Jul 22 2014

Bumble Bee

I’ve been wearing black & white stripes non-stop lately, seriously, non-stop. There are all these rules about black & white stripes: horizontal ones make you look chubs, don’t wear them with orange or yellow, blah, blah blah — well today I’m breaking those rules, because life is so much better when you dress outside the lines. 

Instead of fearing the color combo, I’m embracing it and going full on bumble bee! Picking up this Topshop midi skirt from Nordies was a no-brainer, but when I had to find something to pair it with I was stumped. Everything I own is black & white or another crazy bright color, two choices to generally avoid when pairing with another bold piece… typical. But since two statements are always better than one, and rules are meant to be broken (I live for white after labor day, it’s my favorite rule to break) I decided to pair the two for a double-whammy of an outfit … Boo yah!! 
Can the Midi trend never end? pretty puh-lease! I thought I would loathe this length on me because of my legs, or lack there of (short girl problems) but have completely fallen in love! A midi is so flattering, classic and fun – plus it looks killer with a crop top. Let’s be honest people, I look exactly like Betty Draper (ha!). Midi’s also saved me last winter, when I was determined to wear full red midi to fashion week despite the freezing temperatures… Always reasonable. Don’t worry, I wore my sweat pants under the skirt and no one even noticed (who are we kidding, it’s me … all I do is twirl, literally everyone noticed.) see it here!
I gotta love a crop top + midi combo! It allows me to indulge in the cropped trend without showing too much skin or forcing me to stop eating macrons… and ice cream… and cake, and pistachios (okay that one is kind of healthy unless you eat the whole bag … guilty) … and more ice cream … ice cream and ice cream… hungry yet? Anyways, It helps hide the pooch (which is making an appearance in the image above) and since I can’t stop eating and my only source of cardio (shopping) has been done on line as of late, you will probably only see me in the high-waist-crop-top situation.
I’ve been on a bit of a yellow kick lately — I blame it on my lemon obsession, so this skirt fit the bill (I promise it’s more yellow in real life than it photographs). I have also been craving this citrus kate spade number all season long (despite already owning last year’s version in blue… whoops!). Speaking of blue, I can’t wait to wear my new midi with bright colors (yes I’m a rule breaker) like neon pink, kelly green and all sorts of blues: baby blue, royal and maybe even some mint! 
P.S. This post is part of a two part collab with one of my favorite west village based instagrams @thejanestreet — we had such a blast shooting & meeting up with her (she’s such a sweetheart!!!). We snapped these outside The Spotted Pig, but be sure to follow along for pretty village snaps and more images from our collaboration! Also swing by my insta & follow along to join the party! See you there! XX
Oh and I’m wearing….
Yellow TopShop Midi from Nordies || H&M Stripe crop top (similar)
ILY Couture Rainbow Link Bracelet || ILY Couture Regency Pave Midi Ring Set


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  1. missthing says:

    There are rules in fashion? What? No! Say it isn’t so! That would mean I shouldn’t wear different shades of the same color in one outfit! That I shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day! Seriously. There are no rules in fashion. This looks absolutely amazing on you and I can’t wait to see all your bright color combos 🙂

    Theatricality by Mariah

    1. Courtney says:

      Agreed! Rules are meant to be broken, right? Glad I am not alone in this!


    1. Courtney says:

      Thanks Heidi! Sometimes fun to break the rules a bit ;]

  2. Ummmm, this outfit is perfect. Rules were SO meant to be broken, especially when the broken rules look like this. Totally gorgeous!

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

    1. Courtney says:

      Agreed, thanks Sarah!!!!

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