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I’m NOT Like Other Girls

29th October 2015

Photo Oct 28, 8 10 35 AMWelcome back to Wonderland!Photo Oct 29, 8 16 24 AM
Today I’m painting the roses red, sharing a sneak peek at a new exclusive Disney capsule collection and inviting you to a very important date all while proving why I’m not like other girls! So keep reading for a first look at this Alice-inspired collection and for the chance to shop it early at the preview party.Photo Oct 28, 8 10 42 AMPhoto Oct 28, 8 14 31 AM

It’s no secret that I’m young at Heart – I mean come on, I eat like a twelve year old (chicken fingers & candy for breakfast please) and am always spilling something on me – plus my mom is my BFF so yes, Inner Child doesn’t even being to describe this gal! But I do dress like a big girl (for the most part) known to rock a midi skirt, printed dress, high heels or a designer bag that I shouldn’t be spending my rent money on – #oops. SO when power house designers team up with a favorite memory from my childhood – I got MAD as a hatter!Photo Oct 29, 8 20 28 AMPhoto Oct 28, 8 08 04 AM

So today I am going all sorts of Color Me Crazy with excitement to be sharing the new Disney Capsule Collection Inspired by Alice In Wonderland – “I Am Not Like Other Girls” in brought to life by MARC BY MARC JACOBS. This limited edition holiday collection honors girls with a bit of quirk and celebrates those who dare to be different and stand out from the crowd with their fearless fashion sense, bold life choices and irreverent whimsy. I am proud to say I fall into that category and love being and celebrating the things that set me a part, I’m not like other girls, never have been, never will be and I couldn’t be happier about that fact!Photo Oct 28, 8 04 17 AMPhoto Oct 29, 8 15 54 AM

One of my favorite parts of the collection is how effortlessly some of your favorite scenes from this cult classic are subtly hinted to throughout, google eyes, bows, the Cheshire Cat and laughing flowers to help you stand out in style.Photo Oct 28, 8 07 10 AMPhoto Oct 29, 8 21 59 AMPhoto Oct 29, 8 17 48 AM

I have always had a strong affinity for Alice in Wonderland – for my 21st birthday I celebrated by hosting a mad tea party for my closest friends, the following year I was the queen of hearts for Halloween and this year I created a DIY costume by the White Rabbit (see it here). As time passes, this continues to be a striking story that enchants me and everyone else, I think that’s what gets me most excited about collaborations like this – the fact that although Disney immortalized this celebrated story into a forever classic back in 1951, we’re still forever OBSESSED with all things Alice! Despite the passing of time, all of the elements from this Disney darling are forever.Photo Oct 29, 8 17 10 AM

PARTY TIME!Photo Oct 29, 3 31 52 PM
Okay so now that you’re totally smitten, how do you feel about celebrating this super chic collection with me? Free tomorrow? You better by! Stop by the POP UP from 5-7 for an exclusive sneak peek and pop-up-PARTY! Cant’t want to see you there!

OOTD DEETS: My Sweatshirt, Tee, Tote and Pouches are part of the collection.

Read more about this collab Here, Here & Here or shop it below 

Photo Oct 28, 8 10 44 AM

The collection will be available November 1st exclusively at the MARC BY MARC JACOBS Holiday Pop Up store located at 382 Bleecker store – Happy Hunting, Silly Rabbits!

DISNEY DIY – 2 Easy Halloween Costumes

28th October 2015

IMG_5336IMG_2558In case you haven’t noticed I’M SO OBSESSED WITH HALLOWEEN. Every year I do a few DIY Disney costumes (last year it was Minnie & Snow White) So today I’m sharing Two more DIY Disney costumes, yay!!!

Down the Rabbit HoleIMG_5355
I’m late, I’m late! For a very important date!IMG_5412

For my first look, lets go down the rabbit hole into a wonder-ful little land where anything is possible – talking flowers, croquet flamingos and all of the size altering sweets you can eat! The White Rabbit, from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite characters from the epic story. He’s a little frazzled, somewhat spastic but nevertheless, well dressed … I don’t know about you, but I can relate!IMG_5250IMG_5451

Dressing like the white rabbit requires quirk & a lack of punctuality – two things that weren’t too hard for me to find 😉 I layered a sear sucker blue and white striped button up and a blue bow, under a white tank dress (he actually wears pants, but I opted for something twirl worthy instead) before topping things off with a red blazer. To keep time, I found the biggest clock cross body and paired it with bunny ears, a cotton ball tail (pinned) and blue heels layered with white socks for some extra quirk and topped things off with a worried expression!IMG_5262IMG_5456IMG_5328

If you’re lacking some of what I’m wearing, you could still achieve a more toned down version of this this look with high waisted denim or trousers, a white or blue button up, red blazer, bunny ears and a watch (or two) on your wrist!


