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Wine Not!?

28th September 2015

IMG_9288 OMG GUYS!!! It’s finally here – the most wonderful time of the year …. you know whatI’m talking about — OVER THE KNEE BOOT SEASON, YESSS!!!!IMG_9314IMG_9344

Color Me OBSESSED with Over the Knee boots, they’re just SO CHIC and not to mention totally practical! I basically LIVE in OTK boots all season long, pairing them with dresses & skirts for fall and layering them over tights or jeans for winter ! If you don’t have a pair you have to HAVE TO invest, they’ll change your life, I promise I promise I promise!!! And would I ever lie to you? NO WAY! I like you guys way to much for that 😉IMG_9238IMG_9337IMG_9407

I found this darling wine colored pair of OTK boots online (for under $200!!!! shop them here) while I was late night binge shopping (oops) and had to give them a try, honestly, I thought I would probably end up returning them! I figured there was NO WAY they could be cute, comfortable and fit my donut loving legs for under $200 when most OTK boots worth investing in retail for $800ish, but imagine my surprize and delight when I LALALOVED them more in person than I did online – LIKE WHAT! THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!!!!IMG_9281IMG_9336

I was actually SO SMITTEN, after they arrived at my door that while trying them on I ordered them AGAIN in all three colors they’re offered in – Wine/maroon (pictured), black and grey because like come on, I NEED THEM and for $165 I couldn’t NOT get them!!!!! #sorrybankaccount ! My friend Whit who was with my while I was trying them on was so obsessed she ordered a pair (or two) too and then when I wore them the first night out, my friend Lex was also in awe that she too had to say yes to the boots, because like OMG they’re SO CUTE!IMG_9242

Although the boots are kind of the star of this outfit show, I paired them with a matching lip & my new favorite little bitty baby chloe bag. I love how OTK (over the knee) boots look with a mini skirt, so I stepped into the cutest little navy bow skirt, I love how it is super girly and feminine but in a fashion forward way that’s a little unexpected! So fun, I had to have it! I kept it simple up top with a grey button down crop top with long sleeves from Lulus (that’s I’m probably a little too chubby for at the moment but whatever I’m bulking up for the winter people hahah), I love that it’s so on-trend but also super easy and wearable! Finishing touches were a few gold jewelry pieces and a big ole’ smile… DUH!

OTK Boots (also in black & grey) (also get them here) || Shirt (only $30) || Skirt || Bag|| LipsIMG_9414

Paintball Party!

26th September 2015

IMG_7455GUYS ! Something so crazy happened to my simple white dress on my way to the Cynthia Rowley Fashion Week Presentation – you’re not going to BELIEVE IT!IMG_7487IMG_7503IMG_7535

        SO I was wearing a super cute lwd (YUP, after labor day, because rules = BOR-RING!!!) when all of a sudden I stumbled upon a super epic paint ball fight between two rival paint ball gangs in the west village! I was simultaneously ATTACKED by the pastel paint ballers and their rival counterparts, the paint the town red-ders (yeah I know, that name is kind of a stretch, they should totally get their act together…). I had no choice but to join in the fun and in the process got COVERED in paint ball paint, totally ruining my dress … or so I thought…IMG_7461IMG_7604

Truth is, I loved the end result and ended up rocking my pain-ball-dress to Cynthia Rowley and could’t be happier about it – okay, real truth is that I bought this pretty amazing paint ball dress as is and there is no such thing as rival paintball gangs that terrorize the streets of new york city, but I think you knew that. Anyways, it’s sometimes super fun to make up a crazy story that goes with outfits because WHY NOT :)IMG_7516IMG_7521

Dress || Shoes || Clutch || Bangle || LipIMG_7473

LBLD – Little Black LACE Dress

26th September 2015

IMG_8084Other dress will try to take it’s place, but the LBD will always be the QUEEN of all little dresses – the rest are just wannabes 😉IMG_8111IMG_8070IMG_8119

HOW CUTE is this little lace black dress (LLBD) it’s just the right amount of sweet & sour, edgy and effortless and sexy & sassy… and I’m obsessed! Not only is it so comfortable and easy to wear, but it also works pretty much year around, score!IMG_8089IMG_8138IMG_8122

The best part about black lace? the versatility! I wore this darling, dainty piece for NYFW with bright shoes & a color pop bag, then again a week later to the office with flats and a cardigan! When summer was still lingering I rocked it sleepless or with a denim jacket, and now that fall is here I can’t wait to layer it under my favorite leather jacket with black booties – yay!IMG_8099IMG_8134

Dress || Shoes Also here || Bag || Try it with this jacket!

