5 Things I learned from Taylor Swift

20th July 2015

IMG_2601So Taylor Swift (like so many icons) its totally polarizing.IMG_2579

People either love her or hate her – am I right? 80 percent of you are reading this totally fan-girling it out, maybe even humming your favorite tswizzy song, while the other twenty percent are about to close out, because you think she’s annoying, or corny or overrated. Well, to be honest, I’ve felt that way too, I’ve gone back and forth with her, being on the Taylor train and derailing at times, I’ll get to why in this post but for the most part today I’m sharing a few things I have learned from her, about life and really about building a brand – and why if you don’t like her or even can’t stand her, you should still take notice and can learn a few things from her! So if you’re a fan or not, I hope you read on. Oh and I’m jumping in most of these photos and it’s hilarious, so if that’s not enough incentive to stay tuned that I can’t really help you lol!IMG_2594

1 Anyone Can Rock a Red Lip – Taylor sort of brought the red lip back! I’ve been wearing it for as long as I can remember but when she started to, so many people who never dreamed of doing it gave it a whirl and I kind of love that! There is always room for more red lip & cat eye combos! And come on, how amazing does it look with Ray Bans & Blonde Hair – yep, obsessed.IMG_2615

2 – It’s cool to act like your 87 – Taylor is the OG Granny. Cats, Needle Point and Baked Goods are her thing and I respect that. She is known for gifting these needlepoint and cooking creations like crazy (like only a grandma would) and we all know about her cat-lady status. She also kind of dresses like a granny in the best way possible but makes it look amazing! As someone who would always rather stay in than going out and has some granny-like-tendencies, I kind of admire this part of T.IMG_2571

3 – Girls aren’t Enemies – Girls get a bad wrap for being catty and hating each other. Until Taylor we haven’t really had any really big girl role models who put their friendships on blast. Yes, I think this is partially a branding strategy (and an amazing one at that) but it’s also super empowering. Thanks Taylor for showing gals that we don’t have to hate each other and always compete, we can come together and lift each other up!!! I have a few amazing blogger friends and non blogger friends that are girls and are my rock! I wouldn’t be anything with out my SQUAD and I love being able to lean on blogger babes like Liv (and bond about our frenchie obsession – follow batman, he’s besties with Waffles and they are SO CUTE) or spend a day with Krista in a friendly and non competitive way, see girls CAN play nice, I promise!IMG_2613Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 11.53.04 PM

4 – Holding people accountable is kind of Bad A$$ – I love how Taylor just calls people out, break my heart? oh that’s fine I’ll just tell EVERYONE. it’s kind of childish but also kind of awesome. I think we often let people get away with too much, which is why I wrote this post when people had negative things to say about my body. Yes, sometimes you just have to shake it off but sometimes people need to be held accountable for the crap they try to pull!IMG_2548

5 – Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate – Speaking of hates, your can’t make everyone like you! You just can’t, sorry, I know! I used to be obsessed with being likable, stressed about posting photos on instagram for fear of loosing followers or hoping I didn’t say the wrong thing a blog post because I didn’t want to offend anyone. And then, I got over it. Taylor said it best, people aren’t always going to like you, but as long as you are yourself and own it they can’t say anything about it either. Being true to yourself is so crazy powerful it literally gives all the haters no ammunition. So what if you don’t like me, or think I’m annoying or hate my body… I think I’m fine as I am and I like donuts so k bye! (seriously, read this post if you haven’t yet and if you wanna see my feisty side 😉 lol)IMG_2624

Recently I went to the Taylor Swift concert, naturally I rocked this Shake It off Tee from this post & t-swift keds (shop their new arrivals here, there’s a flamingo skirt that you so totally need). As I mentioned, I’ve had my ups and downs with miss T. Sometimes I’ve liked her and sometimes I haven’t. I’m not a major country fan, so I was a little late to the tswizzy party. Although I respected her crazy rise to fame at an early age, always admired her style and loved her music from her 2nd album on, I thought she was kind of winey at the begging. Always crying about the boys that broke her heart and kind of flaunting her personal life, I found it a bit immature but totally understood why those younger than her watched in awe. She’s about my age but we have totally different lives, just on a dating point of view I’ve dated one guy since highschool and we’ve been together for ten years – he’s my family (and my photographer) so of course my understanding of a relationship was a little different than hers, she was still trying to find love and figure it out. Anyways, recently I’m totally team T, watching what she as done as an icon, professional and business woman is kind of crazy. She has built probably the craziest brand right now, and doesn’t really seam to mistep. Plus she’s all about positivity, girl power and embracing yourself. Yeah, she’s super corny sometimes and often over the top – but hey so am I and that’s not because I’m “trying too hard” or being “overdramatic” its just how am I, and I bet its just how she is too. Anyways, I don’t mean to ramble or defend Taylor, I think its okay to not like someone if you don’t like them but I just don’t know her enough to actually feel that way – what I do know is she’s a light and a positive force to her fans and that’s what I try to do for the people in my life, so I have to respect and defend that! I’ve learned so much from her, and hope that you learn a little from me <3IMG_2617

10 thoughts on “5 Things I learned from Taylor Swift

  1. annie lee

    i think taylor swift is a talent. and she’s beautiful. but courtney you look so adorable in these photos! haha looks like a fun photo shoot x)

  2. Gabriella

    These pics are too fun! Love it.
    I need to learn how to be more confident in front of the camera!!

    xx Gabriella

  3. Riley

    I am totally with you on all of this! I used to be anti-Tswift but have recently grown so much respect for her! She totally 100% re-branded herself flawlessly and she’s a master at social media. I feel like anyone, regardless of whether they’ve always liked her music, could learn from her. And let’s be honest- her songs are so darn catchy. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Prink


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