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16th September 2015

IMG_6000Hey guys, incase you’ve been boycotting instagram, the internet and everything else normal people obsess over, let me be the first to break the news to you, ITS FASHION WEEK RN! So naturally I’ve done nothing but rock crazy amounts of color all week long (so basically, the norm) for fashion week, and I couldn’t be more proud about it.IMG_6019IMG_6003

If you didn’t think I would rock a candy colored striped full skirt for fashion week – you don’t know me at all! OF COURSE I went for the craziest, candy-iest (?) look I could because why the heck nock. Honestly, while looking for pieces for FW I saw myself searching for things like “candy stripes” “rainbow skirt” and other crazy phrases that normal people wouldn’t ever type into their IMG_6035 browsers, but that my computer has learned to know are just courtney-isms. Anyways, my search paid of because I got to rock this lolly-like skirt for Fashion week and it even got shot of Woman’s Wear Daily – so that’s kind of cool.IMG_6063IMG_5991

Lets talk about that for a moment – street style. I honestly think a lot of bloggers, fashionista’s and everything else come to NYFW just to get shot for street style – which there is totally no shame in, like at all but that’s not me. I’m the girl sneaking out the back or staying until the photographers go away or better yet, making ugly faces the whole time to prevent from getting shot haha, I’m not even sure if they would really want to shoot me but I also kind of don’t want to give them a chance – I feel super humbled and lucky to be able to attend these shows so I am there to admire the collections and give the designers the respect they deserve, not get shot… I basically use FW as a the ultimate dress up stage and networking event, a change to mix and mingle with some of the most talented minds in the industry and show them why I always like to look on the bright side 😉IMG_6066IMG_6048

P.S. If you though for one tiny little second that you didn’t need this skirt, THINK AGAIN because I’m about to rock your world. This striped little pretty midi… yeah, IT HAS POCKETS! #gamechangerIMG_6058

Striped Skirt (dress version here) || Tee || Purse (SO TINY, I’M OBSESSED) || Shoes || Sunnies

HEY click the images below to shop this look – KAY THANKS!!


Blue Crush

12th September 2015


Hello Fashion Week!!!!!IMG_6170

The craziest and potentially most over dressed time of the year has finally arrived, WOO!
Thanks right, NYFW is here!IMG_6178IMG_6194

        Since I live in NYC (yay) I try to attend as many FW shows and activities as I can, but also try to only invest my time in ones that I can relate to… and hopefully you can relate to too! However, I do work full time in addition to blogging so my FW activities are restricted to times that don’t conflict with my 9-5, pretty much like my normal blogging hours! However, I was in Boston with r29 on Wednesday and took day 1 & 2 of FW (thursday and friday) off so I did get to do a bit more of the crazy fun activities – YAY! Throughout the next tenish days I’ll be showing you a look at what I wore, what I did and (most importantly) who I was with during NYFW so stay tuned – Oh and you can always follow along via snap chat (xocourtneyquinn), twitter (@colormecourtney) and instagram (@colormecourtney) – WOOIMG_6208IMG_6216

For NYFW day one I arrived home from boston about mid day, the ran home and quick changed for shows! I had to miss BCBG that morning but was able to attend Desigual before skipping around town for a few more fun events! I ended the night in Brooklyn with Refinery 29 at 29 Rooms where I hosted a mini mouse fun house room (see the evidence on instagram & Facebook).IMG_6203

For my look, I kept it kind of simple in a crazy cute patterned milly dress and nude sandals – I almost didn’t purchase this dress when I saw it online but then I realized it has POCKETS which is a total game changer!! My favorite part of the look was OMG THIS TINY LITTLE BABY FENDI BAG that I’m obsessed with, plus I added some edge with this half up man bun hairdo and bold, color blocked sunnies!IMG_6224


Say Yes To Sprinkles!

9th September 2015

IMG_9760Life’s short – get the sprinkles!!IMG_9748IMG_9769

It’s no secret that I tend to live a life sprinkled with spoon full of sugar! I mean, come on, the only thing bigger than my appetite is my personality, DUH :) So today I’m sharing this fun-fetti look and a few easy ways to make your life a little sweeter.