I Do Believe in Fairies, I do, I do!IMG_2556
All you need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust!IMG_2559IMG_2561

Next to wonderland, and past the second star to the right you’ll find a magical world where you never have to go up – count me in! Here, mermaids are the norm, crocodiles just might tick and anything is possible with a little bit of something sparkly! Tinkerbell, from Disney’s Peter Pan is the cutest little sprite with a dash of glamour and a pinch of personality!IMG_2563IMG_2560

Don’t be fooled by her small size, she is all spunk! What she lacks in dimensions she makes up for in whit, passion, and even stubbornness. If you cross her, she might have a pout but she will always come through for you just as long as you believe in her!IMG_2562

To think Tink, I’m wearing a sparkly seafoam body con dress and nude pumps shoes. Really any mint green dress or lime green dress will work! I tossed my hair into a bun, spiked out my lashes (I’m actually wearing falsies) and added wings and some poms to my shoes!IMG_2557

P.S. Both of these looks were created using Amazon Prime (which offers free 2 day shipping) and/or ASOS that also offers 2 day shipping! SO you can get any of these looks before halloween!


Spooky Stoops & Scary Stripes!

27th October 2015

So today we’re sharing Five ways to make an easy DIY costume out of a striped shirt& five super spooky stoops to go along with it!FullSizeRender

CAT BURGLARIMG_3396IMG_3429 IMG_3420  
First up, I’m a Cat Bulgar (Cat + Burglar = Cat burglar, get it??) If you follow me on instagram (@colormecourtney), you know I am ALL about those punny, funny jokes (guys, I’m HILARIOUS, JK … but really) so when it comes it costumes, I also like to add a little awkward humor because lets face it – it makes everything better! So obviously, I took Cat Burglar literally by dressing like a burglar with lots of leather, and keeping things cat-like with this little black beanie!IMG_3409IMG_3455IMG_3460

Incase you haven’t noticed, I kind of sort of have a thing for red doors!! I don’t plan on robbing anyone anytime soon, but if I did it would be this pretty red door brownstone, I mean because come on – GOALS. But guys, don’t steal okay? You’re too pretty for jail!IMG_3422

FIFTIESIMG_3636IMG_3624Oh can you hand jive, baby! Well I sure can! I’ve always been so obsessed with the fifties, so naturally I put my keds & midi skirt combo to good use to create this fifties-inspired costume! All you need is cat eye glasses (sunnies work too) saddle shoes or white sneakers and a midi skirt and BAM – instant time travel! I added a black & white pony scarf and letterman jacket for that extra pow, and walked around the west village doing the hand-jive #duhIMG_3608 IMG_1796  I found THE CUTEST Sparkly pumpkin stoop while wandering around the west village! It has everything, glitter, wicker, rope and a celebrity owner – but I can’t tell you who 😉 The best part? these pretty pumpkins LIGHT UP at night, it’s gorgeous!IMG_3656IMG_3630

Well the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate hate so I’m just gonna shake it off and dress like T Switft!? Okay? Do I look anything like Taylor? no, not at all BUT that doesn’t stop me from basically sharing a wardrobe with her, so I thought WHY NOT make a costume out of it? I channeled Taylor circa 2012 – high waisted shorts, striped shirt & floppy fall hat! Don’t forget a red lip, and keds! Plus if you want add a punny twist you can cary a starbucks cup, you know for all those starbucks lovers! Other potential accessories include a hair brush or microphone (Paris won’t let me take a picture with mine — rude!), the number “13” written on your hand or a cat … or two! Waffles wouldn’t agree to dressing up as one, so maybe your french bulldog will be more agreeable!  IMG_3550IMG_3582IMG_3556IMG_3586

Okay how GOURD-geous is this stoop? I mean COME ON! Its happens to be one of the more simple ones of the few, but I still totally love it!IMG_3565


