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16th September 2016

img_3723Want to know a secret? Some days go to work in my Pajamas (like these floral cuties from HerRoom), shhh don’t tell my boss 😉fullsizerender-23fullsizerender-17

The bathroom in my apartment is teeny tiny, so I spend most mornings and nights getting ready in my bedroom at my vanity, while dripping in floral jammies. fullsizerender-26    I love my mirrored vanity, and this corner of the bedroom has become my happy place. Not only do I use it to primp, but I also use it as a desk. Sometimes you need a little change of scenery when you work at home, often alone. So my vanity works double duty as a desk. I don’t mind the small space, in fact I find it cozy especially when I’m snuggled up in my favorite Pajamas and bralettes from HerRoom. fullsizerender-20fullsizerender-27

In case you didn’t know, this time last year I had two jobs – a product developer making handbags at Coach and running Color Me Courtney! Come January, I left Coach to focus on Color Me Courtney full time and my life kind of changed. Not only was I able to work on growing my once hobby into my now career, my day to day activities also shifted. Where I used to wake up at 7, shoot content and then run to work at 9 where I would stay until 6 or 7 then run off to an event, now my day to day schedule is a little different.


When you work from home your dress code is a little different from the average 9-5, and it varies from day to day! Today I’ll share a little bit about my schedule and my “work wear” wardrobe. fullsizerender-21

Since I’m my own boss I have to structure my days differently – as a result I have about 3 “out of office” days a week, those are days where I’m out location scouting, attending meetings, shooting, working with brands, previewing collections, spending time at show rooms, going to events and so on. Those days are unique, because I’m usually away from my laptop most of the day – if you ever work offsite, you know how hard it can be and how doing so can make a long day even longer. On those days I usually rise around 5 to tackle emails, photo editing, social content for the day or anything else that needs to be handled that day – in some cases I won’t be home (aside from coming back to check on waffles every 2-3 hours) until 6 or 7 so I have to get it all done ahead of time. These are my longer days, because once I’m home, I’m working on blog content, mood boards, drafts, photo editing and any important emails that came through during the day. For days like these, I’ll wearing anything from a nice dress and heels, to a suit depending on what kind of meeting I have on the horizon. When I’m scouting, I keep it simple with sneakers because I’ll be doing a lot of walking and carrying my camera. The second I get home, I get comfy – slipping into pajamas or loungewear to just relax!fullsizerender-25

For the ”other days” when I’m not doing any of the above, I’m working from my “office” aka my apartment. Not going to lie, these are my favorite days because I get to spend the most time with my dog, Waffles. These days start at 6 or so, so I get to sleep in a little which is nice, then I’m basically bonding with my computer all day – answering To be honest, I don’t really wear makeup these days to give my face a break and usually just wear my hair in a top knot. Unless I have an errand to run that can’t wait for my “out of office” days, I spend most of my “in office” days in my pajamas, so I’ve started to invest more in must have loungewear! If I’m sitting all day, I like to be comfy, cute and most importantly, high quality, like the floral set I’m wearing from HerRoom.fullsizerender-22

One of my favorite and must have items for anyone who works at home is a bralette, and herroom has THE BEST selection! I’ll be honest, I don’t want to wear a bra if I don’t have to, but I also want some kind of support. A bralette offers a comfy option with enough coverage and support to make you feel confident enough to run an errand or open the door for the mail man, while staying comfy! Even if you don’t work from home, you need one for weekends at home, or to wear under a slouchy sweater for running errands or heading to brunch – I’m wearing mine under my Pajama set!fullsizerender-18

Kate Spade recently launched a pajama collection and I’m just obsessed with it – now I’ve been been living in their PJs the for my office days. I also recently discovered HerRoom, where I picked up this cute pajama pair along with a few other perfect pieces for my off days. It’s so easy and fun to shop for pajamas because you always know what you’re going to get and there are never any surprises! I love shopping online, so one stop shops like HerRoom are the best places to get all of your pajama needs. They have a massive selection, so I like to search by brand, style, color and more to keep the options from becoming overwhelming. In my most recent visit, I was able to stock up on robes, bralettes, pajamas and more for my stylish work wardrobe 😉


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  1. Davida

    OMG I’m obsessed with the camel picture lol! I truly understand the struggle of running a blog and working full-time. It’s so exhausting but until my blog is up to par and I can tackle it full time, it’s the life I chose. Your story to leave the corporate world along with all of the other bloggers I follow is truly inspiring. Y’all give me that drive to keep going because I know it’s possible. To wake up everyday loving what you do is all that you can ask for. I’m on my way. Just wanted to share that with you 🙂 .

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