Surround yourself with sweet people! I ranted about this on instagram recently, but will do it again today – because it’s that important! The biggest time suck, waste of energy and all around buzz kill is negativity! It was really hard for me kind of cut out some of the negative people in my life, I like people and I hate when friendships die but sometimes they are unhealthy and the hurt more than they help! I’m not saying go on a big unfriending spree, but I also think its okay to distance yourself from those people bringing you down or have a honest conversation with them about it – you’re awesome and you deserve to spend your time with people who make you feel like it every single day!!!IMG_9724 IMG_9759

Say yes to sprinkles! – Bad Day? Treat yourself! Good day? Treat yourself! Either way you have to celebrate things big and small… especially small! Did you nail that interview? You deserve a slice a pie. Did you do something nice today? A milk shake is calling your name! I’m all about reward yourself for big and small things, and most of all rewarding effort! I think we’re way too hard on our selves most of the time and if you indulged more (within reason of course) I promise you will be happier, I sure am!IMG_9718

Oh and for the cherry on top of today’s post, here are my three of my favorite manhattan desserts to try:
Dough Donuts in Flat Iron (Originally Brookyln)
Banana Pudding from Magnolias – YUM
Donuttery in Chelsea MarkIMG_9724



Shot at Sprinkles Cupcake in Battery Park

Fashion Week Prep

8th September 2015

IMG_5694OMG it’s almost Fashion Week! So obviously I’m in full fashion week prep and getting my fashion body ready (lol jk, I’ve been binging on donuts per usual #cantstopwontstop)

NYFW is a weird thing, it’s that one time a year where all of the big blogger flock to NYC, attend shows and learn about the latest trends; while the fashion industry gears up to see what will be offered come spring, the rest of the world focuses in on Fashion and I get to take my very “online” blog job from the contents of my apartment (with waffles laying under me) “off line” to the streets one New York – yay! FW is a major deal for some bloggers, for me I take it as a chance to get ahead of what coming, network with my fashion fam and most importantly (well to me) hang out with other bloggers… because really connect with people, followers and peers is probably one of my favorite parts of this job.

So how does one prepare for the most epic fashion time of the year (well, one of two) – I’m sure all bloggers, industry pro’s and fashion elite do things differently but I am all about getting to a calm, cool and collected state… I know the week (or uh, 10ish days) to come will be BANANAS while I try and juggle my real job and NYFW without looking like one hot mess, so I try to make my life as easy as I can before hand. Doing that is giving the perfect amount of attention to my eyes, hair and face … oh and a planning my outfits, DUH (see below for a sneak peek at what I’ll be wearing!!!!)Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 6.55.37 AM

EYES – Eyelash extensions have become a very necessary part of my life, Color Me Addicted! I got my first set at JJ Eyelashes earlier this year and tried a few places since but have never ever been half as impressed as I was at JJ, so now I’m back! Being Loyal! Seriously, YOU NEED TO TRY THESE THINGS THEY WILL FREAKING CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND THEY’RE WORTH EVERY PENNY! PS Head over to my twitter (@colormecourtney) I’ll be answering some FAQ about eyelashes and taking your questions!! Tweet me @colormecourtney and @JJeyelashes to get a response and all your eye lash questions answered!!IMG_5759

Lashes by JJ Eyelashes at 34th Street! – Book here

FACE – I’m kind of obsessed with clear pores, literally thinking of all the gunk that sits on our face and leaks into our pores every day gives me SO MUCH anxiety and in some cases keeps me up at night – I know I know, I’m crazy. I know I didn’t need that added stress for NYFW and wanted to make sure I looked so gloomy and dewy in all my photos (lol… but seriously). I made a quick stop to the Marilyn Monroe Spa in Times Square located within the Hyatt hotel…. where I received the best dang facial of my life yesterday. Not only was the staff super accommodating and the amenities were off the chart, but the facial was dual part massage and facial with all natural products and a personalized skin consultation and recommendation plan – BOOM! My skin is now SO SOFT, clean and radiant! I took these photos without face make up (just brows & lips, yo) so you could see how much my trip to Marilyn Monroe Spa cleared me out!IMG_5732

Facial @ Marilyn Monroe Spa in Times Square – Book here!

HAIR – Remember when I went blonde (ish) earlier this summer? Yeah me too, and I’ve totally been having WAY more fun ever since, so yeah, the rumors are true! Anyways My hair needed a little refresh and a touch of fall, so I went to my new favorite salon, the Butterfly Studio Salon in Flat Iron / Gramercy Area to get my hair colored by the amazing Faye Corondo! There I got an awesome balayage treatment, which far surpassed my usual highlights. Faye Corondo deepened my roots a bit to match back to my natural, and “painted” (yes, painted) on ombre-esque effect before sprinkling me with balayage! If you’re a fan of the ombre, you’ll love the balayage – Faye taught me it gives you more control than the ombre look and helps you achieve that natural, gisele bundchen look! Although I didn’t walk out looking like that amazon goddess of a super model, I kind of felt like one! Isn’t it crazy how new hair can give you killer confidence?IMG_5747

Hair Color by Butterfly Studio Salon in Flat Iron District – Book an appointment here

