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The Thrill of The Hunt

31st August 2016

IMG_2550Get in loser, we’re going shopping!IMG_2552Today’s post is a little different, I’m taking you shopping with me to see what we find!  IMG_2555        IMG_2546

I’ll be real honest, in today’s world it’s pretty easy and convenient to just shop online, so much so that I do most of my shopping that way. However easy this process is, shopping online doesn’t always check all the boxes that shopping IRL can do.IMG_2556

I recently teamed up with Marshalls for a unique shopping experience – I got to shop the store with a consumer emotional and behavior expert, Peter Noel Murray Ph.D. while he interviewed me and my reactions to what I saw in the store. It was really eye opening to figure out what happens when you open yourself up to new possibilities. Additionally, I learned you can always surprise yourself with retail therapy and with additional has positive impacts on life outside of just shopping.

Fitting room diaries:

If you’re having a bad day, retail therapy can be a total help. Everything from being greeted by a friendly face when you walk in the door, to the excitement you feel when you find that one great deal can totally help turn things around. I’ve found some of my greatest treasures at Marshalls, especially in the home department! I’ve scored big with furniture, pillows, bedding and especially home decor accessories. My luck hasn’t stopped there, I’ve found a few high priced handbags for a bargain from brands I usually pay full price for.

The Find:

The element of surprise can be key for a successful shopping trip and just your happiness in general. For example, did you know that 77% of women feel either happy or excited when they shake up their routine? I shook things up by perusing the beauty brands at Marshalls and was surprised by what I found. Not only is surprise important to shopping – the gift of surprise has powerful effects. Surprise is more than just a physical gift, it’s a positive emotion that creates an unmatched bond with something or someone. Once we experience surprise, our instinct is to pass it on to others and spread positivity.

Great brands and great prices are something I’ve come to expect at Marshalls in my years of shopping there – but I still find surprises around every corner when I’m shopping there. The thrill of the hunt and the excitement of a surprise is something you can only find at stores like Marshalls, I’ve learned to expect the unexpected when I walk through the doors because you truly never know what you’ll find… it’s like treasure hunting!


During my shopping experience with Dr. Murray, I also learned a few things about me as a shopper. I’m a bargain babe and I love a good deal, I’m pretty brand loyal but willing to try something new if it catches my eye, and I’m an emotional shopper who can be cheered up by a little retail therapy! While at Marshalls, I was totally surprised by the upscale beauty products at amazing prices, new brands I hadn’t ever heard of but was excited to try and some brand favorites that I never would expect to find at MarshallsIMG_2549

Overall, it was a fun, exciting and enlightening experience. I walked away with a cute striped skirt with pockets (from a brand that’s closed it stores but still lived on at Marshalls) that was originally $150 but mine for $15; a super soft white tee that I got for a steal and some pointed red flats for $35 (originally over $100) that I’ll wear year around. I walked out of Marshalls with two full outfits and accessories for under $200 – score!IMG_2544

Thanks to Marshalls for partnering on this post, all opinions are my own!

Enjoy the Ride // Learning To Ride Vol 3

27th August 2016

IMG_2270One last ride!IMG_2269As you guys know, this summer I took on the challenge of learning to ride a bike as an adult and I’ve been sharing the story with you here.IMG_2268IMG_2261I never learned how to ride as a kid so I thought, hey why not give this a whirl. After a few fun weekends of trying (and failing) I now consider myself an official (okay, amateur) rider.IMG_2259IMG_2260

For me, the hardest parts were learning to pedal and just getting used to the body positions you have to make to ride – you might not think about it if you’re a seasoned rider but as someone new, it’s hard to get used to.IMG_2257IMG_2256

I’m so thankful for modcloth and they’re must have dress styles that keep me stylish though my many falls this summer – I knew that every time I got ready to ride, I at least looked good style wise, even if I made a total fool out of myself on the bike. For today’s look, and the final part of my learning to ride series, I pulled out this darling bike dress. It has pockets, a cute collar and a fun cut out to create the illusion to a crop top/coord set and is the perfect dress for a bike ride around town !IMG_2264IMG_2267

I paired my dress with the cutest brown oxfords, also from modcloth. I’ve been mostly riding in flexible sneakers, so trying to do so in oxfords was tough but doable, I love these shoes but I wouldn’t recommend riding with them day one tho! On my dress, you’ll find a turquoise bike and a red one to match two of my three actual bikes from Public Bikes ! This red C71 from Pubic Bikes has actually become my favorite to ride on. It’s just a touch more challenging then my other two bikes (see them here & here) but I think that’s why I like it. Once I get going it’s better for long distances and really fun to practice on.IMG_2271IMG_2263

This bike also looks cute with both my striped helmet and my red polka dot Minnie Mouse one ! Today I played with color by pairing my red one with a red lip and my cute red bag from modcloth.IMG_2266

Now, I know what you’re thinking – you want to see me ride, right? Well you’re in luck! Press play & lets ride !

