Bits of Beacon Hill

17th November 2015

IMG_6984Although Autumn in New York is pretty epic, It can’t quite compare to the charm of New England in the Fall. IMG_7265IMG_6894 IMG_7077IMG_6936 IMG_7064

As a born and bread Arizonan, I never saw the leaves change the way they do on the east coast – so a few weekends back we took full advantage of the most colorful time of the year by trekking up to Boston and Salem to really experience this enchanted season.IMG_7083IMG_7160IMG_7137IMG_7105

I was so crazy smitten that I had to take one (or like 100) too many photos and today I’m sharing some of my favorite bits from Beacon Hill – a glorious neighborhood sprinkled with the cutest of brownstone-esque mansions in Boston.

IMG_7189IMG_7266IMG_7193IMG_7281IMG_7096Fun Fact – Waffles loves leaves and guess what, so do I! As we walked along and wandered through I started to collect some of my favorites, all in different shapes, sizes and colors so I would have something to take back with me to NYC. I also ended up pulling countless leaves out of waffles mouth – not sure why he LOVES to eat them, silly little pup!IMG_6997OUTFIT DETAILS: Dress || Cardigan || Hat || Belt || Booties || BagIMG_6864IMG_7047

My outfit ended up being perfect for exploring the city – crazy comfy booties paired with over the knee socks let me walk all day, a sleeveless sweater dress layered under a brown thick belt and a chunky cardigan were perfect for every changing weather and a little white beret to fight off any wind! I was so comfortable while wandering Beacon Hill that I really got to enjoy every inch!IMG_6923IMG_7019

Although I loved SO MUCH of Boston, Beacon Hills was my absolute favorite! I cannot wait to come visit again!IMG_6899IMG_7035

OUTFIT DETAILS: Dress || Cardigan || Hat || Belt || Booties || Bag


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  1. Jackie

    Your photos are so cute! It always looks like you have so much fun shooting for your blog/Instagram. It even looks like Waffles is loving the leaves.

    Fall in NYC is magical, but then again, it’s always kind of magical there!

    Something About That

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