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I’m an Angel, baby

31st July 2015

IMG_6821Guys! I’m so excited to share this super secret crazy big announcement – I have been named the newest Victoria’s secret angel … and will be walking in their fashion show this year!!!!IMG_6773

haha okay sorry, all of that is a total and complete lie. I am the furthest thing from a super model, but I am teaming up with Victorias secret today to talk a little bit about bras!IMG_6767

So, not gonna lie, 90% of the time the first thing I do (aside from greet Waffles) when I get home is take off my bra… sometimes even before my shoes! No matter what I do, I always find them wildly uncomfortable and I can’t wait to get it off. So when VS approached me about their new online quiz & fit guide to help you find the perfect bra fit I had to give it a whirl and guess what… I have been wearing the wrong bra my whole life hahah awesome.IMG_6789IMG_6864

After going up a size, and trying the Body By Victoria Lounge Bra that Victoria’s Secret was kind enough to send me, I actually spent my first full day in probably a really long time bonding with my bra – meaning I came home from work, shooting and eating my way through the city and I didn’t take off my bra, crazy right! The super soft fabric and lack of wiring made it crazy comfortable to wear instead of making me feel like I’m constrainted and somewhat affecting, as most bras do. It’s kind of perfect to wear under a T-shirt or around the house and I’m so totally obsessed. Oh and since it’s SO HOT right now, and it’s kind of a tankini / crop top size, I may have resorted to wearing it around the house with sleep shorts… which has totally embarrassed Waffles (“Mommmmm stop”) but he can get over it!   IMG_6844

This new lounge bra has done wonders for my confidence, being comfortable can do that to a person especially when you’re supported in all the right places! I think the collection in general can have that effect on people – If you’re cute & girly, their crazy comfortable bras come in more colors and styles + sassy lacey options (Ohhh la la). Or if you’re simple (and kind of sweaty like me) you can stick with the soft and comfortable classics or try out the lounge bra, which is my new BFF. Either way you can enter to win a Jaguar with the purchase on any BBV bra (vroom vroom) plus offer free shipping and free returns which I love because I’m all about online shopping and can’t even remember the last time I went in to an actual story (seriously, I have a problem)! IMG_6832

Take the Quiz here  (it could change your life or at least make you a lot more bra-friendly)
Shop Body By Victoria here Photos we’re taken from my bed (obvi) I’ll share deets on my bedroom in my next home tour, stay tuned!!! IMG_6791
This post was in partnership with Victoria’s Secret and Shop at Home and Waffles… okay jk, not Waffles! All opinions and thoughts are my own :)

APT TOUR – Living Colorfully in the West Village

30th July 2015

I am so crazy, over the moon excited to share a little look at my new(ish) little West Village living room and home office space that I’ve been working on for what feels like forever, so I really hope you like it!!!!IMG_5029

But before we get started – I wanted to give you fair warning that these photos (and my apartment, okay my life in general) is basically just an montage of Waffles and his many sleeping locations and positions, because let’s face it, it’s really his apartment, not mine… Okay, without further ado – lets get this apartment party started!!!IMG_4870 (1)

Three years ago, Waffles and I moved into a tiny train style apartment in the heart of the West Village and started our New York adventure. Our first place, with small, historic, cluttered and full of charm but we loved it just the same. Earlier this year, we said goodbye to my first New York apartment and trekked our belongings the lengthy distance down one flight of stairs and into a new sparkly apartment (yes, we moved one floor down lol). Ever since, it’s been out with the old and in with the new as we worked to turn this house (errr apartment) into a home.

It’s been a labor of love to say the very least and trying to translate my colorful style into home decor in a tasteful and timeless way can be a bit of a challenge. But with the help of a few amazing brands, lots of late nights spent online shopping and stalking dream homes on Pinterest, Paris’s good eye for style and not to mention handy man skills and the inherited design instincts from my interior decorator of a mother (and often worried phone call consulting with said mother – thanks mom) the apartment was born!IMG_5344IMG_5496

My little “open concept” living room is quite the little multitasker! It serves as my lounge space, entertaining spot, dining room (did you notice how my coffee table doubles as my dining table / couch desk) and office space … aka Waffles Lair, actually this whole dang apartment is Waffles Lair.IMG_4947IMG_5507

Pillows via Society SocialI-Scream vase via Lulu & Georgia

After finding the perfect sofa from Apt2b (read the full story here) and this amazing chevron rug, my next big challenge was filling the oddly spaced and unique configuration of my open concept living space – yikes. I quickly learned white walls are my enemy – and since Paris was against painting for fear of over doing it on the color (what, no such thing) and despises wallpaper, we landed with an over-the-top gallery wall with a positive message (remember where you’ve been, and keep your eyes on where you’re going… oh and dream big!) and a statement art piece that I painted.

