Final Days of Fall

28th November 2015

IMG_7694Fall is fun, fabulous and sadly fleeting.IMG_7659

Blanket Scarf || Boots || Skirt || Sweater || Belt || Bag || Sunnies

IMG_7691 IMG_7700 IMG_7737 IMG_7820

Trying not to tear up when I say that this is probably my last fall look of the season (okay, I lied #tear) because now that Thanksgiving is around the corner we are in full holiday swing, so you’ll start to see lots of holiday content coming to Color Me Courtney (out of respect for thanksgiving, I like to wait until after the holiday passes to get my Christmas on… sorry!!) but before we dive head first into all the Christmas Crazy, lets give Fall one last hoorah!IMG_7876IMG_7768IMG_7974IMG_7708IMG_7902

One of my favorite parts about Fall are Over The Knee boots! They look great with any mini skirt or skinny jean and work in both heel & flat styles. Last weekend I wore my flat ones all through disneyland on my feet for 15ish hours a day for two days straight! Of course my feet hurt (even my friends wearing tennies were hurting) because anyone would after 15 hours – but I think the fact that I could get through the day in my lowlands said a lot about these magic boots!IMG_7856IMG_7882IMG_7786IMG_7740

In addition to OTK boots, I am also all about a good blanket scarf, especially when it’s more scarf than blanket! I wore this extremely oversized one to the park for an early morning puppy paydate with Olivia and her French Batman! It was the perfect look for a fun fall morning and kept me warm enough without resorting to a Coat!IMG_7854IMG_7963

The best part about OTK boots and blanket scarfs is that they are great for Fall but also perfect for Winter too! You can wear these cuties all through the holiday season and into Winter next year (yikes can you believe its almost 2016, OMG) so you’ll get lots of use out of them!IMG_7713

Blanket Scarf || Boots || Skirt || Sweater || Belt || Bag || Sunnies

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  1. Kathleen

    So sad fall is leaving us but I do love Christmastime :) Looking forward to your holiday looks! You knocked fall out of the park.

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