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City Gal Swim

29th August 2014

This summer sped by quicker than the last (they seem to go faster every year) but that is nothing to be sad about. I am welcoming Fall with open arms, but have to say goodbye to Summer in style… triangl swimwear style.

I discovered this aussie swimwear brand and blogger fav this summer and loved wearing my leopard bikini all season long. Although I occasionally enjoy the beach, it is hard for me to get out of the city. Plus there are no dog beaches relatively near, and if I have a day off I want to spend it with Waffles! As a result, when I am looking for a wet and wild weekend, I turn to Central Park.
The boat house and lake at central park is small and beautiful. For $15 dollars (cash only) and a $20 deposit that you get back, you can row along the water for as long as your little heart desires. A few weeks back, Paris and I spend a warm day roaming the park, and getting our oar on at the lake. If you’re looking to get a little color or just enjoy some sun, take your boat out to the middle of the lake and lay out, it’s sun bathing experience with a city view that you simply cannot beat!
Let’s be honest, I started out completely awful and rowing, it was really hard for me to get the rhythm! But once I wasn’t that bad, I am night joining the olympic team anytime soon, but I quickly got the hang of it! If you choose to head to the lake in central park in your suit, I would bring big sunnies, a scarf to tie your hair back, a denim jacket (it gets cold on the lake) a scarf, and a high waisted skirt!
Well guys, this will be one of my my last summery-post I have some awesome fall things coming your way starting next week, so get ready! I will also be recreating this post this weekend for fall, if you have any suggestions or requests, please comment them below! 
See ya Summer, Hello Fall.

Zoo Day

25th July 2014

This post is jam-packed so let me apologize in advance.
TGIF right?! Last weekend blew by, and some how this week was one of the slowest ones ever? I woke up on Tuesday thinking it was Thursday, even told a co worker “hang in there tomorrow’s Friday, and they gave me the craziest look.. oops! Then woke up again on Wednesday convinced it was Thursday. Anyways back to last weekend, Saturday was busy busy but started with a Zoo day with one of my favorite people (and her awesome husband) Taylor Morgan!

So Incase you didn’t know, Taylor and I go way back. I grew up dancing at her Mom’s studio but we really became close when I moved to NYC. Moving across the country can be a scary thing, I moved with a roommate who only stayed 2 weeks before moving back home and only knew a handful of people in the city. I am SO THANKFUL I had her and her amazing husband James to lean on when I moved here and am still so lucky to have such great city friends. It’s even better now that Paris is here, because he and James get along swimmingly, #besties.
Taylor designs for Tommy Hilfiger and always gets great deals through her company, so her and James got free passes to the Queens Zoo Paris and I tagged along for the day! I had been to the Bronx Zoo but never the Queens one so we were excited to see what it had to offer. Naturally, I wore a zebra peplum top, leopard espadrilles and a snake purse; and Paris wore a bucket hat…. no comment.

Top Shop Koala Leopard Espadrille (+ solid colors here)
Kate Spade (old) Peplum (similar) || Wet Seal Black high-waist Shorts
Poppy Clips c/o gold studs – these snap onto to any shorts or pants
 Honestly, the Zoo itself was just okay. The biggest highlight was the Sea Lions (I seriously love Sea Lions so I was really excited about seeing them), but the lack of elephants and monkeys kind of got me down.  But I always have such a blast with Taylor & James that they make even a monkey-free zoo such a blast. On the plus side, the Queens Zoo is small enough for a quick 2 hour trip or good for little kids because it’s a short walk & there’s a petting zoo.

And hey guess what, Taylor is positing about her Zoo day too (I don’t know why we don’t blog collab more, we really need to get our acts together) so swing by her blog & check. it. out.


Weekend Highlights
Before I let you go I wanted to share what I was reading this week. Last Sunday I made a list of all my favorite weekly reads and assigned days to check in on them, some have to be checked daily, and others twice a week but no matter the frequency, my type-A side made a schedule for it and I am planning on sticking to it! Thanks to my daily reading list I was able to keep up on all of my favorite blogs/sites this week (this never happens) so I had to share the highlights.
// Mackenzie Horan shares the sweetest class in NYC in her recap of a Macaron Workshop // I’m obsessed with how Blaire Edie rocked all white (my summer uniform) in this self portrait pretty // My good friend Melanie shares three things that make life easier – she’s one of the sweetest gals around with an infectiously positive personality so I have to try some of her tricks // Kelly in the City rocked this Jonathan Adler hat & now I’m jonesing for a beach day // A Lacey perspective is giving away a super cute summer outfit & her darling pug makes an appearance in the post //
What are your weekend plans?
Although there will be no parrots or alligators filling my days, it should still be a wild one! I’ll be turning another year older (and probably none the wiser) on Saturday so I will be celebrating with a polka dot picnic in the park. Be sure to follow along via instagram!

