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Pretty in Pink

28th February 2016

IMG_2316         If a little pink goes a long way, what does one do with a lot of pink?! Well… let’s find out!IMG_2319For today’s look I really did think pink, and red and pink and red for a seriously saturated look! I’m a sucker for a good pink and red combo – I think it totally goes under appreciated in the world of pretty pairings! I actually wore this look on Valentine’s day, but I don’t reserve this seriously sweet color combo just for! I think you can make pink and red work all year long, and will fight anyone who thinks otherwise (jk… well, kind of)!IMG_2322IMG_2325

The moment I saw this darling cherry blossom dress I knew I had to have it! It’s just the CUTEST print and my go-to shape, plus it’s oh so totally flattering! It was freezing when I wore this look – so I layered up again with double red coats (see it here), thick tights and OTK boots – which were basically my BFFS throughout FW. Spoiler alert, I’m heading to Japan this April to see the cherry blossoms, I think this dress will be coming with me!IMG_2324IMG_2323

Speaking of BFF’s, I was lucky enough to have Kristin with my during fashion week – my best friend turned assistant who basically saved my life all week long. I’ve been sick almost all of Feb, because of the lethal combo of working too hard, having no immune system (seriously, I’m always sick and it sucks) and walking to shows in the freezing cold making NYFW forty times more busy and crazy for me than ever before, I never, ever, EVER would have made it through in one piece without little miss Kristin!IMG_2328IMG_2318

In addition to loving this look because of my total color crush on pink + red, I’m also super clingy with dressing like a granny as a late (did you see this post). Not sure why, but big sunnies, little bags and other granny accessories just keep calling my name – not sure if it’s a phase of if I’m just an old soul but either way I kind of hope granny chic is here to stay! IMG_2327

Dress (also here) ||Boots || Bag || Hat ||Sunnies (different shape)
Red Leather Jacket, Similar here and here on sale || Red Coat, similar here



27th February 2016

Photo Feb 27, 1 52 45 PMWe’re back today with another look from NYFW, and this one is all about faux fur!Photo Feb 27, 1 54 16 PMPhoto Feb 27, 1 58 52 PM To be honest – I don’t really wear faux fur often … I just don’t think I’m fabulous enough for it so i save it for Cookie Lyon’s out there. But when I found this crazy colorful, and playful fur option I had to give it a whirl even if it took me outside my comfort zone.Photo Feb 27, 1 56 41 PMPhoto Feb 27, 1 58 10 PMPhoto Feb 27, 1 55 35 PMIt was freezing during fashion week, so I was living in over the knee boots it was the only way to keep warm! This faux fur also helped (and the hand warmers that I have lining my boots and hanging out in my pockets) keeping my so crazy cozy during the unbearable cold!Photo Feb 27, 2 20 53 PMPhoto Feb 27, 2 04 39 PMWith a coat like this, I decided to play opposites attract and put my hair in a sweet crown braid for an unexpected juxtaposition. I think it’s really easy to go full blown sex-kitten with big waves and a smokey eye, but that’s not really me – so I kept things “Courtney” with a naked eye and signature red lip combo and my braided do! P.S. – don’t worry, I’ll totally do a tutorial on crown braids for short hair girls soon on youtube so make sure you subscribePhoto Feb 27, 2 01 08 PM

Before you go, here’s a few tips for rocking faux fur: 1 – If you’re furry on top, make sure you’re sleek and chic everywhere else! This oversized fur adds a whole lot of extra volume, so I kept things tailored with a body con and tight boots, 2 – make sure it looks faux, people can get really sensitive and offended when others wear fur! Do yourself a favor an invest in something that looks faux, it will save your wallet a bit and save you from paint throwers (even though, I’m not sure if anyone does that anymore?!) 3 – Add an unexpected element! A sexy fun fur look has been done before, so do like I did and switch things up with your hair and makeup to create a overall outfit that makes people look twice!Photo Feb 27, 1 59 47 PM

Coat || Dress || Boots (also here) || Lip || Clutch

Photo Feb 27, 1 57 14 PM

Code Red

24th February 2016

Photo Feb 17, 3 12 59 PMYa’ll Reddy for this? (dun, nuh nuh).Photo Feb 17, 3 24 16 PM