JAIL BIRD   IMG_3503 IMG_3495
And now for another punny costume reference, for all you jail birds out there!! For this look I drew inspiration from a twenties flapper/bootlegger who got caught smuggling in booze into a speakeasy during a sequin filled sting – and now she’s been sent to Cook County correctional facility with her new friend Roxy Hart in hopes of getting off Scott free. But of course, on her way, she had to stop and take cute stoop pics… because #obvi. Okay, so I may have a musical obsession, but I am also equally obsessed with this costume! I took a flapper costume, hand cuffs, striped shirt & booties to make a feather jail bird costume, sure to break the ice at any costume party!IMG_3532IMG_3493IMG_3527

Speaking of musicals, isn’t this Stoop Wicked Awesome? Out of all of these stoops, this one is by far my favorite! I mean, wicked meets halloween makes for pure magic and totally inspires me to defy gravity! I love that they decorated with brooms, witches and white pumpkins for a totally enchantedly spooky feel!IMG_3510

Oui Oui! I may be far from french, but halloween is for the great pretenders! SO if you love french bulldogs, red lipstick and black & white stripes (not to mention ALL THE CARBS) you could be a (stereotypical) frenchie too! Grab yourself a baguette, cute flats, and skinny jeans and pair them with a red lip and beret or french-like hat and you’ll be good to go! Extra points if you draw on a mustache, ride a bike or BYOB (wine … and cheese of course). I couldn’t grow one, don’t know how to ride one (#oops) and don’t drink so I just BYOB — brought my own bulldog, instead!IMG_3674IMG_3757IMG_3706

You don’t have to have a big stoop to make things SPOOKY! I love that this cute little west village home with the most darling blue door, went all out with the decor! Cobwebs, Tombstones, spiders and a skeleton all to make things go BUMP in the night!IMG_3676


Well thats a wrap!!! Hope you enjoyed this post, I totally loved making it for you! Almost everything is available with a two day shipping option (free with amazon prime) so you can get things in time for halloween, EEK! Okay, now, who’s going tricker treating?! Comeone, we’re not too old!!

The Great Pumpkin

26th October 2015


OKAY, not really — but I did find myself SURROUNDED by all of the gourde-geous orange pumpkins a girl could ask for this weekend while venturing out of my habitat.IMG_4938IMG_4930

All it takes is one look at the green grass, blue sky and TREES (gasp) to realize, we’re not in NYC anymore, Waffles! Although we love New York City, we wandered outside city lines to breathe some fresh air and view some sky-line-free views — and I was totally smitten!IMG_5044IMG_5095

Although you can find yourself an over-priced pumpkin on the mean streets of new york, we decided to go for a more authentic fall experience, and treck little Waffie out of the city to teach him all about nature and stuff…. he obviously had the time of his life, eating all the grass and rolling around like a little piggy #goalsIMG_4966IMG_5110

When I saw this window pain flannel, I thought It was cute, but nothing super special sure it could be a fun twist on the white button up to layer under sweaters or vests but I didn’t think it was anything ground breaking! Anyways, I added it to cart thinking I probably wouldn’t check out with it and kept shopping. BUT THEN, I found the matching scarf and thought INSTANT OUTFIT. Sometimes it takes the perfect accessory to make something ordinary, look extraordinary! And for me, it would the double trouble of this scarf & shirt combo!IMG_4963

Boyfriend Shirt || Scarf || Jeans || Booties (so comfy) || Bag || Hat



21st October 2015

IMG_1993Today I’m sharing two really cute and crazy comfortable boyfriend jean looks that work for weekend or (if you office is semi-casual like mine) even work when worn with the right pieces!IMG_8243IMG_1886

A good pair of boyfriend jeans have become a wardrobe staple of mine and I just love wearing them all weekend long, especially for Fall! Seriously, if you don’t have a pair yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?IMG_1869

Fun Fact – I was in people style watch magazine for the october denim issue (LIKE WHAT) and       these are the boyfriend jeans they found that actually fit me!IMG_8246

TBH in the try on I tried on close to 65 pairs of boyfriend jeans -_- and NONE of them fit me :( If you haven’t noticed, I have some junk in the trunk and NO THIGH GAP insight – and proud of it! But that makes finding the perfect pair a little tricky, sometimes boyfriend jeans turn out to be skinny jeans and then what’s the point! Anyways this pair (and the other tried and tested ones I’ve linked below) will totally fit you if your follow me #piesbeforethighs mentality and proudly rock the no thigh gap!