Bumble Bee

22nd July 2014

I’ve been wearing black & white stripes non-stop lately, seriously, non-stop. There are all these rules about black & white stripes: horizontal ones make you look chubs, don’t wear them with orange or yellow, blah, blah blah — well today I’m breaking those rules, because life is so much better when you dress outside the lines. 

Instead of fearing the color combo, I’m embracing it and going full on bumble bee! Picking up this Topshop midi skirt from Nordies was a no-brainer, but when I had to find something to pair it with I was stumped. Everything I own is black & white or another crazy bright color, two choices to generally avoid when pairing with another bold piece… typical. But since two statements are always better than one, and rules are meant to be broken (I live for white after labor day, it’s my favorite rule to break) I decided to pair the two for a double-whammy of an outfit … Boo yah!! 
Can the Midi trend never end? pretty puh-lease! I thought I would loathe this length on me because of my legs, or lack there of (short girl problems) but have completely fallen in love! A midi is so flattering, classic and fun – plus it looks killer with a crop top. Let’s be honest people, I look exactly like Betty Draper (ha!). Midi’s also saved me last winter, when I was determined to wear full red midi to fashion week despite the freezing temperatures… Always reasonable. Don’t worry, I wore my sweat pants under the skirt and no one even noticed (who are we kidding, it’s me … all I do is twirl, literally everyone noticed.) see it here!
I gotta love a crop top + midi combo! It allows me to indulge in the cropped trend without showing too much skin or forcing me to stop eating macrons… and ice cream… and cake, and pistachios (okay that one is kind of healthy unless you eat the whole bag … guilty) … and more ice cream … ice cream and ice cream… hungry yet? Anyways, It helps hide the pooch (which is making an appearance in the image above) and since I can’t stop eating and my only source of cardio (shopping) has been done on line as of late, you will probably only see me in the high-waist-crop-top situation.
I’ve been on a bit of a yellow kick lately — I blame it on my lemon obsession, so this skirt fit the bill (I promise it’s more yellow in real life than it photographs). I have also been craving this citrus kate spade number all season long (despite already owning last year’s version in blue… whoops!). Speaking of blue, I can’t wait to wear my new midi with bright colors (yes I’m a rule breaker) like neon pink, kelly green and all sorts of blues: baby blue, royal and maybe even some mint! 
P.S. This post is part of a two part collab with one of my favorite west village based instagrams @thejanestreet — we had such a blast shooting & meeting up with her (she’s such a sweetheart!!!). We snapped these outside The Spotted Pig, but be sure to follow along for pretty village snaps and more images from our collaboration! Also swing by my insta & follow along to join the party! See you there! XX
Oh and I’m wearing….
Yellow TopShop Midi from Nordies || H&M Stripe crop top (similar)
ILY Couture Rainbow Link Bracelet || ILY Couture Regency Pave Midi Ring Set


White on White

16th July 2014

If you have been following along you know the CMC forecast calls for white on white looks that are expected to last all summer long. Until no I have been mostly all talk, a white, colored & patterned look in Lulus, a LWD there, not to mention getting all goggly-eyed over a club monaco white feathered skirt, but today I’m putting my style where my mouth is with a white on white ensemble … Oh and Waffles is blog crashing, so he’ll be pretty offended (and grumpy… well grumpier) if you don’t read on!

Let’s take a second to talk about this tassel necklace, sign… I know I over-use the word obsessed so it tends to loose it’s impact but I have honestly been obsessing over a tassel necklace for quite sometime now, so finding this Armed & Readi Tassel necklace was such a pleasant surpize! 

I first met Armed & Readi when they sponsored my Macarons & Mimosas event (see it here) but that is certainly not the last you will see of my love for their product! Okay back to this tassel necklace and how it changed my life — it’s the perfect way to dress up a basic white tee, but would also look amazing over a solid shift dress or with a v-neck blouse and jeans! Try to pair it with something looser or flowy and stick to solids or large patterns to really let this necklace shine! I have one dress with a high neck and a low back that I can’t wait to wear this necklace backwards with a low back dress.

