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The sparkle spectrum

28th December 2016

img_2259With new years eve around the corner and the holidays coming to the end, here’s your last chance to go full on sparkle princess before we get back to black come January. I think that’s why I love the holidays so much, it’s not the gifts or the food (okay, maybe the food) but the fact that its the one time of the year that everyone gets on my glitter level… and “dresses up” by wears things that I would normally wear on a Wednesday. But I’m crazy, and you know that.img_2267

Anyways, today we’re talking about the sparkle spectrum where I share three NYE inspired outfits that take you from zero to hero in the shimmer department. So you can choose to be simple (yet chic) or full blown unicorn for New Years Eve, and still look awesome either way.

Basically not Basic
0 on the Sparkle Spectrumimg_2266

Of all of the crazy colors, patterns and amount of glitter I wear, I always get the largest reaction when I wear black. I think its because it’s the unexpected choice for me, just like it is for a NYE outfit. This is the one night every girl will be wearing a glitter dress, glitter shoes (or both) so if you want to stand out, don’t. Go for a statement coat like this leopard one, cute shoes and a simple black dress. Top things off with a retro classic lip, and if you’re up for it a retro ride to show up to a party in style and steal the show.fullsizerender-4img_2264fullsizerender-5


A little pixie dust
3.3 on the Sparkle Spectrumimg_2211
If you aren’t quite ready to give up the glitter, try a LBD and sparkly shoes. I’m rounding up my favs for you below:

Or for something a little more unexpected, try an androgynous look by pairing a femme tux with either sparkly heels or sneakers. See some favorite suggestions below:

Party Pants
5.9 on the Sparkle Spectrumfullsizerender
A little sparkle goes a long way. You can just pick one sequin piece and it will really transform a look, especially when you pair it with another luxe fabric. I took a simple look – oversized sweater, leggings and pumps, and made it NYE ready by pairing switching the leggings for sequin pants and the heels for velvet pumps! You’re sure to wow (and be comfortable) in a look like this, plus you’ll be able to dance (and eat) the night away without fear #winning.fullsizerender-2fullsizerender-7fullsizerender-6fullsizerender-8

Shimmer, Shimmer
7.6 on the Sparkle Spectrum
Since NYE is the time to shine, you might want to double up on the glitz and glam with two sparkle pieces – a statement shoe and a sparkly top make the perfect combo!
For your not-sparkle piece, can dress down the shimmer with jeans or go full blown holiday with luxe fabrics like silk, satin or velvet.

Step one: Pick your sparkle top:

Step two: Find your statement sole mates:

Step three: Finish with a neutralizing piece to complete the look and compliment your shine.

Mythical Creature
9.9 on the Sparkle Spectrumimg_2260
Channel you’re inner unicorn and dip yourself in glitter for a full glitz look. Sparkle shoes with a feather pom will let you walk on air, while you twirl into the party as the star of the night with a shimmery mermaid gown. Heads will turn, faces will smile and you’ll be the queen of NYE… bow down!img_2263img_2262img_2261

Hope you liked this round up of NYE styles. Most of these styles are available with expiated shipping if you upgrade or free two day if you have amazon prime so you can get them in time for New Years Eve!fullsizerender-3

Last Min Gifts (for guys)

23rd December 2016

 Hey last min shoppers! Here’s a fail safe gift for you to get in time for Christmas!Year after year, I’ve gotten Paris all kind of crazy things from christmas – everything from Lakers Tickets to socks and everything in-between. But no matter what changes, or where we live there are two go-to, failsafe gifts I can always rely on for him, and most of the other men in my life too: sweaters & watches!untitled-2d

I won’t say all, because my father actually doesn’t like watches, but MOST men are obsessed with watches and sweaters and love getting them as gifts. From preppy, to edgy – all guys, no matter what their style is, will find happiness is a good sweater & watch combo under the tree. You can find great sweaters for killer prices right now, and I think it’s one of the most exciting years watches ever so whatever you end up wrapping up, I know he’ll love it.untitled-2ddI’m not much of a last min shopper, I do most of mine way ahead of time… but I always end up going christmas crazy the week of and over buying gifts for people I’ve already checked off my list, what can I say? I JUST LOVE CHRISTMAS! If you’re a last min gifted, meet your new BFFL – Amazon Prime. YOU GUYS KNOW I’m obsessed with buying things on amazon, I probably make between 2 and 3 purchases a week! And prime makes it so dang days to get things you need in a flash, like christmas gifts! So today I’ve rounded up a bunch of awesome watches and sweaters all available on prime for you … and to get you excited about gifting, here’s a cute little video we did to help you dance on into this holiday weekend!