Another day, another midi skirt! It’s no question that midi skirts are one of my favorite styles to rock all season long! I love them for winter because you can pair them with tights, heels, flats, booties and (if you’re really cold) dare to wear leggings hiked up and under the midi – I very #unfabulous trick I often resort to during NYFW.Photo Feb 23, 3 27 04 PMPhoto Feb 23, 4 02 06 AM (2)

Speaking of FW this is another look I wore to events and meetings during this crazy time in NYC! Luckily, the weather had warmed up a bit so I dared to go bare legged and twirl my way through the day.Photo Feb 23, 4 02 06 AMPhoto Feb 23, 4 02 07 AM (1)

This skirt does all the talking – so the outfit really didn’t need much more. You could wear this polka dot pretty with a solid black or white shirt and still make a serious statement… but when have we known me to take the easy route? I paired this red alert skirt with a black turtleneck, then amped things up four more pops of red: A red heels, two red jackets (leather and a coat) and of course, my red lip!Photo Feb 23, 4 02 06 AM (1)Photo Feb 23, 3 27 02 PM

This outfit is easily overkill to say the very least, but I still think it works because you know… more is more! Sometimes you can say a whole lot by taking a simple color pallet (black + red) to another level when you totally overdose on your pop color of choice! With this really red and saturated look I was able to make one serious statement in a sea of all black.Photo Feb 23, 3 27 03 PM

Skirt || Turtleneck || Shoes (similar flats) || Similar Bag, also here 
Red Leather Jacket, Similar here and here on sale || Red Coat, similar here || Pom

Photo Feb 23, 1 12 44 PM

The Primary Pyramid

23rd February 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 9.50.59 PM So it’s really no secret that I wear a lot of color – but lately I’ve been going back to basics and revisiting some of core colors to create outfits with! Red, Blue and Yellow!Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 9.52.06 PM
These three hues are really the core of all color blocking, mixing and matching! If you want to dip your toe into playing with brights, here’s the place to start! IMG_6132

Read more about the basics of colorblocking & get deets to this outfits here

Blue! Blue is one of the easiest colors to wear because it goes with almost everything and because there are so many pretty shades of it! If you’re looking to step outside of your comfort zone and try color, blue is a good place to start!Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 5.18.06 PM

Blue: Quilted Bag // Flats // Dome Bag // Polish // Cobalt Crossbody // Shadow

Yellow: Okay, yellow is a little bit scarier and definitely more challenging to wear! It pairs really well with navy or light blue, or can go great with just jeans! Yellow doesn’t work for everyone, but I think everyone can wear yellow accessories like a yellow bag, sneakers or anything else!

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 5.23.54 PM

Yellow: Mini Bag // YSL bag // Perfume // Flats // Envelope // Nikes // Adidas // Bag

Red: I love love LOVE wearing red and it’s actually probably my favorite color to red! Red lip, red bag, red skirts and even red glasses can be a really fun way to add a pop of color to any outfit! Red pairs great with blue, yellow, purple and even pink for something unexpected!

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 5.26.58 PM

Red: Glasses // Saddle Bag // Studs // Satchel Bag // Heart Bag // Sneakers

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Granny Chic

22nd February 2016

 Why Hello Grandma, what big sunnies you have!

 Granny Chic is a thing right? Right. And today I’m kicking it old school and taking your grandmas dream closet to new cotton candy heights while sharing another NYFW look.

My favorite thing about NYFW outfit making is that you can really go over the top, and no one really minds it! In fact it’s one of the few times a year that over dressing is not only accepted but almost encouraged, so HEY what are you waiting for – go all out!

When I decide to take this Grandma Chic coat for a fashion week whirl (it comes with the broach) I thought, why not go full blown Granny! So I kept with the Gma theme by stepping into tights, kitten heel Mary Janes, rainbow tweed and big rose colored glasses, to help cover those oh so designer bags hanging out under your eyes.


