After Labor Day

25th September 2014

Today we’re showing labor day who’s boss!

No White after Labor Day? No Way! I never put restrictions on colors per season and white is not exception. Plus if we really couldn’t wear white after labor day, and if every day after labor day is in fact after labor day, we would technically never, ever get the chance to wear white … if we’re getting really technical here 😉
With Pastels having a major moment for Fall (did you catch yesterdays post?) and blush being the new black (check my latest splurge), all bets are off when it comes to color rules this season. It seams everyone has thrown the “seasonal book of chic” out the pent house window and (finally) started ro dressing outside the lines while breaking all the rules… and I couldn’t be happier. I have never been much of a follower when it came to fashion, so white after labor day has always been a rule worth breaking – but if I had any doubts about doing so this year, seeing this lust worthy leather piece changed everything. I knew there was no way I wouldn’t be rocking a white leather midi this fall.
If I’m going to break the rules, I’m going to do so guns-a-blazing! So of course I had to double up on a wintery white look with a few pops of color. I’m loving this magenta color (remember this clutch from NYFW) especially when paired with jade green against bright white. A simple canvas like a monochromatic look is the perfect time to play with accessories and even over do it a bit … leopard + statement ring + more leopard + magenta? It works (or at least I think so) so why not!
I’m usual all about tucking everything into my midi skirts to show off my smallest point, my waist –  it’s the easiest way to drop five pounds without putting down the mint chocolate chip ice cream… or the donuts (if you follow along on instagram you know I am a bit obsessed)! But for Fall I am trying something new. I have been adding to my sweater collection with chunky knits and cable sweaters, which wouldn’t normally pair well when ticked into a tight skirt. To solve this problem while respecting the integrity of the sweater and continuing to look lighter without dieting (seriously, not gonna happen) I left my sweater untucked and belted over the top to keep the shape! It helped create a more seasonal look (well, except for the white) while breaking up some of the monochromatic-ness.
XXI Sweater || Francesca’s Clutch (similar) || Wet & Wild Lipstick ||
Before you go, indulge a bit with Little White Wants:

I also wanted to take a second to congratulate bff’s @kbdisk and @whitecoatwardrobe for winning the bag and besties give away! Thanks to all who participated, I had a blast giving these beauts away and cannot wait to do it again soon!

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