This is not the first (and won’t be the last) I dusted off my Zara skort for a all white look, see how I wore it last year here (Waffles was in that post as well, he’s such a blog-hog… literally, he snorts!)
 Nordies White Side Split Tee (similar) || Zara Skort (similar here or here)
Shoe Dazzle X Cuff (similar) || Vintage Bowler (try the panama hat
Kate Spade Summer House Robbie Bag (similar)

LWD – Little White Dress

14th July 2014

Forget the LBD today (and this summer) it’s all about the little white dress and just the color white in general. I have never seen so much of this hue before but I’ve already declared this the Summer of White so the color craze is all right, I mean white with me!

A LWD is perfect for the summer time. As things heat up you don’t want to be caught something black (we need all the help we can get to keep cool) plus nothing says summer like a crisp, white look. Dress up the LWD with floral sandals and a bright bag and use a bold lip for that extra punch of color, or dress things down with flat espadrilles, a denim jacket and some statement shades!
Wan’t to know something crazy? I don’t own a plain white or plain black skater dress … I know, what’s wrong with me! I never noticed until this Spring / Summer when I wanted to wear my fit & flare dresses with my sporty slides, so I set off to find the perfect casual LBD & LWD, but ended up with this bowed number instead. whoops!
I really wanted my LWD to wear to work on those roll out of bed days when I’m running late, so a backless-bowed dress doesn’t fit the bill – but who could resist this darling little dress
Speaking of little white dresses, I have a theory about the LWD – men prefer it, well at least in the Summer Time. I know, I know, the LBD is everyone’s go to dress for any occasion and a must have for every wardrobe, but have noticed that when things heats up, most men are drawn to the white! I’ve tested this theory out of a few times when helping friends dress for summer soirees and even on myself and 90% of the time, a little white dress will land you in the spotlight this season!
What are your thoughts on my LWD theory? Have you ever had any successes in the little white dress? Do tell and don’t you dare leave out any of the juicy details!!!
Sam Edelman Shoes (similar/cuter here) || Coach Small Christie Bag

Accidentally Audrey

9th July 2014

Today’s look was accidentally Audrey-Esque. I donned black and white stripes (per usual) and a red lip (of course) and spent a good 30 minutes on my hair (unheard of for this bun-loving-bedhead) before walking my thirty minute morning commute through the sauna that is currently New York City. Upon arriving to my office, I glanced in the mirror to see that my well orchestrated locks had somehow been magically replaced with a wild, frizzy fro — thanks New York. I didn’t panic,  but quickly tossed up my mess of a mane into a undone bun with bird’s-nest inspired tendencies. After using up my to “emergency” bobbies, I resulted to a few paperclips that hopefully no one will notice, or miss from the office viola … Accidentally Audrey.

The big shades and bow ring were the final touches, plus my low block heel sandals (that I simply wore because they are one of the few pairs I can do a whole twelve hour day in) were subtle nods to the film princess … I hope Miss Hepburn would approve

This look is actually surprisingly simple for me and I honestly wasn’t planning on posting it (I usually like to try and teach something in my outfits posts like “if you have a serious stripe obsession [hands up] here’s how to wear a striped skirt with a striped top” or “are you afraid of pencil skirts? me too but let’s conquer our fear together with this flattering piece“). But I had some time to kill between work and this amazing Capwell & Co event I attended last night, so naturally we had to fill it with a highline photoshoot, because what else could Paris and I possibly do with a free hour in NYC.
After meeting up with blogger babe Daisy O (who had borrowed these babies for the 4th) I switched into some Capwell & Co bracelets for the event. Oh, this event (sigh)….  it was one of the most beautiful blogger gatherings I have ever been honored to attend! Our hostesses with the mostess, Jessica planned a brilliant rooftop soiree held at the Maritime Hotel. I shortly met up with more blogger gal pals Elana and Melanie. Mel somehow convinced me to sip an Amaretto Cran with her, although I am strictly a “i’ll have half of a martini” kind of gal … so if I sound a bit off in this post or make some dramatic grammar error, blame Mel & the Amaretto (Just kidding … well kind of). 
photos by Daisy O
Anyways, we had a ball, stuffed our faces and left blinged out in capwell & co .. you know usual blogger business. Check out more of the fun on instagram by searching #capwellatsunset  & shop my Capwell favorites here:
P.S I’m Wearing…
Black Sandals via Nordies (similar here, here & love these bow ones)
What do you think of Capwell & Co? Are you a brand fan or just learning about it now? I love discovering new jewelry companies and have quickly caught the Capwell & Co fever… so I’m sure this won’t be the last you’ll see from this beautiful brand. XO

Bright Striped

7th July 2014

So I know I declared this the summer of all white, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up my go-to black and white stripes for the season! So when the opportunity presented itself to combine color with my favorite pattern, I simply could resist.