Thanks to public bikes and modcloth for partnering on this post! Thanks for supporting brands that support this blog.IMG_2262


Bike Dress from Modcloth
Oxfords from Modcloth
Novelty Bags from Modcloth
C71 from Pubic Bikes

Thanks to Modcloth & Public Bikes for partnering on this post!

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Work Hard X Play Hard

24th August 2016

  IMG_2164 My favorite pieces are versatile, vibrant and don’t break the bank, so today I’ll be showing you two looks to take you from work to weekend, on campus to off to get you into the swing of back to school season with Kohl’s!  IMG_2163

Whether you’re heading back to school as a teacher, student, college kid or just moving away from Summer Fridays at your corporate job (RIP summer!) these looks will help you transition in style!IMG_2176

I’m a budget babe at heart, I grew up shopping at retailers like Kohl’s where I could get the most for my money. Now sometimes I’ll splurge on a designer dress or a cool pair of sneakers, but most of my closet is made from re-wearable pieces with a surprising low price tag.IMG_2162IMG_2170IMG_2174

Take today’s two looks for instance, for starters I’m wearing a little yellow dress with bold heels and a fun bag. If you’re working that 9-5 grind this is a look that can take you from desk to drinks and beyond; and if you’re in college, it’s great for an interview, internship or big presentation! I added a dramatic white vest to dress things up a bit for the office, but since it’s sleeveless you can get away with wearing it in this summer heat (and again come Fall). Oh and after taking this Color-Me-Corporate (or Color-Me-College) style look to work, switch out the vest for a leather jacket and your bright heels for some black statement shoes for happy hour or a night out with your girls!IMG_2177IMG_2171

After the work week/school week is done, it’s HELLOOOO weekend! Kick off your heels and step into cool converse (P.S. did you know that you can get converse for a steal at Kohl’s?! It’s my go to secret for getting these must have sneakers) with a few more basics. A denim skirt and a white button up are pretty plain on their own, but sometimes two basics make a statement for an easy weekend look! The final touch is a yellow bag with a mini key chain for something fun! If you have an nontraditional 9-5 (like me), are heading to class or find yourself at a workplace practices casual friday’s this is the outfit for you! The best part about this look is you’ll re-wear these must-have pieces from Kohl’s over and over for years and seasons to come, starting now and going on into fall!IMG_2175IMG_2167IMG_2168


Adult Converse All Star Quilted Sneakers • Converse • $60
REED Boxer Mini Handbag Key Fob • $15.40
Women’s ELLETM Long Vest • Elle • $36
Women’s Dana Buchman Surplice Sheath Dress • Dana Buchman • $66.50
Candie’s® Women’s Chunky Heel • Candies • $24.97
Juniors’ SO® Perfectly Soft Button-Front Shirt • $14.99
Women’s Levi’s Jean Skirt • Levi’s • $49.50
REED RK40 Belted Convertible Mini Satchel • $47.40
REED Boxer Mini Convertible Satchel • $55.30IMG_2166

Let’s Give Back!
As you guys know, I like to share any opportunity to give back with you here. So when I heard that Beginning 7/24, Kohl’s will encourage people to post pictures of their kids on their first day of school, using #KohlsClassroomDonation, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and that for every use of the hashtag, Kohl’s will donate $5 to Adopt-A-Classroom up (Up to $1M), I had to share! If you didn’t know: Adopt-A-Classroom is an organization that provides supplies and learning tools for classrooms, to offset the cost of teachers who are typically spending up to $600 of their own money on classroom supplies. I owe so much to my teachers and the sometimes unrecognized sacrifices they made to help me and other like me early on, if you too feel passionate about this cause, feel free to participate!IMG_2169

Thanks to KOHL’S and ShopStyle for partnering on this post, all opinions are my own!