Since finding art can be really overwhelming, I turned to Lulu & Georgia, known for great decor pieces but also an awesome art collection and quickly found these amazing three pieces – one pictures Arizona (my home state), another Southern California (where I lived briefly and where Waffles was born) and a third, San Francisco (my home before New York) so they all tell a story. I sent them off to Framebridge to get custom and high quality frames in a crazy fast turn around. I usually DIY my own framing, but probably won’t ever make that mistake again. Their service is a total game changer and totally worth the investment! Their high quality frames put my DIY work to shame!

IMG_5875IMG_5864 (1)

For my DIY art, I used my pretty Society Social pillows as color inspiration and created the rooms focal point by using a self created (and self taught) brush stroke technique over a previously  turquoise painted canvas- the key is to know your color wheel, keep your brush dry and know when to put down the paint… I promise it was much easier than it looks! Oh and I also painted the brush stroke painting on the gallery wall – which was also so simple, fun and affordable! I promise to share a tutorial soon.



Across from the couch, you’ll find my entertainment center – AKA where I binge watch PLL and Dance Moms like a twelve year old… and have recently become best friends with Elaine Benes and of course, Kramer. I got the most amazing yet subtle roller shades, that help prevent a crazy glare from occurring on my precious TV time or while I’m working at the computer in the office nook, and they’re cordless so they’re totally safe for Waffles ( by the way, if you have a pet, please please please get cordless window coverings like mine from Smith & Noble I would hate to see them get injured playing with the cord!).



My entertainment center also kind of serves as a time machine, housing some of my favorite books I’ve collected from thrift stores or as gifts over time, my record player that’s currently playing the Clueless Soundtrack because I am a firm believer that everything sounds better on Vinyl (mp3s? Oh as if!!), my N64 because we like to party like it’s 1999 and because I’m so incredibly awesome at Mario Party it will totally blow your mind (poor Paris doesn’t stand a chance) and finally, my vintage rotary phone that I use to buzz guests to the building. I also love our little B&W homage to some of my favorite entertainers including Emma Watson, Andy Sandburg, Tina Fey and of course, JT… who I also have on vinyl.IMG_5121IMG_5960IMG_5190 (1)IMG_5892

From my couch, you can view my kitchen, ity bitty bathroom, my disconnected closet, and bedroom door (i’ll share a tour of them all soon, stay tuned) and most importantly, my office nook – where all the Color Me Courtney magic happens … well some of it, a lot of it also happens from my laptop in my bed but whatever, that’s another story. I’ve spent countless late nights working hard from my little Color Me Corner (it’s currently 2:42 AM, no biggie) with Waffles sprawled out on the sheep skin rug, Rootbeer in hand while singing along to Katy Perry, Demi Lovato and other sparkly female goddesses (proof on my snap chat >> xocourtneyquinn).

IMG_5142IMG_5707IMG_5321White board & bulletin board via Dormify
IMG_5776 (1)


I “try” to keep organized by using my bulletin & whiteboards but usually leave the chalk board for Paris to write corny quotes that always make me chuckle, even at 3 in the morning. I try to keep everything I could need while working handy and out in the open by displaying it all on the desk, because it keeps me from making a too much of a mess and makes it easier to find things in a jiffy! With so much to love about this corner, my favorite things have to be my big light up arrow against the exposed brick wall and the crazy colored confetti pillow against my ghost chair from Design Within Reach.

 So that’s it! Our living, dining, office and lounge space in a nut shell! Small living in an NYC apartment can be a tough adjustment, especially if you work out of your place as much as I do, so be sure to make your place, comfortable, functional and above all – you! I hope you can see sprinkles of my personality coming through in our little west village apartment! :)

