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Cozy Candy

29th September 2017

 IMG_1368Oh Hello Fall!

It’s finally here! One of the most fashionable times of the year … Fall! It’s no secret, that its every fashionistas favorite time to shop & play dress up … and although I might be a little biased about Spring and Summer, I’m still happy Fall is here!IMG_1170 IMG_1239 IMG_1300 IMG_1330 IMG_1358 IMG_1405

The hardest things for me about this season is the lack of color. Everyone is quick to layer their browns and black and I’m like BORRRIIINNNGGG! So if you’re a color queen like me, and struggling with how to inject color into this time, stick with me all season because I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks for coloring your fall!

The first step is to invest in cozy colors! I’m talking about buying bold knits and bright sweaters! SO today I’m rounding up some of my fall favorites for you to shop in every color at every price point, wee!

Okay, want to see these looks in action? Hop to my instagram to them all in a fun stop motion video hereIMG_1441

OH and special thanks to Paris for partnering on this post, for the first time he helped me select some of the curated selection of sweaters for you guys to shop because you know its always great to have a man’s perspective.

Roller Babes

22nd September 2017

ConeyIsland_1122ConeyIsland_787So long sweet summer, but before we roll on into fall I wanted to share a super fun summer shoot we did with some of my favorite blogger babes.ConeyIsland_1016ConeyIsland_524ConeyIsland_96ConeyIsland_824

Summer to me is all about making memories and trying new things, something I got into late in the season was roller skating. Our first attempt at this activity was a total fail (see how here) but our second one was more a success. Since I couldn’t convince Paris to step foot in another pair of skates, I rallied a girl gang and took to Coney Island. RachNoelleLex and I strutted our stuff along the boardwalk, dripping in and Lexicon Of Style scarves.ConeyIsland_63363F5E17B-75A8-491A-85D1-EA80032FE5F5ConeyIsland_456ConeyIsland_700

We channeled our inner 90’s diva’s and put together a fun video from our roller-sesh, so I’ll let that and the videos do most of the talking. So lace up your skates and come roll out of summer in style!ConeyIsland_248ConeyIsland_322

Video by ABediting


Wearing Lexicon Scarves & Tees

Photos by Ashley Gallerani // see her work hereConeyIsland_142ConeyIsland_108ConeyIsland_1043

Let’s Wow

21st September 2017

  FullSizeRender 21 OMG! The coolest collection of the season has arrived, and you can pick it up where you pick up your groceries????FullSizeRender 18

That’s right grocery brand Lidl has teamed up with fashion goddess Heidi Klum to make the ultimate capsule collection – Esmara by Heidi Klum! Who knew a grocery store could be so chic?! I was lucky enough to team up with Lidl during fashion week to celebrate the launch and style one piece from their collection all week long… more on that later, but for now the collection is finally available so I can’t wait to share it with you!FullSizeRender 19

One of my favorite pieces from the collection is this super cool motto jacket! Its the perfect suede piece for fall and comes in black and chocolate brown. It’s priced at $50 which is a total steal but currently 10% off for Color Me Courtney followers, wee!!!

The collection is full of electric blues, leopard prints and sequins – oh my! Plus there are a lot of great closet staples like the black cami and sneakers I’m wearing, along with blazers, bombers, jeans, blouses and more. One of my favorite parts about this collaboration is the affordability, Lidl has worked hard to bring you quality pieces at killer prices with most finds ranging from $15 to $50! IMG_9106

So who knew, a grocery store would dominate fashion week … and my closet?! If you’re as smitten as I am, you can shop the collection at Lidl stores world wide, but be quick! This collection won’t last long!IMG_8363

Thanks to Lidl for sponsoring this post

Summer to Fall: Red + Pink

20th September 2017

FullSizeRender 8

I’m always on the hunt for the newest and coolest color combo, especially when we find ourselves in this weird in-between season thing where you don’t know what to wear.

FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 2

I love summer and I love fall, but that awkward transition isn’t always my favorite – one day I’m in boots and the next a sun dress? like make up your mind New York. One way to get through it, is to play with your wardrobe and make the most of a cool color combo.

For about a year now, red and pink has been my goto combo, but this love affair hit full swing this summer when it became a staple in my rainbow rotation. Now that things are starting to cool down, I wanted to show you how to transition this color pallet to fall, with the help of one of my favorite transitional shoes.

A slide on mule has been on everyone’s mind (and wish list) all season long. I paired mine with shorts and off the shoulder everything this summer, but for those first few fall months I wanted to keep them in my closet – so here’s how I take them form summer to fall with a pink & red pop!

For summer, the slides can be worn on replay. They look cute with cutlets, summer dress, high waisted shorts and everything else. I wore mine with short shorts to the coney island boardwalk so I could easily slip them off when I wanted to run in the sand.