Suede Days

25th September 2015

IMG_8815Hello Fall and Hellooo Suede!IMG_8782IMG_8804

There’s nothing I love more than making my outfits match the Fall feel by color coordinating to the seasonal ambiance, and a burgundy suede combo totally does the trick!IMG_8788

Does this outfit make me look like Eva Mendes? Hah a girl can dream right (Hey Ryan!!!!) – well despite our current lack of twinning, this look was designed by her! It’s part of her collection for New York & Co. The collection is full of bright colors mixed with classic wine hues for an unexpected pairing, it’s really fun and totally wearable!IMG_8808

To celebrate the launch of this new collection, I’m giving away a set of jewelry from the new line! To enter to win, all you have to do is follow along on twitter and send me a DM via twitter I’ll contact the winner directly, until then you can shop the full collection here!IMG_8778

Wearing New York & Company Dress & Jacket

This post was created in partnership with New York and Company, all opinions and views are my own!

Work of Art!

24th September 2015

IMG_7993 I always, always like to look on the bright side, because why not? – and this tendency totally reflects in my outfits!IMG_8042

This skirt if a total work of art!!! But honestly, I never met a crazy colorful skirt I didn’t like, and by like I mean TOTALLY NEED IN MY CLOSET RIGHT NOW! And this patterned little pretty is no exception, I mean COME ON it’s SOOO CUTE and I kind of sort of love it!IMG_8027IMG_8002

A pencil skirt is usually reserved for date night or the office depending on how you wear it, and that’s it but I gave it a fun and flirty vibe with a dash of casual whimsy to make it perfect for Sunday brunch or a day at the museum! A denim jacket is perfect for dressing something down and also super practical when we’re in this in-between weather situation – I tie one around my waist most days just incase!IMG_7925IMG_8035

All of these bright colors of the skirt played with pop accessories and basics up top work together to create a really fun, just totally wearable look for pretty much anything, and the bonus? You can’t help but smile when you wear it, see it or watch it hanging in your closet it – I even flashed some teeth when I picked it up my floor to hang it up with the growing pile of clothes I’ve been avoiding… it’s just that awesome!!IMG_8026

Skirt || Shirt || Denim Jacket || Shoes || Bag || Sunnies

Desk Set!

23rd September 2015

IMG_5807 So new york is SO TOTALLY AWESOME but there are some definite perks of living in the city and also some serious challenges – one of them being furniture shopping!IMG_5895IMG_5793

When I started putting my apartment together it was kind of crazy difficult, all of my favorite Arizona stores were no where to be found, all of the stuff I found online wasn’t available in NYC stores and if for some odd reason I could find it at a store, getting it home was a whole other obstacle! Oh and if it came in like 15 thousand pieces? uh FORGET IT! Also I really wanted affordable furniture but also crazy cute, because let’s be honest I’ll probably end up tossing it out on the street in a few years when I move on to wherever I go next, whether it be another neighborhood or a different city, state, country, you name it!IMG_5613IMG_5837Anyways, if you live in New York or a similar city I am sure you can relate, I never thought I would miss Ikea so much (we have one, just getting there is a whole other story, and they’ll probably send you home without a piece so you’ll have to haul everything back two or three times – it’s really fun)… until my favorite AZ furniture store came to NYC and totally ROCKED MY WORLD! So without further adieu I’m so pumped to announce that WORLD MARKET HAS COME TO NYC.IMG_5737IMG_5823

If you don’t know what World Market is, serious shame on you – JK (well kind of). It’s the most amazing hodge lodge of every furniture thing you could ever need, from couches to chairs to dinning tables and more, plus they have amazingly adorable accessories and lots of charming pieces that make a place instantly feel like home – basically it’s amazing! So when they opened a crazy cool concept store in NYC where you can not only see and sample the furniture but also order things directly to your door I was totally stoked!IMG_5674IMG_5873

Cute furniture break, shop a few of my favorite pieces from World Market by clicking on the images below….