Shop everything you just saw from the photos & links below or by going here

EORC Hand-tufted Cotton Multi Sari Chevron Rug (7’9 x 9’9) • $373.99
Jackson 2pc Sectional Sofa From Kyle Schuneman CHOICE OF FABRICS • $2,188
Lacquer Storage Coffee Table • $419
Jonathan Adler First Lady Pillow, 16″ x 16″ • $165
Thro “Hello” Sequin Oblong Throw Pillow • $44.99
Hollywood Mirrored Accent Cabinet • $189.99
Gift Boutique RABLABS Lumino Gilded Coasters • $175
Pool & Gold Rope Pillow • $96
Monarch Glossy White/ Chrome Metal 2-piece Nesting Table Set • $133.49
surreal succulent Art Print • $42
Desert Cacti of the Southwest • $145–300
kate spade new york Pearl Place Set of 2 Highball Glasses • $50
kate spade new york Pearl Place Set of 2 Double Old Fashion glasses • $50
Summer Sky Children’s Art Print • $28
Grand Canyon Blush Art Print • $28
& Bricks Art Print • $42
Bree Madden California Summer Photography Print • $30–80
Leather Handle Tray in Turquoise-Available in Two Different Sizes • $222–372
Food NetworkTM 13.75-in. Square Bar Serving Tray • $29.99
Jonathan Adler I Scream Vase • $68
Stuart Weitzman Nudist • $398–415
Safavieh Deorward Rug • $76–510
Dalmatian Pillow • $50
Colorblock Linen Pillow • $96
White Owl Stool • $56.07

Monarch Specialties 60 in. L Hollow-Core TV Console in White • $183.34
Taschen Taschen’s Paris: 2nd Edition • $39.99
Ampersand Bookends • $64
Crosley Radio Cruiser Turntable • $64.99
Taschen Taschen’s New York: 2nd Edition • $39.99
Ceramic Elephant • $168
Frends – Layla Leather And Rose Gold-tone Headphones – Copper • $176.64
Zingz & Thingz Sleek Ceramic Elephant Figurine • $20.99
FRENDS Headphones • $233
N64 • $64.99
White French Bulldog • Sculpture $47.06
Black Telephone • $49.95

Josephine Desk • $149.99
Louis Ghost Chair • $450
Magnetic Whiteboard • $47
 Arrow Marquee Sign • $98
Faux Sheepskin Rug, White • $35
Sherry Kline Richmond Velvet Square Throw Pillow • $24.99
Personalized Toys Burlap Storage Bin • $85.99
Monogram Throw Pillow • $20.99
Midnight Blue Velvet Throw Pillow • $9.99
Jonathan Adler Smart Phone Dock • $48
Marquee Arrow • $29.99
Arrow Marquee • $99.99
Polka Dot Pillow • $34

LWD 2 Ways !

28th July 2015

IMG_6388  A little white dress is my summer fav, so cute, timeless and goes with EVERYTHING. To prove it to you, today I’m styling it two ways – hooray!IMG_6439IMG_6393

As you know, I’m all about versatility. I only want to invest in a dress that I can dress up and dress down with ease to get the most bang for my buck. I love this crazy cute white off the shoulder ruffle dress, for day or night! It gives a really cute, senorita feel (cue Latin dancing emoji). The structure material and over the top ruffle looks so cute when worn with leopard flats & a matching clutch. Plus the “Hi I’m Courtney and I’m 5 Years Old” Ariana-Grande-Esque hair style, helps make this dress more “day” perfect for brunch with the girls or simple, summer fun!IMG_6354IMG_6359

IMG_6447To dress this look up, I paired the LWD with a serious color pop on both my lips & clutch and kept the rest of the look simple by removing the belt, the half-up-do and switching flat sandals for strappy Stuart Weitzman’s! Because the dress isn’t as flattering without that special cinch that a big brown belt provided in the first look, you have to wear super high heels to offset it and still give you shape! Plus my new-favorite-shoes are seriously so dang classy and timeless, they make everything look instantly more expensive – they’re a bit pricey but worth every penny and a totally wardrobe game changer!!IMG_6434



That 70s Trend

24th July 2015

  IMG_5801 I never thought I would be into the 70’s… but I kind of sort of am?IMG_5862IMG_5919

the 70’s trend is something we’ve totally seen before, and will probably see again. But for whatever reason I’ve never really been into it. I always think of the 70s and cool, hippie, oversized, flowy and denim-y – lots of browns, neutrals and muted tones … lots of things that I am not.IMG_5753IMG_5771IMG_5792

BUT when I got the idea to make it more “Courtney” by adding an americana vibe and a little bit of leopard, I became obsessed. Learning to make that 70s trend so me while rocking a denim pencil skirt was pretty challenging but also kind of fun, and it’s totally expanded my wardrobe options, especially as we move into Fall (well kind of). I can’t wait to explore this additional side of style, and continue to get my Jackie On (Burkhart.. not Kennedy, but Kennedy too cause she’s awesome, but wrong decade…. but yeah.IMG_5779IMG_5834IMG_5856


Stripe Stripe Stripe

21st July 2015

IMG_7023Oh hey did you know I kind of sort of like to wear stripes? … like a lot! How could you, it’s not like I wear them all the time or anything…IMG_6951

I can’t tell you how obsessed I am white today’s off the shoulder striped dress, off the shoulder, crazy comfortable, STRIPED and oh did I mention it’s on sale for under $50 ($27 to be exact)? #winning. Plus it’s super versatile! Dress it up, dress it down, twirl it around – you know, the usual. As a result, I’m sharing three ways to rock it today – hope you like at least one of them, or hopefully all three!

