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Fall Conversions

2nd September 2011

Welcome Back, This post is dedicated to converting your spring and summer wardrobe to things wearable for fall!
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Short Dresses

So if you are like me, this Spring you went color crazy, bought a bright little dress (or 2… or 3) and wore them all Summer long! Maybe you paired it with your favorite flat sandals or matching platform wedges or even a great big summer hat! But as the air gets colder that bright yellow little thing gets pushed to the back of the closet… well not anymore!

Fall Update
One color combination that I am loving right now is yellow and teal! I think yellow often takes a back seat in the fall, but when paired with teal (or even maroon) it looks fresh, fashionable and perfect for fall! So wrap up in a baggy teal wrap-up cardigan and step into black tights or socks with boots and all of a sudden you have the perfect fall ensemble!

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High Waisted Shorts

I wore high waisted shorts all Spring and Summer long, usually with slouchy crop tops and flats! I think high waisted shorts (and skirts) are the most flattering trend and hope they never, ever go out of style!

Fall Update
Now that I need to cover up my legs, I still wanted to be able to implement them into my fall wardrobe. For fall, treat your shorts like a skirt and pair them with tights and flats or oxfords. Add a boyfriend blazer and a blouse for a unexpected twist on the fashionable suit!

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Summer Wedges
Wedges are a constant summer do! Every year, it seems as if they grow taller! I know I invested in a pair of wedges almost every spring and now you can cary these shows over to fall

Fall Update
A trend I really love is socks with heels and its the perfect way to make a fall statement with a summer sandal! Pair your wedges with socks and slouchy clothes like a belted t-shirt dress and comfy cardigan! The trend is enough of a statement, so keep the colors basic and clean.
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Maxi Dresses

I never really wear Maxi dresses because I’m a midget and they shrink me down, but a lot of people look  great in a Maxi!

Fall Update
Translate this trend into a casual fall fashion statement by pairing it with a denim jacket. Accessorize with a lengthy necklace and bright ring to add color, a skinny belt to add shape and either oxfords or T-strap sandals.

Fall Necessities

31st August 2011

Today I am going to discuss my personal opinion on fall necessities! In the post you will find my picks for fall!

Cardigans are one of my favorite pieces, I wear them year around to keep warm or to complete a look! Here, I picked out four different options! I suggest picking one cardigan from each pair, or if you are a cardie lover like me, splurge for all four!
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Pick One: Patterned or Comfy/Casual
These are two more casual options! Wear a patterned cardie over almost any outfit to add something unexpected or pair a comfy casual one with some jeans and boots. I wear my black and white striped cardie or leopard one with almost anything!
Pick One: Party Cardie or Classy Contrast
These are more dressy options, a contrast cardie can dress up jeans and flats while a sparkly show-stopping Party cardie can make a statement all on its own!
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I think everyone needs these few simple accessorizes that you can wear over and over again! The Magic Belt is a super thick and slimming belt, wear it over chunky knits! A skinny belt can be used to cinch almost anything while adding a pop of color or slimming your waist in heavier fall clothes. A fall hat or headband can save a bad hair day or make a statement on its own! I also suggest investing in a fun or colorful cocktail ring and sassy scarf!

Step In Style
New shoes are one of the most exciting parts of fall! So for shoes, I created three different pairs to pick from!
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Pick One: Biker Boots or Ridding Boots
Boots are a fall must, but the style depends on the person! I suggest choosing ridding or biker boots… or both (I like to switch it up so I have both!)
Pick One: Chunky Booties or Chunky Pumps
Chunky heels are a trend that started appearing last fall but is still hott! Everyone needs a pair of chunky epic pumps or chunky platform booties.
Pick One: Classic Flats or Colored Flats
Chic flats are a girls best friend! They keep an outfit cute while saving your feet from monster heels! I think everyone needs one pair of flats that could be worn with every outfit! A classic pair will get the job done, but a solid color pair can also be added to almost any look for an unexpected pop of color.
Bundle Up
Pick one to Splurge and one to Steal:
Trench Coat, Peacoat, Blazer or Tweed Jacket
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As the seasons change so does the weather! As a result, everyone needs a new jacket to keep warm in the crisp fall air. All girls need one good, thick jacket to splurge on from thier favorite store or designer and a fun, current and cheap from a bargain store like Forever 21.
Carry All
Big, Satchel & Party Bag
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With the change of weather, comes a reason to change your bag! Every fall I look for a big classic bag in a neutral color, a smaller over the shoulder satchel and a fun clutch or party bag.

New seasons always bring new trends that should be celebrated! This fall look for something in each of these categories that coincide with your style!
Leopard, Sparkly, Black & White
With a Bow or in your Favorite Color
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Enjoy your fall fashion and festivities!! And check back for more Fall Frenzy posts

Fall Frenzy

30th August 2011

Greetings Dolls!
Fall Frenzy
As the seasons change, so must the clothing! And this year, since by living in San Francisco I will experience a greater shift in seasons than I am used to, I am very excited for fall to come! I love the changing leaves, the crisp air and most importantly …. the reason to update your wardrobe! Although fall is not quite yet here, it can sneak up on you, so I wanted to equip you will all you need to tackle the seasons in style! So, to celebrate the fabulous upcoming fall, I am going to do a segment of posts dedicated to fall fashion: Fall Frenzy! Starting with my first post: Fall Necessities! Enjoy!