Sweater Shop:
Argyle Sweater // Button Sweater // Classic Turtleneck // Moose Sweater // Classic Knit // Chunky Sweater // Vintage Button Sweater // Cowl Neck Sweater // Zip Toggle Sweater // Pocket Cardigan // Button Up Waffle Sweater // Chunky Toggle Sweater // Fair Isle Toggle // Fair Isle Zip Up // Button Up Sweater // Stripe Sweater
Watch Shop:
Moto // Hybrid // Akribos XXIV // Fossil Smart Watch // Apple Smart Watch // Leather Smart Watch // Nate Watch

OH! and if you still have nothing to give, give the gift of prime! I got it last year and it’s THE BEST THING EVER… SERIOUSLY!

Outerwear Favs

22nd December 2016


It’s no secret that it’s freaking cold in NYC – so I’ve been doubling up on everything, sweaters, scarves, tights (and sometimes even outerwear) to brace myself for the brisk weather.img_1131img_1230

Today I’m styling one puffer from Hollister two ways – to show you how you can get double duty out of your favorite jacket and wear it some unexpected ways. img_1082img_1245


As you know, I own (now) nine red coats #oops but I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. This cute red one from Hollister was my first puffer one, and I love it! It’s so light weight that I can layer it under a wool coat or just wear it alone on warm days.img_1222img_1133

For my first outfit, I took the overall skirt out for a whirl, and layered two sweaters and two pairs of tights underneath. I started the day with the puffer, but was able to comfortably spend the second half of the day without it when things warmed up.img_1141

For the second look, I found the softest sweater dress from Hollister and layered it over light sweater for extra warmth. I double up on tights again before layering up with a scarf and puffer.img_1243img_1078


    img_1234 img_1090 img_1078

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A Smart Gift

21st December 2016

img_0064Basic is boring, so today I’m sharing a new twist on a go-to gift.img_0155

The holidays can be a challenging time, it’s tough to figure out what to get for everyone on your list. One go-to gift that is both timeless (excuse the pun) and functional, is a watch. You can pick one up for your brother, father, boyfriend, mother, sister, best friend, mentor, grandparent and pretty much anyone else that you want to gift this holiday season. But now, with a new influx of technology, why not upgrade this go-to gift to something new and noteworthy but still classic and chic.img_0221img_0077

Introducing the new hybrid smartwatches – a twist on a classic accessory that combines fashion with technology.


The What:img_0122
Hybrid smartwatches can do it all, without the touch screen that you’re used to seeing with smartwatches. After you download the app to your smartphone and sync to your watch, you can track your activity (both awake and asleep), set custom goals, take advantage of auto time and the use of a second time zone and utilize filtered notifications with vibration and hand dial animations. Additionally, these watches can not only ring your phone but also track your goals, control your music and even help you take a selfie all while living off a 6 month battery life and being Android®  or iPhone® compatible.img_0184

The How:img_0115
How’s this done? Why magic of course and by magic I mean advanced technology that links to the things you already own – like your smartphone. iPhone and Android users alike can download the apps and take advantage of these features through bluetooth synchronicity and wireless technology. Additionally it seamlessly shares with UA Record, Jawbone® UP, Apple® HealthKit, and Google® Fit.


