Blast from Birthday Past

24th July 2013

Incase you haven’t noticed, it’s my birthday week so we’re celebrating all week long on the blog!

 today we’re taking a look back at one of my favorite birthday celebrations of all time… my mad hatter tea party brought to you as part of my party planning segment: hopeless hostess!

we were in no short supply of sweet treats the party, i whipped up a pound (or pick one up from the store), frosted some cupcake (or substitute mini brownies) and surprised guests with mini fruit pizzas (Sugar cookies, frosting & fruit). Finger sandwiches are a tea party must! Try crustless cucumber & fancy cheese spread (or mix whipping creme with italian dressing), their fun & filling! 
Sweeten the deal with candy that doubles as decor! Try dropping fresh fruit in the water for refreshing citrus drinks that tastes as good as it looks.
What’s a party without games? The hopeless hostess plays bingo with buttons, charades and the plate game for her most peculiar tea party.
My party was a blast, but the finishing touches were my fabulous & fashionable friends who always dress the party-part! They showed up in theme with character costumes or over-the-top, yet absolutely necessary, tea attire.
Oh, and since this was my 21st birthday, candles and cupcakes were a must! not just for the birthday girl and hostess herself, but also for all of the guest’s celebrating their un-birthdays. Make a wish… 
I hope you enjoyed looking back at one of my favorite birthday celebrations!
Want to keep the party going? We’re celebrating all week long on CMC including a birthday earring giveaway! Enter here, and goodluck to all! Stay tuned, the celebration continues tomorrow!

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13 thoughts on “Blast from Birthday Past

  1. Kayli Schattner

    This looks like such a fun party! All of the details are great and I love the way you formatted the post, do you do it in Photoshop?? I’m trying to learn more, little by little. It looks fantastic!

    1. Courtney

      thanks kayli! I am too cheap for photoshop hah so I use polyvore or I just make collages in word publishing layout ! <3 feel free to email me with any specific questions and I will help any way I can ! <3

    1. Courtney

      please do, it’s really easy & fun! the mad hatter aspect of it makes it easy to do, you can use mixed matched plates and everything!

  2. Anonymous

    Where did you find the teacup with teapots and teacups on it?? So adorable! I’d love to own one

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