IMG_6916Pom Pom Me
Loving that poms are all the range right now! I took a pom that fell off my bag and slapped it on as a head piece, because you know, why not! I paired it with a bright belt and BAM a party perfect look in my go-to stripes! The final touch was classic white keds because you can’t ever go wrong with those and they kind of give it a fun fifties feel!IMG_6914  IMG_6880

IMG_6942All Dressed Up
What’s more classic than black and white stripes? Nothing – that’s what! I gave this dress a little understated drama, perfect for date night by pairing it with simple nude heels (my fav – worth every penny!) and another fav, my leopard clutch. Leopard and Stripes is a killer combo, working together year around, I’m Ob-SESSED!IMG_6952 IMG_6947

IMG_6960Pink Lady
Sometimes you just have to give in to the fun and whimsy a dress is trying to bring. This crazy cute dress screams HELLO, LOOK AT ME, so I conceded with this final look and just let it be the super star it was born to be. I took it over the top with all pink everything – pink pom pom shoes (because they’re awesome), a little pink bow belt, and a big Barbie pink bow because who doesn’t want to look like a 1950’s barbie doll?IMG_7028IMG_6991

Hope you liked this little round up – Now tell me, which look was your fav? I promise not to tell the others!!

Asos Black and White Stripe Off The Shoulder Bardot Striped Dress – only $27!
Also comes in maternity here & Plus size here
Clare Viver Leopard Hair Calf Fold Over Clutch – my favorite!!
Stuart Weitzman Nudist Heels – totally worth the splurge! Also here
Asos Hair Pom Poms (more colors)
Asos Pink Pom Pom Shoes on sale for $44 (also comes in rainbow)


Pineapples, Please!

20th July 2015

IMG_3740Once upon a time I thought I was maybe a little to chubby to wear this outfit (the black&white one with the white skirt). But then I ate a donut and got over it because hey, being slightly chubby is totally in style right now (because I said so) and who am I to resist a trend?IMG_3734

Oh and you know what’s also totally trending (again) PINEAPPLES! So this post is about being chubby, oh just kidding this post is about pineapples (there we go) and also being chubby because pineapples are the new whatever print was popular before pineapples? and “kind of chubby” is the black (And I know I say everything is the new black but its because it is… duh! so don’t loose faith in me just yet!!! 😉 )IMG_3736IMG_3773

Pineapples are awesome! Fun to wear, fun to eat, but mostly wear cause they kind of make my throat scratchy… Am I allergic? hope not. Sorry – focus. But I’m totally obsessed with pineapple prints for summer. They are a fun whimsical way to dress up a tote or a shoe! I’ve been rocking them non stop for a few months now and finally decided to share with you why. Pineapples are awesome… that’s why.

IMG_9954My striped pineapple tote is my tote-ally favorite piece of the summer (did you see what I did there, tote-ally? piece? well maybe that would have been witty if I didn’t feel the need to break and down and brag about it lolz sorrrry). It looks SO CUTE with a little white dress, like here & here or with some crazy colors, like here or here. Anyways its on super sale right now so you have no excuse to indulge, get the look here. IMG_4044IMG_4057I’m also super into these darling pineapple earrings from three jane, the pineapple is in the back, and the back of the earring, so it’s like business in the front and a pineapple party in the back, uhm AWESOME! get them here


SHOES – Asos Pineapple Heels (under $100)
TOP – She Inside Black & White Stripe Off The Shoulder Top (only $8!)
SKIRT – Asos White Mini Skirt (only $18)
BAG – Kate Spade Straw Bow Maise Bag (on sale & under $200)
ARM PARTY – Kate Spade Goreski Glasses Bangle (Under $100) // Bauble Bar Bangles
LIPS – Lady Danger by Mac – My summer fav! 