The Who:
This watch is perfect for anyone on your list, and for those tech-savvy family members who will be impressed by the “the next big thing.” Even the people in your life who aren’t tech savvy will be blown away by how easy they are to set up and use.untitled-2 untitled-12fossil-1

These watches are available in all your favorite watch brands, such as kate spade new york FossilEmporio Armani , Chaps and more. Another bonus? These watches are about the same price as a traditional analog timekeeper. With a hybrid smartwatch, for about the same price you get so much more.img_0066

The Why:
With an overwhelming amount of gift options out there this season, I think it is best to invest in something that they will wear all day, every day and use constantly. Every time they check the time, or maybe even take a selfie, they will think of you and smile for the awesome gift you gave.img_0176

Now, after owning and using one, I can truly say that after you have a hybrid smartwatch, you won’t know how you ever functioned without one – and to me, that’s what makes the perfect holiday gift.img_0089

Shop the Smart Watches:

img_0262Thanks to Fossil Group and their hybrid smartwatches for providing the product and sponsoring this post.

Velvet Crush

19th December 2016

fullsizerender-27Tis the season to be jolly … and wear velvet!fullsizerender-26

The 90’s are back and better than ever, bringing some of your favorite fullsizerender-25 fullsizerender-29   new trends to the table… like velvet! Velvet is everywhere this year, from chokers to blazers to pumps (oh my) and can be worn so many ways, especially for holiday parties. To prove it to you, today I’m taking on this trend and sharing some holiday ready velvet pieces from old navy!fullsizerender-32

Shop velvet

Old Navy is swimming with velvet pieces and party wear, and now is the perfect time to stock up and shine! Invest in a velvet blazer, pumps or a tank top to mix into the other key pieces in your wardrobe, like dark denim or high waisted skirts.fullsizerender-28

I fell in love with the velvet blazer pieces (and the under $50 price point) so I paired it with a velvet tank for a luxe holiday look. For Christmas, you can pair it with a mini skirt (also from Old Navy) and a red lip for a simple and festive style that’s perfect for your work office party, friend’s holiday party, Christmas eve dinner, a festive date or Christmas day!

The perfect christmas look:

After Christmas has come and gone (tear) you can still give this blazer a whirl for NYE. Velvet on Velvet is just begging to be paired with dark denim, sparkly details and a burgundy lip. For my NYE style I tripped up on the velvet trend by pairing the same blazer and cami with a oxblood velvet heel for an unexpected pop! These shoes are designer dupes that don’t break the bank and will let you dance the night away and on into the new year!fullsizerender-31fullsizerender-30

Shop the look:

Velvet Pumps for Women • Old Navy • $17.99
Relaxed Velvet Cami for Women • Old Navy • $16
High-Rise Rockstar Skinny Jeans • Old Navy • $29
Velvet Blazer for Women • Old Navy • $19.97
Mid-Rise Rockstar Destructed Skinny Jeans for Women • Old Navy • $29
Velvet V-Neck Cami for Women • Old Navy • $12.99

Have you tried velvet this season? It’s such an easy trend to tackle for the holidays so I hope you give it a whirl.

Riding in cars with boys (named Waffles)

14th December 2016

fullsizerender-13I always get so many requests for a look at my daily life, and I wish I could give you one straight answer but every day is really different.fullsizerender-10fullsizerender-15fullsizerender-20

As a full time blogger, it’s hard to get in a routine. Some days I’m in NYC while other days I’m flying across the country for projects. Some days I have anywhere from 5 to 10 photoshoots in a day and other days I’m on my laptop from 6AM to midnight in my pajamas editing and answering emails. One thing’s forsure is my days are always different, but on those days that I do leave the house, there is usually one constant in my life – Uber.fullsizerender-12

I’m not sure what my life would be like with Uber. Since I don’t have a car, I really do use it almost every single day in the city, especially this time of the year. Today I’m going to take you through an average tuesday to see all of the ways I use Uber in NYC.untitled-3

My day starts in the West Village, when Paris and I rome to a location (usually in Soho) to shoot. This is somewhere we could walk easily, but like to save time and stay warm to traveling via Uber. Then we hop in an Uber that drops me back at home, and takes Paris on to work in midtown. After working on some emails and things at home, it’s time for Waffles to go to dog therapy in TriBeca. Every since he got IVDD we go twice a week. Sometimes I stay with him and other times I drop him off and run errands or go to appointments in Soho.

After appointments, I head back to pick up waffles before we both go back to our apartment in the west village. Then I’ll work more from the apartment before jetting off to Midtown for more meetings or blog events in the evening. My day finally ends with a ride back home to the West Village to round out my day.