FALLFullSizeRender 3
For fall, this shoe doesn’t have to go away. Pair it with a wide leg pant with a fun detail, like mine! These hot pink pretties show off the shoe while walking that line between summer and fall. For the rest of the look, I tucked in a off the shoulder sweater and layered on some statement sunnies.

Both of these looks featured the Dolce Vita Rilee slide in leather that comes in a few fun color and material patterns as well. I love that the brand encourages young girls everywhere to be themselves and walk this way, by testing out new trends, colors and ways to wear thing! I stuck with white leather because its timeless, classic and surprisingly transitional. I picked mine up from Zappos because they have fast and free shipping, plus they’re great on returns. Since my feet run wide, I had to size up half of size in these slides, but returned at Zappos was super simple!

FullSizeRender 6FullSizeRender 7

Thanks to Dolce Vita & Zappos for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


The One Color I Wont Wear …

19th September 2017

IMG_2222       It’s no secret I love color, but there are some colors even I steer clear of. Today I’m talking all about the one color I don’t like to wear, and how I’m overcoming my fear of it this season in partnership with Macy’s & Michael Kors!


I hate purple. I’m not sure why, it’s just never been my favorite color to wear. But this Fall, grape colored hues are having a major moment, so I thought this would be the perfect time to dip my toe into the purple pool and see what I’m missing out on.

So how does one begin to wear a color they tend to avoid? Well its tough. I don’t own much purple at all, so I started by purchasing purple pumps & a purple purse that I can easily weave into my already colorful outfits.

The next issue arises with pairing purple with other colors without looking crazy. The best way to combat this, is to use a color wheel. If you think about primary color (Red, blue, yellow) and secondary colors (orange, green and purple). Not to get too into color science on you, but a color always looks great when paired with one of the other primary/secondary colors – for instance, purple (a secondary color) looks great with green or orange, so I’ve paired my purple pumps & pure with an orange dress (see that here). A secondary color, also looks great with one of the colors used to make it (red and blue make purple, so I picked red) and the outstanding primary color not in the mix (in this case yellow) & I used this formula to create todays look.

Here are some colors that look great with purple:

Tonight I’m stepping out to preview the new Michael Kors collection at Macy’s (there having a fun event & panel with Who What Wear tonight at the Herald Square Location, its open to the public so come) and rumor has it, it’s all about purple! Hope to see you there


SHOP MY LOOK:IMG_2227Thanks to Macy’s & Michael Kors for partnering on this post.

Color Me Kicks

13th September 2017

FullSizeRender 47FullSizeRender 51FullSizeRender 45When it comes to dressing up sneakers and rocking this sporty trend, I think more is more! So today let’s talk about 3 ways to nail sneakers for fall, all while keeping things fun and colorful of course.

I’m so happy that sneakers are in style. I actually think this trend has overstayed its welcome in our world, but obviously fashionistas aren’t ready to give it up and I couldn’t agree more. Heels are fun, but nothing beats the comfortability and flexibility you get from spending the day in sneakers, like these pink pretties I picked up a Finish Line. We’re also having a major throw-back moment in fashion, so I was so excited to get my hands on these Reebok Classic Leather shoes for me to style the Color Me Courtney way.FullSizeRender 55FullSizeRender 50FullSizeRender 54

So now that we know what we’re working with south of my ankles, here’s three ways to win at the sneaker trend, and really take this must have style to the Finish Line 😉

1 – GO BOLD – when you’re wearing sneakers, you’re already making a statement but one way to take your look from casual to fashion forward is you have to go bold. Try an intense color combo like I did or pair your sneaks with more statement pieces.

2 – KEEP IT FEMININE – Since strutting in sneakers is more of a masculine move, you gotta keep things feminine with girly details or pieces. I paired mine with  pretty pleated skirt to give me movement and a flirty feel.

3 – HAVE A MATCHY MOMENT – You know how sometimes putting sneakers on with an outfit can make you look like a city commuter with your pumps in your purse? Well we’re trying to avoid that with this last tip. If you really tie your sneakers into your look and make the pairing look intentional. I paired my sneakers with my top, so you know this was an intentional outfitFullSizeRender 48FullSizeRender 52FullSizeRender 46FullSizeRender 56

So I used all three of my tips together while styling this look … because I’m extra. I also made my sneakers pop by pairing them with this fun pink and yellow combo! I picked up my sneakers at Finish Line, because they had a great selection of classic sneakers like my new Reeboks, athletic shoes for running and fashion sneakers for fall!FullSizeRender 49

Reebok Women’s Classic Leather Shoes • $39.98–79.99
Pleated Long Skirt • $126
Short Sleeve Sweatshirt • $75
Reebok Women’s Classic Leather 
Mini Mini Sun patent leather tote • $395FullSizeRender 53

Thanks to Finish Line and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own

Mastering the Open

13th September 2017

IMG_9239I came for the tennis, but I stayed for the Waffle Fries!!!