Jump, Jump Around

20th August 2016

Jump up Jump up and get down!I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t always been a jumpsuiter, but as of late I just can’t get enough. Maybe it’s the pajama level of comfort that comes with wearing one, or maybe it’s the fact that it’s an easy one and done outfit, but either way I’ll be wearing these cuties until the seasons change.

I love this jumpsuit because the built in bodice makes me feel extra skinny (wee) it pulls everything in (and up) pin up style! It’s perfect if you find yourself eating your way through Denver and needing that extra squeeze – so yeah, it’s basically jumpsuit spanx!!!Recently I was in Denver, and this spotted jumpsuit I found at Anthro came with me as we traveling up into the altitude. (Who knew Denver was soooo dry, if you’re heading that way be sure to pack extra moisturizer to avoid having to purchase some like I did – yikes. With that high elevation, your skin will dry out way faster than it does down here in NYC). I only brought one bag with me on the trip, my trusty pretzel bag who accompanied me to have Ice Cream and Nuggs!

Don’t let the ice cream fool you – we’re still in that weird spot between summer and fall where you really wanna wear all the new fall pretties you picked up, but it’s just too dang hot. Amongst my new fall arrivals, were these yellow mules #swoon, they’re a little too “fall” for this look but I think I can kind of get away with pulling them out early. I think that’s the BEST part about a bold mule like these, you’ll be able to wear them now but also all fall long! I also snagged a yellow jacket to match, but I’ll have to keep that one in the closet for a while.Color Me Cliffnotes

This jumpsuit is a total showstopper! I love the bow detail and the fact that you can tie it as tight as you want, plus it has pockets … can I get a HECK YEAH! I’m wearing a size 0 regular, but I probably could have gotten away with petite. For reference I’m 5 foot with a size 26 waist. It’s a semi splurge with a $188 price tag, so shop the look for less options below if you want to save a little dough! TBH this jumpsuit probably needed a good steam before being shot but I was a bad blogger and didn’t bring it along this trip #oops.

What do you think of my Yellow mules? I hope you like them because they’re going to be pretty glued to my ankles until winter come around #sorrynotsorry. My new go-to fall shoe stepped out a little early for a sneak peek! They’re suede, super comfortable and totally worth the $100 price tag, but if you disagree, I found some look for less options for you too linked down below, woo!

A pretzel a day keeps the doctor away, that’s my new motto when it comes to my all time favorite splurge worthy bag. Since I’ve found you the real (over $300) but SO worth it & a look for less (under $50 and linked below) there is really no excuse not to take this pretzel pretty home with you. Just trust me when I say, you need it you need it you need it, k bye.

Wanna know the best part about this look? You can totally get it for less! I found a look for less version of everything I’m wearing to get your total outfit cost down to under $100 (that’s less than the price of just my Topshop shoes, that are $110 all by their lonesome).

<!– SHOPSTYLE COLLECTIVE WIDGET CODE START –> <div class=”shopsense-widget” data-options=””> <script> !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = ‘//’ + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === ‘object’){ if(doc.readyState === ‘complete’){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, ‘script’, ‘shopsensewidget-script’); </script> <iframe src=”//”
seamless style=”border: 0;”>

The Real (what I’m wearing)
Topshop ‘Ruler’ High Vamp Mule (Women) • Topshop • $110
WHIT Two Knotted Dot Jumpsuit • $188
Patricia Chang Pretzel Cross Body Bag • $325
TOTAL $550

The Steal:
Yellow Mules • $70.99  // Or Old Navy Yellow Cloggs • $26.97
Polka-Dot Sleeveless Jumpsuit • $39.60 // Or Polka Dot Jumpsuit • $35.99  (I also have this one)
Kitsch Pretzel Crossbody Bag • Betsey Johnson • $39.99
TOTAL $150 // or $101 (OH YEAH!)

Comfy & Casual

17th August 2016

FullSizeRenderI’ll be real honest with you (because I always am, duh) I hate wearing a bra… well, I did, until now. 

