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Heart Breaker

9th February 2016

 Hello loves ! Are you ready for my next wall art piece from the sweetheart series? Brace yours – it’s a heART breaker 😉  

  Today I’m sharing another Valentines Day date night look, but this one is a littler different from the rest and a little bit outside of my style scope – so that’s super fun! Plus I’m sharing another graphic wall you’ll totally flip for!  

A flirty, flowy maxi makes for a darling dress for date night! This pretty one has a boho vibe that strays for my usual personal style, but I like it just the same. I made it more “me” by playing to the pink color and pairing it with a bold beret and a little pink bag!

This dress drops into a deep v that’s a little outside my comfort zone, to keep things a little more covered I wore it it over a black lace bralette! I also layered a black tuxedo vest of the top to add a little structure. The final touch was a nude lip, that played off some of the other colors in the dress without taking away from all of the pinky hues!

A maxi dress in the middle of winter? Crazy right? – Wrong! I made this maxi work by wearing it with over the knee boots to help keep my legs warm and cozy under this flowy frock!

Now back to this wall – This heart wall is small, but still one of my favs in the city… Because it’s next to a super cute white door that leads to one of the best cupcake places in the city – little cupcake bake shop in nolita off prince and Mott!

Dress || Boots || Bag || Hat (similar) || Vest (similar) || Ring


Open hearted

7th February 2016


 Welcome to the Sweetheart Series – and my first valentines day posts of the year! 


Valentines day and being in love is great and all, I’m super luck to be dating a really awesome guy and I can’t really remember a Valentines day without him. Although I love chocolate, mixing pink and red, and all the red roses – I don’t like how this holiday has become so much about having a significant other, because there are tons of way to celebrate without someone. 


Open your minds (and your hearts) to the idea of a valentines day not about being in love, but about spreading it! This year all of my posts will be centered around this concept in one way or another, sharing ways to spread love or celebrate without a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife. 


Want to make a strangers day? Buy a bouquet of flowers and spend the day giving them out! As a blogger I’m always buying flowers (or balloons) for various shoots, so I like to be able to give them a good home when I’m done with them because we don’t really keep flowers in the house (#allergies). Giving them to a strangers or balloons to a little kid on my way home from shooting can totally brighten someones day, plus make you feel pretty good too! Spreading love doesn’t have to be hard, doing something so small can totally rocks someones world, and yours too! 



Obsessed with this dress! We’ve been having unusually warm weather so I paired it with Over The Knee boots and a light jacket – perfect for Date night or stepping out with your girls. I love that the lace has a classic ellegance to it, while the boots and touches of leopard give it an unexpected and kind of edgy, twist. 


Dress || Boots (under $200) (also here) || Ruby Woo Lip || Belt || wear it with this Bag

Sweet on the Southwest!

4th February 2016


 Hungry? I hope so! Because today we’re taking a bite out of my home region, The Southwest, as I share a sweet teats and eats guide to some places to pop by while you’re in the area! 


I was born and raised in Arizona, so I was home for the begging of the year visiting fam and stuffing my face! The West Coast / Southwest is a beautiful place – there’s lots to do and EAT besides just in and out (I went there twice but whatever who’s counting). After coming back to NYC for about a week, I ventured back to the SW to the great state of Utah (see my Utah posts here, here and here but then come right back, okay? I’ll wait…) for ski, Sundance and all of the snow! So Today I’m sharing a bit of the sweet spots I found when I ventured southwest! Without further fondue… I mean adieu (no I don’t), let’s dig in! 


ARIZONA! Like I said, I was born and raised in this great state, but I don’t get back that often, so when I do I have to split my time equally between trying new spots & stuffing my face with my old favorites:

Favorite Eats in AZ: 


The Sugar Bowl If you like pink and ice cream, look no further than the Sugar Bowl in Old Town Scottsdale! This peony colored palace is a historic ice cream shop and arcade that’s just as darling as it is drool-worthy!  
Mac Alpines – Looking for a sweet little soda shop or maybe just want to venture back in time? With about a trillion soda shop flavors and Mac Alpines has you covered  
The Fractured Prune – Did somebody say donuts? I DID! This is apparently a donut chain (they might even have one near you!) but I only found out about it when one opened up across the street from my moms house #score! They deep fry the donuts right there, in front of you and their made to order – so you get to eat them while they’re still HOT!!! They have a million trillion flavors, but you can also customize your own, so this DIY Donut Spot is now on my MUST TRY list every single time I venture back home!
Diego Pops It might come as a surprise to you, but I do actually eat things aside from dessert … well sometimes. An Instagram follower recommended Diego Pops (thank you) while I was in town so I searched the photos to see what I was getting myself into – not only does it have the cutest decor (cactus wallpaper – YAY!) but the food is actually to die for! It’s these cool trendy tacos, with a twist, plus they make their own sauce to top it with … and one is even PINK!  
Sprinkles – You don’t have to venture to Arizona for Sprinkles, but if you find yourself in Scottsdale (or maybe after you’ve tried Diego Pops) you should swing by Sprinkles to see the pretty pink cupcake ATM you only thought existed in your dreams (and on my insta feed).

