Bright Striped

7th July 2014

So I know I declared this the summer of all white, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up my go-to black and white stripes for the season! So when the opportunity presented itself to combine color with my favorite pattern, I simply could resist.

I saw this skirt at Asos and knew I immediately fell in love with the combination of color and pattern play, but was hesitant about the silhouette. I am usually a fit and flare or full skirt kind of gal and rarely ever slip into a tight, pencil-like skirt, but made an exception for this striped beaut. 

The skirt ended up being surprisingly comfy and versatile, and I wasn’t as awkward in it as I thought — I guess sometimes it pays off to step outside of your comfort zone. The fabric was super soft and the curved hem made this shape more flattering. As a kind-of-curvy-girl I was hesitant about wearing a tight horizontal striped skirt since this pattern is usually so unforgiving, but the high-low-curved-hem helps create the illusion of leg length while keeping you covered, and more importantly, comfortable. I’ve worn this skirt to the office with a bright chiffon top or even a playful peplum and can tone it down with a graphic tee, or a cropped tank and flat sandals! I also love the way Brighton Keller wore the same skirt with an off the shoulder black crop and coordinating bright bag for that extra pop!
I paired it with a striped crop top (of course) to keep the pattern play going and added bold b&w accessories, including my new favorite Nila Anthony Lego Clutch! I have had a life-long love for Legos, I’m not exactly sure why. My mom, who is an out-of-the-box interior designer, always dreamed of doing a Lego back splash in a kitchen, so I think they kind of remind me of her! So when Chanel came out with their Lego collection a few season back, I immediately feel in love with their child-inspired creations! Since Chanel is a wee bit out of my price range, I decided to admire from afar – until this Clutch came into my life and rocked my world. Like Chanel, it plays on the Lego-like aspects to create a cool, statement clutch, but doesn’t include the logo so you know it’s not a wannabe, just it’s own fun fashion moment.
H&M Crop top (similar here) || Nila Anthony Clutch c/o

Toulouse CZ earcuff c/o Gina Cueco || Gold Statement ring c/o Nikibi

P.S. What are you guys thoughts about Shoe Dazzle? I know I am really late to the party but was hesitent to sign up for something that charged me every month. These shoes convinced me to take the plunge but I got a little turned off when I realized they don’t offer free returns, just free exchanges and they actually charge you a $5 restocking fee — on a $40 pair of shoes, come on! Anyways, cancelled my membership and thinking of switching to Just Fab. Sound off – what have your experiences been like?

17 thoughts on “Bright Striped

  1. missthing

    Shoe Dazzle doesn’t charge every month. I still have an account with them. Just Fab DEFINITELY charges you every month if you don’t go to their website and skip the month. Shoe Dazzle has never charged me for shoes I didn’t want (when they charge you for the shoe credit).
    Your skirt is so cute! I also have a problem with black taking over my outfit life. Black and white prints especially. It just goes with everything! Can you blame me?

    Theatricality by Mariah

    1. Courtney

      Hey Mariah!

      Thanks for the details — yeah by charging every month I meant for the credit, because I don’t usually end up using it and then I am sitting there with three months of credit and no shoes I like #fashionproblems :] But i didn’t realize just fab charges … stop the madness! Thanks for the tip!

      I think we need to start a community for repeat color offenders: I can’t stop wearing stripes, you can’t stop wearing black … but of all the issues we could have isn’t a b&w stripe addiction the most harmless :] ?!


    1. Courtney

      Agreed! I have a little too much junk in the truck for it not to be ! The low hem saved me and makes me feel comfortable even though I am dressing outside my comfort zone!

  2. Victoria Olmo

    Going outside your fashion comfort zone can be a bit intimidating, but wonderfully surprising at the same time. This outfit you styled just proves that, girl! The silhouette of that skirt flatters your natural curves exceptionally well – the pops of color on it too are definitely so you. You rocked this new look like a true daredevil of fashion. Kudos! c: Also, my grandmother swears by JustFab. Haha. She absolutely loves it and the site always offers some incredible deals on so many types of shoes. I say go for it and try it out! If anything you can always return and unsubscribe too.

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