Dec 16 2014

Black Tie Twirl

IMG_4230 IMG_4297It’s the most wonderful time of the year, holiday parties are in full swing and I can’t stop eating. But don’t worry this post isn’t food focused (okay, now I’m hungry) today we’re talking about how to get holiday ready in a serious hurry!IMG_4268Holiday parties are so much fun, especially when the attire is black tie and you get to wear a super dressy gown. So when your boyfriend’s work party is more of a gala and held in a swanky museum setting down downtown, I jump at the opportunity to have a serious princess moment! (P.S. he works for this crazy cool agency called Team Epiphany, and you should totally check them out).IMG_4262If I was a real princess, i would spend the morning bathing in jewels before dedicating a full 5 hours to primp for the ball, but since I have a day job I had to work till six then sprint home and get ready in thirty min all while trying to share the bathroom with my boyfriend… challenge accepted.IMG_4190IMG_4252So the morning of Paris’ party was a, no-make-up-just-lipstick kind of morning. I hid my hair in a beanie and jumped into an oversized blush sweater, leather leggings and over the knee boots – I know, so professional right? This meant that when I came home to get ready, I was basically starting from scratch. I used the only two bobby pins I had (where do all the bobby pins go!!!!) to twist my hair into this swirly up do, I just pulled a few bang pieces out, split my hair into three sections (back, right and left) and then split the rights and left sections into another two sections before twisting the pieces, in the end I tied the back down with a few bobby pins. I really could have left my hair as is (like I did for these photos) but mostly did this to create some curl/texture and keep it out of my face for makeup, I took my hair down in the cab and had waves for days but now that I look at the photos, I kind of prefer the whimsical up-do featured in these photos and will have to share the tutorial soon!IMG_4294IMG_4284Next up was makeup. I plopped down on my living room floor with a compact and some broken pallets while the boyfriend was primping in the bathroom, #highmaintenance. I slapped on some foundation (skipped the primer, oops) and did my version of the 5 min smokey eye with neutral colors to create a natural contrast. Then I combined four purplish lipsticks before stepping into my shoes and high-tailing it out the door!IMG_4184IMG_4219It was the fastest I had ever gotten ready especially for such a fancy event, but was a total rush. Plus I loved walking in wearing this killer tea length dress, which ended up being perfect on this wet and rainy night. I was able to dance and twirl without fear of ruining the dress and skipped in and out of the cab without giving the bottom of the gown a little New York shower.IMG_4238Milly Dress (on sale) || Christian Louboutin Shoes || DVF Clutch

I hope all of your holiday parties are super sparkly this year! And If you need some outfit inspo for what to wear, check out these looks:
One || Two || Three || Four || Five


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  1. Anastasia says:

    Oh!! Such a wonderful dress!! Your hair look fantastic!! Very beautiful look!

  2. Emily says:

    Such a beautiful dress!!!!!

  3. Martina says:

    Courtney you look unreal!!! Your my new style crush!
    Martina x

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