Bubble Gum

15th January 2016

IMG_6290 Dear Pantone, I love you lots, but today I love you more because you choose to go color crazy this year with your choices for color of the year!IMG_6274IMG_6224

Choosing the color of the year has to be a daunting task, and honestly for the best few years I haven’t been too sitter – but this year I’m Color-Me-Crazy for the cotton candy colored hues that pantone has selected: Rose Quartz and SerenityIMG_6286IMG_6278

I know what you’re thinking – “pastels for winter? No, It can’t work, why are you doing this to us, Pantone!!!” The better question is Why the heck Not! Why Not switch things up this season, if you’re anything like me – your winter wardrobe probably needs a little remix anyways!IMG_6209IMG_6248

Dressing for winter can be totally tough, it’s cold, coats are big and honestly things get really uninspiring really quick. My trick? Take those spring trends you saw on the runway last Fall Fashion Week and make them work for Winter. Getting a jump on the hottest spring trends puts you ahead of the game and gives your wardrobe a big refresh!IMG_6230

I think the easiest way to do this is Color! Trends come and go, but dipping your toe into a pool of color can be an easy way to test out something chic for the season without over committing.IMG_6261IMG_6214

Oh and if these colors aren’t quite your cup of tea, don’t fret! There are so many more colors and trends for you to try on for style size this season, and even a few more lessons to learn from seasons past!IMG_6252IMG_6240

Todays look is really simple, yet super special. I took a black turtle neck and black tights, used them both as a base a built from there! I layered on two levels of pink and two layers of blue, both with different tones (one dark and one light)!IMG_6254

Boots || Bag || Coat || Similar Skirt || Turtleneck || Hat


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  1. Ellie Chan

    LOVE this look! It’s so fun and bright, I am so excited for the two Pantone colours this year! That coat and skirt are just the cutest!


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