Things get swampy in the Summer in New York City and it’s not necessarily pretty! No one likes to be all sweaty this season, and as you know (because I’ve told you 😉 ) cotton is the answer – underneath and on top!      Version 2FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRender 5

Sometimes pairing a cotton shirt (like this Hanes tank) that I dressed up with a comfy midi skirt isn’t enough to keep cool – although the fabric here helps, the undergarments are equally important. I recently discovered the Hanes ComfortFlex Fit Bras that are pretty perfect for pairing under a cotton tank in the summer – they’re breathable and totally wearable for more than 5 hours. I’m sure you know the feeling, where after 5 hours you can’t wait to take off your bra! Not with these babes – they’ve even passed my 3AM test, where I’ve worn them all day (starting around 9am) and into the evening, even when I was pulling a late night working until 3AM. Usually the bra is the first thing to come off, but with a lightweight and comfortable one like the Hanes ComfortFlex Fit, I can wear it all day!FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 4

Down below, I’m wearing Hanes Cool Comfort Underwear that have the same comfydent effect and make wearing a longer skirt in the summer actually breathable and bearable! For me, being comfortable is key to trying new trends, looking confident and elevating some of my more basic pieces into an effortlessly chic look!FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRenderVersion 2

The best part about an outfit like this (other than the way it makes me feel) is you can totally create it with what you already have in your closet! A basic tank like mine from Hanes is taken to the next level with a chic midi skirt and crazy cool sneakers. Bold finishing touches like a red lip and a leather backpack add unexpected details that really make the look pop!FullSizeRender 7
Thanks to Hanes for partnering on this post.

Little White Jumpsuit

12th August 2016

Color Me Courtney - Little White Jumpsuit // Jumpsuit >> // Heels: // bag: needs a LWJ – Little White Jumpsuit!  Color Me Courtney - Little White Jumpsuit // Jumpsuit >> // Heels: // bag: Me Courtney - Little White Jumpsuit // Jumpsuit >> // Heels: // bag: Just like the LWD a LWJ can do wonders for your world and your wardrobe – I love how a splash of white can dazzle in spring, make a statement in summer and bring some unexpected brightness to early fall! It pairs well with your bright hues like yellow, and red or even with black leather (like a jacket or a bag) for a fun juxtaposition if you’re feeling adventurous.Color Me Courtney - Little White Jumpsuit // Jumpsuit >> // Heels: // bag: Me Courtney - Little White Jumpsuit // Jumpsuit >> // Heels: // bag:

Today I’m rounding up some of my favorite LWJ’s for you to take you through the rest of the summer and even into fall – plus they’re pieces you’ll want to wear year after year to totally get the most bank for your bunk!Color Me Courtney - Little White Jumpsuit // Jumpsuit >> // Heels: // bag:


I found this cute little off the shoulder white one earlier this season and can’t get enough of it! It checks all the boxes, off the shoulder, comfortable, has pockets and light weight – perfect for a day of exploring in the city. I took mine for a twirl in DUMBO with the comfiest yellow sandals, a big floppy hat and my watermelon purse!

Color Me Courtney - Little White Jumpsuit // Jumpsuit >> // Heels: // bag:
Color Me Cliffnotes

I love this jumpsuit! But beware, you can’t really wear a bra with it or at least one with a back! I paired mine with a backless “sticky bra” but have also worn it without! I’m wearing a size small!

You know I love these shoes! So comfy I picked them up in two colors – but the yellow is my personal fav!

white jumpsuit white jumpsuit summer jumpsuit white jumpsuit lwd colormecourtney color me courtney @colormecourtney color me courtney instagram color me courtney blog black fashion bloggers new york city fashion blogger NYC fashion blogger nyc fashion blogger new york juliah engle fashion blog african american fashion blogger vogue fashion pinterest fashion street style blogger style what bloggers wear best fashion bloggers rach martino fashion bloggers julia hengle gal meets glam with love from kat bloggers to follow taylor swift style zooey deschanel style taylor swift fashion zooey deschanel fashion amber filler barefoot blonde the best fashion bloggers best fashion bloggers new york pink peonies rachel parcell fun fashion blogger kate spade fashion blogger stripe fashion blogger polka dot fashion bloggers happy fashion blogger what to wear spring fashion spring style spring outfits spring style guide summer style summer ouftit what to wear for summer jumpsuit for summer watermelon bag watermelon purse watermelon tote watermelon bag

Once again, you’re fully aware of my watermelon bag obsessed (this cooler tote is one of two that I own) and that I think it goes with almost anything! I wore it all last year and will do it again next season – it’s a must have for Summer! 

I have a few summer hats, but I love how this one is a hybrid – part fedora, part boater and part floppy! I also love the thick white band.