Kiss & Tell

7th September 2015

IMG_4602The say you shouldn’t kiss & tell, but when your shirt doesn’t for you I can’t help but bend the rules 😉 IMG_4613 IMG_4622     I think every person should have a signature, a thing or trade mark that kind of defines them. i actually have a few but at the tip top of the list are black & white stripes, and red liptsick. You won’t see me going a week without rocking the B&W stripes, and I’m SO CLINGY with red lipstick that I wear it almost every day all year long.IMG_4646IMG_4628IMG_4619

A red lip is the easiest way to instantly glam up your look, it’s timeless, classic and just so dang cute. I’m almost always wearing Ruby Woo by Mac, but especially with black and white stripes because who am I to say no to a little color!IMG_4621IMG_4639

This look is full of my Courtney-isms – classic white keds, crazy affordable black & white stripe high waisted shorts, pattern play and a white button up shirt with a Color Me Courtney twist. Layering all these elements into one look can be risky, but because I choose classic silhouettes to make my mix, it totally works! Plus the top & shorts combo is $25 ($10 shirt & $15 shorts – YAY)

Shirt || Shorts || Lips || SneaksIMG_4624

Central Park Snackage

4th September 2015

IMG_0475So I’ve been a very bad new yorker, well until now!IMG_0533       IMG_0375 Although Central Park is only two quick subway stops away  (I could literally get there from the West Village in maybe 20 min max – it’s awesome) I don’t get up there as much as I should and It’s really really sad!!! BUT this summer I have spent more time in central park than ever, and I couldn’t be more excited about it!IMG_0464IMG_0565

These photos were snapped when we escaped up to central park for a day of wandering and well, eating. We picked up sandwiches along the way for the perfect impromptu picnic on a well placed rock – this gave us a great view of the park and the city while allowing us the perfect perk for our little picnic!IMG_0307IMG_0385

What to wear on a perfect summer (almost Fall) day? Oh stripes, denim and converse of course! But I made a basic look fun with this crazy cute emoji bag and bright sunnies – DUH!IMG_0519


Bubble Trouble

2nd September 2015

IMG_1741On Wednesdays we wear PINK! IMG_0806IMG_2039

Years ago, before we were blessed with the Magic that is Mean Girls, Pink was just a color and Wednesday was just a boring day of the week. But NOW we have something to celebrate, this and every Wednesday… wearing Pink, Duh!IMG_2020

Today I am sharing another fun themed lookbook (yay) I hope you are enjoying these as much as I love making them (not possible). Today’s theme is Bubble Gum, because what’s more fun than that?IMG_0785

I hate to burst your bubble (sorry I had to) but I’m not really the best bubble blower, none the less I was totally thrilled Paris randomly brought home bubble gum one day, it instantly brought me back to the good old days and inspired this look! I had obviously peen thinking pink because I had accumulated a pink duffle, pink tumbler a pink off the shoulder top and a pink stripe skirt, so naturally I decided to put all of my pinks together and go overboard with this fun bubble gum look because afterall – more is more!IMG_1609IMG_0608

Overalls  (only $34)|| Pink Stripe Top || Keds
Tumbler || Duffle  (love this one via Dormify)|| Skirt (similar) || TeeIMG_2042


1st September 2015

IMG_3906SO excited for todays post because I have a big, giant, colossal announcement about something EPIC coming to the USA, soooo GET PUMPED!IMG_3910

I’ve been all about the 70s trend this summer and wearing off the shoulder shirts like its nobody’s business! But I’m also really excited to take this trend into Fall! I’ll be saying YES to off to jewel tones, suede skirts, floppy hats and denim on denim… and probably singing the theme song to that’s 70’s song all season long!IMG_3909IMG_3889

Okay, enough stalling, here comes the news! Have you heard of the european retailer Primark? They are known for crazy affordable trendy fashion styles, seriously their prices are RIDICULOUS! If live in the USA and have visited Europe (and shopped) in the past five years, you’re probably jumping out of your seat right now because you’re realize that your wildest dreams have come true ….  Primark is coming to the USA!!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 12.41.37 AMRed White & Blue inspired outfits from Primark Pieces!IMG_3931

Next week, Primark will be opening their first USA location in Boston (eeek) and I’ll be there with Refinery 29 to celebrate this momentous moment!  Store opens 9/10 at the Downtown Crossing, and If you’re located near the Boston area be sure to come out the day before, on 9/9 for the opening party… be sure to say hi!!!! It’s going to be a BLAST!IMG_3875

Wearing Primark Top, Hat & Cloggs available at the new Boston and Philly Stores in September.

This post was in partnership with Refinery 29 and Primark USA, all opinions are my own :) Keep up with Primark in the US by following @Primark on social and checking the tags #primarkusa and #primaniausa … and see you in Boston!!!