AZ Shooting Location Alert! Looking for a fun place to shoot in Arizona with wall some seriously sweet wall candy? Make sure to pop by the Saguaro hotel in Scottsdale for some crazy bright colors!

UTAH! I don’t know this state the way I know my own, but my tour guide besties sure did! They both went to college here, so we had the time of our lives eating our way through the state! 

 Favorite Eats in UT:


 Swig N’ Sweets – Think sonic, on steroids and sugar cookies so good they’ll hurt your teeth – I’m pretty sure I just got a cavity thinking about them (UHM YUM). I love a good rootbeer, but I got to customize mine here, adding whatever I wanted in it – cream, flavored syrup, you name it so I was one happy camper!
The Chocolate – I visited Utah for the first time about four years ago when my friends were in college at BUY and they took me to “The Chocolate” which was apparently the hot spot – literally! I’ve never waited so long for a pazookie (a pizza cookie) but it was worth the wait! This gooey chocolate deliciousness still haunts me in my dreams!
Pizzeria 712 – Did someone say PIZZA!? We did Pizzeria 712 for dinner one night, but it’s totally not your average pizza place! Here you’ll find some seriously good pies, amazing appetizers and some pretty cool and unique beverages too. We literately ate so much here, I thought we were going to die! 
Waffle Luv – After eating at Pizzeria 712 (does that sound like a 90’s boy band name to anyone but me?) we needed dessert… duh! So we found this Waffle place along the road and the girls had heard girl things so we popped in for Dessert Waffles a la mode! Here you can also DIY your desserts, by topping your waff with whatever you would like! I went with cinnamon and raspberries but Kristin got COOKIE BUTTER on her’s which was like wayyyyy better than mine so (naturally) I made her share! They actually have more locations than just UT, even some in Arizona!

  More Utah Fun – If eating isn’t enough, try stopping by the Ice Castles (go at night to see them light up) after Tubing at Soldiers Hollow, Skiing in Park City or drive by East High and sing we’re all in this together! 


Alright guys, that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory eats, for me it was awesome to relive these great meals and remember these amazing places – it truly was love at first bite! XX 


Red & Blue & Yellow & You!

1st February 2016

IMG_5979Come rain or shine or sleet or snow, there’s constant that never waivers from my wardrobe: COLOR – and lots of it!IMG_6054IMG_6022

Sometimes I get sad thinking about the people who remove color from their wardrobe, I know all black can be very chic but it can also be very boring – I promise, things are so much better on the bright side! I love mixing color and patter and playing with different hues – it’s like you get to try a wicked cool science experiment every time you get dressed … FUN! I’m always trying different color combos from the go-tos like blue and yellow – to the less expected like pink with red, or even red and green but in a not-so-christmasy way! It’s always a challenge, but it’s always a blast!IMG_6047IMG_6084

Learning to master color can seem tough, but it starts at understanding color theory and what colors work together. At a certain point, you reach a level where you through theory out the window and start to experiment with combos that shouldn’t work, until they do, but for now let’s stick to the basics.IMG_6132IMG_6044

At the core of color play are three pretty pigments – Yellow, Red and Blue. Just like art class, you use these three colors to make everything else, so there’s no better place to start than with the OG three! If you want to begin color blocking or mixing hues, you should kick things off by pairing two (or three like me) of these colors. Navy and Red, yellow and blue or the more adventurous red and yellow combo are pretty much no fair color pairings that will always work. So if you’re a mixing master or just looking to get started but not sure where to begin, give this color combos a whirl!IMG_6112IMG_6020

I decided to go for the triple threat and rock red, yellow and blue all at once, WOO-HUE! This coat (on sale) did most of the work for me but I couldn’t get off that easy. I really wanted to challenge myself by adding an extra two doses of each color to really stack the deck! If you look closely, you’ll see three statement pops of yellow (being the biggest focus here), three cool neutral blue points and three small but mighty pops of red. I wanted my yellow to really shine, so I paired it with these statement scarf, I originally planned on red sneaks, but when the forecast changed so did my shoe choice – instead, I reached for these yellow rain booties (they come in red, blue and more colors too). I based my look in blue, pairing a navy sweater with dark denim – navy is so neutral, it doesn’t really read as hue-mix but does help to compliment this combo! On the red end, I really wanted this color to pop but in a small yet statement way – I did this with my signature red lip and a crazy cute little red mini bag! IMG_6015IMG_5980

Wearing: Coat (on sale) || Booties || Jeans (my fav pair)
Sweater (LS shirt version here, & love this blue & yellow one) || Scarf, similar || Bag