So if you too think you’re a little too chubby for something, first of all slap yourself and second of all embrace the chub! Love handles are fun and cellulite is awesome, okay, not really but love handles are okay and so is cellulite, I promise! If you want to change your body I totally support that, but if you want to skip the gym one night and eat a donut (or two) I totally support that too! The only thing I won’t tolerate is body shaming of yourself or anyone else because that’s just not cool and you’re pretty awesome as is, I promise.IMG_3704

5 Things I learned from Taylor Swift

20th July 2015

IMG_2601So Taylor Swift (like so many icons) its totally polarizing.IMG_2579

People either love her or hate her – am I right? 80 percent of you are reading this totally fan-girling it out, maybe even humming your favorite tswizzy song, while the other twenty percent are about to close out, because you think she’s annoying, or corny or overrated. Well, to be honest, I’ve felt that way too, I’ve gone back and forth with her, being on the Taylor train and derailing at times, I’ll get to why in this post but for the most part today I’m sharing a few things I have learned from her, about life and really about building a brand – and why if you don’t like her or even can’t stand her, you should still take notice and can learn a few things from her! So if you’re a fan or not, I hope you read on. Oh and I’m jumping in most of these photos and it’s hilarious, so if that’s not enough incentive to stay tuned that I can’t really help you lol!IMG_2594

1 Anyone Can Rock a Red Lip – Taylor sort of brought the red lip back! I’ve been wearing it for as long as I can remember but when she started to, so many people who never dreamed of doing it gave it a whirl and I kind of love that! There is always room for more red lip & cat eye combos! And come on, how amazing does it look with Ray Bans & Blonde Hair – yep, obsessed.IMG_2615

2 – It’s cool to act like your 87 – Taylor is the OG Granny. Cats, Needle Point and Baked Goods are her thing and I respect that. She is known for gifting these needlepoint and cooking creations like crazy (like only a grandma would) and we all know about her cat-lady status. She also kind of dresses like a granny in the best way possible but makes it look amazing! As someone who would always rather stay in than going out and has some granny-like-tendencies, I kind of admire this part of T.IMG_2571

3 – Girls aren’t Enemies – Girls get a bad wrap for being catty and hating each other. Until Taylor we haven’t really had any really big girl role models who put their friendships on blast. Yes, I think this is partially a branding strategy (and an amazing one at that) but it’s also super empowering. Thanks Taylor for showing gals that we don’t have to hate each other and always compete, we can come together and lift each other up!!! I have a few amazing blogger friends and non blogger friends that are girls and are my rock! I wouldn’t be anything with out my SQUAD and I love being able to lean on blogger babes like Liv (and bond about our frenchie obsession – follow batman, he’s besties with Waffles and they are SO CUTE) or spend a day with Krista in a friendly and non competitive way, see girls CAN play nice, I promise!IMG_2613Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 11.53.04 PM

4 – Holding people accountable is kind of Bad A$$ – I love how Taylor just calls people out, break my heart? oh that’s fine I’ll just tell EVERYONE. it’s kind of childish but also kind of awesome. I think we often let people get away with too much, which is why I wrote this post when people had negative things to say about my body. Yes, sometimes you just have to shake it off but sometimes people need to be held accountable for the crap they try to pull!IMG_2548

5 – Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate – Speaking of hates, your can’t make everyone like you! You just can’t, sorry, I know! I used to be obsessed with being likable, stressed about posting photos on instagram for fear of loosing followers or hoping I didn’t say the wrong thing a blog post because I didn’t want to offend anyone. And then, I got over it. Taylor said it best, people aren’t always going to like you, but as long as you are yourself and own it they can’t say anything about it either. Being true to yourself is so crazy powerful it literally gives all the haters no ammunition. So what if you don’t like me, or think I’m annoying or hate my body… I think I’m fine as I am and I like donuts so k bye! (seriously, read this post if you haven’t yet and if you wanna see my feisty side 😉 lol)IMG_2624

