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Macarons & Mimosas

23rd June 2014

This weekend I decided to host a little blogger gathering for some NYC gals ! It was a great chance for me to meet some of my favorites that I stalk from afar (creepy) and to catch up with some of  my blogger bffs while stuffing our faces!
I honestly had far too many macarons, I am only slightly ashamed (and strangley proud) to say my count hit the double digits. Macarons are such perfect dessert because they aren’t too too sweet and are perfectly portioned so you can stuff your face without feeling too guilty.

Since it’s not a party until you play the plate game, we did! All you need is paper plates, pens and a sense of humor. Just place the plates over your head and draw an agreed upon object. It’s one of my favorite ice breaker games, plus you always discover someone’s hidden plate drawing talents #SecretPicasso 
The winners took home great gifts from some of my favorite new jewelry brands: Armed and Readi – one of my favorite new jewelry brands, Gina Cueto Jewelry (check out her awesome ear cuffs and I need this crisscross ring in my life), Style This Life (adorable tassel bracelets) and the darling J’adore Gems!
Hartland Tattoos // Armed and Readi

Hallie of Corals and Cognacs matched perfectly with our sweet treats
And of course Waffles AKA the Ham, had to make an appearance. Jessica Sturdy, one of my all time blogger favorites was smitten! Hoping she gets a french bully soon – Waffie desperately needs a new frenchie bestie!

It felt so good to get back to hostessing, for those of you who have been following along for a while you might remember parties such as my Harry Potter Dinner Parties, Kentucky Derby Themed Grad Party, Hunger Games Dinner Party, and my favorite, my Alice in Wonderland tea party; but ever since moving to NYC my parties have been few and far between. This is partially because of my lack of apartment space and also because my lack of city friends #loneralert. But now being here for a little more than a year now, I have befriended enough party-worthy pals to to help fill my dinner table (hopefully I made a few more at this event), and with this great garden space in my apartment building, I definitely see more diner parties in my future.

This mimosas and macarons event was an great baby step into hostessing again – especially for a gal on a budget (and in NYC, who isn’t!?) I picked up champagne, orange juice and macarons from Trader Joes — they were amazing, bite sized and only $5 for 12! I popped by Party City for cute plates, printed napkins and plastic champagne glasses which I decorated with gold polka dot stickers! The rest I pulled from my apartment decor, including a gold tray from my Kate Spade days, polka dot plates, golden chargers, striped J.crew jewelry trays (they are on sale for $12!!!) a Jonathan Adler dish and more! Plus Studio Mucci was kind enough to send me this darling garland that served as the perfect finishing touch and a must have for any pretty party — shop it here!

be sure to follow all my fabulous guests:
(not pictured) Taylor Morgan Designs
Big thanks to all of our event Sponsors:

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Happy Birthday, Waffles

1st May 2014

Donuts and Bowties and Bulldogs… Oh my!
Today’s post is going to be short & sweet, just like my little man. My french bulldog, Sir Waffles Leopold Nelson Fowler the 3rd, Waffles turned two last Tuesday! So in addition to flooding your Instagram feed with my favorite waffles pics on (follow along here) we also celebrated with a bow tie themed park party… Yes, I realize I’m ridiculous, don’t judge me. Truthfully, we were partying too hard to cover the whole event, but we’re able to snap a few of the highlights.

We celebrated Waffies’ big day with a few of his favorite things: bow ties, donuts and being the center of attention! Waffles loves Washington Square Park, so a few friends met for fatty foods and fresh air! Waffles and Paris both wore bow ties, and I wore a bow-print dress to match! Some of my blogger buddies, Daisy O (coolest last name ever) and Melanie plus my awesome photographer friend, Claire Eliza were also in attendance. People stopped and stared at our giant #2 balloon wondering who was turning two, some strangers even joined us for a donut to help celebrate! Over all, it was an easy-going day-of-birth for Mr. Waffles, but I think he had a great time!
Happy Birthday little guy!
You’re awful, smelly and the most stubborn creature on the planet, but I couldn’t imagine my life without you. Cheers to many more years of city exploring, vintage bow-tie shopping and snuggly naps together.
I love you to the moon and back,
XO mom.

