Lazy Summer Days

8th June 2015

IMG_8209Today we’re talking two things you must try for summer – graphic tees & braided do’s

IMG_9090 IMG_8236 Things get really hot come summer, and so it’s really easy to get really lazy style wise. But lazy days don’t have to mean legging days (although the athleisure trend is super cute & comfortable – but that’s another story) there’s a simple solution for those bad-hair / I-hate-everything-I-own days … the graphic tee & brained hair combo!


I love a good graphic tee, they look super casual when paired with denim cut offs or jeans – but can be totally dressed up with a pencil skirt! Tuck it in, or tie it over, either way it adds an instantly dressier edge to a go-to weekend style! I also love to layer a a graphic tee under a denim jacket for a totally different vibe. Either way, you can totally make a graphic tee go from work to weekend, or day to night with a few easy styling tricks!

Peony Tee / Neon Skirt / Bucket Bag / Denim Jacket

Nylon Vampire Tee
/ Neon Bag / SkirtConverse / Fanatique Of Bracelet

What’s you go-to style for summer?

25 thoughts on “Lazy Summer Days

  1. Mattie

    I LOVE your hair like that! So cute! I have super fine hair (and I couldn’t braid like that to save my life) so I’m jealous!

  2. Mili

    I’m totally loving your braids! My hair is too long to do any of those front braids… and I’m just terrible at it. You look cute in your dressed up tees 🙂


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