GUYS! I had the best time at US Open with Chase! I grew up playing tennis, but had never been to The Open so when they extended the invitation I was pretty pumped to attend, and eat my way through this event.

Chase really knows how to let you master the open, with the ultimate user experience. With everything from the Chase lounge – a really cool space where you can unwind and watch without the heat of being outdoors … plus they have pretzels 🙂 to cool interactions like the Automated Tennis Machine (get it?) where you can win a prize, weee! One of the coolest things that Chase offered US open participants was the portable chargers you could pick up and use for free all day long, plus they had streaming capabilities where you could watch matches on your phone without using data!!!! #ChaseGetsMe

While I was there we took over the Chase Instagram story, used the custom Chase snapchat filter that we paired with cool chase snapchat spectacles, ate everything and just had a blast.

If you’re attending the open be sure to stop by and see what all Chase has to offer, they’ve been one of the biggest and best partners of the US open for over 20 years and will continue to do so in the future!

Before you go, be sure to click here for more info on Chase’s partnership with the Open and to see a really cool interview with my girl (a very pregnant) Serena WillamsIMG_7994


Thanks again to Chase for partnering on this post and hosting me at the US Open!

Roller Fail

3rd September 2017

FullSizeRender 27FullSizeRender 22FullSizeRender 23Rainbow T-Shirt • $24.99  || Rainbow Clutch • $395  || Skort • $62  || Skates • $299 
I am known for having these big fun ideas, but they don’t always translate IRL the way they do in my brain…. and this day was one of those days.

Every august NYC does this thing called “Summer Street” where they shut down almost all of park avenue so you can ride, bike, run or do anything you want with no cars in sight! It’s really cool! I got the bright idea to go roller skating with Paris, and here’s what happened….

SO YEAH! Maybe not my brightest idea, but hey at least it makes for a good story!FullSizeRender 24FullSizeRender 25

SHOP THE LOOK:IMG_5845FullSizeRender 28

Rainbow T-Shirt • $24.99  || Rainbow Clutch • $395  || Skort • $62
Roller Skates • $299  || Tube Socks • $6  || Bomber Jacket • $49.99 FullSizeRender 26

Thanks SJP

2nd September 2017

FullSizeRender 13FullSizeRender 10When I was young growing up in Arizona, dreaming of New York City, TV took me there.

Later on, Blair Waldorf became my move muse by my original inspiration came from Carrie Bradshaw.  From watching on TBS in my bedroom to binging with my SF bestie in grad school, Carrie Bradshaw and ultimately SJP became a pivotal force in my life. She lead me here.FullSizeRender 9FullSizeRender 14FullSizeRender 17

I’m Wearing 

Sjp Dress • $395  ||Rampling Shoes • $281.99  || Similar Nirvana Shoes • $385  || Clutch • $295

In 2014, my first year living in the city, SJP launched a shoe line which has become not only one of my favorite shoe brands but also kind of a metaphor for my time here. She hosted an event in soho to celebrate the launch including a meet and great, so naturally I went down and waited in line for three hours with hopes of meeting her, only to get the line shut off two people in front of me. Disappointed, but not yet defeated I came back the next day stood in the now rain and cold for another two hours with the same dream. This time I was that day you couldn’t meet SJP unless you were buying shoes…  

I’ll stop here for a second to say that the SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker collection is a collaboration between Sarah Jessica Parker herself and George Malkemus the 3rd (who you may know from a little shoe brand call uhh MANOLO BLAHNIK). These shoes are top notch, high quality, comfortable, glamours, well designed and meant to last. Now that I own a pair (spoiler alert), can say with confidence they’re worth every penny and give some of my designer shoes that cost double a run for their money. But I’m at a very different place now then I was when this collection launched. 

Back to 2014 – there I stood 10 feet away from SJP with a chance to meet her so I could finally thank her for all she’s done for me (corny I know). All I had to do to make this dream come true was buy a pair of $350 shoes that I couldn’t afford… at all. I had blown through all of my savings in the first month of living here because I lost 5 thousand dollars on the first apartment due to a “friend” who flaked out on me (more on that below), and then had to put another 10 or so down on my second & actual apartment (first months, last months, security deposit, broker fee – New York is expensive guys). I was living off ramen, Halal truck and cheap pizza because that’s all I could afford, so the idea of spending the money seemed crazy and a little irrational. Although I really wanted to, I walked away that day without a thank you and without new shoes.

I had 3,500 instagram followers at the time, most of which were people I went to high school with and have since unfollowed. Later that night scrolling through my feed, I saw that @Carly of The College Prepster (who I didn’t know personally at the time but have since met and she’s darling) took a photo at the event, I remember thinking that she probably was there to help promote the event and partner with the brand, and that maybe one day I could do the same with brands I loved. Instead I ate ramen and spent the next day in bed with a cold I got from standing out in the rain. 