Shine On

10th November 2013

I have a rule to dress by:
when you’re ever feeling dull, wear something that sparkles!
I was in no way down when I added sequins to my signature layering, but if I was, a little glitter would have helped to lift my spirits!
Shirt: Banana Republic (40% off right now) // Tee: J.crew (+25% off) (tank version here) // Jeggings: The Limited // Boots: Bacio 61 // Bag: Zara (similar, 50% off!) // Sunnies: Karen Walkers (black) // Jewels: Threads
Have you ever heard of a “Canadian Tuxedo”? apparently it’s when you pair a denim jacket with matching jeans (weird… I know). Anyways, I gave the Canadian Tuxedo a Color Me Courtney make over by adding a bold lip, bright bag and a little bit of sparkle! I also stuck to simple jewels and my statement sunnies to complete the look. 
Oh and speaking of sparkle, I was recently choosen to host the first ever My Threads Party by The Shine Project! My friends showed up in sparkle for sips, snaps and a little bit of shopping; and today I’m sharing the highlights!

shop threads by The Shine Project here
When I lived in Arizona, I hosted tons of dinner parties, but when I moved to my little New York apartment (see it here) both my hosting capacity and party throwing budget drastically dropped :[ I am truly a hopeless hostess at heart and desperately miss throwing a good party! The parties were also such a big part of my blog, so hopefully this Threads Party is first step in getting back to hostessing! So stay tuned to see the return of the hopeless hostess … Big Apple style. 
 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png
    photo adb21650-800e-47ce-afef-1aa1420e977f_zpsc6235b89.jpg

Blast from Birthday Past

24th July 2013

Incase you haven’t noticed, it’s my birthday week so we’re celebrating all week long on the blog!

 today we’re taking a look back at one of my favorite birthday celebrations of all time… my mad hatter tea party brought to you as part of my party planning segment: hopeless hostess!

we were in no short supply of sweet treats the party, i whipped up a pound (or pick one up from the store), frosted some cupcake (or substitute mini brownies) and surprised guests with mini fruit pizzas (Sugar cookies, frosting & fruit). Finger sandwiches are a tea party must! Try crustless cucumber & fancy cheese spread (or mix whipping creme with italian dressing), their fun & filling! 
Sweeten the deal with candy that doubles as decor! Try dropping fresh fruit in the water for refreshing citrus drinks that tastes as good as it looks.
What’s a party without games? The hopeless hostess plays bingo with buttons, charades and the plate game for her most peculiar tea party.
My party was a blast, but the finishing touches were my fabulous & fashionable friends who always dress the party-part! They showed up in theme with character costumes or over-the-top, yet absolutely necessary, tea attire.
Oh, and since this was my 21st birthday, candles and cupcakes were a must! not just for the birthday girl and hostess herself, but also for all of the guest’s celebrating their un-birthdays. Make a wish… 
I hope you enjoyed looking back at one of my favorite birthday celebrations!
Want to keep the party going? We’re celebrating all week long on CMC including a birthday earring giveaway! Enter here, and goodluck to all! Stay tuned, the celebration continues tomorrow!

 photo Untitled137_zpsff8c8db1.png

let the games begin!

28th August 2012

The hopeless hostess always follows trending topics && events to use for party themes! Since the hunger games movie has just been released on dvd, the hopeless hostess won’t be able to help herself. She’ll throw a celebratory hunger games dinner sworrie && screaming party, or save her ideas for a premier party for when the sequel debuts next summer.
The hopeless hostess decides to plan a “tribute feast” as depicted towards the end of the first movie, and uses easy e-vites to set the scene for potential attendees! To make e-vites even easier, use this custom invite option I created.

the hopeless hostess wants her guests to immediately feel in theme when they enter her own personal hunger games, so she decorates her table with a dark table cloth && fake foliage. she then hangs && frames hunger games posters (this hopeless hostess just bought the entertainment weekly hunger games magazine, but now a frugal hostess could find similar images online).
the hostess finishes the look by embellishing her table with custom character name tags && district pins. she is always in the know, && finds out what character her guests will be attending as so she can print adoringly. to take a little of the heat off of you as a hostess, I provided you with some free party printable. download district buttons && download name tags
Don’t let the name fool you, although the hopeless hostess may toast to the hunger games, there will be no short supply of food at her party! She starts will on-theme appetizers (peeta bread && spinach dip, goat cheese && sliced apple tarts) && then serves a district 11 agricultural salad (your favorite fruity salad), beef && veggie stew (try this one) && store bought rolls from the boy with the bread.   
the hopeless hostess won’t let her guests leave hungry, so she continues to wow with delicious desserts! she draws inspiration from characters like fox face (who’s demise came from poison berries) && cinna (katniss’s sensitive stylist) to create a poison berry perfection (1/3 of store bought mini short cake, berries, served with whipped cream) && mini cinna-buns.
the hopeless hostess has to have guests who leave feeling full && fabulous, so uses her final treat to serve as the grand finale! she ends the night with “girl on fire, flaming desserts” in honor of katniss everdeen, the girl on fire. she starts with peaches, adds vanilla ice cream (pre scoop && freeze in a cupcake tin), drizzles raspberry sauce && tops with a lemon juice soaked sugar cube (the juice allows it to burn). Then she set’s it all on fire as she serves && watches the jaws drop!
although the invites, food && decor are all important, the real fun comes from coming in character! so the hopeless hostess only invites guests who will dress the part for an epic party! the hopeless hostess herself, of course comes as the most outrageous && over-the-top character.
or go for a less extravagant, but probably more important like katniss everdeen or any other tribute by wearing arena ready gear!
so in summary … happy hunger games!

