Black to Basics

5th November 2015

FullSizeRender 3Color Is the New Black – That’s usually my go to model when it comes to outfit planning, but sometimes you got to switch things up and totally change the game, because sometimes the element of surprise can make a bigger impact than any crazy colored skirt!!IMG_3214

Don’t get me wrong, I AM CRAZY FOR COLOR but I am always crazy about unexpected outfits! And for me, what’s more unexpected than wearing all black? maybe wearing all black/leather! So today I’m doing just that.FullSizeRender 4

Fashion for me is about surpassing people, in the best way possible. So anytime I can get positive yet startling reaction from an outfit, I’m into it! I always like to have a statement piece or an ice breaker – something that if I went to a dinner party along, could be a conversation starter! Sometimes, its a bold red lip, other times its a pattern party skirt and for this look it’s the bold black statement and wild hint of leopard.FullSizeRender 5

Leather on leather is crazy fun – but wearing leopard pants for more than 5 min is so not fun. I get hot, sweaty and gross in like five seconds – think of Ross in friends lol, that’s me!!!! Baby powder please!!!!! So to prevent that, I go for faux with faux leather leggings – all of the fabulousness without any of the pain! These Lysse leggings are so comfortable and stretchy! Perfect for a hot dinner date, where you plan on eating your weight in pasta (guilty) or going to see a show where you will be sitting for a long time. I toss mine on with booties and dressier pieces to amp things up, but also wear them with sneakers and oversized sweaters for morning coffee runs! Invest in a pair, you can thank me later 😉

Overall this look says, I’m Courtney – Hear me Roar!!! Making this my “Hello, I’m here and I’m SO TOTALLY FEARLESS” look. If I was starring in Taylor Swifts badblood or the comic book equivalent of my life, this would be my bad a$$, alter ego, crime fighting look! And sometimes, a girls just gotta switch things up and channel her inner super hero … Courtney to the Rescue!FullSizeRender 2

Outfit Details:
LYSSE Vegan Leather Leggings – My favorite thing for Fall/Winter
Black Peplum Top  || Leopard Booties || Mini Bag || Leather Jacket

Big thanks to LYSSE for partnering on this super post!

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