All Bowed Up

2nd April 2014

Today I’m all smiles & bows! I tend to turn into a slightly edgier version of myself come fall – oopsies. But when we step back into spring, I start to get girly all over again! 

// Valentino Red Bow Shoulder Dress worn as a Top (similar) //
// Kate Spade Black White Bow Dress worn as a Skirt (seen here) //
// Francesca’s XO earrings (similar here) // Vintage Lipstick Ring //
// Zara Coat // Louboutin Heels // Kate Spade Bag // BCBG Bracelet //
// Kate Spade Belt // C Wonder Bracelet // KSNY Bracelet //
// Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick // H&M Rings //

Shop this look & similar styles:

I apologize, this post is full of pieces that are oldies but goodies so most of them are vintage or no longer available! I picked up this red dress at resale store, I loved the oversized bows and getting a designer piece for a steal – shop the most amazing mock off version here, might as well be the original!
My skirt is actually a dress as well (so yes, I am wearing two dresses … don’t judge me!), it’s from last spring when I was working at Kate Spade. By tucking the top inside of a dress with a full bottom and adding a thick belt, your favorite dresses can double as skirts! I discovered this last spring and it changed everything! 

XO Courtney

37 thoughts on “All Bowed Up

  1. Kierra Makayla

    Omg, I love your lipstick ring. So cute!
    You dress/skirt is gorgeous and looks great on you.
    Who takes your photos/what do you use to edit them. I have just gotten a new camera so I can make my blogging photo quality better and was just wondering what you use to edit yours?

    1. Courtney

      Thank you!!! I love my lipstick ring !!! I use a cannon rebel t3 and edit with Iphoto :] and my friends or boyfriend take my photos, or I hire Claire Eliza!!

      XO Courtney

    1. Courtney

      Hey maggie, I’m glad you think so!!!! I talked to my boyfriend today and he goes “I knew it was two dresses even before you told me” so I was feeling a little defeated haha. He was just giving me a hard time but I am glad you are on my side!

      XO Courtney

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