tutu .. twenty two

24th August 2012

cue the confetti, it’s time for another hopeless hostess celebratory post! && this post is long over-due, for it reflects my twenty second (tutu) ballet birthday breakfast
the hopeless hostess knows no occasion is too small to celebrate, so of course when her special day comes around she starts the day of right… with a tutu inspired ballet birthday breakfast. she also doesn’t like to break the bank so she whips up a quick pdf invite, and includes it in an email to her ballerina’s to be.

the hopeless hostess knows invitations are only half of the party’s first impression, and the table decor serves as the second. she hangs a few balloons at various heights to create a colorful backdrop and uses pretty pleated tissue paper for tutu trays.
the hopeless hostess lets drinks serve as decor, by choosing colorful options like orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice and pretty pink champagne!
drinks are just the beginning, the real stars of the table are the fabulous food, the hopeless hostess uses fun sized food for a fancy feel. she picks up small pastries, donuts and cinnamon rolls from the store, serves strawberries and raspberries with cool whip for dipping and whips up ity bitty pretty pancakes (just like normal pancakes, but use 1/3 the amount of batter, if you are a perfectionist planner, use a cookie cutter for perfect circles. pile on three, secure with a toothpick and garnish with raspberries, before serving with syrup, butter & jams).
and the hopeless hostess attends her extravagant events in style, wearing ballet-esque birthday attire with a little bit of sparkle!
i hope you enjoyed my second hopeless hostess post, be sure to check out all of my party planning posts. until next time, stay fabulous!

We’re all a bit mad here…

14th August 2012

“You’re entirely bonkers, but let me tell you a secret: all the best people are.” 
Today the hopeless hostess takes on a most peculiar tea party, inspired by mad hatter’s “un-birthday” tea extravaganza as featured in Alice in Wonderland! 

The hopeless hostess knows that invitations serve as a party’s first impression and have to be taken seriously. With just a an image & a color scheme, she’ll whip up her custom evites online to wow her invitees without dropping a penny. 
This hostess also uses an entree way display for maximum impact. Cover a table in cards, add on-theme hat boxes & front door signage for easy & affordable details.  
The details don’t stop at the door, let a thin, long, over-the-top table serve as the decor focus. Mix your matches with piles of patterned napkins and endless amounts of tea cups. Forget about perfect pairs, the wild and carefree aspect of the table adds a level of whimsy that every mad tea party requires.
The hopeless hostess is in no short supply of sweet treats for her tea party. She whips up her favorite pound or coffee cake (or picks one up from the store), frosts cupcake or mini brownies and surprises guests with mini fruit pizzas (Sugar cookies, frosting & fruit). Finger sandwiches are a tea party must! Try crustless cucumber & fancy cheese spread (or mix whipping creme with italian dressing), their fun & filling! 
The hopeless hostess sweetens the deal with candy that doubles as decor. She drops fresh fruit in her water for refreshing citrus water that tastes as good as it looks.

What’s a party without games? The hopeless hostess plans bingo with buttons, charades and the plate game for her most peculiar tea party.

The hopeless hostess has fabulous & fashionable friends who always dress the party part by coming in character or over-the-top, yet absolutely necessary, tea attire.
Oh, did I forget to mention that once upon a time this un-birthday tea celebration occurred on this hopeless hostess’s actual birthday? Imagine that. In that case, candles and cupcakes are a must, not just for the birthday girl and hostess herself, but also for all of the guest’s celebrating their un-birthdays. Make a wish… 
I hope you enjoyed the first of many hopeless hostess post! Want to keep the party going? Well stay tuned, there is much more to celebrate on the way… 


Cue the Confetti

14th August 2012

Cue the confetti…

I’m (re)introducing hopeless hostess: a new segment on my blog!

Being the party animal that I am, I love to have and host extreme dinner parties for my fabulous friends!  I used to share these over the top events on my party planning blog, hopeless hostess, but not anymore, I’m consolidating!
From now on, I will be celebrating on Color Me Courtney by featuring some of my past and present parties on this blog! Continue to tune in to CMC regularly or click the top “hopeless hostess” button for hostess how to’s, party planning tips & tricks and all things celebratory!
So be sure stay tuned in for some serious party planning posts, I hope you enjoy! Cheers!