.IMG_3815IMG_3821IMG_3799Since spring is coming (I promise) I think it’s okay to wear white jeans, especially crazy cool ripped ones on the weekend. I love my ripped knee jeans from asos because they are high waisted enough to fit me just right and have a little stretch. I would just recommend ordering a few sizes and a few lengths so you can get a pair with the perfect knee placement and with free returns & free shipping, you can’t loose!IMG_3761

White Ripped Jeans || White and Black Sporty Tee || Sam Smith Sneakers (also here)
BaubleBar Bangles: Pearl Cuff || Cone Cuff || Sparkle Cone  Cuff || Orb Cuff ||
BaubleBar Slim Cuff || BaubleBar Mason X Ring || Rebecca Minkoff Bag

P.S. both the top and jeans are from Asos, so you can get them for 20% off today with the code GRANDIMG_3782 (1)

LOOK on the Bright Side

13th March 2015

IMG_8383I am SO BAD at keeping secrets, I love total and have a really big mouth so it’s really, really, really hard for me to keep that thing shut. So I’m finally excited to share a shoot from a month or two ago, shot on my favorite street for Look Magazine – Basically the gossipy equivalent of Life&Style magazine but in the UK.IMG_8348IMG_8437IMG_8426shop the look:

This bright striped sweater was one of my favorites from the winter – but I’m not quite ready to say goodbye for Spring. This crazy colored sweater is the perfect transitional piece  – and really any awesome winter sweater can help you step into Spring! Pair it with a new spring skirt or a bold midi & some heels for a fun twist on your closet favs.IMG_8416IMG_8365IMG_8339Since being blindingly bright isn’t enough for me (incase you haven’t caught on, I’m kind of obnoxious) I decided to also dabble in pattern mixing by pairing the Dr-Suess-Esque sweater with a little bit of leopard.IMG_8419IMG_8381

Big thanks to Look Magazine for sharing this look in the UK!CaptureIMG_8422

Skinny Dipping (Not That Kind)

12th March 2015

IMG_1455I’ve never been much of the “modest type” – not sure why but I don’t really have a problem totally embarrassing myself and sharing probably a little too much sometimes, whoopsies. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get self conscious, come on we all do! So if stripping down to your skivvies (not sure if that means swimsuit or undies, let’s hope for swimsuit) gives you the heebie jeebies just know you’re totally not alone and stay tuned cause I’m going to help you slim down for Spring Break without hitting the gym – say whaaaIMG_1547Yesterday, I shared the tiny little baby steps I take to getting my bod beach ready, but what if you didn’t have to skip sprinkles this spring to look supa fly in nearly nothing ? What if you could achieve that killer (looking) bod & confidence without breaking a sweat? Now that’s the kind of diet I can commit to … No diet at all. To help you get there, here are two surprisingly slimming suits that will help you drop a few pounds without moving a muscle – boomIMG_1558Suit || Lipstick || Shades

I like to think I play the role as your style god mother sometimes and your glittery guinea pig at others , giving you little sprinkles of style advise and helping you learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to make then yourself. So today I’m taking in a third role (multi-tasker in the house) and becoming your personal trainer too… Only without all the yelling and grunting and making you work stuff, I’m just here to tell you how fabulous you’ll look…. and you do look totes fab!IMG_1567You should always find your smallest point and make it do the talking, especially with swimwear! For me it’s my waist so I found this killer one piece that hides my problem areas (lower tummy) and draws the attention to my waist. Plus the removable ruffle (yes, removable) in the contrasting color even pulls in more attention to my tiniest part and the dark color blocking on the side panels in combination with floral print creates the illusion of a smaller figure, see totally fooled you, right? Shop it hereIMG_1428float || suit || shades

If you want to swim in the deep end and show off your mid-drift without broadcasting last nights dinner (and dessert) try a high waisted two piece in a bold color! Color always helps distract from your problem bit and the high-waisted nature will keep you hidden and pull that tummy flat! Plus the tap is also super flattering and makes a busty bow – always a bonus. Shop the suit hereIMG_1444

Oh and if all else fails, buy yourself a fat girl ice cream sandwich pool float (or a donut one here) and hide behind it with a handful of Oreo’s … Don’t forget to share 😉 jk… Well kinda, actually not at all you better share!IMG_1451