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Holiday DIY

20th December 2013

Happy DIY Friday!Today I’m sharing some seasonal crafts to get you in the spirit without breaking the  bank.

I’m so over Ugly Sweater parties! I’ve been at least one every year for the past five years … bor-ring; and worn every ugly sweater under the sun (including one that light up … pretty epic. But in New York Ugly sweaters can get expensive (especially in the west village!), so when I got invited to an ugly sweater party, but didn’t want to spend $30+ on one, I found a literal loophole. With a little glitter glue and a $8 pull over from Old Navy, I was able to create an “ugly” sweater for under $10!

All you need is a pull over and glitter glue! I opted for washable glitter glue so I could remove the “ugly” after the party, but any glitter glue will do. I also turned my sweater inside out for the same reason. If you want to un-ugly your sweater post party, simply soak that sucker in hot water and hand wash it. All of my glitter glue came off with a 30-min soak, and I used a lint roller to removing any clinging sparkle specs. 

My pink ampersand is one of my favorite pieces of wall decor in my apartment (thank big thanks to my amazing friend Katrina who made this for me a few years back, I’m obsessed!). So for the holidays, I paired it with DIY “mix” and “mingle” signs to give it a festive twist!

All you need is a little paint or glitter glue and two canvases, frames or a mix of the two. You might also want to add gold stickers (see mingle) finish your art with a layer of modge-podge to give it that special shine. This project will cost about $10 per piece.

To add a layer of whimsy to your holiday outfit, try using a ornament as a quirky statement earring!
 Simply string a stud through the wire of a small ornament and ta-da, you’ll be trim-tastic and ready to go! Oh, and this was the final touch for my Ugly Sweater outfit! I only wore one ornament to compliment my asymmetrical bob, but a set of two works just as well!

 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png 

Girly, Pearly Pullover

6th December 2013

I’m excited to announce the return of DIY Friday with a girly, pearly twist on a classic pullover as feature in last weeks post: Times Square Tulle
This is an quick, easy and affordable diy (do it yourself), and can even be a “no-sew” project by substituting a needle & thread for safety pins and rhinestone glue. Use an old sweatshirt or pick one up for cheap (mine’s from forever 21), and order the pearls or gems online or at your nearest craft store. Also, you can skip a step by buying a black bow via etsy!
Start by creating a black bow out of your fabric square (or using your premade bow) and sewing or pinning it to your sweatshirt (pinning it gives you the option to remove the bow, but make sure to use three pins so it lays flat). After you scatter the pearls to create a pattern, string your embellishments and sew (or glue them) them to your sweatshirt, and presto … a pearly pullover!
See how I paired mine with tulle for a Carrie Moment in Times Square Tulle!

 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png

diy friday: glitter boots

26th October 2012

we’re over due for another diy friday post & this one is just in time for fall!
since boot season is upon us, this post will help you give your busted boots a glamours makeover so they can see another season!

cap toe boots are always big for fall, and sparkle is always special for holiday so it was about time to combine these two trends into one easy diy project!
here’s what you’ll need: your old boots, the finest black glitter you can find (try martha stewart’s brand at  michaels), spray mount, blue painters tape, and aerosol hairspray.
this project is quick && easy, here’s how to turn your boots from worn to wow in four easy steps:
1. tape off your cap toe or side panel leaving the part you want glittered exposed. 2. spray where you want it to shine. 3. sprinkle the glitter over the spray mount, and shake off the excess glitter (you may have to repeat steps 2-3 for more coats). 4. use hair spray to seal in your glitter && let your boots dry before wearing. you might want to continue to spritz a lithe hair spray before && after each wear, that’s what i do with all of my glitter pieces to ensure they don’t rub with wear.
then, wear && enjoy!
best of luck to all that attempt! && be sure to check out my other diy friday post for my craft-spiration!

diy friday: girls who wear pearls

3rd August 2012

welcome back to another diy friday!
i am really excited to share today’s diy tutorial for creating something that every girl should own: a statement pearl necklace!  you can create this look in about five minutes with only a few materials, i even created a quick how to video so you to follow along! first lets look at what you’ll need
utilize three or four strands of pearls and pick out any ribbon you would like, then you can start to create
for more detailed instructions, check out this video…
once you’ve created your look, you won’t be able to stop wearing it! to get you started here are four ways to wear your new statement necklace
to give you a little extra inspiration, here’s how I wear my statement pearls…

one // two // three // four // five
I would love to hear feedback on the video, cheers!

diy friday: dotted denim

20th July 2012

It’s friday, so you know what that means…
I’m beyond excited to share today’s diy friday project with you.