Color Me Courtney - Little White Jumpsuit // Jumpsuit >> // Heels: // bag:

(Everything in this outfit is under $100 – most of it’s under $50, weee)

Lucca Couture Ballerina Off Shoulder Cropped Jumpsuit • Lucca Couture • $88
Sueded Double-Strap Clogs for Women • Old Navy • $26.97 Super Chill Watermelon Cooler Bag • $32
Jeanne Simmons Accessories Think Snappy Thoughts Hat • $34.99
BAN DO Ban.Do Giant Watermelon Cooler Bag • $46
Color Me Courtney - Little White Jumpsuit // Jumpsuit >> // Heels: // bag:

West Village Wandering

11th August 2016

FullSizeRender 11Summers in the city are sweaty – but I’m looking on the bright side today with a colorful wander through my neighborhood.  IMG_1242 IMG_1246     As you know, I live (and love living) in the West Village! This charming little corner of the city has been my home for the past three and a half years and will always hold a special place in my heart!IMG_1249IMG_1243IMG_1247

When the weather gets swampy, shorts are always the answer! I paired these perfect denim shorts from Old Navy with a flowy bohemian blouse! I love shopping for denim at Old Navy – I always can find the perfect fit, fabric or color​, all created with innovative fabric is engineered to hold you in, slim your shape & sculpt your curves, Yas (Check out all of Old Navy’s Denim styles here). 

Peasant blouses aren’t usually my style, but they’re a great way to beat the heat. I made it more “me” by tucking into some mid-rise shorts and pairing it with a bright stripe tote! The finishing touches for the look are my go-to summer wedges, also from Old Navy and crazy comfortable and a summer fedora – that dual parts shaded and stylish.IMG_1244

Swing Boho Blouse for Women • Old Navy • $27
Boyfriend Denim Shorts for Women (3″) • Old Navy • $12.99
Wide-Strap Espadrilles for Women • Old Navy • $29.97
Straw Fedora for Men • Old Navy • $10.99IMG_1245

Big Thanks to Old Navy for partnering on this post!

Spotted on the Boardwalk!

3rd August 2016

     IMG_0366  Pattern mixing is a favorite past time of mine, I’ve been doing it since I first started watching Gossip Girl … gosh, does that date me?IMG_0368

Anyways, print mixing and matching has transcended trend-dom and is now just another styling trick of mine, its as common to me as red lipstick or wearing jeans (okay, maybe not the last one, cause that’s actually a rarity in ColorMeLand but you get the point!).IMG_0365

I never met a mix I couldn’t match, but sometimes you don’t even have to get that creative, sometimes you can take the lazy way out (HAYO!!!!), which also happens to be the unexpected way (what? that never happens?!). SO HERE WE GO, the easiest way to mix prints, is to (drum roll please) not mix them at all … GASP!IMG_0345

Stripes on stripes? Yes. Floral on Floral? YESSSsss! Spots on Spots? OH HECK TO THE YAS! So what do you say? Here’s to mixing up your pattern play, and actually matching your mixies to get the most of your matches … LOL does any of that make sense? Hope so, because here goes nothing.IMG_0367

Oh and if all else fails, there’s always a Pretzel Purse! Now, on to Cliffnotes!IMG_0347


Obsessed with this tie top! I’m so sorrrry that it sold out, but Modcloth restocks a lot if the readers demand it! Until then, here’s something similar that you can tie to get my look!

These shorts are a serious fav of mine, maybe my top 10 things in my closet! I’m wearing a size small, they are high waisted fit like a dream! They come in black and navy, so I bought both, haaayyy!!!

White keds are my go to all summer long, but this is so not news to you!

When in doubt, pretzel bag! I linked to a look for less for you in the widget below so there is NO EXCUSE not to get your pretzel on. The real one sells out like hot cakes … (or hot pretzels) so RUN DONT WALK I promise it’s worth the splurge.


Patricia Chang Pretzel Cross Body Bag • $325
KEDS Back to the Basics Sneaker • Keds • $39.99
The Perfect Sleeveless Shirt – Polka Dots • Talbots • $32.49–74.99
Asmara International Limited Dapper on Deck Shorts in Navy Dots • $44.99
Betsey Johnson Handbags Baby Come Snack Bag • Betsey Johnson • $77.99
Short Brim Straw Boater • Sole Society • $17.47