Tried & Tested Top 5 Boyfriend Jeans for Non-Model Bodies! 😉


For a fun, weekend chic look I paired sneakers with boyfriend jeans and a simple white button up tee! Since I couldn’t play it that safe, I added a plaid boyfriend shirt around my waist and a cute bag for a pop of color! My lip and crown braid were the final, fancy touches to an otherwise casual look!IMG_8193IMG_8202

To the office, I paired leopard pumps with the cutest taxi sweater for a cute and comfy casual friday look! I get away with wearing a more casual jean when I dress it up with heels and make up (I don’t always wear face make up, just lipstick so anytime I do that’s a bonus!). I also took this look to the next level by adding a hint of leopard, its unexpected and whimsical, HEY just like me 😉IMG_2015IMG_2054

Shop these looks & jeans by clicking the images below!

Fall is for Lovers

18th October 2015

IMG_3155    Fall is for lovers, and florals, and floral lovers and all of the above.IMG_3128

I’ve been OBSESSED with fall florals ever since they made their big trendy debut last season, and I’m SO GLAD they are here to stay! Today I’m partnering with LOFT to share a few fun styling tips to try for Fall and to PUSH you into pattern this season because it will totally change your life in the best way possible!IMG_3156IMG_3132

Today I’m wearing one of my favorite new peasant tops from LOFT, it’s a great way to get two trends in one: the seventies vibe + fun Fall florals, yay! I paired it with a pink pastel cargo pant in a dusty hue, and pastels are actually another carry over trend from last year that I’m OBSESSED with!IMG_3145IMG_3120

PS this is also what I wore to a fun event I hosted with LOFT! Thanks to everyone who came! See some of the highlights hereIMG_0903 IMG_0918

I dressed up this entire look and gave it a Color Me Courtney touch with patterned shoes, it’s an unexpected way to mix patterns in a fun fashion! Oh and if you’re ever looking to mix prints, try pairing leopard with floral or stripes or pretty much anything else! If you treat it as a neutral it can totally add a fun, wild element to your look!


LOFT Blouse || LOFT pants (also love this color) || Leopard Heels || Hat || Bag

Want more information on becoming a LOFT insider? Click here|| Big Thanks to LOFT for partnering on this Post!!

Color Me Bedroom – New York Apartment Tour

14th October 2015

IMG_8859OMG GUYS! I’m so so so so soooo excited for todays post because today is the day I will finally be sharing a look at my bedroom and I can’t WAIT to hear what you think!IMG_8949

Okay, so a few weeks ago I shared my living room and home office tour here on Color Me Courtney (you can check it out here, just come right back after) and I loved receiving all of your reactions and feedback! Sharing your home can always be a scary thing because it’s literally inviting the WORLD into your safe space, but I love you guys so I was totally happy to share :) and now you can take another look at where I live and how I use the space in my west village apartment.IMG_9137.2IMG_9535

As you know, I live in New York City and am actually lucky enough to have a pretty good sized apartment in the heart of the Village! After you walk through my front door, through the living room and past my office nook and closet (that I will share soon) you set into my bedroom!IMG_9038

My bedroom is one of my favorite parts of my home, it’s clean, white with pops of color and has a cool safari theme going on! I love that I blended mirrored, glam touches that you don’t really see in my living room and paired them with more simplistic pieces and fun patterns. Like everything in my life, there’s a lot of black and white stripes, but there’s a whole lot of color and print too + some fun DIY projects that saved me I lot of money, honestly I can’t wait to share with you!

Meet the STAR of my Bedroom … THE BED #duh (& Waffles)IMG_9573
Once you enter my bedroom you look right at my bed! I had always wanted a grey upholstered bed so when I moved I thought it was the perfect time to splurge on what I always wanted… well actually my mom bought my bed cause she’s so awesome (THANKS MOM) but either way, you get the point! I kept it simple with white sheets but then brought pattern play with black and white printed pillows mixed with safari green and a fun Palm Print one. Most of my Pillows are from Society Social which is honestly the most amazing site for home furniture and decor, you have to check it out & the eyelash pillow is from Dormify another awesome decor brand especially if you’re in college.IMG_9177.2IMG_9747.2

Above my bed I created a DIY art piece inspired by some of the mirrored sculptural pieces you see in hotels or at expensive design stores! I wanted to stick to a budget so I bought some flat mirrors in assorted sizes (2 sets) and sputnik spike wall pieces for crazy cheap and put them up on the wall! The whole project cost less than $75, where most of these sculptures go for closer to $500, and sometimes even more!IMG_8995IMG_8978