I saw this skirt at Asos and knew I immediately fell in love with the combination of color and pattern play, but was hesitant about the silhouette. I am usually a fit and flare or full skirt kind of gal and rarely ever slip into a tight, pencil-like skirt, but made an exception for this striped beaut. 

The skirt ended up being surprisingly comfy and versatile, and I wasn’t as awkward in it as I thought — I guess sometimes it pays off to step outside of your comfort zone. The fabric was super soft and the curved hem made this shape more flattering. As a kind-of-curvy-girl I was hesitant about wearing a tight horizontal striped skirt since this pattern is usually so unforgiving, but the high-low-curved-hem helps create the illusion of leg length while keeping you covered, and more importantly, comfortable. I’ve worn this skirt to the office with a bright chiffon top or even a playful peplum and can tone it down with a graphic tee, or a cropped tank and flat sandals! I also love the way Brighton Keller wore the same skirt with an off the shoulder black crop and coordinating bright bag for that extra pop!
I paired it with a striped crop top (of course) to keep the pattern play going and added bold b&w accessories, including my new favorite Nila Anthony Lego Clutch! I have had a life-long love for Legos, I’m not exactly sure why. My mom, who is an out-of-the-box interior designer, always dreamed of doing a Lego back splash in a kitchen, so I think they kind of remind me of her! So when Chanel came out with their Lego collection a few season back, I immediately feel in love with their child-inspired creations! Since Chanel is a wee bit out of my price range, I decided to admire from afar – until this Clutch came into my life and rocked my world. Like Chanel, it plays on the Lego-like aspects to create a cool, statement clutch, but doesn’t include the logo so you know it’s not a wannabe, just it’s own fun fashion moment.
H&M Crop top (similar here) || Nila Anthony Clutch c/o

Toulouse CZ earcuff c/o Gina Cueco || Gold Statement ring c/o Nikibi

P.S. What are you guys thoughts about Shoe Dazzle? I know I am really late to the party but was hesitent to sign up for something that charged me every month. These shoes convinced me to take the plunge but I got a little turned off when I realized they don’t offer free returns, just free exchanges and they actually charge you a $5 restocking fee — on a $40 pair of shoes, come on! Anyways, cancelled my membership and thinking of switching to Just Fab. Sound off – what have your experiences been like?

Orange Crush

1st July 2014

I’m totally crushing on flowy skirts for summer, they are easy, effortless and conservative all while remaining fashion forward and functional! Plus they are perfect for those hotter than hot days we know are just looming around the corner
I love this eyelet lacey number from Black Swan. It’s basically a low key peplum top – it pulls you in at the waist without being overly flared making it the perfect partner for this flowy skirt. I removed the skirt’s draw string and added it to the top for a more cohesive look and because I love orange and mint together (such a refreshing combo) I pulled out my favorite bag from last year complete with perforated eyelet details. The bag has sadly sold out, but a little bird told me you can still find it at Kate Spade outlets! 
Orange can be a tough color to wear. As a child growing up in Arizona my skin was a few shades darker, especially in the summer (now I am addicted to SPF), so orange always complimented me really well. But as my skin lightened up, I started to shy away from this citrus inspired hue because I wasn’t sure I could handle it. This year, I have made a conscious effort to do more of what scares me — and that includes dressing outside the comfort zone. If you’re planning on following my lead and taking a risk by wearing a color you are maybe a little unsure about, be sure to add different “confidence pieces” throughout the outfit, mine is this skirt!
For whatever reason this skirt makes me feel 6 foot 2 — super model status. Truthfully, I am terrified of heights (I’m not afraid of falling from heights, I just don’t like to get too far off the ground) but I like to pretend. Although it doesn’t give me any extra height, this skirt makes me feel like a long and lean super model strutting her stuff down the cat walk —  okay, maybe I have been I have been binge watching a little too much top model. I think its the high low nature of this skirt that gives me that extra imaginary height, that paired with the “wind-in-the-skirt” fluidity gives me the confident to strut through the West Village like kate-mosses clumsy sister. I have such a blast wearing this twirl-worthy skirt that I never find the time to remember how self conscious I am about this color. So if you see a dizzy beam of Orange swirling it’s way down 5th avenue, and trying (and failing) to refrain from chanting “Torro, Torro” don’t be too concerned, it’s just me … having an orange moment.
I don’t see this skirt going anywhere soon and it’s so fun to shoot in you will probably see it gracing the pages of the blog all summer long. You could dress up a basic white tee or tank by tucking it in, I even would wear it with converse for a sporty-fresh statement. I can’t wait to try it with a simple top & statement necklace, and this it would even be fun to wear with a little bit of leopard like a printed sandal!

