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Once upon a time, I was a young(er), bored college student at Arizona State. I went from the social butterfly who did it all in high school (student council, dance, cheer, and everything else inbetween) to a stylish bookworn at ASU with her sights set on a 4.0. After giving up my then dream of dancing collegiately (I danced at San Diego State before getting injured) I planned to speed through school and threw everything I had into my double major … well almost everything. I channeled my over-the-top sense of style and addiction to all things celebratory into this blog, Color Me Courtney: where I share my world, wardrobe and affinity for color.
Since then I’ve graduated from Arizona State, moved to San Francisco, received my MBA at 21, moved back to Arizona where I met the current man in my life (my french bulldog, Waffles) and saved up for my next adventure: The Big Apple. There were a few fabulous dinner parties, bright blog posts and over-used alliterations along the way plus career changes, pattern mixing, health challenges and a few fashion risks that didn’t pay off. But now almost a year later, Waffles and I have settled into the charming West Village to become full-flegde New Yorkers.
This blog catalogs my color obsession, out-of-the-box outfits and new life as a twenty-something mess of a New Yorker, all while I chase my dreams of climbing the Big Apple fashion ladder and growing my personal styling venture: Paper Doll Styling. I’ll also give you something to celebrate with deluxe dinner parties, touch upon health by sharing my struggles with my new gluten free(ish) diet and will own my inner geek and natural adorkable-ness. I refuse to forget where I come from: so I’ll pay homage to my AZ and San Fran roots along the way. Oh and although I’ll forever try and wear heels daily, I will never be as flawless as some of those other fabulous fashion bloggers out there, so I’ll never pretend to be. I’ll just be me: a quirky, west-coast-born, polka-dot-obsessed New York nobody chasing her dreams while collecting clothing.

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34 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Darci Wolfgang

    LOVE this “about” section! Can you be my new bestie like yesterday, you are too cute girlfriend! And yay for dance, I danced in highschool. I know all too well about life’s rollercoaster, moving around, chasing dreams…but hey, you can tell a good story right?!

    1. Courtney Quinn Post author

      Hi Darci! Oh my gosh you are too kind! Thanks so much for you awesome comment! I am glad we have so much in comment, I hope you come back and visit soon, I would love to stay in touch with somone I have s much in common with :)

  2. Cynthia

    Hey Courtney! Just read your About section AND saw your amazing colourful Instagram page. You seem like such an awesome person!! You sound fashionable, fun and you like to just be yourself :) I feel that I can totally relate to you. Hope to chat soon!
    – Cynthia

    1. Courtney Quinn Post author

      Awh thanks cynthia YOU ARE SO SWEET! So glad you found something relatable on my blog, that’s why I work so hard on it to find awesome people to share my world and wardrobe with!!! Please stay in touch and keep commenting so we can keep the convo going, I would love to hear more from you :)

  3. Paulina Latacela

    Hi Courtney,

    I have to say it.. YOU ARE THE CUTEST! Every time I see your posts on Instagram a part of me dies and goes to style heaven! I love how glam you are on the daily. I wanted to know more about you so I hopped on over to your about page and I am amazed! It is an inspiration to know how you are chasing down your dream. I am a native new yorker and know how tough it can be in this city. Seeing your personality thrive is refreshing. I am starting a style-lifestyle blog of my own and you are an inspiration to be totally me. Thank you for keeping it real. I look forward to your next post. xoxo

    – Paulina

  4. Jo

    Hi Courtney,

    I am so glad I discovered your site through your comments on mine. Love everything you posted here! I believe we have similar style! Those skirts you posted here, they are all to die for!! And you live in NYC where I visited 1st time in my life last Thanksgiving, I wanted to move there, really :) Stay in touch!