Why Uber
I don’t like driving, and doing so isn’t really necessary in NYC so I don’t own a car and I like it that way. Most New Yorkers, walk, take the subway or some kind of car service (like Uber) to get around. I love walking but I spend most days in high heels or expensive shoes (like these clean white boots that I don’t want to destroy anytime soon) so Uber makes the most sense for me!

Here are a few more reasons why I love Uber over the alternatives:fullsizerender-17

1 – They never give me crap about totting around Waffles. Cabs and other car services always give me an eye roll or a dirty look when I do, sometimes they won’t even stop for us… how rude is that! I don’t know how you can say no to Waffles.

2 – You can call ahead. Although I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs, I do understand that some people have allergies or hang ups about keeping them in their cars. So whenever I’m bringing waffles, I call the driver to make sure it’s okay I bring him. The convo is short and sweet: “Hi this is your Courtney, Uber Passenger. I have a small dog in a bag for this ride is that okay? — great see you soon!”fullsizerender-19

3 – They don’t make me car sick. I don’t do well in cars, I never have, but ridding around in an NYC cab is a whole different animal. They toss you around from side to side and I almost always get sick. Not to say that I’ve never found myself carsick in an Uber, but its only a fraction of the time compared to the majority of cab rides resulting in sickness. 

4 – They’re ready when you are. Obviously one of the biggest perks of Uber is that you can request a ride while you’re still inside and the driver will be ready when you are! This is especially awesome in the winter, when its too cold to run down the street waving away in search of a cab. fullsizerender-16

5 – It’s your own personal mini tour. Most of the Uber drivers are really friendly, especially outside of New York. When I travel, I always like to take an Uber from the airport and ask the driver all kind of questions. They can help answer anything from history queries to giving you location recommendations, and some of my favorite restaurant finds in out of state places have come from my drivers!

6 – The safety feature! When I  am traveling (or heading home late at night) I love to use the “track my trip” tool and send it to my mom or Paris so they know where I am at all times. This makes me feel safer when I’m traveling alone.           fullsizerender-18 img_1112

Have you guys tried uber? once you do I doubt you’ll want to travel any other way! fullsizerender-14
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9th December 2016

fullsizerender-9Winter is weird. There are a lot of crazy things that happen this season that our bodies aren’t used to.fullsizerender

We get sick more than ever, we want to eat more food then ever before (you know, pack on the pounds to keep you warm, right?) and we’re cold … like all the time #burr. So today I’m sharing three ways to combat these winter woes with Bobble Insulate™.fullsizerender-3

It’s not weird to fight these feelings in winter, and one small (and stylish) way to do so is to keep yourself nourished and warm with the Bobble Insulate™. These are high-grade stainless steel insulated bottles that come in crazy cute colors to keep your bevy hot for up to 12 hours, or cold for up to 24. Bobble water bottles are dishwasher safe, BPA-free, sweat proof, leak proof – you name it!
fullsizerender-2untitled-6   Contagious – Being sick is no fun, it’s gross. You feel awful, you’re both hot and cold, and it’s just not easy to function. The worst part is when you get that first “sick” feeling and you KNOW it’s coming but have no way to fight it…. until now. There are a few easy combos you can use in your Bobble Bottle to fight off the impending doom. Ginger, Pineapple Juice, Lemon, Honey and hot water all have great nutritional and vitamin infused benefits that can help you kick the cold before you even get it. Pairing hot water with ginger, honey and lemon or (my favorite) warm pineapple juice with a little honey and mixing it into your morning routine can help you get back on your feet before the sickness ever gets you down.

Warm and Fuzzy – On a cold day (aka all winter) ALL I want to do is eat something warm. I literally live off soup and chicken pot pies this season and I’m not mad about it! When you’re freezing all day, you just want to feel warm and fuzzy when you eat your meal. With a Bobble Bottle, taking your favorite soup or chili recipe for lunch is a no brainer. Heat it up and drop it in the Bobble bottle before you leave the house, to carry it with you all day and have a hot lunch on the go. I’m often running around tackling meetings all day, so before Bobble my only option was to eat out – BUT when you BYOB (bring your own Bobble) you can have a hot meal despite your ongoing itinerary. I’ve even brought mine to the airport, bought soup on the other side of security, plopped it into my bobble and enjoyed it half way through my flight!