Recently I went to the Taylor Swift concert, naturally I rocked this Shake It off Tee from this post & t-swift keds (shop their new arrivals here, there’s a flamingo skirt that you so totally need). As I mentioned, I’ve had my ups and downs with miss T. Sometimes I’ve liked her and sometimes I haven’t. I’m not a major country fan, so I was a little late to the tswizzy party. Although I respected her crazy rise to fame at an early age, always admired her style and loved her music from her 2nd album on, I thought she was kind of winey at the begging. Always crying about the boys that broke her heart and kind of flaunting her personal life, I found it a bit immature but totally understood why those younger than her watched in awe. She’s about my age but we have totally different lives, just on a dating point of view I’ve dated one guy since highschool and we’ve been together for ten years – he’s my family (and my photographer) so of course my understanding of a relationship was a little different than hers, she was still trying to find love and figure it out. Anyways, recently I’m totally team T, watching what she as done as an icon, professional and business woman is kind of crazy. She has built probably the craziest brand right now, and doesn’t really seam to mistep. Plus she’s all about positivity, girl power and embracing yourself. Yeah, she’s super corny sometimes and often over the top – but hey so am I and that’s not because I’m “trying too hard” or being “overdramatic” its just how am I, and I bet its just how she is too. Anyways, I don’t mean to ramble or defend Taylor, I think its okay to not like someone if you don’t like them but I just don’t know her enough to actually feel that way – what I do know is she’s a light and a positive force to her fans and that’s what I try to do for the people in my life, so I have to respect and defend that! I’ve learned so much from her, and hope that you learn a little from me <3IMG_2617

Hello Sale

17th July 2015

Its the most wonderful time of the year … I’m talking about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale of course! And since searching through the sale can be a bit of a bore and because I love you oh so much, I did the hunting for you and pulled out all of the best find! You’re welcome 😉

Never Ending Summer
– Since summer isn’t quite over yet, why not save on a few more darling summer pieces – because I mean, come on, there’s no such thing as “too many bikinis” :)

Super Saver –
Best Finds under $100, because the only thing better than a sale is uh SUPER SALE!

Early Bird Special –
 Because Fall is honestly just around the corner and will be here any second, here are some crazy cute pieces to start stocking up For Fall!

Color Me Cozy – I’m all about a good pair of sweatpants and the cutest pajamas, but I honestly hate dropping a pretty penny on pajamas (no matter how cute they are) when they’ll only be worn in my apartment! So I always stock up on PJs when the prices are low!

Back to Basics – Serious sales are the best time to rebuild your basics and invest in some new staples. A new LBD, replace your everyday bag or step into your new go-to shoes!

Just For Fun – Oh sometimes you have to throw practicality out the window, and just get something just because! I always make sure I add something whimsical, wonderful and somewhat pointless to my cart with these kind of sales – it often ends up becoming my favorite piece from the haul!

Shop everything you just saw!

Shop the sale here

Birthday Prep

17th July 2015

IMG_0028So my birthday may or may not be quickly approaching…. so of course I had to share what’s on my list & some crazy cute party dresses – DUH!IMG_0150IMG_0305IMG_0078

Birthday’s are kind of weird for me – I am all about celebrating the special day of others but always find it kind of weird to plan a big giant party for myself – not sure why! Anyways, I usually keep a kind of low profile for my bday (which tends to surprise people) but always, always end up dressing the part!IMG_0296

When I saw this crazy cute dress I thought it would be the perfect party dress for a birthday, girls night out, wedding or summer date! It’s so fun and flirty and the print is just DARLING – color me obsessed.IMG_0120

    I tend to dream big on my birthday – always wishing of shoes, and purses, and shoes and purses, anyway here’s a look at what’s on my list this year:

Ready, Set, PARTY! If you have anything festive coming up in your life (of if you just wanna wear something special and look awesome!!!) here are a few of my favorite party-dress-pretties for you to shop from:


Smoky Sixties

13th July 2015

IMG_2776Did you know the smoky eye was created in the sixties?IMG_2807
Oh and I’m refusing to apologize for the vast influx of 60s/70s inspired dancing about to take place throughout this post!IMG_2792

That’s a total lie and I completely made that up, but the sixties and seventies were a pretty cool time for women. It was one of those decades where we saw women really come out of their shell and strut their stuff. Dresses got shorter, hair got higher, women started to make moves in the work place and slowly but surely things started to change! In some small way, I feel like the perfect smoky eye can do the same thing for someone, it can really amp up a look and you to the next level, kind of like the perfect red lip!IMG_2840IMG_2864

It’s no secret I am know for turning to my bright, bold lip to make an impact! Honestly, I don’t wear much eye makeup because my face can’t usually handle it and because tackling a smoky eye can be super intimidating. BUT when Urban Decay asked me to sample their Naked Smokey Pallet, I was feeling brave and felt up for the challenge. I rallied the help of my make-up magician of a bestie, Whitney and together we used some of the warmer, browner and more neutral hues in the pallet to create a more subtle summery smoky eye.IMG_2873IMG_2886IMG_2958


IMG_2895Thanks to Urban Decay and Condé Nast for partnering on this post. Thank you for supporting brands that support this blog.