I picked up my desk from World Market after eyeing it for like 47 weeks, it’s totally my BFF and not just because I spend most nights chained to it creating killer content for you guys! BUT because it’s dual parts cute & functional and fits just right in my space! I love that the new Chelsea concept store in NYC would have let me see and try the desk in real life before committing to purchase – it’s a total game changer!IMG_5756

PS you can shop My Desk Area by clicking the photos below:

This partnership was created in partnership with my friends at World Market all opinions are all my own! Thanks for supporting brands that support this brand!!

Black Cherry

22nd September 2015

IMG_6881Get in loser, we’re going shopping … and by shopping I mean, NEW YORK FASHION WEEK!IMG_6941IMG_6964

When your best friend is glam, into fashion and (currently) living in New York – you kind of have no choice but to bring her to NYFW with you – duh! Whenever I had the chance, I brought my bestie Whitney Nelson to NYFW for shows, parties or whatever! And when I couldn’t make a show, I sent her in my place as an official color me courtney rep – BOOM.IMG_6920

It’s not that I don’t get along with the bloggers (I totally do) but they won’t ever know me the way whit does – we’ve been besties since basically birth so I love being able to share these awesome moments in my life with her, it literally makes me SO HAPPY!IMG_6903IMG_6954IMG_6967

Here we are dressed in jewel tones and black as we skipped off to Vivienne Tam last week – I ran home after work, tossed on some face power and a dark lip before throwing my hair into some kind of undo situation and twirling out the door wearing a look I like to call, black cherry   IMG_6923 ! I wore a “very courtney” black Halston dress, with a maroon lip and oxblood bag. It was a little chilly so I kept warm in my leather jacket and added hair calf leopard pumps for a little twist, and just to keep it fun!IMG_6929

Dress (50% off) || Leather Jacket || Heels (splurge here)|| Bag (larger) || Lips || SunniesIMG_6970

Soda Pop

21st September 2015

IMG_7614I kind of sort of love the color orange – it’s bright, bold and just over the top… Hey that sounds just like me!IMG_7697IMG_7626

It’s no secret that I also love love LOVE me some sugary sweets (sprinkles, cake, cookies YOU NAME IT) if you follow me on instagram @colormecourtney you probably know that all too well… but I also have been on a crazy pop kick lately. A few months ago it was a ginger-ale-a-day and after that I switched two root beer and recently (maybe two weeks ago?) I switched again to Orange Soda.IMG_7703IMG_7646

Soda is yummy but also can be really really bad for you (oops), I noticed that all drinking all that sugar wasn’t doing me any good (yikes, don’t tell my dentist … or my mom!!!). Not sure if you noticed, but I smile, LIKE A LOT so rotting my teeth isn’t something I’m totally excited about lol – so enter Zevia a clearly different soda drink without artificial sweeteners, sugar or even calories – like what!!!IMG_7709IMG_7632

Full disclosure, Zevia was super sweet and sent me a bunch of soda’s to try, but the Zevia Orange was by far my favorite! I tasted like a lighter version of my go-to drink without coating your teeth in that nasty-gunky feeling that normal soda’s often do (yeah, gross). Plus it’s clear, so you know what that means – NO ORANGE TOUNGE. Overall it was easy for me to make the switch to something a little bit on the healthier side, because you know, there’s nothing wrong with cutting a few calories here and there, and by cutting calories I of course mean, saving them for dessert!!!IMG_7670IMG_7707

Lips || Stripe Skirt || Similar Top || Bag || Shoes || Sunnies

P.S. if you’re feeling lucky, follow Zevia on Instagram (@zevialife) and twitter (@zevia) for a chance to win a $500 visa gift card… oh and if you win, you should totally share with the crazy awesome person who told you about it 😉

Color Me Color-blocked!

19th September 2015

IMG_6110If my goal was to be the most colorful (and probably the craziest) person at fashion week – well, mission accomplished!IMG_6100

Its funny, the fashion world looks as “black” as super chic which I totally agree but chic isn’t always super fun! Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand and respect the impact of black- but that doesn’t mean I want to wear it all the time. I feel happiest when my clothes look good enough to eat, so basically the more sprinkled colored hues I can fit into one outfit, the better!IMG_6121

When we’re talking about jam packed color, this dress takes the cake! Literally! I’m so obsessed with the color blocking of all these frosting colored panels and that it gives a fun “patchwork” feel in a not so seventies way – such a fun twist on this current trend! Plus I love that it plays up the pastel vibe with pops of pink and yellow, but totally keeps things “cool” with mostly navy – Color Me Obsessed!!!!IMG_6091