That first year in New York was a lot like that. I moved here with a friend, and after we signed the lease on our apartment and put down a deposit, he decided he couldn’t take NYC and moved back – unable to get out of the lease, this bait and switch drained me of my savings on an apartment I couldn’t afford without him and setting me back about a month. My first night in my New York apartment, I had nothing but an air mattress and some clothes. As I was getting ready for bet my air mattress popped so I ended up sleeping the floor using my coats as a bed. I went to a grocery store next door a bought mustard, pretzels and some lunch meat that I lived off for the first week. That same year I was assaulted on the street by a man who put his hand up my skirt and tossed me to the ground before running off, I sold most of my favorite clothes or vintage collectibles to help afford rent, and ended up rented out half of my tiny apartment to make it more affordable. I felt more alone than I had in my entire life – I’m not complaining. Despite all that I loved New York but the first year here wasn’t easy. 

FullSizeRender 12
Okay, okay so before I share my final chapter of this story, I want to share a little bit about this brand. Founded in 2014, SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker is a designer shoe & handbag house who sometimes dabbles in ready to wear (like my very carrie dress you see me wearing here). Every shoe has a grosgrain ribbon featured somewhere on the shoe, usually on the back which is not only a darling design detail but also a nod to her childhood memories of wearing a grosgrain ribbon in her hair SO CUTE RIGHT! On my dress, the dividing piece between the top and tulle is also the signature grosgrain detail – plus it’s designed to look like the famous carrie bradshaw opening scene of sex and the city look, so I la la love it!

ONE: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Fawn Satin Point Toe Pumps • $350
TWO: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker – Rampling Women’s Shoes • $355
THREE: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Minnie Shimmer Boots • $485
FOUR: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Trance Satin Point Toe Bow Pumps • $395
FIVE: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Minnie Velvet Booties • $465
SIX: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Carrie T-Strap Leather Pumps • $355
SEVEN: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Tartt Shimmer Mary Jane Pumps • $154–385
EIGHT: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Daze Velvet Pumps • $365
NINE: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Minnie Glitter Booties • $485
TEN: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Lucille Satin Bow Pump • $395
ELEVEN: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Trance Candy Pumps • $395
TWELVE: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Katrina Sequined Point Toe Block Heel Pumps • $365

Pictured, I’m weaning the rampling shoe which is a classic pump with a front d’osay design making it perfect for wider like feet (like me), anyone with bunions and just more comfortable and wearable in general. This scintillate silver color is a favorite of SJP’s and one of the most iconic fabrics in her collection. So now that you know a little more about SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker, I’ll finish my saga.

We left New to New York Courtney having a tough first year in the city – she’s pretty broke, a little beaten but still pretty dazzled by NYC. Fast forward to earlier this year, at this point I had landed my dream job making handbags at Coach, only to walk away from it two years later because my “hobby” had grown so much. At this time, I’m running my blog and business full-time, plus I moved into a newer, bigger apartment and could actually afford it – yay!. I started thinking and making plans buying a place and making plans for the next few years (read more about it here). My closet had three pairs of SJP heels that I purchased only own (not gifted, not at a discount), and I wore these pairs with pride. Paris had seen SJP IRL multiple times because she was living around the corner from us, but I hadn’t ever had the pleasure because you know that was my luck. So earlier this year, I treated my friend to broadway and as the usher was showing us our seats, I saw SJP and Mathew Broderick being seated … only to find out our seats were directly in front of theirs. Overwhelmed, by a different type of emotion, I was excited but also at peace. I felt complete that I could finally thank one of the driving forces that brought me here, to New York, to push from my dreams and become who I am today … but most importantly, I was so thankful for New York for completing this story in such a serendipitous and magical way. 

I’m not sure why I shared this story, or what you guys will think of it – I guess I just found it almost ironic that my relationship with the brand, SJP and my relationship with New York has flowed in similar ways. I know the story isn’t over, if anything it’s just getting started. I see this as a shoe & brand that continues to live and grow with me and take me new places year after year. As my collection expands, I’ll always remember that first feeling and where I was in my life the first time I saw these shoes, from where I am now and how they’ve taken me places even when I had yet step foot in a pair. 

FullSizeRender 15FullSizeRender 8IMG_7575

I’m Wearing: 

Shoes: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Rampling • $281.99 
Also love: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker – Nirvana Women’s Shoes • $385
Dress: SJP Collection by Sarah Jessica Parker Sjp Title Dress • $395
Clutch: MILLY Constructed Rainbow Clutch • $295FullSizeRender 11

Thank you to SJP and SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker for all you’ve done for me, including partnering on this post. I’m not sure words do it justice, or properly display my appreciation, but I really did try. XO