 I’ve always had a thing for bright colored tweed, not sure why but I’ve always been drawn to it! So much so, I find myself googling “rainbow tweed” like a sixty year old maniac! Sometimes I win, sometimes I loose and sometimes I hit the technicolor lottery with a pretty pastel shift dress that color crazed grannies only dream of ! Naturally, I had to go overboard and pair granny style with even more granny style with all of the little old lady favs!

Dress || Coat (comes with broach) || Shoes  (gold here)|| Sunnies (different shape) || Tights || Purse || Grey Pom 

Oh and for the record, dressing like a little old lady for fashion week is wrong, I don’t want to be right — XO, CQ

Laser cut-e

20th February 2016

Nyfw ! One of the most exciting times of the year! But I’m not your typical #nyfw girl – I don’t dress to the nines for street style photographers, I do it for me ! Oh and if it’s cold, I put my arms inside my coat because … It’s cold !!!   I’m usually in color, but sometimes blush and black can make an impression! For this FW friendly look I paired pastels with basic black for an unexpected winter look! It wasn’t as cold, so I opted to take advantage of the weather and go bare legged !

 My favorite part of this look? The price tag! I partnered with ASOS to create a budget friendly NYFW outfit with pieces you’ll actually wear post fashion week!   Skirt || coat (so cozy) || similar shoes|| purse || shirt || beanie
See more on the ASOS blog

Street Style Scrapbook!

18th February 2016

Untitled 6ddfIt’s no secret that my style isn’t really “street style” its more so, twirl worthy, with colors, polka dots and all of those girly things. I’ve never really been “cool” enough to be considered street style, but that doesn’t stop my from admiring it – and in this case learning from it!Untitled 6ddd

With fashion month in full swing, we’re swimming in street style photos – so much so it can be a little overwhelming! SO today’s post is a NYFW street stye scrapbook cataloging six things now on my Radar. Untitled 6dd
Who needs a blanket scarf, when you can wear a sweater? Fashionista’s were running around the frozen tundra that was NYC with chicly draped sweaters turned scarfs!
\\ Featured Scarf .. I mean Sweater \\

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 6.45.56 PM

I’m all about the Saddle bag right now, and so is everyone else! Even better if has a sporty racing stripe strap or comes in crazy colors.
// Featured Saddle Bag //
Untitled 6d
Denim days are here to stay, but I loved seeing denim worn in unconventional ways like a denim trench or unique chambray bags!
\\ Featured Denim Blazer \\
Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 7.06.50 PM
I’ve been a big dan of the fashion backpack, but they just keep getting cooler and even creepier 😉 I’m really into ones with fur or the idea of attaching a pom pom key chain!
\\ Featured Monster Bag || Featured Pom Backpack //Untitled 6
Who needs a vacation? Lets get lost with itty bitty mini luggage bags – the boxier the better!
\\ Featured Boxy Bag || Photo via friend & fellow blogger, Chic Flavours //Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 7.28.54 PM     We’re doubling up on denim and pairing blue with even more blues! I love color on color and the statement it makes, especially in a sea of blue!
\\ Featured Sunnies || Featured Butterfly //
Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 6.02.38 PMP.S. everything in this blog post is from Neiman Marcus! Plus you can get 6% back when you shop it via the Shop At Home!

Statement stripes & serious hues

16th February 2016

  Another day, another coat! 
With fashion week in full swing I’ve been living in over the knee boots and coats. Most bloggers & fashion week attendees put all this effort into their outfits – but it’s been so cold you don’t see much outside of the coat, so it better be a show stopper. Since color and pattern is a staple I. My wardrobe I have lots of bright colored coats in bold patterns to dip into during fashion week, they’ve kind of become the center point that I plan my outfits around.  
For this particular day (essentially day one) I wore stripes in two different ways bough out the day. I started with this striped pencil skirt that I paired with an oversized pink sweater & matching beanie. To play with the red, I layered on my red coat and this fun Marc Jacobs cross body saddle bag with cool varsity striped detail. 
Up top I added a blush beanie to compliment the sweater. All together, this was perfect for a morning full of shows and a chill in the air. I kept my legs warm with tights and over the knee boots ! These ones are a total steal and under $100, plus the low heel is easy for a day full of fashion week.

