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Style Spotlight: Adette Dress

22nd May 2012

Hi dolls, I want to introduce a new reoccurring segment on my blog: style spotlight!
For this segment, I will be featuring the style of some of my favorite characters and celebrities including  satc’s Carrie Bradshaw, glee’s Emma Pillsbury and Zooey Deschanel – both on and off the set of fox’s new girl. These segments can be found on the right hand side of my blog!
First to step into the style spotlight is miss Zooey, as Jess on new girl.

Zooey is wearing the adorable Adette dress from Kate Spade’s January collection 2012. Throughout these spotlight segments keep your eyes open for the gold spade as shown above to indicate A Kate Spade sighting!
Zooey’s dress is no longer available, but you can still get her look for less.
this modcloth dress is a more casual take on the ksny adette dress, adding a belt completes the look! Not into navy? try this dress is khahi and magenta, but get it while you can, modcloth pieces go fast!
Colorblocking is a big trend for 2012, so here are a few more ways to get this look for less.
Colorblocked (via asos): pink&tanblack&whitemaroon, neon&navy.
this is not the first time this adette dress has been featured on cmc, check out the girl crush post for more zooey deschanel and ways to wear it
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Why Pay More?

14th March 2012

Why pay more, when you can get the look for less!
Today, lets look at two ways you can get the designer look for less!

Step in style with these adorably affordable Kate Spade look-a-likes from dsw!

Gleek Chic

Get the look featured on Fox’s Glee and abc Family’s Pretty Little Liar for less at my favorite mock-off  supplier ModCloth!
What are you feelings about mock-offs? Are they crimes of fashion or just simple flattery driven imitation? I personally think there is no substitute for quality, but no everything has to be a quality piece! But what do you think?
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Spade Steals: Belts $$$

22nd February 2012

Back by popular demand, is another Spade Worthy Steals look!
This time, I’m showing you two ways to get the kate spade look for less in beautiful belts!
Let me begin by stating that Kate Spade belts are not that pricey and are better quality than the imitator products, so I recommend investing in one of these belted beauties. However, for you fashionistas on a budget, I found some ways to get the look for less.

Kiss Me:
 Kate Spade began producing the cutest kissing animal belts last spring and has continued with their newest love-sick crocodiles. However, you can get the look for less with these asos kissing critter mock offs!
All Wrapped Up!
Last year Kate Spade made the cutest All Wrapped Up Bow Belts and I fell in love, so much so I bought three of them in different colors (they are featured in almost all of my outfits!). But this year, Kate switched it up by creating skinny bow belts in a head turning neon and a basic black. Asos also creates a similar belt in less fun colors for the cheap chic gal.
Sound Off!
What do you think of the latest spade worthy steals? Do you think $80 – $130 is to much to pay for a high quality but semi novelty belt? As always, I would love to hear from you :)
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Spade Steals $$$

3rd February 2012

I used to say I had a “Love Hate” relationship with Kate Spade, where I loved her products and hated her prices, if you too fall into that category then this post is for you! Get the Kate Spade look for less with Spade-worthy steals!
I more than anyone am the biggest fan of all things kate spade, not only for the design but also for the service and quality associated with a KSNY purchase. That being said, I also understand craving to own such goodies but being financially unable to obtain them! 
The first look for less is a popular pair of flats that flew off the Kate Spade flats last spring. Their gone now, but you can still get the look for less at Old Navy
Next up is a trench twin! This durable Kate Spade trench is new for spring 2012 complete with black and white printed lining is worth the money, but if it is a bit out of your price range this trench from british retailer BooHoo should suffice!

This steal could be a second chance for those of you who missed out on picking up one of my favorite Kate Spade dresses from last summer. A shockingly similar strapless dress is now available at ModCloth!
What do you think about these stylish spade-worthy steals? I would love to hear!