Necessary Clothing Skirt (similar on sale) || Kate Spade Mercer Isle Sloan Bag
Karen Walker Super Duper Sunnies || C.wonder Heart Ring (similar)
Shoe Dazzle Cuff (similar) || H&M Golden Bobby Pins || Pearl Earring (similar)

Vogue Made Me Do It

30th June 2014

Today’s post will be short and sweet, like my little chub of a french bulldog, Waffles who was too busy spazzing out to be captured in this photo (I blame his Mother, who had the genius idea of taking these pre-dog park).

Lately I’ve been obsessed with graphic tee’s, and who can say no to a vogue inspired fashion one? Not this girl, that’s who!

 Ever since I fell in love with this T boutique Vogue Made Me Do It tee I have been wearing it non-stop – around the house with sweats, paired with a mini and heels, with boyfriend jeans while walking Waffles or tucked into a midi skirt with pumps at the office. My favorite way to wear it plays on the current sporty trend by pairing this must-have tee with a 80’s-inspired side pony and nike’s. 

I’ve been wearing sporty styles on repeat (here, here and here) and even wrote a little article for Jet Magazine about them. They are just so practical for NYC wanderings, that it’s no wonder (and about time) stylish sneakers came into style.

To tackle this trend I actually just knotted my tee over this dress to transform this pretty pink number into a skirt (one of my favorite tricks). Adding my Zara chockerpolka dotted hair tie and nike’s helped round out this sporty style – perfect for a post-work trip to the dog park with Waffles.
I’ve talked about our walks before and how this pamper pooch always ends up getting carried which is basically my weight lifting work out for the week…. Okay, month. He is 25 pounds of pure muscle and stubborn as a mule. I love him to pieces but when he decides to suddenly quit walking when we are still 3 avenues away from my apt, I have to pick up the royal heinous and double as his Taxi ride home – rough life Waffles, rough life.
Don’t worry, Paris captured the moment via instagram, for your enjoyment
Tee Boutique Vogue Made Me Do It Tee c/o || Zara Pink Tulip Dress (old)


24th June 2014

This summer I want to wear white and only white …
all day, everyday, non-stop white! 
Oh and when I say white, you know I mean white, with a whole mess of bright colors and geometric patterns, right?
Summer in the city brings out a different side of me in all elements, including my style. I don’t usually get tanner (I’m addicted to SPF and terrified of skin cancer) but my sunglasses get bigger, shorts get shorter (hopefully not too short) and my legs actually stay shaved — well most days, so of course my color palette needs a complimentary makeover and my sights are set on bright white.

When I found this skirt I instantly fell in love with all of the bright colors and bold pattern — it reminded me of a piñata, PAR-TAY! I knew I had to have the matching patterned top as well so I could double it up as a dress or wear them as separates. The top is perfect with jeans & flats, tailored white shorts and sandals or tucked into a bright midi while the skirt is just screaming for a solid crop top, knotted chambray button-up or simple white tee. 
Since I allotted for a print on print look, I had to tone things down with my go-to shoe. I thought these powder-blue babies might be stuck on the shelf this summer (they’re suede) but after bracing the snow during Fashion Week, I thought they deserved some fun in the sun!
Oh and incase you’ve been living under a rock, the Zara sale is alive and kicking — and these Court Bow Pump are just one of the amazingly discounted must-haves.
Top: Geometric Print Top c/o Lulus
Skirt: Geometric Print Skirt c/o Lulus – I also wear it with this
Shoes: Zara Bow Pump – my favorites & currently on Sale!
Bag: White Old Navy Bucket Bag – Also comes in black and saddle
 photo Untitled3d_zps3cf1c479.png