Camo X2

11th June 2015

IMG_0955Atten-tion! Alright troops fall in line, I’m about to give you a little lesson in wearing camo like a pro!


Lately I’ve been kind of obsessed with camo, I have a camo pencil skirt that I probably wear once a week to work (My work place is kind of a relaxed dress code, so wearing a camo pencil skirt with a chambray shirt, white button up or colored blouse is perfect for my office) and a few other camo pieces that I’ve learned to “Courtneyfy” in a few different ways. Recently I purchased this amazing camo jacket (ob-sessed) and I can’t wait to share two awesome ways to wear it without looking like you’ve just enlisted while giving you a few lessons in camo.


When In Doubt- Wear White
Camo looks great paired with an otherwise monochromatic outfit. All white or All black can be camos new BFF, this is especially true if you’re nervous about giving camo a whirl and want to ease your way into it!IMG_1349

Add An Accessory
A camo Jacket like this might need a girly accessory to help take it to the next level – a brown belt worn over the top, bright lip or super cute french bulldog on your hip should do the trick!IMG_0982

Camo + Color = Crazy, but Awesome
The best way to wear camo is with a crazy color – yellow, orange, coral, red/orange all look awesome! I know orange/red & army green is kind of a crazy combination but I promise it looks ah-mazing together… I promise to prove it to you again in a later post… stay tuned!


Dress it up, Dress it Down
I think its important to note that just because you’re wearing something casual, doesn’t mean your outfit needs to be! I dressed the camo up with a dress and heels just as easily as I dressed it down with keds & jeans. The key is in the styling oh and in the initial fit of the jacket itself. Not sure if you noticed but the jacket actually has a draw string element inside, that allows you to pull and cinch the jacket right at your waist creating almost a peplum effect – its freaking genius and makes you look super small while enhancing your shape – boo-ya!

by clicking the images below
CAMO JACKET – My new obsession (I also bought it in black) get it here
WHITE JEANS WITH RIPPED KNEES – obsessed & their high waisted, get them here
WHITE SCALLOPED TANK – so amazing I bought it in 3 colors, get it here
RED ORANGE DRESS – another fav, so great for summer, get the look here
CLASSIC WHITE KEDS – a summer must, I wear mine all the time get them here
BROWN BELT – A great basic that you kind of sort of totally NEED get it here
BROWN WEDGES – That match the belt perfectly get them here
I’ve been trying to do more, one piece three ways or two ways to wear it post – mostly because I do rewear so much and think it is important to show the versatility! Anyways, what are your thoughts on these posts? love, hate, indifferent? I would love to know!IMG_1356

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