Bed  (you can also just get the headboard version here for cheaper!) || Palm Pillow
Stripe Pillow || Dot Pillow || Green Pillow || Lash Pillow || Comforter || Window Coverings
Sputnik Wall Piece || Assorted Mirrors || Lamp

The Easiest GALLERY WALL Ever!IMG_9464
If you’re laying on my bed (like I am doing right now as I type this #whoops) you’ll look directly at my dresser and a fun gallery wall – these are two other DIY projects in my apartment that look more expensive than they were! My Gallery Wall actually comes from Remodo, a fun site that offers boxed rooms and boxed walls – the boxed wall is AWESOME!IMG_9433
You purchase one of three sets of wall art that come in groups of three, five or seven (I went for the seven) and it comes framed to your apartment, or home or whatever! All you have to do is play them on the wall – I mean COME ON how awesome is that! In the center of my gallery wall is a big palm print that was actually the first piece I got for my bedroom, it’s crazy affordable from Waiting On Martha!

My dresser is the second DIY of the roomI really wanted a glam, regency dresser but those are usually really expensive and I was too cheap to splurge! SO instead I bought the cheapest/cutest/plainest white dresser I could find via Amazon for under $300 and decided to swank it up!IMG_9490

My mom (she’s an interior designer) told me about this fun brand o’verlays, o’verlays are custom, decorative panels that you can add to any simple piece to dress things up a bit! It’s so easy!!! You measure your furniture piece, pick your patter and purchase! I traced mine on my drawers and secured them with super glue! I also decided to keep them white but you can also paint them for a fun color pop! I finished my dresser by buying some silver ring drawer pulls and adding them for the final touch of glam. The whole project between $300 and $400 including the dresser and took less than an hour, we were able to complete it while watching Scandal! #itshandledIMG_9526

Palm Print framed via framebridge || Boxed Gallery Wall || Dresser customized with O’verlays
 Blooms || Elephant Head || Stripe Vase || Basket Ladder || Ampersand

Next to my bed, the mirror obsession continues in my Vanity Corner!

My bathroom is actually super teenie tiny so I get ready in my bedroom! I use the drawers as my nightstand and the actually vanity as a desk sometimes but over all it serves as the stand where I get ready in the morning! Above it hands another mini gallery wall, this sprinkled with a hello theme, camels and a donut or two (of course). On the final wall in my bedroom, and Ironically the first when you walk in, I have a third gallery vignette featuring art from Inslee, Megan Carn and a DIY or two all handing over a shoe shelf that actually has a secret alternative use.IMG_9083.2IMG_9115.2IMG_9816IMG_9094

Vanity || Chair || Mirror || Camel Print framed at frambridge || Hello Art
Donut Print || Glitter Canister || Candle || Black and White Striped Vanity Set
Zebra Print by Megan Carn || Similar Ampersand Art || Shoe Print by Inslee

I did splurge on my bed and vanity, but over all my bedroom is full of affordable pieces, in total you can create this entire room for just around $2,300 which is kind of sort of amazing! P.S. i didn’t go into too much detail on my vanity, but if you want to learn about it let me know and I’ll create a special dedicated post! Just leave a comment!

Okay incase you missed anything, shop everything from the links below:

Bed  || Palm Pillow || Stripe Pillow || Dot Pillow || Green Pillow || Lash Pillow || Comforter
 Window Coverings || Sputnik Wall Piece || Assorted Mirrors || Lamp || Palm Print
Boxed Gallery Wall || Dresser customized with O’verlays Elephant Head || Stripe Vase || Basket Ladder || Ampersand Vanity || Chair || Mirror || Camel Print || Hello Art || Donut Print || Glitter Canister || Striped Vanity Set || Zebra by Megan Carn || Shoe Print by Inslee

Wanna see more? of course you do 😉 well it’s your lucky day because I created a fun Video Tour of my bedroom! Check it out and I’ll Love you forever!!!!


