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His & Hers – Bucketfeet

26th June 2014

So today’s post is kind of fun and cheesy all at the same time because my boyfriend/photographer/best friend, Paris is crashing this post! Plus I’m introducing a new section of my blog (I’m not sure if Paris knows this is going to be a thing now… Surprise!): His & Hers. 

Paris and I have been together for an embarrassingly long time – let’s just say since high school. And before we were going “steady” we were besties so we have always been big parts of each others lives. Since we spend so much time together, our style has always somewhat complimented each other — which is not always a good thing (we both have made our fair share of fashion no-nos), but funny to think back on none the less. Honestly, I think my fashion don’ts are way more embarrassing than any of his, but there are a few high school dance couple costumes that should never see the light of day again — oh high school…
Despite our previous and perhaps questionable choices, today we made the right one with BucketFeet – a cool, art inspired shoe brand that we can’t stop wearing. Not only are their shoes so dang comfortable (they have these awesome massaging polka dots in them that I’m obsessed with) but they are also crazy cute. I love the paint splatter pattern of my shoes and the simple yet statement print on Paris’s that look great with almost everything.

Top: H&M Graphic Crop Top, it says “that’s awesome”
Overalls: Tinseltown Overalls via Macys (see me in a Urban one’s here)
Paris is wearing: Bucketfeet Shplinton Canvas Shoes, Tommy Hilfiger Shirt – a gift from the most amazing girlfriend ever … oh wait, that’s me :], and Gap Jeans
 photo Untitled3d_zps3cf1c479.png

Little Red Pineapple

5th June 2014

Sporty styles are here to stay! I’ve packed my stilettos away in my kitchen – yes, I keep my shoes in the kitchen… I order take out like its my job so I had to fill my empty kitchen cabinets with something – and started stepping into crazy-cool slides!

Belt: Saks 5th Avenue basic gold black belt via My Sisters Closet in AZ
Purse: Coach Bleeker Pinnacle Crossbody in Painted Snake – obsessed with this one
Earring: DIY Giant Pearl stud (post coming soon), similar at bauble bar
Jacket: Nordies Black & Gold Moto Leather Jacket 
P.S. Receive 10% off all bucket feet use the code COLORME10

 Ever since attending the BucketFeet opening party for their soho popup shop (see the post here), I’ve been living in their sneakers. These pineapple ones are as hilarious as they are stylish and a great conversation starter. I have even started wearing these sporty slip ons to work – gasp. But hey, I work in fashion and sporty styles are on trend so I don’t see anything wrong with twirling through the office halls in a full dress & stylish slides – right?

Before you go, here’s a little blooper pic… #ToddlerSmile ? 
 photo Untitled3d_zps3cf1c479.png

Strawberry Bubblegum

16th May 2014

I wore this look last night, when I stepped out to BucketFeet’s pop up shop in Soho. BucketFeet is a super cool, unique show concept – all the shoes are playfully patterned and designed by different artists, each with their own unique style. Mine are designed by Miami based artist, Bad Panda, who drew inspiration from his home town to create my kicks.

Top: Zara striped crop top (similar here, love this one)
Skirt: Vintage pencil skirt (long live the 80s) that I altered (similar)
Necklace: Zara Choker (cheaper here, ways to wear it here)
I probably need to stop wearing this top … but I can’t! Are you guys sick of it yet? It’s one of the only crop tops I own and I just can’t get enough of this trend #sorrynotsorry. Plus I never say no to black & white stripes annndd I love that it’s long sleeve so it feels a little more conservative (well as conservative as you can get for a crop top).
Before you go – here’s a few iPhone highlights from before & during last nights at Bucketfeet’s new pop up shop in Soho:
Paris & I had a blast in our new shoes. The pop up only lasts 90 days, so run, don’t walk to 108 wooster street to pick up a pair… or if you miss it, you can always order online :] Plus receive 10% off all bucket feet use the code COLORME10
Speaking of sporty styles, check out my latest feature as a fashion contributor for JetMag where I share the do’s and don’ts of stepping out in sporty styles – full story here