Later that day, I switched things up. Stepping into feathers to take me into a more evening look. I layered this feather tank with a black blazer to elevate things even more. I also switched up my coat and beanie, opting for stripes and green instead of red and pink. Over all, this second look stayed true to the first but just amped things up a bit with more dramatic details.  
Skirt || bag (obsessed) || boots || Pink sweater (similar here) || red coat || blush beanie || Feather shirt || similar blazer || stripe coat (similar)

Love Is In The Air

12th February 2016


 Love is in the air! 


It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and I couldn’t be happier! I love love LOVE this time of year and all of the delightfully cheerful things that accompany it – not to mention the mixing of pink & red!    

Pink and red is one of those taboo color combos that most people avoid all of the year (boo), but not me – I kind of have always loved the mixing and matching of these two crazy hues together and the magic that it can bring! The best news is that come Valentines day, all bets are off and the red & pink color combo is accepted by all, and not just the color-me-crazy… yay!    

Today I’m pairing these two hues together in a half pink, half red and full valentines day love fest! I paired two oversized pieces that you normally wouldn’t wear together but somehow they just work, at least in my opinion. This cozy sweater is so snuggly, I tucked it into a red midi skirt for a seriously twirl worthy look! I kept with the cozy, oversized theme by adding on a pink beret, big Cher-sized sparkly earrings, and larger than life bows on toes! 


Sometimes when a too much of something is just that, too much, a whole lot of something can actually be just right – if that makes any sense? I guess what I’m getting at is Moderation can be chic, but madness gets remembered, and exaggerated makes a statement – after all understated is overrated! 


Wearing: Sweater (similar) || Earrings || Skirt || Bag || Shoes (similar 
These photos were taken at 1st street between 1st and 2nd avenue in NYC!

Valentines Day – Gifts for my Guy

10th February 2016

 What a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man!

Hello ladies ! With Valentines day right around the corner it’s time for us to open our hearts (and our wallets) to all of the men in your life – well at least that special someone! If you’re like me, you get all caught up in sending gifts for Galentines day or cards for friends across the country that you actually forget about your guy until the last min (crap!) – well if you’re finding yourself in this same predicament don’t fret! I have a few quality gifts for your guy that I’m sharing today from this new must try brand – Anson Calder!

Anson Calder was born when minimalist Curt, son of an engineer and fashion merchandiser found himself craving their perfect wallet – something that marries sleek and modern aesthetics with old world quality all while living up to his functionality expectations… As a result, Anson Calder was born (more here).

Now, I don’t personally know Curt – but his style sounds a lot like someone I do know – Paris, my boyfriend, best friend and blog partner, and the guy I like to spoil on Valentines Day! He’s a classic man and a snappy dresser, he has impeccable style and is very hard to please in the present department. Trying to find him something perfect is not a small task, don’t get me wrong he’ll smile and enjoy anything I get him but after ten years of gift giving I’ve run out of ideas but still want to really WOW him!

Enter Anson Calder … To be honest, buying wallets for a guy is always scary – I mean, if Paris tried to get me a purse I would probably hate it. Not because he has bad taste, but because it’s a really personal thing. When I used to work retail for a hand bag store I thought it was CRAZY when guys would come in trying to buy a bag for the women in their life, I would ask “what kind of bag does she like”, “what size does she wear” and they wouldn’t have a clue. Buying a bag or wallet is a very personal thing – people are picky about it so I always stayed away from purchasing for Paris, well until now.

After learning about the history, craftsmanship and functionality that’s associated with the Anson Calder pieces, and seeing for myself that their style is aligned with his – I thought Anson Calder would be their perfect one stop shop for my guy, and maybe yours too!!

I decided on the leather calf skin wallet and catch all! I obviously had to gift him his goodies ahead of valentines day to be able to share this story with you (worth it) and he totally flipped for the combo so it’s safe to assume your guy will too!

Ready for the best part? Excited to offer you 15% off these leather goodies and free shipping (NYC – guaranteed before V-day if order placed by Saturday for NYC delivery; USA – guaranteed before V-day if order placed by 6pm est Thursday for USA delivery)
Use this code – Courtney15

Shop the wallet here || Catch all here || Read more about the brand here!
Happy Shopping X