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Blue Moon

24th September 2014

I’m really pumped that pastels are in for Fall, it means being able to invest in pieces now that you can wear for two seasons and being able to dust off your favorite Spring pieces from last season to wear today! Sooo heck to the Yeah
The rule for wearing fall pastels is simple, just add black. Adding black to a baby blue sweater or pastel pink dress is super simple and chic, it allows you to test out this trend without trying too hard. But since rules are meant to be broken, I’m pairing my powder blue hue with Maroon and singing the 50’s classic “Blue Moon” all while doing it and writing this post. Get it: Blue + Maroon = Blue Moon. Kinda? Okay maybe not…
Guy’s you’re gonna be real proud of me, I actually edited today’s look! I think Coco Chanel said that before you walk out the door you should look in the mirror and take one thing off. Ha, I love (well worship) Coco and all but usually do the opposite by adding another three rings or another layer of lipstick, CC is frowning down at me from somewhere, all while dripping in pearls. Anyways, I had planned to wear this hat in maroon with this look, but edited it out at the last minute – I know, who am I.  Anyways, I will never really be one to edit, but sometimes a bold color bombo, statement necklace and a ear to ear grin is enough for one outfit 😉
Old Navy Baby Blue Sweater (so comfy!) || Old Navy Maroon Skater Skirt
Armed & Readi Tassel Necklace || Powder Blue Bow Pumps (similar on sale)
Rings: Bauble Bar || Armed & Readi || Coach Pearl Ring (similar) || Madewell
Arm Party: J.crew Pave Link Bracelet || Gold Link Bracelet (similar)Blue + Maroon (or oxblood) has to be one of my favorite color combos for Fall, I will be wearing it with my seasonal signature oxblood lip all Fall long! Care to join me? Shop the look below!
Shop Blue

Shop Maroon


Weekend Vibes

15th September 2014

Oh how I love the weekend.
Whether my day is jammed packed with fun events (like the previous weekend was due to NYFW) or wide open, except for the occasional blog photoshoot (Sorry Paris), I always cherish my Saturday & Sundays.

This weekend was really chill. As I mentioned I was coming off New York Fashion Week, and although I ditched more events then I attended (oops) juggling my 9-5 and NYFW events was a lot to handle (I know, tough life right? #bloggerprobs). I was in a constant fog last week, barley sleeping, not knowing what day it was and feeling so out of it. I even re-wore the same outfit to work two days in a row, haha double oops!
Needless to say, I really needed the little breather this weekend to recover. I kicked off the day by spending a half hour on my hair trying (and failing) to master milkmaid braid – the style is not short hair friendly but you’ll see my best attempt in these pics – blogging from my bed (there’s a really big post coming your way Friday, here’s a hint to hold you over), and talking my monster of a todo list. Then I stepped out for brunch with Paris & my Best Friend, Sheree! Fun fact she’s a super awesome actress in the making and my bestie since High School all the way in AZ, I totally love having her in the city. We couldn’t be more opposite, but we do have a few important things in common, our fat girl tendencies, love for tween novels (divergent, hunger games, maze runner … you name it we read it), our sense of humor and our Teen Wolf obsession. After brunch, this photoshoot and getting caught in the rain, we went back to my place to catch up on our favorite awful TV show (teen wolf, duh!).
Caught in the rain mid photoshoot without an umbrella, don’t worry, I shared with Ree… That’s what besties are for (more here)
Later Ree went to work & I went back to blogging, and errr online shopping. After feasting on sour patch kids, binge watching PLL (I hope you aren’t judging me on my TV choices…. you know you love awful teen Television too!) I stayed up later than I would have liked finishing up Friday’s big post, it was a true labor of love so I hope you enjoy! Sunday was a lot of the same, glued to my computer, but I did manage to sneak out to do some damage to my bank account for fall shopping with miss Daisy (she’s back to blogging now, so swing by) check out this killer find!!!
I am loving the denim on denim trend (Paris disagrees, sorry agin P) so I took the look a step further by going on blue with distressed denim, a tied chambray and a baby blue baseball sweater. Side note about this sweater, I got it in every color and will be wearing it all season long. It’s also a little nod to a fun collab I’m working on with Baseball Babe, Krista of Covering Bases – be sure to tune in Wednesday for that! Because I didn’t want to be all blue, I added a dose of leopard with these new pointed toe pumps, I love that they have a thicker heel making them perfect for walking around in NYC!
Old Navy Blue Baseball Sweater c/o || Wet Seal Distressed Denim (old, shop below)
Nine West Shoes || Old Navy Chambray Shirt (tied) || Shoe Dazzle X Cuff
Karen Walker Sunnies || Asos Bag || Vintage Rings || Armed and Readi Rings