My dress is from a super cool British retailer, Boden! I was introduced to them when they reached out about collaborating and honestly fell IN LOVE with everything on their site. I’m honestly SO EXCITED to be working with them on some really cool partnerships all season long (and hopefully for the rest of my life, or blogging career or whatever lol). Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to this retailer, if your style is anything like mine, you’ll fan-girl hard for EVERYTHING they have to offer – OMG!!!IMG_6161

Anyways, back to this awesome dress! I wore it for dinner with Claires Stores (I’ll be working with them lost too so STAY TUNED we have some AWESOME stuff planned for you – YAY) and some fun blogger pretty during NYFW. I was supposed to bring my bestfriend who couldn’t go at the last min so I made Paris, my awesome trooper of a boyfriend come with – to this girliest event of fashion week but it was SO FUN! I keep it simple with a navy bag and nude sandals but brought the wow factor with fun sunnies & of course my matching pink vespa, duh!IMG_6097

Shop Everything from the links or Images below:

Dress (also comes in skirt version) || Shoes || Bag (SO CUTE!!) || Sunnies

Fashion Week Flats!

17th September 2015

IMG_7199Want to hear two words that don’t normally go together: Fashion Week Flats (well, that’s technically three words but whatever you get the point).IMG_7397

   IMG_7317 There’s an unspoken rule that you’re supposed to pull out your best fashion foot forward for Fashion “month”, and by best foot forward, the – whoever, they are – mean heels. Hey I can do heels everyday – everyday where I walk to work in them, sit in my desk in them, walk to lunch in them and walk home or even to dinner in them … but I can’t really do 8 days straight 7 days straight of 7 inch heels where I have to track a few blocks from the subway to my shows, stand during presentations, walk from neighborhood to neighborhood for meetings and mix and mingle whilst standing straight without my feet becoming a flight risk… If you can, you’re awesome – more awesome than me, but until I get that super power or whatever magic potion that allows me to do it, I have to give my feet a break every so often.IMG_7179

Enter fun Brazilian-designed flats – as Bananas as it sounds, I averaged about two looks a day for NYFW (I know, I have a problem). Somedays, I would have two shows that warranted different styles or two very different moods that resulted in an impromptu outfit change. Anyway, I made sure I went into the week with 15ish outfits, knowing I would probably wear closer to 13 – I KNOW, I’m insane – don’t judge me! Anyways, Today I’m sharing TWO of the Color Me Casual looks I wore for meetings, presentations, errands and other fashion week fun all while giving my toesies a much needed break!

IMG_7382IMG_7406For my first look I went with something a little bit edgier for morning meetings and a presentation or two. Presentations differ from Fashion Shows, because you’re standing, walking around and watching the models – meaning there are no chairs and the perfect time to test out some flats – yay! I’m so so so so so so SO obsessed with leather right now so I combined a little green leather bag with the best leather skirt like ever – complete with POCKETS yay (I’m literally SO OBSESSED). I took one of my favorite summer off the shoulder tops but made it transitional (and office appropriate) by layering it under a black tuxedo vest. The star of this outfit is the fun red lace up flats – totally on trend right now and crazy comfy if you have to be on your feet all day. If you’re toes are a little chubby (guilty) try ordering a size up to ensure you can fit into these pointed tips, oh and try double knotting your bows to keep them in place all day!IMG_7364

IMG_7165Flash forward to a few days later… So I know its practically Fall, but all this spring collection excitement has got me seriously excited for florals and pastels – is it too early? Hoping that fall pastels will be another serious trend this year (spoiler alert, they will) with this next look, by pairing a white seventies blouse with a fun floral skirt! I added elements of blue in my bag and sunnies to bring another element to the look and topped it off with the cutest floral shoes that are not only crazy comfortable BUT ALSO rain resistant – LIKE WHAT. This look was perfect to change into after morning shows (and rain, ugh) for a few meetings, lunch and errands before slipping into a third (yes, third) look of the day.IMG_7285IMG_7227

Look One:IMG_7344
Vinci Shoes || Top (Only $18) || Skirt (A Fall MUST HAVE) || Bag || Sunnies ||Vest ||  Poms

Look Two:IMG_7225
Zaxy Shoes||  Similar Top || Skirt (under only $12) also here|| Bag (+ more colors) || Sunnies

Fun fact, both of these flats are Brazilian brand flats, oh the Irony 😉 hehe well see more Brazilian designers killing it here