13th October 2015

IMG_3020Feeling very incognito today in Western Fall Vibes today! Plus I’ll be hosting an event this week so read this post for a fun way to meet me in NYC!!!!IMG_3007

I love me some LOFT! They have great layering pieces and even everything you need to build your Fall wardrobe!IMG_3003

Honestly, if there ever is a season to reinvest in basics and try trends – it’s Fall! This year, I’m totally into pattern mixing, slouchy scarf action and the seventies trend! Today I’m trying something new with a bit of the western vibe, because the colors and print of this scarf really spoke to me and urged me to give it a whirl, giddy-up!IMG_2982IMG_2969

I picked up the perfect a line skirt and a crazy comfy slouchy V-neck sweater – both Fall essentials! When things get colder I can rework this look with tights and ridding boots all under a coat or blanket scarf but for now it works great with a light scarf, glitter booties and a fun Fall hat!IMG_3010

HEY NYC, LETS HANG OUT!!!! How does thursday sound? I’m free if you are!
Speaking of LOFT I’m SO PUMPED to Partner with them for a super fun event happening this week! I’ll be hosting a fun Fall styling event at the Flatiron Store from 6-8pm located at 156 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010!!! I hope to see you there (please please please!!!)IMG_3022

Wearing: LOFT Sweater || LOFT Skirt || LOFT Scarf || Hat || Bag || Booties

big fat thanks LOFT for partnering on this post! All opinions are always my own <3

Fall is Better Together

11th October 2015

IMG_1342          Fall is better when spent together!IMG_1499

Sunday’s are better spent in Soho with some of your favorite people! And last week, Olivia and I did just that!IMG_1552IMG_1401

The blogging world is so funny, but also a really cool place to be in! You meet a lot of people and actually get to become really good friends with some! Olivia is one of them! She blogs at Corporate Catwalk and is one of the sweetest people I know, after meeting and falling in love with Waffles, she got a Bully of her Own – Batman and the two of them are the best of friends! So naturally we get along really well!IMG_1601IMG_1577

We’re both wearing very fall looks, lots of layering, over the knee boots and a oxblood color are key themes you need in your fall wardrobe! In terms of must have accessories – we’re rocking teenie tiny trendy mini bags, and seasonal favorites like blanket scarf and fall fedora!IMG_1587IMG_1569

Together we’re showcasing all of the things you need in your wardrobe for a successful and fashionable Fall: Over the Knee Boots, The perfect Fall hat, an Oversized Scarf, Over The Knee Boots, A Layering Vest, Mini Bag and Something Burgundy!IMG_1599IMG_1388

Over all, Fall is better together! Enjoy the season and spend it with the people who make you happy, twining or not I promise it will make the season so much more enjoyable!!!IMG_1344

On Me: Scarf || Sweater || Skirt || Vest || Boots || Bag

On Liv: Hat ||Dress || Vest || Boots || Bag

The Perfect Blouse

8th October 2015

IMG_2777     There are a few things every woman needs in her closet rotation from age 16 to 60 – little black dress, classic & comfortable pumps, a neutral blazer, something leopard and a perfect blouse… and today I’m teaming up with Maurices to talk all about that must-have 5th member of the vital closet clique – the perfect blouse!IMG_2793

Styles come & go but a basic blouse is pretty much always in style, especially if you invest in the right shape & color… oh and the best part? You don’t usually have to spend a lot to get this must have piece, BUT if you keep reading you might just be able to add that perfect piece to your closet FOR FREE, I know right? don’t. go. anywhere!IMG_2725Today I’m rocking the only blouse you need for work, weekend and everything in between “the perfect blouse” from Maurices  Light weight fabric and a seriously fun color pallet paired with just enough coverage and a classic fit, make this a go-to blouse for any occasion. While most would usually pair it with a pencil skirt and pumps or under a pant suit for a corporate environment, I  decided to give this look an unexpected edge with a little (okay, a lot) of leather!IMG_2810I tucked the Perfect Blouse into a little black leather skirt and took things to the next level with over the knee boots! I really fell in love with the frozen lake color of this blouse (basically if Elsa was real, which she totally is, she would wear this blouse in this color to her day job as a marketing manager at a big ice cream cooperation and then rock it for date night with prince charming) so I played it up by pairing it with a contrasting oxblood lip and bag before finishing the look with a oversized vest and a leather jacket incase things got chilly, but the cold never bothered me anyway 😉IMG_2752

Over all, I love how I can take a blouse that could be work wear, but made it wearable for play as well – it totally expands your wardrobe and that can change EVERYTHING! You could also rock this blouse with jeans and sneakers under a cute leather jacket for the weekend or dress it up for a day at the office with trousers and a cardigan – either way you wear it I know you’re look AMAZING!

P.S. Wanna be twinsies? Click here to enter to win a Perfect Blouse of your own! Contest ends 10/12.IMG_2770

Wearing: Maurice Perfect Blouse in Frozen Lake || Skirt || Boots || Vest || Bag