Well that’s a wrap for this weekend, sometimes it’s best to just rewind (especially when bad TV and good friends are involved), what did you get into this weekend? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below XO

The Inbetween

18th April 2014

Last weekend was a big fat tease! It was 75 and sunny in the city, so I twirled my way through Soho in shorts, did some serious shopping and double dipped on brunch with some equally serious babes… And then came the cold. It snowed, yes snowed on tuesday night. New York, why must you be so fickle?! And what’s a girl to do wear this weirdo weather? My spring instincts say skirts but the forecast says Buurrr! I’m forever stuck in the winter/spring limbo, I’m living in-between!

Pants: Old Navy Black White Side Stripe Tuxedo Pants – only $18 !!
Coat: Zara, but no coat shopping allowed, Spring is coming!
Handbag: Green Vintage Clutch
My cure for the Inbetween? Patterns & a Pop of color. Wearing black can be boring so I pumped it up with a little pattern play. I am loving these tuxedo pants –  they feel like leggings! so they are super easy to wear but off set the stripey top! I added not one, but two color pops by pairing my go-to zara pumps with a little Kelly, I mean Courtney green. It’s also kind of Ironic that I was gabbing on and on about Spring finally being here in Monday’s post, where I am wearing B&W stripes and the same Zara pumps in a very spring way, ha! Let’s hope this cold front passes so we can finally say hello to Spring!
If you don’t know the story of Courtney Green you should, It’s a goodie! Kelly Green is my favorite color and since I am positive that no Kelly loves Green as much as I do, I decided to rename it (Can I do that? – Not sure, but I did!). Our love affair started six years ago! I remember my boyfriend telling me it was a phase and it wouldn’t last… eat those words Paris! :]


19th March 2014

 I’m playing stripe queen for a day! I said yes to graphic B&W and mixed color blocking with jail-bird stripes for a neutral mix with a twist! I’ve been feeling a little out of it lately, just overwhelmed and not myself. It’s not so fun, but outfits can be the perfect pick-me-up … and a little pattern play always does the trick!

// H&M Black White Color Block Full Skirt (similar) //
// Zara Black White Stripe Crop Top (similar here) // Zara Coat //
// Karen Walker Sunnies (similar under $60) // H&M Gold Rings //
// Black Coach Willis Handbag // Taylor Morgan Gold Link Bracelet //
// Kate Spade Booties (similar here) // Saks Belt from My Sisters Closet //

It’s MARCH… so it’s supposed to be Spring! But most days it’s still too cold to wear skirts without tights … and after months of doubling up to keep warm I’m SO OVER stepping into them. For this look, I opted for knee high socks instead! They kept me warmish without forcing me to pull on another pair of tights – where are you Spring!?
We also teamed up for NYFW, See all of the NYFW X Claire Eliza posts
XO Courtney Quinn

Little Boy Blue

19th February 2014

I’ve been borrowing from the boys more than I would care to admit lately. This act of rebellion is a bit out of character for me, seeing as I’ve been twirling since age two – well despite my tragic tom-boy phase, read all about my youthful lapse of judgement here. So for today’s inspiration, I paired boyish charm with menswear silhouette and the essence of Queen B (Blaire Waldorf) for a classic look that straddles gender lines.
Booties: C.wonder (similar here or splurge on these) // Skort: Zara (similar under $25) // Top&Bow: Asos (similar top here or just the bow here) Bag: Coach (with silver hardware here) // Coat: Zara // Sunnies: Karen Walker (similar here) // Lips: Ruby Woo by Mac // Rings: H&M
I don’t know what I did before the Zara skort. I thought this obsession would die when summer ended, but I have just found myself wearing it more and more… and more. It’s the middle of February, yet I still wore my white one over black tights this weekend…. what’s wrong with me? The only reasonable explanation is love, I am head-over-heels for the sassy skort – in black, white or blue. But since I was sick of feeling sporty, (my boyfriend does a cheer & makes fun of me when I wear it) I married my skirt-obsession with tailored pieces and a tuxedo vest to dress it up! What do you think, menswear-chic? Images by Claire Eliza
We also teamed up for NYFW, See all of the NYFW X Claire Eliza posts

Loving the location? These photos were taken next door to my “sitcom hangout”, Tea & Sympathy! Read all about it here.

XO Courtney