    With love,

  5. Gabriella

    Loved reading this and finding your bloggity blog, Courtney! Your personality just shines! I need to get my butt to NYC.. I promise I’ll bring the macarons!

    xx gabriella

  6. Mindy

    This is the most thought out, descriptive, most amazing ‘about me’ that I’ve ever read. I fell in love with your instagram feed and had to visit your blog. You are so fun, full of life and the type of girl everyone wants as a bestie! So happy I found you! Totally love your style and can’t wait to see more of your colorful outfits!
    Blonde Nouveau

  7. She La

    I like your Style !!! I come from Germany :( !! My luck … i have the same body than you! And you´re inspire me so much. Sorry, for my bad english. Thank you for your Blog.

    Bye Love u

  8. Cristy

    You are adorable! Seriously the sweetest about me section I’ve read. Your blog makes me want to be your best friend!

  9. Cortney

    Courtney! Just going through some old Redbook clippings and ran across your spread, thus leading me to your blog. SUPER AWESOME! You’re like, me, just Cortney with a “u” lol. I’m also 5’2″, tiny with a little curve appeal, love fashion, and all things “adorkable” (mind if I use that please? lol) Enjoy your life! Keep being spunky and owning that cuteness everyone keeps throwing around. It’s like our thing, ya know? 😉

  10. Miranda Clendenin

    Hi Courtney!

    My name is Miranda Clendenin, I am from West Virginia ( BUT WILL MOVE AFTER COLLEGE) . I will be attending a university in the fall, hoping to acquire a business and marketing degree. I Stumbled unto your blog and fell in love with your bright style and personality that shines right through my computer screen. You are my new inspiration!
    I have a dream of becoming a fashion blogger and a fashion marketing advisor. I love fashion, the way it can tell you a story without you having to open your mouth, and when I found your website and blog I just had to comment and ask for advice!
    It would be very appreciated!

    much love,

    Miranda Clendenin XoXo

    you can email me @

  11. Riley

    I love your blog, Courtney! I’m new in the city, new to blogging, and new to the West Village (the greatest neighborhood, in my opinion!) and your site is an inspiration! So genuine, colorful, and stylish. I’m looking forward to following along here and on Insta!!


  12. Sibu Jafta

    You have inspired me to embrace my different not always up to trend sense of fashion. Thanks for that x
    You’re oh so beautiful and great at what you do.
    Wishing you all the best.

    PS: You will make it for sure, in fact you already are.

    Remain Blessed 😊

  13. Janelle

    You are so cute! So spunky! So positive and your personality really vibrates through your words and your pictures.

    Came across your insta via primark and was like “this girl is amazing! I wanna be her friend!” haha.
    Keep it up, you definitely exude positive energy and have great style!


    The Sweet Scene Blog

  14. Amanda

    Hello fellow New Yorker, except I’m in Queens, not Manhattan. I have been following you on Instagram for a while and I love, love, love your style and Waffles. I sell modest clothing but I try not to sacrifice color. Even modest clothing can be bright, energetic and fun. I hope to send you some stuff to try soon. Until then, keep doing what you’re doing. I truly enjoy your blog : )


  15. Clarissa Villafranco

    I stumbled across this blog and am totally in love with everything about you! You are such a beauty! I am obsessed with you style, your ambition, and your sense of humor!

    You’re going to be BIG girl! Even bigger than you already are! You already have a fan in San Antonio! 😉

    God bless!

    – Clarissa V!

  16. Rhea Taylor

    Hi courtney, I just stumbled upon your blog when I was looking for some outfit ideas and I love it. I think you are so beautiful, and like you I am also obsessed with colors, :) I will keep coming back.

  17. Lisa Casanova

    Hi Courtney! I’ve been following you for a little while as I’m a 53 year old mom who learned about Instagram not that long ago. Anyway, I love your style! By the way, my youngest son (one of two) just graduated from ASU! Well, hope your dreams come true and what a better place than NYC .
    Much love

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    1. Emily Barquin

      Me gusta tu blog , bendiciones encerio sube videos en you tube me parece genial, tu idea de los colores dijistes que harías video de tu closet. ¡NO TE OLVIDES! Me gusta tu idea god!

  19. Evelyn

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  20. Naga

    Love your style.
    Looks like SOFT GAMINE (Kibbe) very much to me.

    Best regards from Germany,

  21. Ibraheem


    Hope you are doing great Job.

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