Keep It Cozy – When it’s cold outside a warm drink changes everything. Coffee, Matcha, Tea, Hot Coco … I’ve even spent days sipping on hot water instead of cold water because I just wanted to stay warm and hydrated. When you’re walking around New York City in the cold, you have about 8 minutes before your drink is cold, and then that kind of defeats the point. BB (Before Bobble) I can’t tell you how many coffees I would buy only to through them out before I even finish drinking them, since they’re cold and yucky. With Bobble you can make your hot bevy at home OR buy one and transfer it into your Bobble Bottle to make your hot drink last for twelve hours! My go to drink this season is a peppermint hot coco (that you can either buy or make at home) to keep me feeling warm and festive all day long!


Problem, Solved.
Press Play to see how we solve all of your winter woes with Bobble Bottles.

Now Bobble Bottles are available at Anthropologie (in addition to other awesome locations like Nordstrom and Amazon) and make a great add on item to your fashion purchase.


I like gifts with purpose, that people will actually use all year around… like Bobble Bottles! I’ve given Bobble bottles before because everyone I know how has one, LOVES them and can’t really imagine life without one again, crazy right!? fullsizerender-6

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Netflix, Without the Chill

4th December 2016

img_0291Oh how I love the holidays: fun parties, lots of great food and not to mention – HOLIDAY JAMMIES!  img_0288When it’s cold outside you have the perfect excuse to spend a saturday (or sunday) at home, snuggling up with in your pajamas and staying warm.img_0290

Growing up in Arizona, in a home with central heat that I could control myself, I never found myself getting cold at home the way I do now … and it’s not excatly the kind of netflix & chill I was interested in. I spent my first winter in New York, shivering in blankets, sweaters and high socks, but that didn’t really do the trick in keeping me warm. I soon wised up and learned you needed a cozy slipper to keep your toes warm, because socks don’t quite do the trick.img_0297img_0294

Enter these cuties from Koolaburra by UGG, an affordable sheepskin no back slipper with faux fur and suede perfect for those lazy winter days when you just want. Plus they are crazy affordable (under $60 you guys) perfect to give as a gift or keep to yourself! I’ll be honest, I never jumped on the sheepskin slipper or boot bandwagon as a kid, but once I slipped into these I was like “OHHHHH I get it” They’re so warm, so cozy and just straight up comfortable. Needless to say, you need them.fullsizerender

To complete your ultimate Netflix binge fest, you need all of the pillows (preferably fruit shaped), cozy long sleeve jammies and somewhere to set up as your own personal streaming fort – either your bed or your couch should do just fine! Once you’re ready, get comfortable, order seamless, turn off your phone and start watching! Happy streaming cuties!fullsizerender-2

Shop Slippers:[
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Shop Pillows:

Shop Jammies:

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Color Wave

1st December 2016

img_8458It’s the most wonderful time of the year – so why not celebrate by wearing something wonderful too … COLOR!img_8346

For whatever reason, people tend to run from color for Fall and Winter, but I always tend to do just the opposite. When the weather is cold and dreary, the best way to warm up is with bright colors and fun prints. Old Navy has SO MANY awesome sweaters, bold sweaters and statement pieces right now that I love to mix and match for some serious fun, and I can prove it to you.img_8451img_8395

Click here to see me jump into color with some serious deals for Old Navy.

The best part about these pieces is how they play on the color spectrum. You can brighten up an all black look with a bold sweater, mix you matches with contrasting colors or choose to make a serious statement in all monochromatic magic.img_8408

The best part about shopping at Old Navy this time of the year, is the killer deals! You can get sweaters for next to nothing, stock up on cold weather accessories for unbelievable steals and check everyone off your list without breaking the bank. With savings like that, you can afford to double or triple up on your favorite color this season or take a risk and try something new!img_8428img_8358

Either way you rock it, you’re sure to turn heads and ignite smiles with these show stopping saturated styles this season!


I hope I inspired you to play with color this season, I promise you’ll love it as much as I do.

Thanks to Old Navy for partnering on this post