denim, jean and chambray are classic timeless pieces that got a revival for spring and will still be super trendy this fall. I invested in a fabulous denim shirt from banana republic (take a peek) thats become a wardrobe workhorse, but I really wanted something fun, and whimsical.
 I had been on the hunt for a polka dot chambray shirt and after discovering ones outside my price range or not to my liking, I just decided to make my own!
To create your own spotted shirt, you will need a few things: A chambray or denim shirt will work, but a lighter weight chambray shirt will give you the least amount of work. I wanted a cheap one that fit, so I turned to H&M and invested $15 in mine. They have a bunch of colors, weights & shades. For spot-on spots, you will also need to pick up a scrappers hole punch to make the large polka dots, I used a 13/16 of an inch (I wouldn’t go any bigger, but you could go smaller!). As for iron on paper (or adhesive fabric, I used iron on printable paper) make sure you get the kind that is 1) for dark fabrics, 2) stretchable, 3) washable & 4) good quality. I paid $10 for 3 sheets, but if you purchase poor quality paper your shirt won’t last!
 Start out by ironing your denim shirt, it needs to be wrinkle-free otherwise your polka dots will wrinkle & crinkle. While your shirt cools, punch out your dots with iron on paper using your scrapper punch. Then peel off the paper backing & place your polka dots in accordance to the iron on paper instructions. For polka dots, I started by placing mine in a diagonal pattern, then adjust some of the dots slightly to make it a little less perfect.
Do each panel separately. For example, I dotted & ironed one front side, then the other, then the collar, sleeves & back. You iron on paper should come with a cover sheet, use the cover sheet to slowly iron on the polka dots with medium to high heat and no steam. After you are finished, let the shirt sit and cool for about a half hour and then try it on. When you try it on you may see places where the dots are peeling due to wear, make a mental note of these before taking it off. Now quickly re-iron without the cover sheet with minimal pressure to even out some of the peeling parts. After you let it cool, you will be ready to wear!  
Insta-update: I tracked my progress via instagram
… and the end result …
Best of luck to all who attempt! I would love to see photos!!!

 photo Untitled137_zpsff8c8db1.png

DIY Friday: Kate Inspired Bow Clutch

6th July 2012

hello craft-inistas and welcome to another diy friday!
today’s craft project draws inspiration from my favorite brand, you guessed it, none other than the always fabulous kate spade! but before we get started, take a look at the transformation
Here’s how I got Inspired…

I am the proud and lucky owner of these two bow-dacious little kate spade gems from a few years ago. Although they are from different collections, the look like a family to me. So when I came across this satin clutch in need of a make over, I thought it might find a place with these all-wrapped-up wonders.
 As I mentioned before, I found this satin clutch at goodwill for $2.00, what a steal! The bones were still good, but this plain little purse was in desperate need of some spade-inspired sprucing! And with a little ribbon and glue this catch of a clutch was born!
To create your own, start with a thrifted clutch (any color or fabric will do, but just make sure you stick to one medium… if your clutch is silky and shiny like mine, make sure your ribbon is as well). After you clean it up a bit, plug in your hot glue gun and get bowing! 
Crafters beware:
Hot glue is a magical monster. It can be a wonderful & dangerous thing, where burning yourself will not be a fabulous feeling. Please be extra careful when utilizing it in this project! 
Just make two big loops with your ribbon, where one is slightly smaller than the other, and seal them each separately with hot glue. After they dry a bit, add another dab of your trusty hot glue in between the two loops to seal then together, then cut a third piece of ribbon to wrap around the two loops vertically before sealing your bow with glue on the back. 
 Then, glue your whole bow on to the clutch. Then paint on a red lip and pile on your pearls and prepare to endure the coos and compliments of friends and strangers alike as you take your clutch out for its diy debut!
… and now the families complete, don’t they look great together?

Diy Friday: Chevron Clutch

22nd June 2012

Color Me Crafty…
Since I am the self proclaimed queen of crafting (let’s be honest, I am just too cheap so I end up doing things myself instead of buying them) I claim this friday and every friday from now on, diy day!
The first DIY project, we are giving this tired old clutch a make over!

So now that you have gotten a little tease, let’s learn how to make it! This project is super easy and will take about 4-6 hours but most of that is drying time.

What you will need:
Start off by finding an old white clutch either in your closet or at your nearest goodwill (mine was $3 at goodwill). Then you need two rulers (optional), painters tape and spray paint!
Tips and tricks:
Make sure to clean your clutch first, you don’t want any dirt to compromise your finished product! Do two or three coats of paint but make sure you let it dry in between! Also gently pull the painters tape off at an angle to prevent ruining your pattern and wa-la, the perfect chevron clutch… for less!
let me know what you guys think!?Photobucket